Happy birthday, Chromecast. From your interesting but utilitarian beginnings you've turned into a streaming powerhouse, giving Android and Chrome users a ton of options for streaming music, video, and what have you. Just lately that also includes the super-cool capacity for transmitting mirrored audio and video from your phone or tablet right to your TV. It's been a good year, and to celebrate, Google is giving each and every Chromecast owner a free three-month subscription to Play Music All Access.

Chromecast 1st birthday

Well, not every Chromecast owner. If you already pay for All Access, you can't get a redemption code at the promotional website. And according to the terms of service, the freebie is only good for people in the United States. (Everyone else, go ahead and let loose in the comments section - we know "US Only" is kind of a broken record when it comes to Google stuff.) But if you're a US American who has a Chromecast, or you buy one between now and September 30th, you can get approximately $30 worth of subscription music for free.

The Google Play Music app can stream directly to Chromecast whether you have an All Access subscription or not. Google would apparently like you to listen to Pharrell Williams with that capability. We'll leave it up to you.

Source: Chromecast.com/offers via Google Chrome Blog

Michael Crider
Michael is a native Texan and a former graphic designer. He's been covering technology in general and Android in particular since 2011. His interests include folk music, football, science fiction, and salsa verde, in no particular order.

  • Dominic Powell

    Other countries have already had this promotion. Its been live in at least Canada and the UK

    • Rantek

      How do you actually get the 3 months though? I have the offer showing, I click on it and there's nothing anywhere indicating 90 days, only the usual 30-day free trial. I've tried opening the link for the offer in both the Google music app and via Chrome & the only option I can find either way is the 30 day trial.

  • Mario Gaucher

    Canadians already got 90 days free offer through the Chromecast app (check for offers).

  • Tib44

    in France there is no offer

    • Kevin

      That's good to know. :)

    • Da_James

      Well, no worries. Been using All Access since the beginning, and 8$ translates to 6€ (through an US account). With prices at 10€ now, i'm basically getting 5.4$ off every month ^^. Pays to be in the EU sometimes!

  • Stylus_XL

    "If you already pay for All Access, you can't get a redemption code at the promotional website."

    Damn it.

    • http://www.anivision.org/ Christopher Bailey (Xcom923)

      my thoughts exactly....

    • Jesslyn Hendrix

      I think that's pretty sh*tty. I was an early adopter and signed up on the 1st available day. I don't appreciate Google giving me the finger on this on.

      In fact, this kind of promo is one that is irritating all around. I'm not sure why companies dont' understand it.

      • archercc

        They understand it, they just don't care. Its marketing and they are about getting MORE subscribers. The people making sure the service is good are the ones responsible for keeping the current ones.

        3 months is cool but how long I have had it being on the "early adopter" discount has still paid for itself.

      • Levi Wilcox

        If you subscribed on the first day, you're already getting a better deal than everyone else. Consider only paying 7.99 instead of 9.99/mo since inception and you have 14 months with a savings of 2$/mo giving you a total of 28$ saved. Next month, it'll be $30.

        • cabbieBot

          Don't forget the Netflix promotion we got on the day the Chromecast was announced, which was a value over $20.

          • Levi Wilcox

            That was three months free as well and could be claimed by current subscribers to boot. I was lucky enough to grab one unit with that deal on it, but it was essentially free. Which is the exact goal of the promo they're trying again with their own subscription based service.

      • Kurt Laws

        I agree, I bought a Chromecast the day it was announced and signed up for All Access the first day too. You would think they could throw those of us that have used both from the beginning a bone (not to mention the fact that I actually went a little over a month without my All Access subscription after some billing screwup caused my account to not renew, but I couldn't just go in and start it back up normally, because the price had gone up to $9.99 by that point, and I wanted my early user price, and it took them over a month to fix whatever the problem was and get my sub back). I'm not all that mad, won't be getting rid of sub or anything, but it would have been nice.

      • ddpacino

        Wow, really... slap in the face?! Early adopters, like you and I, got locked into 7.99/mo forever. We have saved at least $24 over the past yr, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Not to mention the Netflix deal we (at least most of us) got.

        Anyone that qualifies for this new deal get a free 3 months, and then stuck at 9.99 for good.People are so damn ungrateful, smh.

        • DirkBelig

          Day 1 Chromecast and All-Access buyer here - What's annoying is how those of us who leap on the new things as early adopters - in the case of the Chromecast waiting for many months before apps arrive because they didn't get the SDK out in a reasonable time - rarely get as good a deal as those who loaf around and not buy. It's like companies reward people for NOT purchasing their products while punishing those who do.

          That said, at least the savings of the 3 months of Netflix I got is equal to what I pay for GPAA, so it's a wash. Heck, I've still got a few bucks credit left from the $25 they gave OG Nexus 7 buyers in my account.

          • ddpacino

            All companies do things like that simply to attract more buyers. Business 101. I cannot fault any company for that. It's like buying something one day and then finding it somewhere the next day for half off. Yea, it does suck, but we gotta live with that. If I had waited around just to get these three months free, I wouldn't have the discounted 7.99 pricing that saves me much more than that over the coming years. And it's even better because, as you've said, the Netflix deal essentially makes this particular deal a wash.

      • Peter ‘Firefox’ Fox

        Didn't you get a lower price than what the cost of All Access currently costs to buy now? In the UK I pay £2 less for All Access compared to have I would have otherwise

      • bigray327

        What else are you entitled to? You should tell everyone.

      • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman

        This is a promotion. To get new subscribers. It's not a thank-you gift or a charity, it's an effort to bring more users who clearly bought into the Google ecosystem into the All Access fold. Why on earth are we ENTITLED to more? This is standard practice and entirely reasonable. I already pay $2 less per month than most people AND got three free months of Netflix. How much else do I DESERVE?

    • Daniel Marcus

      Yep. I have two chrome casts and All Access.

  • Arun Verma

    Nothing for India... LOl

  • Js__

    That sucks, it isn't working for me. I've never tried All Access either.

  • Benjamin S.

    Nothing for Germany, so far.

    • Tiuri Elvander

      It worked for me. I'd never tried All Access so now I can try it for 90 days :D Chromecast bought in Germany

  • AbbyZFresh

    Darn you Google. I already pay for all-access and you almost got my hopes up. I can't use the offer.

  • Kunal

    Dammit Google, at least show some thanks to your current All Access subscribers!

    • Sir_Brizz

      I also find it annoying, however if you have the $8 sub you basically already saved $24 ;)

      • Kunal

        good point, but people who are paying $10/month already are getting nothing out of the deal.

        • Sir_Brizz

          Sucks either way, IMO :)

  • shortchaz

    FYI - Not giving me the free months. Says error and only availble for new users. Only bit I've tried is the free trial month when it came out.

    • SEJ326

      According to the "fine print" anyone who has subscribed to All Access or previously had a free trial is ineligible. I'm in the same boat as you, went with the trial before so nothing now.

  • Caleb Cross

    Didn't work for me. Says only available to new customers. I had All Access for about 3 months when it first came out before I canceled it.

    • Angelo Davis

      Having it for 3 months previously makes you a RETURNING subscriber not a NEW subscriber.

  • challenge_accepted

    We didn't find any offers associated with this Chromecast device. If you believe this is an error, please view our Offer Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Sruly J

    Wow, the article clearly says US only, and yet, other countries are saying that they can't find it...

    • remister

      That what she said.

  • Eduardo Mateos

    So, if I use a VPN, can I get a code and redeem it on the app?

    • Eduardo Mateos

      Just tried it, I'm guessing that the device that needs to be connected to the VPN is the Chromecast, not the computer...

  • https://plus.google.com/+TomErlandsen/posts?hl=en Tom Erlandsen

    Saw "US-only". Wept tears of pure English misery

    • andrew allen

      This is offered in the UK also. I'm English and had the offer but I'm not eligible because I had the free trial

      • Chris

        Awwww I was excited but I used the free trial too :/

      • Mick Collingwood

        Use another account or if you don't have one just create another one. Jut tried it and works fine.

    • horst

      It works in Germany.

      • Morten Ulveseth

        Shows up in Norway too, but get Invalid Cupon code.

    • horst

      I know it is a small evidence but I bought it today for 0,00€ with paypal and it is running out on 22nd of october. I was only offered this "deal" when I followed through the link with chrome and my chromecast turned on. Regular chromecast from amazon germany and a regular german google play account.

    • Hary Ayala

      Pft! that shit never works, i used a proxy and got a code anyways.

  • Devin Brimer

    Hmm. I meet all of the criteria, but when I try to redeem the offer, it says "We didn't find any offers associated with this Chromecast device.".... Never used "all access" before.

    • Nogib

      Just got the same thing. I've owned my Chromecast since Sept and never used all access before. Why am I not seeing this offer?

      • nicereddy

        Via the FAQ page: "This offer is not available for anyone who has previously subscribed to All Access, the unlimited music service from Google Play, either on a paid or free trial basis."

        Wow, even free trial users get screwed.

  • remister

    $7.99/month is still the best deal!

  • The Seventh Son

    "If you're a US American" - good reference Michael :)

    • nejai

      actually is an accurate decription.. since technically "American" should include about 35 nationalities from north, central and south america :D
      ..just saying

      • The Seventh Son

        There are other Americas outside the US? Hmm, who knew?

      • Mike Reid

        Potentially inaccurate though, I think, because it's likely a "US resident" thing.

        Citizenship doesn't matter, just residency.

        Of course people might MEAN "US resident" when they say "American" or "US American", but it's not clear.

  • mgamerz

    I have a chromecast and all access, can I have my girlfriend redeem it so she can try it out? What are the benefits of registering a chromecast to you (besides this)

  • Jonathan Hamilton

    Well that sucks. Been with All-Access from day 1. Come on Google; show some love for the early adapters.

    • PoisonApple31

      They never raised the price for you, that is love my friend.

      • Jonathan Hamilton

        True. Still at the intro price of $7.99. I'm happy with that and love the service.

  • jamaall

    Really disappointed in google more rewarding current subscribers. I get that you don't want us to have it for free when we're already paying, but give us a promotional rate for a few months at the least.

    • PoisonApple31

      Google has rewarded early adopters. $8/month is pretty good considering all the other competitors out there.

  • Alejandro Martinez

    "The special offer is only available to new users"

  • JonBurm

    Worked for me in the UK. Not sure if it's because I have a US Chromecast...

  • motoridersd

    The offer is not available to anyone who has had all access before, paid or free trial. So if you have ever signed up for All Access in the past, you don't qualify

    "This offer is not available for anyone who has previously subscribed to All Access, the unlimited music service from Google Play, either on a paid or free trial basis."

  • http://www.facebook.com/dominicmondello Dominic Mondello

    Works in Canada, you can choose between 3months of free music or a 20$ redeem code for the Play Store. I picked the 20$!

  • Phazonclash

    In Canada you can choose betweek 3 months of music for free or 20$ on the Play Store! Thanks Google :P

    • http://www.fullmoonblog.com/ Flatlinebb

      It's the only time I wish I was Canadian ;)

      • Mayoo

        We have better beer too. Make that two reasons! ;-)

        • http://www.fullmoonblog.com/ Flatlinebb

          You've convinced me

    • Sam Hollis

      Chromecast is named Salon, can confirm foreignness.

      • Phazonclash

        living room in French :P

        • Sam Hollis

          Ah! Bien sûr, je suis un peu stupide. Je parle français et je n'ai pensé pas de "salon" comme le mot français sans le contexte. Je comprends maintenant, haha.

          (Et merci pour ma pratique française pour le jour!)

    • Gandalf_Teh_Gray

      Damn,wish I could get 20 credit :( wishlist is quite long,

    • Mayoo

      Update: I confirm both are available but

      20$ = Old offer if we bought the device between X dates
      All-Access = Only works for new accounts. I cancelled my all-access after the first month and can't use this one :(

  • Brendan

    How long is this offer available? I get back from out of town in like 2 days. :(

  • Nathan Fletcher

    So I have a weird, old sony trinitron tv. It does 1080p, but only in interlaced instead of progressive. For some reason my computers can't understand this and thus don't display a picture at anything other than 720 (which for some reason has massive bars around it). My xbox seems to be able to realize that it only does interlaced and it works just fine in 1080p. Does anyone know if the chromecast has this kind of support for interlaced tv's, or is there something else going on here because I really want to buy a chromecast. BTW I would be using an hdmi to dvi adapter (which would hopefully work)

    • http://www.fullmoonblog.com/ Flatlinebb

      So your TV actually does 1080i, not 1080p. p stands for "progressive" and i stands for interlaced. Just so we're all on the same page.
      And I have a similar TV and CCast only played at 720p and no higher. Old tech, go figure.

    • CoreRooted

      So, you are using an HDMI to DVI adapter for your Cast? I doubt that would work at all as you wouldn't be able to hear anything (Cast uses HDMI for both video and audio). You might want to think about upgrading your TV.

      Also, as @flatlinebb:disqus said, your TV is not capable of displaying 1080p. So, anything that tries to push that signal should default back down to 720p.

  • http://www.fullmoonblog.com/ Flatlinebb

    I'm stuck on the Select Your Device screen in Chrome. Might be I'm not seeing something, b/c I'm remoting to my PC at home.

  • Fabian Pineda

    So the conditions are:

    1- US only
    2- Not being subbed
    3- Never have subbed
    4- Never have used PMAA before, even free trial

    So my question is, can anyone who got a CC when it launched actually redeem this?

  • Kevin Welch

    I'd totally jump on 7.99 if I could, sadly I already used one trial and cant get another

  • Andrew

    And I subscribed only few days ago. Saaaaaaaad

  • Benito Wood

    I've owned a Chromecast and have been subscribed to All Access since their respective releases, but I can't get a break? Lol. oh well, I'm still grateful for the 3 months of free Netflix we had.

  • Fabrizio Pullarà

    Italian user here, bought my Chromecast in the US and I can now activate the 90 days offer, so it's tied to the country you bought it in, not the one where you live

  • AbbyZFresh

    Why is Google so afraid to release the exact numbers of Chromecasts sold.


    What a great way to celebrate a birthday, don't invite your friends (all the existing subscribers).

  • NinoBr0wn

    I'm not subscribed, and it's telling me there are no offers available. Is it because I have been subscribed in the past? Never mind. Yea that's why. Stupid.

  • Kenneth Volk

    I bought 3 chrome casts but I can only get the offer once too... Way to go Google

  • maggiejcarter

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  • Robert Blenkinsopp

    This is working for me in the UK with a UK purchased chromecast.

  • Peter Leslie

    My American Chromecast works for this offer in the UK. The redemption went via Google Ireland.

  • Damon Rose

    BAH! Always leaving Canada out of the good stuff...first Google Voice, now this >_<

    • primalxconvoy

      Good? You haven't heard of "torrents", " YouTube to mp3" or suchlike, then?

      • Damon Rose

        Silly rabbit, of course I have. And Songza, VPN in to the US for Pandora, etc. Don't be so naive

  • Greg Abbott

    No you can't just cancel and get this deal. The fine print says that anyone that has subscribed to all access in the past is ineligible.

    "This offer is not available for anyone who has previously subscribed to All Access, the unlimited music service from Google Play, either on a paid or free trial basis."

  • Barrie McNaught

    It's a joke really, missed my 3 months with my chromebook I missed this 3 months. Just give me free credit or something as a ty for buying your stuff :)

  • Diyage

    Great! Works in the Netherlands with a Dutch bought chromecast

  • tvall

    I kept putting off the purchase of one of these, and I keep missing all kinds of cool things.
    I saved countless chromecasts from loosing their unlocked bootloader, and havent yet reaped any benifit other than the breif sense of accomplishment. :(

  • primalxconvoy

    If only Google Music was available (and thus relevant) in most of the world. I tell you what, Google, by way of thanks, can have ten free proprietary tokens to my local Japanese arcade machine (which can only be used between 6pm and 8pm na Wednesday, in Osaka. Japanese passport required).

  • th3m4ri0

    If you wanna get mine, I can't use it because of "The special offer is only available to new users" https://play.google.com/music/listen?signup=1&coupontype=store&coupon=GHY0BNFZXB6VV5GM42E9RKR&u=0#

  • Alan Shannon

    I just bought my Chromecast today in Ireland, I get Spotify Premium for €5.99 instead of €9.99 anyway so I just gave my code to my Mam. She's happy with it! :)

  • Hary Ayala

    no you can't, i used the 30 day free trial when it came out, and i'm told i can't use the coupon my chromecast is giving me because it's only for NEW users.

    • zepy3

      Yep I got the same thing, because I already tried the free trial I'm not allowed to use the 3 months of free service. Part of me is understanding/accepting of that and yet... I've bought 3 CC's and it was after the Netflix offer had ended.

      Oh well, I've lived without All Access since my trial ended, I'll continue to live without it now too.

  • JG

    "If you already pay for All Access, you can't get a redemption code at the promotional website."

    I'm assuming that also includes those of us who have paid but are no longer paying...

  • Dani Molina

    "Google is giving each and every Chromecast owner a free three-month subscription to Play Music All Access."

    Well, US Only is quite "almost-nobody" :(

  • http://about.barronroth.com Barron Roth

    Haven't picked up a Chromecast yet: does anyone think a Chromecast 2 is incoming? I can't imagine what upgrades it could possibly bring...

  • Steve

    Not US only - redeemed the 3 month offer this morning in the UK with a UK Chromecast - just couldn't do it via the Play Music App, had to access the url via my Laptop (no VPN IP masking shenanigans going on.

  • YoonAddicting

    It worked just fine for me and I live in Denmark, so don't really know about that, and those 3 months worth of music are worth more than my chromecast itself, so this is just cool :3

  • Michael Hall

    Used the free trial before. Damn damn damn.