Modern Combat, Gameloft's Call Of Duty / Battlefield "inspired" shooter series, is back - the fifth installment in the mobile franchise just hit the Play Store. The best thing about MC5? Gameloft has stripped of it the loathsome in-app purchases Modern Combat 3 and 4 were saddled with.

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Modern Combat 5 will cost you $7, which for a mobile game of this caliber, I'd say, is pretty reasonable - Gameloft really has no mention-worthy competition in the fully-featured mobile FPS market, so honestly, they could probably charge twice that and still make a lot of money on this game. Modern Combat 5 features a full-length single player campaign, character classes, as well as online multiplayer. It's pretty much the full package.

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Head over to the Play Store to grab it now.

David Ruddock
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  • http://mekakiwi.blogspot.com.br/ ED-Z が あらわれた!

    Gameloft!? No IAP?! You lie!
    Anyway, is not that expensive, I'll try...
    ...Maybe... Not a FPS guy...

    • Pooka-kun

      It's been a talked about thing since the leak.

    • cmbeid

      If I recall correctly, their early games didn't have IAP. They were fully priced though. The one I tried was the Starcraft clone (forget the name of it now). But it was $7 with no IAP.

      • Cory S

        Starcraft clone? Really? Was it any good?

        • cmbeid

          Starfront: Collision. It was pretty good, but I didnt play all the way through it.

          • Cory S

            Hmm, doesn't seem to be on Play. Found an old XDA post saying you gotta buy it from their website and it isn't compatible with Nexus devices. odd.

          • HellG

            Yup its long dead for some reason, i have been trying to get my hands on it to play it on my Note 3 but failed :/

  • Nick Mrak

    Wasn't this supposed to be out tomorrow?

  • Cory S

    Pfft, I've had this for days /s

    • ProductFRED

      That could mean only one thing...


      • Cory S

        aw crap

      • Big Tony

        Fuck Apple.

  • Pooka-kun

    Now to wait for it on the Amazon Appstore.

    • Lu Ro

      And when is that going to happen?

      • Pooka-kun


  • Roya1

    These Kind of Games will be perfect for Android TV.

    • Cory S

      I am really excited to see what kind of power chips put out in a box with no thermal throttling or power rationing constraints.

  • ProductFRED

    "*IMPORTANT* Modern Combat 5 requires an Internet connection."

    Yeah, I'd rather have IAP than this...

    • Nick

      I really only play Android games on the subway, but that's 1-2 hours a day of potential gaming so I always want to find solid games. I'll pay $5-10 for a good game, but I'll never pay a penny for a game that requires a network connection because I'll never play it. I understand that piracy is an issue, but this means an actual lost sale for me. I was excited to get play this with GameKlip and a PS3 controller, now it just won't happen.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      Gameloft is going to get you somewhere, they're the EA of mobile. 95% of buyers won't care, and the 5% that do are, in Gameloft's estimation, worth it in terms of discouraging piracy. It's kind of a dick move but honestly, I'd expect to see it more and more for full-price mobile games in the future.

      • Cory S
        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

          Yeah, connection requirements can be seriously bad news if they're implemented poorly. The thing about mobile devices, though, is they're a lot more likely than say, a laptop, to have internet on the go. I'm guessing there will be far fewer complaints.

          • Cory S

            Perhaps. I like to play games when i travel to kill time and often don't have a good connection. If I'm at home on broadband I'm not playing cellphone games. Whereas my PC is always on a solid connection.

            Big issue with EA was their authorization servers kept going down and kicking people out.

          • horst

            there is already a cracked version out.... so I don't get the internet requirement for piracy reasons...

          • Cuvis

            That's how it goes with every online authentication scheme. For some reason, this never seems to stop them.

          • discutter

            I play in my tablet and most of those have no internet connectivity built in. How does that fit into your apologizing of Gameloft for their crappy move? Oh yeah, now you will say "the thing about mobile devices is that they have internet connection and every one has one with internet connection, so they can share". Yeah, except that I have to pay extra to share. But worse, in some parts there is internet connection, so not even then I can play..

            But I am curious, what are you going to say when they backpedal and allow offline playing? Are you willing to eat your words?

      • sureman

        While I agree with you, online-only game means you only rent it. You don't completely own the game. When the server down or ceased to exist, you're out of luck.

      • Netwern

        All Gameloft games for Android are laggy like hell. It's noticeable when scrolling, it's laggy like Gingerbread games. They don't respect Android as a gaming platform, In fact most of the Gameloft game developers are bunch of iSheeps with their lovely iPad. They should learn how to make smooth games for Android from Supercell. Just look at how smooth is Clash of Clans.

    • Pooka-kun

      Before you complain, figure out whether the internet connection is either an always on one or just a one time activation process.

      However if it is an always on, well after the whole piracy scandal, Gameloft was right. That's why we can't have nice things.

    • Himmat Singh

      What a shame. I have a WiFi-only tablet (not that I would turn on data if I had 3G anyways) and I play on it when I am away from home. So always-on connection means I'll stay away till there is a viable solution.

      • discutter

        You don't matter according to Gameloft and its apologist in chief, David Ruddock

    • Robert_AU

      My tablet is wifi only so doesn't have an always on internet connection and it is my preferred device for Android gaming. I probably would not have bought it anyway so not really a lost sale. Playing this style of game on a PC for years makes it a challenge to adjust to control without a mouse and keyboard. IAP are worse.

    • http://www.modminecraft.com/ Nick Coad

      I don't understand - are you saying you don't have any internet connection on your phone?

      • Cuvis

        Ever been on a subway? Turns out several feet of earth, concrete, and rebar isn't very good for reception.

    • Sergii Pylypenko

      If it's just a license check by Google Play services, you can usually start the game before entering subway, it will not try to access network when already started. A lot of games work this way.
      Maybe they implemented something more complicated though.

      • discutter

        That's not true. You start the game, having an internet connection, but the moment it goes out you get a message saying connection is required

        Other games like Asphalt 8 just check it once at startup (and not always), then you can play the game normally (that's what happens in my tablet with ICS, so no, don't tell me it's my imagination). Not so with Modern Combat 5

        • Sergii Pylypenko


    • worldclassflame

      When they say Internet connection they mean WiFi right? Because I have Internet 4g lte from att, would I still need to be on WiFi in order to play?

      • Gav

        You have no idea how annoyed I am. MC4 required a wifi connection to play online, but all you had to do was turn wifi on (not connect to one) and play using 4g. MC5 literally needs wifi to go anywhere near online battles.. so far I've not found any tricks to get past it! Back to MC4 for me..

        • Cory S

          FPS games is really latency dependant. No one likes to have someone portaling across the map.

        • Carlton

          But is it possible to play the game with just your 4g connection at all and I don't mean multi-player I mean just me by myself?

    • discutter

      I'm on the same boat. I don't play at home or at work. Only in the subway, and if I need to be connected all the time I am out of luck because there is no internet connection where I ride

      Gameloft screwed this up, probably intentionally

      But I am pretty sure the crap eaters will be here in full force defending them and justifying their move, until, well, GameLoft backpedals and allows offline playing

  • Charles Sweeney

    I love that you pay for the game and that's it..ever! Nice Gameloft, well played! I will buy it just for this fact alone.

  • Dave Sleep

    Modern Combat 4 works great on my Asus Transformer TF701T but 5 doesn't... WTH?

    • Falhary

      Isn't that logical? Newer version might have higher requirements. Processor, memory, OS version, etc.

      • Dave Sleep

        Well it would if it didn't run on my Galaxy Nexus, my hp touchpad with a hacked version of android and that the TF701T wasn't ASUS (currently) best spec'ed tablet...

  • irishtexmex

    If only Gameloft would enable native gamepad support... :/

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      It's definitely intentional, probably for multiplayer balance alone. Not a lot of fun getting steamrolled by somebody using a controller when you're stuck with touch. Granted, Shield can map controls using the mapper tool, so there's that option if you have one, not that most people do.

      • Cory S

        Where do you draw the line though? It's not fun being steam rolled by someone on a Note 3 when I'm on a little Moto X. I don't think anyone is taking competition on a phone game all that seriously anyway.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

          A controller is a significantly greater advantage than a larger screen, I'd say.

          • Cory S

            It is also a much more natural way to play a FPS game, and Android TV is right around the corner. Don't limit everyone to the lowest common denominator. If people care about how well they do they'll get controllers. Just like a PC person gets an upgrade to run a game better.

          • irishtexmex

            I agree with Cory. And not just because that's also how I spell my first name.

          • someone755

            Lol tho I couldn't suck more in games than I do with a gamepad xD
            Keyboard and mouse for me, if not, let there be touch!

          • Cory S

            hehe, I'm a keyboard & mouse gamer too. But, I wouldn't use one on a phone or even tablet game :P

          • someone755

            Me neither, but I always wonder what Mouse+Keyboard gamers see in gamepads...
            I mean, it's counter-intuitive coming from a PC, even in FIFA I'm better off playing with a keyboard xD
            That said, touch controls are more self-explanatory and, for me, provide better accuracy than a gamepad ever would, but at the cost of not feeling the buttons and always having to check if you're actually pressing it :P

          • Cory S

            That's my problem with touch controls. beyond move/look you never build up muscle memory for the controls. For a lot of games this is fine...you just give up 20% of your screen real estate, but for high reaction time shooters I don't like it.

          • someone755

            I've accustomed to that wasted screen lol. And I don't find anything on Android requiring high reaction. Maybe Portal, but that's where Shield pops in :P

          • Cory S

            I'm sure this game will, and any other FPS, and a Shield is basicly the same thing as a controller in this context.

          • someone755

            Nah, I've played MC before, and didn't have any issue even aiming without the aim assist on my 2012 N7. If there are surprises, the game starts acting like a movie with a few buttons for you to press.
            About the SHIELD, you basically buy a controller with a screen attached. I don't see many people having their devices connected to their TVs for gaming. Anything else (like bending over a phone on the table with a controller in your hand) just looks ridiculous, imo (except for the controllers meant for Android, but then this next part cones;), especially considering that almost no game for Android requires quick reaction times and is good with a controller (it's either one or the other, sometimes none, even).
            But hey, if you're better at shooting people with a controller and you enjoy that, a controller is what you get :P

          • Nathan Fletcher

            Its actually about money. They want you to buy the moga controller to get controller working without root

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

            If that's the case, it really is an asshole move. Based on some quick Googling, it does look like it is Moga-ready. What a bag of dicks.

          • Pooka-kun

            Not sure what the problem with an FPS game being Moga-ready.

          • christian foggy III

            Not necessarily its native game pad ready. Works with any HID controller. However they have not tweaked the sensitivity for controllers. Its laggy! So for now, youre better off using touch controls or even the Six axis app. I tested both my PS3 and Moga in native, and its just not as responsive with using the analogs. But when I mapped my controls with my PS3 controller via Sixaxis, it was fluid. But a properly coded controller setting would be much better.

          • primalxconvoy

            Thing is; their Moga support has been dismal. Nova 3 (a paid app that's a FPS) was so bad that you couldn't change weapons via the pad, whereas Asphalt 8 stripped all analogue support and left players trying to wrestle their cars with hair trigger DIGITAL controls via the analogue sticks. Just go and watch some videos of some poor saps violently trying to steer! I even complained to Moga and Shamesoft about this.

            The best thing about the Moga Pro Power is the HID mode ("B Mode"), as it works just like a regular hardware controller for Android. Even games that support the Moga Mode A, like Meltdown, can support the HID mode (and feature button mapping options). I recently emailed Moga asking them to just drop their proprietary nonsense and release HID-only controllers, as their Pivot app hardly works and the "A Mode" hardly syncs without it anyway.

          • Pooka-kun

            You can't even spell the company name right. The name is GameLOFT. How come its ShameSOFT, I'll never know.

          • Cory S

            Wow... a gameloft fanboy. I've now seen everything.

          • Pooka-kun

            A Gameloft fanboy? Wow, you must be so good at assuming when all I do is make sure that other guy is actually referring to something -loft, not something -SOFT. Are he sure he's not talking about Ubisoft? Microsoft? Whateversoft?

            Oh, and what's wrong with being a Gameloft fanboy, may I wonder?

          • Roy Coto

            Moga pro is not working in this game :'/

          • Craig M

            As I said up above, they mapped out the nVidia Shield buttons nicely.

      • irishtexmex

        I've used a PS3 dualshock and "SixAxis Controller" to map controls as early as NOVA 2. Without native gamepad support, the workaround was mediocre at best and ultimately made the game too frustrating to want to play.

        And what made it frustrating was not that I was getting slightly better gameplay out of the control that I would have otherwise with touch controls, it was that I had a taste of how great that game could be if it did have gamepad support. Orders of magnitude greater than the limitations of touch control, no matter how optimized they may be.

    • Pratik Holla

      The last modern combat had MOGA support. Surprised this doesnt.

    • Pascal Swartjes

      Works fine with ps3 six axxis controller on my rooted galaxy s5.
      only thing is i can not change graphic settings , only chose between optimal and performance.

    • Qruis

      There is native support on MC5... but you cant customize it like anyone would like...
      My controller works like crazy: I have to shoot with "start" and aim with "select"... the R1 and L1 are mapped in the R2 and L2 and those are mapped in the Start and Select... The "A" button is on L1, the B button on A, the Y on the R1, the X on the Y and I got this "Z" button on the B for some reason when I test the gamepad... And the Start and Select are on the L3/R3... Try to play with that mapping! Is awkward as hell!

      • Walker

        Yeah I feel you.. I have a samsung gamepad which is supposed to work with MC games, but it doesnt have R2/L2 buttons.. yet still the game tells me I do, resulting into me not being able to shoot :-(

  • firesoul453

    This game would be perfect on vita.

    • Kevin Aaronson


    • Craig M

      It plays perfect on the Shield. All of the buttons are perfectly mapped.

      • firesoul453

        Ah I forgot about that thing. just looked it up and its $199 which is a lot better than its old price. But still have the nvidia requirement for game streaming. (I got an R9 290)

  • http://www.fozona.cz/ Ondřej Zima

    Great, it is not compatible with OnePlus One... Such a awesome game...

    • Nick


      • http://www.fozona.cz/ Ondřej Zima

        "Device is not compatible with the version"
        I think that says it all.

        • Nick

          Woooow. Well that freakin blows. Is it possible for you to install it from a different device and transfer over the data?

          • Funem

            Strangely my old old Samsung Galaxy S2 is showing up as compatible though....

  • Marcell Lévai

    So much win ^_^ I hope this no-IAPs thing will get popular (again).

  • nvllsvm

    Requires an internet connection? Why.

    Gameloft needs to remove that or I'll pirate this one.

    • AbbyZFresh

      This has been happening on every game since MC3.

      • Pooka-kun

        I've been able to play MC4 offline. Unless its a first time internet activation, which Amazon Appstore requires on all of its app regardless.

        • master man

          MC4 requires internet re-activation every 1 month or so.

          I rarely play MC4 (once every 2-3 months), it always ask internet activation once before playing.

  • jb

    Hey AP, you guys have a ADT 1, right? Is this already compatible with Android TV?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      It's not, according to Artem. It's not controller-ready anyway, so it doesn't matter.

      • primalxconvoy

        What? This game hasn't got hardware controller support? In this day and age?

        Nothing to see here. Move along...

        • Pooka-kun

          It is said the game has Moga support.

  • Dutchy

    whats funny is that Modern combat 4 cost the same amount :/

  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    Apart from seeing how good it looks, I've not seen anything that would make me want to download it even for free. Graphics aren't everything.

  • mlj11

    To be fair, the type of IAPs that were in MC3 & 4 were the optional variety: basically power-ups that made gameplay easier but were not necessary to complete (nor progress through) the game.

    As I recall, you guys (Android Police) have previously argued that these types of IAPs are fine - and I agree - but you called them "loathsome" here; I think there should be some internal consistency in the way you write your articles...

    • Pooka-kun

      Indeed. Last I checked, the MC4 IAPS were basically coins. Buy coins to buy everything else in the game. Kind of like Jetpack Joyride.

    • Himmat Singh

      They were optional, but very irritating. I ended up playing MC4 without getting any upgrades cause it all seemed so much more complex than it should be.

      Also, there were dual currency. And you could kinda buy your way to success to some extent.

      For a $7 game, that was not cool. IAP was still kinda in your face. Not the case anymore....yay!

      • Pooka-kun

        IAP wasn't in your face, dammit. You could only buy coins, and use these coins to buy the things in-game. Or *gasp* you could play the game and earn coins. Kinda like Jetpack Joyride; its easy to earn the coins and to buy everything in the game without spending a single cent on the game.

        • Qruis

          IAP wasnt in your face, that's true... but other players that used IAP to get the OP stuff at the very start of the game were right in your face...
          I could barely afford 2 more guns, some accesories for them and a second loadout after 160hs of gameplay... Getting coins in that game was hard when you were just starting...

  • firesoul453

    Wait how is the story?

  • Pooka-kun

    Guys, I wonder if Modern Combat 5 requires an always online connection or just a one time online activation (something that Amazon Appstore is fond of anyways, but doesn't get ultra intrusive). The truth is lost and I want it clear.

    • Himmat Singh

      Always on.

      On the one hand, there are no IAPs. On the other, it requires persistent Internet connection. Why can't it be both ways!?

      • Pooka-kun

        Have you tried running the game online once, then running it offline? This is what I'm aiming for. I'm sure if its a problem though, it won't stay long enough.

        • Himmat Singh

          No I'm waiting for it on ios. But this is the case. It has been mentioned lots of times before. You can't play the single player at all with no Internet since it force-syncs.

          • Pooka-kun

            Looks like it might be not only a wait for the Amazon version but a wait for a no-always on connection. I'd have no problems if it was a one-time online verification though.

  • Funem

    One day they will realise mobile gaming does not just mean "phone" some people use tablets, some use iPods. I would stick my neck out and say that most tablet users don't even have a data connection other than wireless. Combine this with some countries have dire mobile phone data connections, and some areas (even in the UK) have spotty home internet connections. Combine this with some people like to also only play the single player campaigns in a game and don't care much for playing against other people - as in my case it shows how crap I am at games, a fact I would rather keep to my self in the delusion that I am king of the gaming hill..... - Because of this, if you are going to tie the single player campaign to a required network connection, you may be protecting you game form pirates but you are drastically reducing the number of people (like me) who would have happily purchased the game if playable offline. Spiderman 2 was online only, the take-up on the game was very low. This game is on my wish list, where it will stay until it goes offline playable as I would have no time to play it any other way.

    • Masakrator

      you can play spiderman 2 offline, idiot. Stop posting, before re-checking ur whine

      • Funem

        Firstly if you have to result to insults as you can't form a coherent argument then you have already lost the argument, secondly if you bothered to read what I wrote it said " Spiderman 2 was online only" it does not say " Spiderman 2 is online only". When it was released it was online only and complaints rolled in and Gameloft changed it because of this. I am in full possession of my facts and I am also able to present them, if someone has a problem reading them, then that is another matter entirely.

        • Gae

          Ignore him brother, he's just a gameloft PR, or a frustrated iphone fanboys. Or both.

  • abobobilly

    When i read "no IAP", i suddenly felt like praising gameloft and wondered, they may've learned a lesson from the Modern Combat 5 "piracy" results ... Until i read the "Important Part" (about internet connection).



    • primalxconvoy

      I was just as annoyed. I once bought some games, including some by Shamesoft, to play on an international flight. This was just after flights allowed mobile devices to be on (via aeroplane mode). Imagine my surprise when I couldn't play games that works just fine before as I "wasn't online".

      • Pooka-kun

        GameLOFT not ShameSOFT. Wake up when naming the company dammit!

        As for the no IAPs thing, no. It isn't from the whole piracy issue, and whether you like it or not, piracy will always be king.

        • Cory S

          He said nothing about IAPs..

  • elo gomez

    i hope this is for kindle fire hd anyone have it yet?

  • Big Tony

    Continuous Internet connection and no way to use Six Axis app with my Dualshock? Maybe I could look past the Internet connection but for a game like this, I need too be able to use my controller. The combo is a deal breaker for me. Sucks because I like the MC series.

    • Aaron Hafitz

      It works with Moga mode B, which is HID so it may support other controllers ... not really sure though

  • Koliman

    Why i cant change graphic settings on HTC m8

  • Aeonia

    Aren't we all forgetting that Amazing SpiderMan 2 was online at first too but they later changed...and i quote..

    "Thanks to your highly appreciated feedback, you can now play the game
    offline! Battle Spidey’s toughest enemies and swing throughout Manhattan
    virtually anywhere!"

    So lets do the same for this one...

    • Pooka-kun

      I hate spidey.

  • Wesley Montgomery

    When is mc5 coming to kindle.

  • Lister

    so what are some first person shooter games that do not need an internet connection at all? I just want to download and play

  • Eric Elh Howerton

    I have a galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition but when I try to download the MD5 it says it's not compatible. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

  • Malia McLaughlin

    I bought this game to use with my Moga Pro Power. The controller only connects in B Mode. Its responsive and the new features in the settings really help. However, the R2 button (button for shooting) doesn't work. It sucks not being able to shoot in an First Person Shooter game (with the controller)

  • SnOw

    can it run on samsung galaxy s2 ?

  • smidt

    Gameloft is such a jerk, its been quite some time since the release of this game and yet it is still not compatible with my lenovo s660.

  • Cam

    Can you use service and play mc5 on your phone