There are many browsers available for Android, several of which serving as mobile counterparts to their desktop alternatives. Opera comes to mind here, as does Firefox. The latter browser has received an update to version 31 and received a number of new features in the process. The top item on the ol' changelog is the ability to reorder homescreen panels (or pages, as I think of them). If you happen to view your reading list more often than bookmarks, for example, then you can now re-arrange the two so that your preferred page comes first.

2014-07-22 16.23.55 2014-07-22 16.24.05 2014-07-22 16.28.03

Another useful update is the new ability to manually refresh synced tabs. When you head to the synced tab area of the browser, you can simply pull down on the page and release to initiate a refresh.

The bulk of the other changes on the list are more technical or aimed at developers. Nevertheless, here's the list. I know it's what the readers want.

What's new:

  • NEW Ability to re-order existing panels in browser homescreen
  • NEW Added ability to refresh synced tabs on demand
  • NEW Firefox Hub APIs (learn more, examples)
  • NEW mozilla::pkix as default certificate verifier (learn more)
  • NEW Locales added: Assamese [as], Bengali [bn-IN], Gujarati [gu-IN], Hindi [hi-IN], Kannada [kn], Malayalam [ml], Marathi [mr], Oriya [or], Panjabi [pa-IN], Tamil [ta], Telugu [te]
  • CHANGED Removal of the CAPS infrastructure for specifying site-specific permissions (via capability.policy.* preferences). Most notably, attempts to use this functionality to grant access to the clipboard will no longer work. The sole exception is the checkloaduri permission, which may still be used as before to allow sites to load file:// URIs.
  • HTML5 WebVTT implemented and enabled (learn more)
  • HTML5 CSS3 variables implemented (learn more)
  • DEVELOPER New Array built-in: Array.prototype.fill() (learn more)
  • DEVELOPER New Object built-in: Object.setPrototypeOf() (learn more)
  • DEVELOPER CSP 1.1 nonce-source and hash-source enabled by default
  • DEVELOPER navigator.sendBeacon enabled by default (learn more)

Source: Mozilla

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • http://k3rnel.net Juan Rodriguez

    Does this, or the beta, now work on Android L? :P

  • http://www.profifalution.com/ Rage06

    Love this browser. Use it on my HTC One & Samsung Tab S

  • Lorbas

    Haven't been using FF for a long while now. Mainly because of its horrible, complicated and rarely working sync function. Chrome is just light-years ahead in that regard. I do miss all the add-ons though!

    • Chris

      Agreed, I love my Firefox installations, but Sync blows. I think it was only recently that they fixed a bug where if you had the "Remember search and form history" option unchecked, that it completely broke Sync. It was around for like ~10 versions. Since then mine has mostly been working, however Tab sync is hosed again. Oh well, bookmark/history/password/add-on/preference sync'ing are working, that's enough for me.

    • Jmac

      They finally fixed the sync in the newer releases. You create a Firefox sync account and sign in with a username and password on every device. That's it. It finally makes sense.

      • liam

        It's still not "fixed". It only remembers your currents tabs, not the tab history.
        Chrome's just works better.
        FF does scroll more smoothly, imo., and it's just as fast (in terms of us, though it's dom manipulations as still slower)

        • saf1927

          Nah, on a Nexus 5 both Chrome and Firefox are just as smooth. Chrome lags only on certain devices, for example the original Nexus 7, where it is barely usable.

    • Sam Del Valle

      Firefox was my fav browser from 2008-2011 then I gave in a switched to chrome. Ever since then Firefox seems so old and clunky compared to Google Chrome. I still have it installed in my Mac and PC as a backup browser.

  • other guy

    last time I used Firefox on android it consumes lots of RAM.
    not to mention it has less customization setting compared to Chrome or stock browser.
    my #1 browser still Opera, followed by Chrome.

    • Jacob Groß

      That's true. Although, Opera and the other Chromium browsers (Yandex) are using a lot of memory as well. The only browsers which have those: a great UI and a custom rendering engine (you most probably don't want a browser which is using webview on Android 4.2.2) and a small memory footprint are "UC Browser" and "Baidu Browser". "Sleipnir" is good as well, but the UI is... not that good. "Next" browser and similar have a beautiful UI, but are using webview.

  • http://www.modminecraft.com/ Nick Coad

    Can someone tell Mozilla that re-ordering items in a list on mobile is a solved problem already, and the solution doesn't usually involve three taps to move a single item by a single position?

  • jimykk

    They still use a custom share menu and refuse to allow the native open with popup.

    Who knows why the hell they think that's a good idea

  • DKT70

    I use Firefox Android on a regular basis, but it is a bit buggy. And why do all these devs keep hiding settings from their users, and making such poor user interfaces. Another thing with Firefox, I cannot get it to except pasting from the clipboard. Or, as I type this, accept a line change.

  • esc_sequencer

    Major reason for using Firefox : Adblock

    • Oliver Phillips

      Adblock Plus works system wide if you're rooted...

      • esc_sequencer

        Personally, I don't like placeholder that cause by Adblock Plus or Adaway, Adblock on Firefox block ad on website a lot cleaner.

        • Oliver Phillips

          You can block the notification with GravityBox (or just disable app notifications, although that may lead to the service being stopped)

  • firesoul453

    Firefox is better for laptops since its as good as chrome and uses much less battery life. But on android I find chrome to be better.

  • black

    FF, you failed the Android market. Now get lost.