Google sells a lot of games, but often, the ones downloaded from the Play Store require Internet access even in single-player modes. (Square Enix, Gameloft, we're glaring at you.) So for the latest promotion, they've decided to highlight games that don't require such frivolities. You can play them on a train. You can play them on a plane. You can play them in a box. You can play them with a fox. Because like planes, trains, boxes, and foxes, they work without any data connection at all.


Not all of these titles are must-haves in our opinion, and none in the list appear to be discounted. Still, it's a handy little list if you're planning a trip and want some reliable entertainment. Some of the games have an online multiplayer or ranking system, but they don't need a connection for single-player. Here are our picks of the litter:

Oh, and if you're planning a plane or car trip, you might want to skip Gameloft's latest take on "realistic" military shooters, Modern Combat 5. Though we're glad the $7 game doesn't have in-app purchases, it does require an Internet connection at all times (not just for check-ins), even in the single-player campaign. Fellow Android Police writer and MC5 reviewer Ryan Whitwam is not amused.

Source: Google Play Store

Thanks, Stéphane Clotilde!

Michael Crider
Michael is a native Texan and a former graphic designer. He's been covering technology in general and Android in particular since 2011. His interests include folk music, football, science fiction, and salsa verde, in no particular order.

  • Shill Gates

    Good stuff Google!

    Gameloft have truly #screwbinged us. Microsoft morons.

    • Arthur Dent

      What does MSFT have to do with anything?

      Oh, and screw MC5. No IAP is good, full-time Internet connection requirement is bottom of the barrel retarded.

      • http://www.fullmoonblog.com/ Flatlinebb

        I'm sure that the reasoning behind it is anti-piracy measures. Not saying it's right, just sayin'.

      • http://nopenopenope.nope Ryuuie

        I think this is that same guy from yesterday. Apparently his goal is to "shame" Microsoft everywhere he can (he's done it in other places online).

        He's not very good at it. :v

        • http://www.fullmoonblog.com/ Flatlinebb

          Shame on him ;)

          • http://nopenopenope.nope Ryuuie

            I know. If you want to shame a company, everyone knows you do it on Twitter and Facebook. Especially when they've legitimately wronged you.

            Works with Cox Communications and their shittastic ways to screw with people's bills. :P

  • http://www.androiddesignpatterns.com/ Alex Lockwood

    Everytime I want to play Asphalt 8 on the plane I can't because there's no network connection... so I'm not sure how that game made the list.

    • Adrian Meredith

      i was thinking the same...

    • Denis

      not sure what Asphalt you're playing, guys, but it works offline perfectly.

    • didibus

      My Asphalt can't be played offline.

    • ProductFRED

      Asphalt 8 works fine for me offline. And I only play it in the subway in Airplane Mode. On top of that, it occasionally asks me if I want to try to reconnect (rarely), and even if I hit "No", the game still starts.

      It's even in the Offline Games section linked above.

    • aritra

      asphalt asks for internet connection sometimes..but not every time..

  • Big Tony

    Ugh, that ticks me off just looking at that screen shot. Now I'm not buying for sure. Good to see Google sorting things out more on the playstore. The quicker I can narrow down my choices, the more apt I am to buy.

  • http://nopenopenope.nope Ryuuie

    It's missing guardians of the galaxy but nice list anyway.

    • http://thegumshoe.com/ Michael Crider

      Games that require a connection are still the exception, not the rule. I think Google might have made this list just to shame few recent offenders.

      • http://nopenopenope.nope Ryuuie

        GotG doesn't need a connection o.O

        • Hugo Rafael

          I think what he's trying to say is that many games that don't require a connection didn't make the cut, Google's only listing those as an example. Of course, the list can and should still grow over time.

          • http://nopenopenope.nope Ryuuie

            Ahhh. :v Ok. This is why I shouldn't post right after waking up.

            Thanks for the clarification!

  • http://www.fullmoonblog.com/ Flatlinebb

    How do I find this special offline-games section in the Play Store, other than saving the special link posted above?

  • aarish

    That feature has been available in India for months...

    • http://www.fullmoonblog.com/ Flatlinebb

      What feature are you talking about exactly?

      • aarish

        Games that can be played without internet connection.

        • http://www.fullmoonblog.com/ Flatlinebb

          That's not a feature of which country you're in, but how the game was designed. And Google is not announcing this as a new "feature for Android" - they are just highlighting the games that are able to be played offline, most likely in an effort to shame the developers that require an always-online device.

          • Guest

            I think he means the Play Store highlight. Which I have been seeing a long time ago.

          • aarish

            All I am saying that play store has been highlighting these games for a long time..

          • http://www.fullmoonblog.com/ Flatlinebb

            Can you show me how? How do you find the highlighted section?

          • aarish

            It is the second section of Play Store. In India many people don't have an internet connection, I think that's why play store has been highlighting the games in India

          • http://www.fullmoonblog.com/ Flatlinebb

            Internet at home or mobile Internet? Seems like smartphones are pretty popular in India, but if mobile Internet is lacking what do people use their smartphones for mostly?

          • Kevin

            You ask too many questions.

          • http://www.fullmoonblog.com/ Flatlinebb

            Sorry. You're right, I should just shut up and drive over there to find out for myself.

          • Kevin

            Drive over where?

          • http://www.fullmoonblog.com/ Flatlinebb

            India. That's what I was asking aarish about.

          • Kevin

            What about India?

          • primalxconvoy

            There are many Indians there.

          • Kevin

            Are you ok?

          • primalxconvoy

            Too many questions!

          • nukeblitz

            Well a lot of people buy smartphones because the shopkeeper told them so or their best friend told them so. Then they use it like any other dumbphone purely for calling, and them maybe texting or using the calendar, taking photos or stopwatch. And WiFi connectivity is still annoyingly uncommon.

            Then there are people who have internet enabled on their phones but they choose to switch it on when they want to use Facebook/Whatsapp and switch it off otherwise (to save money? I'm not sure...)

            I can't really comment on that section in the Indian play store as my account has an American card linked to it and a few purchases were made with dollars and Google now thinks I'm in the US right now and I have zero reason to correct that

          • primalxconvoy

            My Indian colleague in Japan was like this. She had a smartphone but didn't even use it for email!

  • BoFiS

    Thank you Google, I hate games that require a connection since I'm often on a subway, underground, without service, but yet, might want to launch a game that's installed on my phone....

    • primalxconvoy

      Exactly. I don't bother with games (or companies) that require this feature as I gave long commutes on the train and travel around the world fairly regularly. That's why I need a smartphone game to be compatible with my mobile, everyday life.

  • Eek Kiwi

    Gameloft should release an offline patch for MC5 later. As long they able to reduce piracy rate on first 1-3 months, it should be good enough, no?
    Let's hope pirates don't release their offline version first before gameloft..

  • humulos

    This is the exact reason I got rid of Dragon Coin. That game had promise, but waiting for a connection every time? Heck no.

  • Roh_Mish

    Only if you could buy once and have it across all platforms. I have ac pirates on my iPad and want to play on my android devices.

  • Grumpy re-player

    Now give us a list of games that support cloud saving

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  • douglas

    This is why I stopped playing android games.

  • primalxconvoy

    Asphalt 8 airborne DOES need an internet connection. Even after the first internet connection check, it (randomly?) Checks "for updates" every few days/weeks or so. I couldn't play this while in a 14 hour flight to America. I could on the way back (after I had been online and played it via an internet connection).

  • Lee

    Elder Sign: Omens can also be played without internet.

  • http://mobilefreekidsgame.blogspot.com/ gloriarood

    Thanks for the list...!!! Tap the Frog is my favorite game and its best game and addictive 2...

    Try this game >>> http://goo.gl/BnktJA <<<

  • http://www.joriben.com Joriben Zaballa

    why summoners war in the list? is there a way to play it offline?

  • DBJ

    Another game that can be play without internet that I know:
    Adventure town, Kingdom and Monster, Highschool story, Fantasy defense 1&2, Castle TD, Empire Defense, Adventure Bar Story,Zombie Defense.
    Let me know there you know more in RPG, Strategy and Simulation.