Update 7/21/14: In its Q2 2014 letter to shareholders, Netflix narrowed down the launch month to September of this year. The list of countries remains the same as before: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, and Luxembourg.


Original story from May 21, 2014 follows.

Some of our European friends might be ringing in the new year with movies and TV streamed via Netflix. The company has just announced its intention to begin rolling the service out in several European countries late in 2014. Currently on the list: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

Interested parties can go to the Netflix website and sign up for email updates to be notified of launch plans. Reading tech blogs is probably a better early warning system, though. Netflix currently operates in over 40 countries, including other European nations like the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

Details on pricing and programming will be made available as the launch nears. The assortment of content varies in each market, so you're going to need to wait for the word on your specific country.


Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play.

  • James

    I dream of a day I can play Netflix on my TV in Australia... Our day will come.

    • davidstallard

      You could try unblock-us.com. I use it and it works beautifully for Hulu and Netflix and paying for both services and the $4.99/month for Unblock-Us still works out to about 50% cheaper than even the lowest Foxtel plan.

    • SimonPieman

      Wouldn't worry, NetFlix in Europe is crap, nothing like NetFlix in the US... Better off with something like Amazon Instant Video, which has far better content.

      The Netflix hype is from American websites that simply assume Netflix in Europe has the same content, which it doesn't.

    • Tom

      use hola better internet (free and does the same as unblock-us)

  • Emanuele Ricci

    Oh damn man, come here in Italy :(

    • kekkojoker90

      Damn why they don't come here ç__ç

  • RockAndRock

    September, here in France !

  • Miguel Ripoll

    Spain :/

  • Dmitrijus Jarašius

    I thought it would be easier to bring such service to all member states of EU, given the parliament and shared laws.

    • Nasko Hristov

      I think the shared law is for music streaming for now, I hope I'm wrong.

  • whispy_snippet

    Come to Australia!!!

  • M.L.

    OMG, it's happening at last! Hopefully they'll expand to other countries in Europe soon after that!

    • Nasko Hristov

      When they say big, they mean it. I will only say that Bulgaria will have Netflix, so except your country has some bad author right law, most of EU will have Netflix.

  • Dee Norbert

    Spain,Italy,Romania,Hungary.We are part of EU too :|

    • MiningItalia

      our connections is shit (im from italy) and they don't want bad ratings without it being their fault

      • Dee Norbert

        Romania is number one in Europe at Internet speed shame on them :|

        • Morten Ulveseth

          Yeah, and who would have thunk?

          For anyone interested:

          • Dee Norbert

            I have 1Gbps conection at home I can handle 4K content too.Sucks no google Play Music,TV,Movie.No Spotify,Pandora,Netflix,Hulu,iTunes Movie.

          • Nasko Hristov

            You know what our Balkan problem is? We pirate too damn much.

          • Dee Norbert

            Well at 1Gbps its fun :)) .Ontopic bring the services to not pirate so much.

          • Laurentiu

            ... and this is because we do NOT have services with premium content. I would be happy to pay 10 euro/month for Netflix service.

          • Nasko Hristov

            Me2 as to a lot of civilized people.

      • Nplus1

        Italy has just 1Mbps more bandwidth than GREENLAND!!! Lol, now that really is shit!

    • Wolol

      I can understand why they left out Hungary, barely anyone speaks English here, according to Wikipedia around 2 million people speak it, but I'm 99% sure that not even half of them can speak it on a level that they could watch movies/series in English and understand it.

      Though it's true that almost everything gets dubbed here, but I don't think Netflix would want to spend more time and money on such a small audience, and everyone pirates every content anyway, so I'm sure I'll never see Netflix here in Hungary.

  • Luca

    Switzerland.. yes.. content in g1erman only.. as usual.. No italian and a little bit of french..

    • Roger Siegenthaler

      Where did you see that?

      • Luca

        for example Google books..it is the worst

        • Roger Siegenthaler

          Well google isn't exactly big in books, whereas Netflix is huge and might bring about some change.

          Kind of akin to how Simfy had some <10mil songs streaming in Switzerland till Spotify arrived with 20+ and suddenly everyone could get it.

  • Luca

    Internet is the (present and) future.. EU states should agree on "internet laws" in order to "easily" deliver such services in the whole europe..

    • John Fak

      Its not the European laws preventing such services. Its licensing from the content producers. Which are most of the time Hollywood companies.

      See, when a movies or TV show is financed to be produced, there are a gazilion of sources of money like tens of corporations, heavy product placing (hidden advertising), and 5 bucs I've found in a blazer last winter. :)
      Joke aside, getting all those hundreds of money sources to agree on licensing is no easy feat.
      You may think the cost of watching a movie is 10 bucs, but the truth is the real cost would had been 15 or 20 bucs without any advertising.

      Those ads are heavily location targeted, so they are many times worthless in a different country, where the advertiser may not sell that product.
      So how do you get the advertiser to agree to let you run that movie in that country? How much money you have to pay them so they agree? If it was not set in stone in the contract when the movie was made, 5, 10 or maybe 30 years ago, you have no realistic chance to win them.
      Remember thess are not independent ads, but built-in movie product placements, there is no way to remove them.

  • abhi098

    please come to india. We are, atleast me sick of my country's tv shows . Most of them are really bad and out of logic. I love house of cards. Waiting for more seasons.

    • q

      Pirate Bay. F**k 'em. They want to keep it US only, you take it for free.

    • Mr.BumScratcher

      If it comes to India, they'll take out nudity and other stuff. I really hope the US Netflix with the exact uncensored programming comes to India! I would gladly pay instead of pirating since pirate bay is my only source right now

  • Christopher Paulsen

    What happened to Denmark on that map?

    • ShelbySkinnerura321

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  • Jenny Fernandes

    Why not people
    talking about Wii 2 bit.ly/1lAPuHb

  • Alko Pone

    So just German (Germany, Austria Luxembourg and Switzerland) and French (France Belgium and Luxembourg) -speaking countries

    • Chipsy4

      Just a small detail but the most spoken language in Belgium is Dutch. 6 million Dutch to 4 million French. Not that it matters much of course :). In total Belgium has 3 official languages Dutch, French and German with English not an official language but taught from an early age. :)

      • DannyBiker

        With English being the 2nd language spoken in Brussels. I think no one cares...:)

        • Chipsy4

          Probably not :) hehe

          • Alko Pone

            yeah, but i was thinking about that all these countries are either German or French speaking. Also when its just one language

      • Alko Pone

        Oh OK, good to know

    • eSche

      Switzerland speaks german, french and italian.

      • Alko Pone

        Ich meine ja auch, dass alle diese Länder Deutsch oder Französisch sprechen!

      • swiss dude

        Switzerland has actually got 4 official languages: German, French, Italian and


  • http://wapgameaz.com/ Dat Nguyen

    hay qua, ban co the tai gam cho dien thoai tai dia chi sau:

  • http://www.pinterest.com/evabrain/ EvaBrain

    I thought it would be easier to bring such service to all member states of EU, given the parliament and shared laws and http://bit.ly/1jqxm5F

  • MirandaU

    Here's the thing: Particularly in Germany, it'll suck.
    Back when the first movies with sound came along a hundred years or so ago, there were two ways to translate them, either you went with subtitles, or you went with dubbing. It was a one-time decision that was made on behalf of an entire country and they stuck with it till now. While many European countries were smart enough to choose subtitles, Germany chose dubbing, which was fine for the first few years, but became increasingly terrible in the 80s and is unbearable now.

    Why? Because not only do they manage to butcher every joke, the original might have had, they also grossly misinterpret every pop culture reference and common phrases that cannot be translated literally.
    TV networks, cinemas and streaming providers are aware of this problem and the growing amount of young people (let's say < 30) going the Dutch way of just watching their shows and movies in English (with subtitles if necessary), which is why premium cable channels offer all their content in German and English, cinemas started showing more and more movies in their respective original language, even free to air network tv has started showing more undubbed stuff lately.

    The young people being the target audience for Netflix, they are caught between a rock and a hard place:
    - Either they bring dubbed content, which means pissing off 50% of their demographic, customers having to wait for months to see new content and competing against a dozen of local providers who already offer dubbed content
    - Or providing original language content, pissing off the other 50%, having to deal with more complicated distribution rights, but also having virtually no competition and being able to deliver the content in a timely fashion
    If they went with a mixed approach, you'd never know, whether stuff was available like you want it, or just available, which is terrible as well.

    So, if they have anything dubbed in German there, count me out, I'll stay with American Netflix then.

    • MirandaU

      On top of that, let's just take a second to think about what a ridiculously stupid concept dubbing is:
      Hollywood movies cost x hundred million dollars to make these days, of which starring actors can be paid 20+ million dollar salaries. That money includes them learning their lines, working on accents, conveying their characters mood, accents and whatnot to the audience. All this work is for nothing when a 250 mio movie gets translated and dubbed for 10,000$ and bored German people just mumble their poorly translated lines over it.
      Top of the line actors are effectively mimes that just clown about like marionettes when the lines are delivered by someone else.
      This crap has got to stop.

      • lee jun-hoe

        And it also annoys foreigners in who wants to watch movies in the original versions, and hear the accent/intonation/character of movie stars instead of some faceless voice actor.

      • Shawnee

        I second that. I've lived in the US for a while and used to watch stuff on Netflix (not my account, though). Then I decided to create an account for myself. I'm back in Germany now, but I still use Netflix through proxy servers. The good thing is it's still possible to switch between countries, so I can watch more contents. I'd like it if Netflix would be also available here in Germany, so I could also watch stuff on my phone. I prefer Netflix over the other options like Maxdome or Watchever because the only time I watch movies and shows in German is on TV. And also because you have more contents and you only pay one price and can watch everything as much as you want. But when Netflix is in Germany, I'm not gonna switch to the German one but stay in the US. A: I pay less B: the price stays the same for 2 more years because I'm an old member.

    • Göran Sävström

      Spain is exactly the same...

    • Paul

      Wholeheartedly agree with you. I'm german myself and i can't stand watching cinema movies in german. Most evident example would be Scarface. Al Pacino plays that cuban very well, in the german dubbed version he got no dialect, just plain german. The atmosphere is gone. Same problem with District 9, that movie lives from the emotional plays of the actor, which is again completely lost in a german dubbing (probably the reason why that movie was mostly hated here).
      iTunes and Google offer only german versions. Netflix would do good to compete with offering original languages. Take the 50% of iTunes users and the 50% of Google users and Netflix got 100%.

      • Schurm

        I just moved to Germany from Portland, OR.
        Can someone please tell me how I can get American television or movies on my smart tv?
        Also, the new netflix in Germany is all in German or can I get shows in English?
        Thank you

    • exadeci

      France has the worst level in english of europe:
      But I hate dubbed movies/shows so I hope that we will be able to watch the shows in english or I'll have to keep using sickrage for a while.

    • michyprima

      In italy dubbing is really good. As an example, the big bang theory's jokes are translated good enough to be funny and match the lips. Supernatural is awesome, Chuck was awesome, House was awesome (the first five seasons at least :)).

      Of course there are exceptions: agents of shield here is just terrible. The original voices of fitzsimmons are awesome (damn you english accent)

      • Luca Comellini

        I don't know what are you talking about...The Big Bang Theory is just awful in Italian...

        • michyprima


          It is not awful. It is different, but in a good way.

          A 1:1 match of the jokes would not be funny at all.

    • Da Fuq

      Can't you change the language on Netflix?

  • Aravind J Nampoothiry

    I wish Indian isp's provide more speed at affordable costs, so that services like Netflix can be made to work here. People like me can't even watch 720p on YouTube

    • Ibrahim Yusuf

      you are not alone

      • Aravind J Nampoothiry

        I know,only if BSNL increased their speeds,the competition would follow

    • GraveUypo

      how much do you pay for that?

      and i was pissed with my disproportionately low upload speeds (2.2mb uplink for a 30mb downlink, fuck, less than 10%, wtf?)

      • Aravind J Nampoothiry

        my downlink is not even close to half your upload speeds :)

        • GraveUypo

          i don't get it, the slowest plan there offers 4mb downlink. you're supposed to be getting ~440kB/s download speeds. is it that unreliable?

          ps: i'm not american. their internet doesn't have dumb uplinks like mine.

          ps: it's also cheap as bread. wth


    hope we get s'more high quality european content.

  • Göran Sävström

    I'm kind of glad Spain is not on the list even though I live here.
    Reason? They would probably just dub it all into Spanish without any possibility of watching in original language, just like google do with the movies in play store...

    • Mike Gonzalez

      if it's not available in Spain you will never know if you cant select original version, so shut up

  • TPB

    The Pirate Bay.....available worldwide.

  • Miguel Ripoll

    Spain? :(

  • BehelitOutlaw

    Love being Belgian!

  • remister

    I hope this means European content on Netflix.

  • Rolling stone

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  • linuxmodel

    I guess most of you guys have no idea what popcorntime.io is for.

    • Luca Comellini

      I guess you don't know that a lot of people would pay for a good legal service

      • linuxmodel

        You mean a limited service with a lot of restrictions. Good luck at finding missing seasons of the series on netflix you liked.

  • Twixes

    What about Poland, huh?

  • Hristiyana

    What about Bulgaria ?