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Auto-correcting keyboard Fleksy made headlines last month with its interesting support for Samsung's Gear 2 smartwatches, but don't let it be said that they're neglecting the standard Android app. Today the company is updating its unconventional keyboard to version 3.0, notably adding the "Fleksy Store" to the premium version. This store will offer themes for users to buy via in-app purchase. At launch (sometime this morning, US time) there will be six themes available, and anyone who's purchased the keyboard gets a free bonus theme.

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According to a press release, Fleksy is also adding support for a whopping 17 new languages (some of which are dialects). Here's the full list:

• Albanian
• Brazilian Portuguese
• Catalan
• Croatian
• English (AU)
• English (CA)
• French (CA)
• Estonian
• Hebrew
• Latvian
• Lithuanian
• Norwegian
• Serbian
• Spanish (US)
• Spanish (LA)
• Slovenian
• Tagalog

Fleksy already had some decent customization options, including a selection of layouts and basic color themes. Other changes from the latest beta include improved dictionaries, reduced lag, and various bug fixes. Fleksy is offered in a trial version with a 30-day tryout period, and right now the app is on sale for 50% off at $2. It may take a few hours for the 3.0 update to disseminate on the Play Store.

SAN FRANCISCO — July 23, 2014 — Fleksy, the fastest keyboard in the world, has launched version 3.0 today, featuring an update on the keyboard’s award-winning design and the introduction of premium themes and content.

Introduced with today’s update, Fleksy Store will offer the ability to download premium content such as themes and customizations. Six new premium themes are available, including “Deep Blue” and “Liquid Sky”, and all Fleksy premium users can choose a free bonus theme. The update also introduces an evolution of the iconic, minimal look of Fleksy, using brand new colors and animations.

“The average Fleksy user uses our product 180 times a day, and spends 1.5 hours looking at the keyboard each and every day. We believe this exposure gives us a fantastic platform to offer premium content and customizations for the keyboard” said Ioannis Verdelis, Founder and COO of Fleksy. “By introducing Fleksy Store, we have an unbounded opportunity to expand with premium product features, while maintaining the clean and simple Fleksy experience which appeals to first time users”.

Fleksy confirmed it will double down on its premium business model, with Fleksy Store only available to premium customers on Android as well as iOS this coming fall.

“Fleksy has built its recognition as the best keyboard title in Google Play - we are now the fastest, most accurate, and best designed keyboard out there. Even in the presence of free alternatives, people are willing to pay a premium when it comes to world-class design and next-gen features for their keyboard, and for good reason, given just how much time you spend on it every day. Downloads have been growing 30% monthly since launching last December, and our conversions to paid users have been increasing dramatically as well. It’s great testament to the quality of our product and shows that the keyboard is a huge part of the overall phone experience, for both Android and iOS” said Kosta Eleftheriou, Founder and CEO of Fleksy.

Also included are 17 new languages, which were only available in beta until today, bringing blazing-fast typing to a whole new group of users all over the world. The extensive list of new languages includes Hebrew, Croatian, Lithuanian, Albanian, Norwegian, Tagalog, Catalan and much more. Based on billions of words typed so far, Fleksy has also significantly improved accuracy for all 40 supported languages so far.

Fleksy is available on Google Play and at http://android.fleksy.com/

Michael Crider
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  • Kevin Choi

    Still waiting for Korean :(

    • ciaastek

      And Polish…

  • eTron

    Is there a swype like feature?

    • abobobilly


      For that, you can try other keyboards.

  • mason2162

    Need Chinese~

  • didibus

    Did they add support for 2 active language at once?

    • motoridersd

      I'd like to know this too. Is Swiftkey the only one that supports this?

      • Pavel Sikun

        Is it so hard to swipe on a spacebar to switch a language? It barely takes a second for user, but simplifies prediction algorithms for a lot :)

        • yeahnope

          Yes it actually is that hard. I use three languages all the time, sometimes in the same conversation and having in being seamless is much better than me swiping on a spacebar.

          • http://www.facebook.com/dominicmondello Dominic Mondello

            I'm in the same situation, using a lot of French and English all the time. Having to switch between languages is a hassle I don't want to deal with. I like the stock Google Keyboard, a lot, but I'm still using Swiftkey for this unique reason: 2 active languages at once.

        • motoridersd

          The beauty of Swiftkey is that it can predict between languages PERFECTLY without having to switch. I have never seen it predict a word that doesn't make sense for the language I am using (ie, it never predicts an english word that doesn't make sense when typing in Spanish, unless I want to type that word and then it predicts it perfectly). I can even type English/Spanish/English in the same sentence and it always predicts things properly without having to do an extra swype/tap.It is THAT good. After having that feature, doing anything to switch the language becomes annoying.

          • nycebo

            That hasn't been my experience at all. Indeed, with multiple languages enabled, Swiftkey bogs down considerably. And, enabling and disabling a language with Swiftkey requires myriad clicks. It's why I switched to Fleksy in the first place (swiping on the space bar was very intuitive for me).

          • motoridersd

            Hmm, I'd never thought that having two languages active could be causing the sluggishness. I'll have to look into that. I don't think I could live without simultaneous languages though, it's what I love the most about my keyboard and what helps me type so fast.

          • didibus

            I've been using Kii Keyboard, and it supports 2 languages and doesn't slow down. I've tried swiftkey again recently, and saw they added that feature, but I did notice it being kinda slow, though I just figured swiftkey was slower in general, but maybe it's only when using more than one language.

          • http://www.gregpak.com/entries/002275.shtml D.Smithee

            Kii is excellent.

          • Damien

            People use swiftkey? Didn't know that was still a thing

      • http://hugehog.blogspot.com/ Herman

        The stock Xperia keyboard supports it too, but I suppose not everyone is able to install it.

        Definitely very handy when you're a non-English speaker but do often hold conversations in English. I don't like having to wonder why my autocorrect is 'correcting' perfectly fine words only to find out that I forgot to switch the language. It's even worse with two simultaneous conversations in different languages...

        • motoridersd

          I use it all the time and could not live without it. I love Swiftkey but it can get laggy sometimes. I doubt any other keyboard can offer the seamless predictions across languages that Swiftkey can (plus the integration with SMS, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and cloud syncing), but I'm always looking for other options.

      • ash

        Swype also supports dual language

      • didibus

        Kii Keyboard also supports it.

  • black

    I use English letters to write in other languages. These keyboards will never work for me well.

  • Linh

    Need swype/flow....it would be so perfect

  • Kevin Maholo

    I want to like Swiftkey but it is really CPU heavy and can sometimes take 2-3 seconds until it pops up. Fleksy is instant but it lacks three things: 2 active languages, better prediction (while Swiftkey understood that "How are" is usually followed by "you", Fleksy understands the mistyping of tou as too) and predictions with same amount of letters. For example, Fleksy only corrects words to other words with the same number of letters. While Swiftkey would fix Helo to Hello, Fleksy does Helo to something totally different.

  • Jim

    if fleksy is able to predict between languages then it would be the perfect keyboard app for me. Maybe by version 4.0 this is already supported.

  • AhmedAljeshi

    No Arabic!! :/