If you've played Gameloft's Modern Combat 5, then statistically speaking, you're almost certainly a pirate. That's because the game hasn't been released yet, and the only ones who have access to the final version are a few people who won a Gameloft contest. At least that's how it's supposed to be - one of the winners passed the game along to some pirates (or just did it themselves), who promptly cracked it and made it available for illegal download.

Eli Hodapp of TouchArcade reported the sad affair on Twitter, and Polygon subsequently got more information off of the official Modern Combat Facebook page. Gameloft's community manager Florian Weber generally chided the "thousands" of users who have already downloaded the game and installed it, threatening an instant ban to verified pirates. While he didn't specify which version of the game had been stolen (it will be released on iOS and Android later this week), he summed up the situation in basically the only perfect sentiment:

Seriously, this is why we can't have nice things.

Another Gameloft representative said that all pirated copies have been disabled, and that anyone who downloaded it will simply have to wait for the full release.

The whole thing is all the more disheartening because Modern Combat is Gameloft's premiere franchise, and Modern Combat 5 will be one of the only titles that Gameloft has made in years without in-app purchases. This kind of player-initiated theft makes alternate revenue streams and frustrating DRM all the more appealing to developers and publishers, and a new game release that doesn't rely on the frustrating and often manipulative free-to-play model is already all too rare.

Pay for your games, please, unless you really do enjoy buying them one in-app purchase at a time.

Source: Polygon

Update: a previous version of this article stated that previous Modern Combat games didn't use IAPs. That isn't true, but Gameloft has told media representatives that Modern Combat 5 will not use the IAP model. Also, commenters claim to have found pirated versions of the iOS version of MC5, not the Android version... not that this changes the fundamental issues of pirating the game in the first place.

Michael Crider
Michael is a native Texan and a former graphic designer. He's been covering technology in general and Android in particular since 2011. His interests include folk music, football, science fiction, and salsa verde, in no particular order.

  • WhoaManWtF

    I really hope it was the ios version..

    • stevetherepo

      It is.

      • WhoaManWtF

        Maybe that will help them realize that piracy is just as bad if not worse on IOS ;)

        • remister

          Been happening for a long time. Most jailbreak conversion numbers are to get Free cracked apps.

        • shabbypenguin

          Clearly it was just an Android hacker using malware on an android phone to get the game and make it look like ios users are bad. /s

          • WhoaManWtF

            Damn it all to hell!

        • Duel

          Piracy cant be as bad in iOS, the fact that you have to jailbreak your iOS device to run pirated apps when if i know it right with android you could have any android version and pirate games just like for your PC?

          • Sir_Brizz

            To be fair, you can't just install anything on Android, either. You have to go turn on a setting which is more than many people can do :p

          • Duel

            I dont know, my 12 year old cousin could do that, dont know what he did, but when he got hi's first android phone he already had pirated games next day.

          • Adam Baxter

            Yay, anecdotes!

          • WhoaManWtF

            You mean you have to go to a website and click "jailbreak me" and BAM you can now play every pirated game on your ios device... Where as with Android you have to go into security and disable verify apks and install unknown applications. Nether method is difficult at all and any 11 year old with google can pull it off...

      • Craig M

        Where does it say that it was the iOS version?

        • stevetherepo

          I found the pirated version of the game and it is iOS. Find it yourself or take my word for it because I will not post the source here obviously.

          • Craig M

            I'm only hoping that it's true. I don't even know where to look for pirated games.

          • BayOfPirates

            There is a bay where the pirates like to stay. Do you seriously not know about it?

          • Sir_Brizz

            LOL nice nickname

  • animejay

    I don't condone this in anyway, but they kind of brought it on themselves with all the freemium crap.

    I only have one gameloft game and it's because of my son. i don't do any of their games because of their freemium model. I'd rather pay full price.

    • KojiroAK

      Modern Combat so far has allways been paid (though not sure if I would call 7$ full price)

      • animejay

        I was talking about at least most of their other games, not this one. Same for Gamevil and Com2Us. Hate the freemium model.

        • KojiroAK

          Then don't get the "free" games and only get paid ones.

          Actually, if I see an interesting game and see "free" I completly ignore it unless I have reliable source who say it's "clean".

  • mateor

    But what did they expect would happen? Releasing games to a few select parties, no matter how well-intentioned, only ratchets up demand while opening a release-channel.

  • ChainsawCharlie

    Nice things & Gameloft? Qe?

    • Ashen

      Seriously. The company that makes a living out of ripping off other IPs gets burned.

      What a sad day, not.

      • DrM

        I'm in tears.

  • stevetherepo


    • blindexecutioner

      That should really be enphasized because pirating is always one of the first things people say against Android.

      • Noaman Khalil

        Because pirating apps are easier on android ......(I blame the Chinese )

      • discutter

        So, the answer from Gameloft to criminals pirating its game is to ... punish legal users who actually pay for the game by requiring an always on connection. Wow, how brilliant, Shameloft

        I can't play this POS game in the subway in my table or phone cause I don't have connection in either.

        Cue the crap eaters defending Shameloft

        How the f*&^ do I get a refund?

        • Fuckretardswhoblamedevs007

          You're a fucking idiot. It's not punishment. It's preventive measures. Instead of blaming gameloft, why don't you advert your attention to those who do stupid shit like this.

          • discutter

            F**cking idiot? LOL, in what sewer did your h0 mom give birth to you?

            Vendors always will try to use excuses like it's a "preventive measure" yet very good games work without that. Yes, there are low IQ people like you who kneel down and agree then attack others

            But it's users like me who protest this cr@p the ones who get respect and, in many cases, obtain what we want because it's fair. You can keep living in your POS basement repeating to yourself vendors are always right and believing their excuses, simply because you are a loser

          • HarshTruth

            @Discutter: You spoke my mind. I have never come across a more STUPID game developer in the world. I demand a swift refund! The only place you will get a fast stable internet connection is in doors using Wifi. Who the fxxk wants to play any game on their mobile phone indoors when you've got a ps4, gaming pc, xbox 1 & a 50" flat screen. They're fxxking thieving idiots! I WANT MY MONEY BACK NOW !!!!!!!!!

        • WatchMeLegion

          https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/134336?hl=en Hit "email us" and follow the instructions, I refunded immediately 'cause of the controls.

          Discutter has a point. I think Gameloft was just embarrassed. xD They should've added more content and *ahem* completely redid the controls to match MC4 to make pirated versions lack what the official game would have.

          • WatchMeLegion

            Tap and hold the visible part of the link or drag it with the mouse where you make a new tab.

    • http://tonybullard.com/ Tony Bullard


      • stevetherepo

        I just looked it up on a pirating site and found it. I won't post the site here for obvious reasons.

        • Jonathan Daggar

          A quick search on a certain bay shows iOS torrents for Modern Combat 5. That's not definitive, but it's a big hint in that direction.

          Or it could be a malware honeypot picking up on the latest headlines.

          • stevetherepo

            Well the certain bay uploader is a verified uploader, so it is not malware or a fake torrent.

          • Pooka-kun

            Would love if an article made it clear that the pirated version was iOS's. There's a guy on Google+ who's acting all Apple elitist and are mentioning every bad bit about Android, including those that are actually caused by developer stupidity and the customer's choices and will to buy things.

          • Nomaan

            Who is the guy?

          • Pooka-kun

            Not gonna disclose his name... unless you really want me to, because he's too damn iSheepy.

          • Nomaan

            Just type one of his post or something, i will google it to find his name.....I like to hate isheeps

          • Pooka-kun

            Okay, you asked for it! He's Gary McKoy. A search including him on Google+ brought him as the first name (not the other two). He also posted in a Verge post regarding the iPhones (I also posted there, you'd guess by the avatar), but dammit he's way too sheepish and acts like his device really is godly. If you're another soldier in this keyboard war, I'd appreciate your assistance!

          • a

            There is no malware on the Bay. Take it from a man whose been on the bay for 10+ years. You have a better chance finding malware on the Play Store.

          • WatchMeLegion

            There isn't malware on GP, unless crappy FPSs copying each others' names counts.

    • http://communityfirstdigital.co.uk/ Luke Arran


      • stevetherepo


        • shabbypenguin

          I really wanna believe this is who you really are...

          • mechapathy


          • shabbypenguin

            HA, guess thats what i get for picking a random picture off quickmeme.

          • Fatal1ty_93_RUS


        • http://communityfirstdigital.co.uk/ Luke Arran

          SORRY!!! HOW ABOUT NOW???

          • Mike Reid

            try bold

    • Pooka-kun

      Oh god. This is the most epic plot twist in the history of iOS vs. Android...

      • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

        Yuno-Chan <3

        • coco

          from which manga?

          • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

            Mirai Nikki

    • Klondike

      No developer has guts to say out loud there's piracy in iOS, or they will be banned from AppStore.

      • Pooka-kun

        Is that true? Would love you so much if you provided a source to your claim!

        • discutter

          said the Apple crapologist

          • Pooka-kun

            Apple is crap.

            Is that new to you?

    • Ars reader

      it's already in Ars Technica:

      Gamers win free early copies of iOS game, respond by leaking it
      Modern Combat 5 leaks ahead of Thursday launch; pirates already banned.


      • Pooka-kun

        This article is golden! Thanks!

    • Mozaik

      Piracy is everywhere even consoles are hacked for piracy but its harder than pc so developer make more money from console than pc even though pc user base is much greater than console same can be said . Only if you can jailbreak your ios devices (and jailbreak install base is much much low) but in android once game is launched i can download it and install it easily without hassle free.

  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    What an unprofessional response... Yeah i get it your disappointed, but you act like a spoilt kid, make a public beta if you don't want these things to happen.

    • Ian

      lol what. Make a public beta for what? So people can play the game before it's released? Why have release dates at all? Every company should just make their games early access all the way through!

    • Christopher Woodward

      Public betas only cause potential customer loss. The early access trend is a bad one. It allows for companies to never finish a game but still get your money. When you complain they just respond with "its still in beta" ... I remember this thing.. Oh what was it... OH a demo! A taste of the actual complete game that allows you to determine if you like it. THEN buy it!

      • Ryan

        Reminds me of a certain other game I stopped playing due to not only the community, but the developers themselves...

    • CoreRooted

      Uh no. How about theft is bad and illegal? How about the author (and all of us that legitimately purchase games and apps) has every right to be upset because of the fact that pirated games/apps are what causes companies to go with the damned IAP model in the first place (by not placing the code for activation of said IAPs within the app itself, theft is much less likely to happen).

      • h4rr4r

        I do not support copyright infringement but it is not theft. Theft requires depriving someone of something. Nothing has been removed only copied.
        Pirated games generally grant infinite money or IAPs. Like all attempts to stop piracy, IAP only impact legitimate buyers which kills your argument.

        • Jeff Tycz

          soooo... the people that get paid to make the game are not affected by the company they work for losing money?? lol ok

          • h4rr4r

            I never said that. I said it was simply not theft.
            Nor is there any real evidence they are losing money on this. The game is not even for sale, and pirates are not turned into buyers when the pirated version is not available.

  • h4rr4r

    Nice things?
    Is that what we are calling Gamelofts IAP laden BS?
    This could not have happened to "nicer" folks.

    • Pooka-kun

      Gameloft is nice things.
      Deal with it.

  • Brian Nazareth

    Is now a good time to ask for apks? Hahahahaha. No, seriously.

  • someone755

    No, the fact that you load your paid apps with IAPs to the MAX is why you can't have nice things.

    • KojiroAK

      Well, so far I didn't see a paid game of Gameloft where you need the IAPs. Except if you want to get through the game as fast as possible without any effort.
      But then again, why should I buy a game if I don't want to play it and rather have movie which happens to have buttons which can be pressed?

  • Chippah


    • Pooka-kun

      Didn't you read this article? It says the Modern Combat is series is one of the series that Gameloft released without the oh so troublesome IAPs that I dunno why they bother the hell out of you guys.

      • KojiroAK

        Well, Modern Combat 3 and 4 have IAPs but they are really just for the people who want to have the game played through at the moment they bought it.
        They are pretty much a bought god mode.

        And having played MC 3/4 through without any IAPs, I never had the fealing like:"Oh, gosh, can't this be through allready?"

    • theonetrueMike

      Ahhh chippiah your incourageable lol you know momma said to stop futzen your pud XD

  • guy

    I will pay for a good game but never with IAPs and as already mentioned: MC3 and MC4 already had IAPs even though they were not forcing you to use them, they were there.

    [...]consistently released as a premium game without in-app purchases. - Nope

    • Pooka-kun

      So just the existence of IAPs make you stay away?

      You're going to miss out on good stuff that's going to see its way not now, but later on too...

      • guy

        Games containing IAPs are often (not always) badly programmed. They have the permissions to access imei, telephone numbers, contact data and so on. Games like Monument Valley which I bought don't do that. And being forced by IAPs to manage your life around a game if you want to be very good(for example: boom beach which makes you wait a couple of hours to do a certain action and you have to play it then) then I will stay away. If a game's concept is really nice and just throttled by IAPs I don't care about spoofing bought IAPs or getting a lightly modded version somewhere.

        • Pooka-kun

          The game's concept is nice, and you gain coins in-game to buy you the things. None of the items I saw until now, forced you to spent real money. Talking about 4 here.

          • guy

            yeah but when it is 7$ why contain and IAPs at all? I for myself think that this is greed and I am surely not going to support that.

          • Pooka-kun

            As stated by nearly everyone here, this kind of IAP is for the lazy person to suddenly have all of the game unlocked and beaten just by paying a fee. You could do yourself a favor and play the game with just the 7$ you bought and laugh at the guy who paid for the IAPs to finish the game off with spending some time getting beaten up at the game.

          • guy

            I still would fell kind of ripped of. I am kind of not up to date but imagine you get all your skins by spending hundreds of hours in a shooter and then some rich kid comes around with the same skins having played for 2 hours. It makes your achievement feel automatically less worth

          • Pooka-kun

            You should be prouder already :/
            Spending hours and hours to get everything in the game has more hard-work, more skills to learn, makes you an enthusiast in the game, and costs you zero dollars. That rich kid may have got everything faster than you, but he can't be as skilled as you and he'll only look good while being an easy target. Its simple!

          • guy

            yeah but the achievement system works like giving goodies to a dog. you succeeded doing something you get an achievement or skin. If there is a shortcut to get there your brain automatically thinks: easy way --> same result. there is not that much satisfaction in beating the other one who had the same achievements without effort.

          • Pooka-kun

            Yes there is satisfaction. The satisfaction that you know you played the game and squeezed every tidbit out of it through your own efforts, and not through paying up. The satisfaction of also gaining skills and being better at the game, than the one who bought everything with IRL money. The result isn't really the same, as the hard route is going to give you more than just the achievements.

          • Aborto

            They used to have a system for people who wanted to finish the game without doing all the work, cheat codes.
            Extra content came in the form of expansions.
            Asking for more money at all after paying for the full game does not sit well with me, you are not getting anything extra if you pay for IAP's, you're just unlocking something in the code you already paid for.

          • Pooka-kun

            Sure that happened, but you have to live on and forget your SEGA Genesis days (or just cone back to it). In our era, cheat codes are rare... Either way, you are given two ways to play the game: buy everything and join multiplayer to see people own you, or play the game for the initial cost and have a better chance at owning people in multiplayer. Either way, you are going to gain everything in that game, so why must this kind of an Unlock Everything You Can Already Get For Free IAP drive you off a good FPS game, I'll never know.

          • Aborto

            I guess because in my opinion they are not good games. Battlefield 4, Company of heroes 2 and other games like this are in my opinion far far less fun than their predecessors. Having IAP almost inevitably means the balancing is ruined. I am not against IAP in principle, Path of Exile is free to play and perfectly balanced but this is rare, rarer still in mobile games.

            But then I will freely admit I am a bitter old man of nearly 30 and just don't like the direction modern gaming is going in. Younger gamers seem to have no problem playing something I would have considered unplayably unbalanced a few years ago.

            I do actually own and like all the modern combat games, I wasn't aware there was IAP's in them at all until now so my complaint isnt about modern combat specifically, but most other AAA mobile games are a broken mess.

          • KojiroAK

            If you are talking about games like Doom, they cost around 40$ upfront (actually, if you look at the inflation rate, it turns out to be even more)

            On the other hand you pay 7$ for a game which incorporated more work/more people.
            That's a reason I don't like to use "full price" on a game costing 7$ it might be full price to "mobile games" but they rather becomer handheld games and should be related to this.

            Oh, and at MC3/4 the IAPs don't unlock stuff you can't unlock by normal playing, they just unlock stuff faster you can unlock anyway.

          • Aborto

            Yes you are right about the pricing being a lot less, but in saying that the quality and work put into them is usually far less as well. A full price modern AAA game costing NZ$80 likely has a budget of over $100 million, mobile games are a fraction of that so the prices should be less.
            And personally I would rather just pay more for a full game. Sadly I know I'm in the minority there.
            I happily paid $20 for Baldurs Gate Enhanced and wouldn't think twice paying $20 or up for a good game, on the other hand I don't even look in the free section of the store anymore and anything under $5 I automatically suspect will be IAP infected rubbish.

          • KojiroAK

            On the other hand, you can expect to sell an AAA title (on PC and console) more often.
            Today, the final production (disc/downloads) makes a fraction of the costs of the game. So the more you sell the cheaper you can sell it.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

    I find Gameloft as despicable as the next guy, trust me (this is arguably some major karma repayment for their free-to-play garbage), but this is bad for mobile gaming, even if Gameloft brought it on itself.

    When the community director says "this is why we can't have nice things," he's completely right. Piracy has been one of the key reasons mobile developers have moved to the IAP model, because IAPs are generally more trouble to get around than most consumers have the patience for. Granted, mobile piracy is only truly rampant in China and some parts of Eastern Europe / Russia, but enough happens in the west and other nations that developers do lose real money to it (5% piracy on a $5 game downloaded 5,000,000 times is still $875,000 potentially lost [accounting for Google / Apple's commission]).

    Mobile game developers also generally feel the hurt from piracy a lot more directly than do PC game developers, because most mobile game developers these days self-publish. Pirating this game directly takes money from Gameloft, whereas pirating the next Call Of Duty really only takes a lot of money from Activision, since the developer is generally paid in royalty advances throughout the development of a game, and the trickle of royalties post-release is typically very slow.

    Pirating video games is also, I'd argue, much more morally reprehensible than pirating music, films, or television. Music piracy is really only loudly decried by the no-longer-necessary music labels, and artists make the vast portion of their money from touring these days anyway. A-list artists make a lot of money merchandising and selling their names on product, too, of course. Films and television are increasingly subsidized through product placement.

    Video games get made based on how many units the developer or publisher (if they're not one and the same) expect to sell. If they don't meet the quota (typically, cost of development and marketing), bad things can happen very quickly. Game studios have a very high turnover rate - 5% piracy could make or break a medium-sized developer. You can't really say that about actors or musicians.

    • guy

      So pay for mobile apps and games but pirate music and videos? :P

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

        I'm generally for the argument that TV and music piracy don't actually hurt the industry, at least not at the scale it's currently happening. What happens when that 15-year old kid torrenting his favorite music and TV shows becomes a 30-year-old man with a job and a family? He probably will pay to access those things more conveniently. Or go to a concert to see his favorite artist. Or buy a DVD box set of his favorite show.

        People pay for things they like, and generally will choose to do so if it is more convenient / better / not illegal.

        Sure, if EVERYBODY pirated Game Of Thrones instead of paying for HBO, that'd be a problem. But HBO loves that piracy is happening, to a reasonable extent - they know they're just racking up future customers who will subscribe to HBO once they make enough money or get their own place. Even if only 5% of pirates end up later subscribing, that's big money for HBO.

        I'd argue the same isn't really true for game developers - a lot of their core audience is young males aged 15-25, who are also, coincidentally, the #1 pirating demographic. If you're an indie developer and your game gets pirated, the popularity gained probably won't matter that much if you can't afford to develop a new game / sequel because you're not making enough money to do it.

        • guy

          I completely agree. That's why I generally support devs on xda and indie developers. Coming back to the IAPs issue though, my opinion is that it turns the game into one with crappy gameplay.
          Dungeon keeper is the best example. Or let's take Dungeon Hunter 4 vs Dungeon Hunter 2. Both are available pirated. I payed for DH 2 and really enjoyed it. Dungeon Hunter 4 was too hard/too much grinding for me to be played without IAPs. With a small amount of money like 4$ you are temporarily happy and it gets too difficult after another hour so. Using a modded version with unlimited money etc just completely annihilates gameplay. So there was absolutely no way (at least for me) to make dungeon hunter 4 enjoyable.

        • blarg

          Personally, I -will not- pay for a game or movie without using... another... version of it to demo it first. When games used to have demos, that was one thing. But now-a-days makers just shove games out knowing they will make -some- money off them even if they suck completely. Screw that noise. If a game is worthy of the devolopers being supported, I will -then- buy it. I refuse to put money in the hands of people who half-ass games and then want paid as if it were quality work. My thoughts on movies are a little different... that's mostly because celebs are stupidly overpaid, for one thing. For another, I HATE crowded theatres where I have to put up with other people. I'll download, watch at home, and then when the DVD comes out.. if it was good... buy it. As far as music... now I have Google All-Access... but I stopped buying CDs long before that became a thing. The only people who make money on CD sales from large labels... ARE the labels. I speak from experience when I say that the labels rip the musicians off hardcore on CDs. When I want to see a musician make money, I go to a concert, where they actually get paid instead of execs and the RIAA stealing it all.

        • AuroraFlux

          " they know they're just racking up future customers who will subscribe to HBO once they make enough money or get their own place."

          I'm sorry, that is a load of horseshit. If getting Game of Thrones season 12 in the future is still a toss up between hitting a button and torrenting it super fast in high quality and in a totally portable format, or subscribing to HBO and waiting for it to air, the same people who did it 10 years ago will keep doing it then.

          "Free" has become factored into their income to the point where it's part of day to day life. Digital entertainment budgets don't automatically spawn just because "people get older", and that is a ridiculously happy-go-lucky naive view of the world.

          I know guys who used to pirate Windows 95 on IRC way back in the day, and 15-20 years later, they're still grabbing HD rips of TV shows and movies.

          It doesn't change.

          • Ryan

            I agree and disagree on that.

            I still pirate things, to try things out. Of course, I'm mostly in the anime scene where, though piracy is still high, the repercussions are currently still not as high as one would think compared to a bigger name in the industry such as WB, Sony, Universal, etc. Same deal with game piracy. Demo's used to be a thing years ago, it was a way I could try out games to see if I'll enjoy later on, so I could ask my parents to buy it for me.

            Now, things are different. I still pirate anime, that won't ever change. Kinda hard when companies don't bring certain shows over so I can buy them without having to pay $80 per DVD/BD set for only 2 episodes each disc. (JP FPS is 30 if I recall, where-as ours in the US is 29.97, forgot the specifics as I don't work with JP media much) Now that I have a job for the moment, I've bought well over $800 worth of anime sets and I'm slowly working up my game collection as well, including those I've previously pirated.

            But either way, some people can't help when they see the word "free" - but some of those same people don't understand that some of the TV shows and such have a hard following later without the right sources to find stuff in. The Bay is one, but is the most popular, so of course companies are watching them in one form or another.

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

            Yes, because some people not changing means no one changes. Right. OK. Thanks for that contribution. And yes, clearly no one pays for HBO. http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-02-05/hbo-finally-reveals-profit-numbers-dot-take-that-netflix

            "The nearly 2 million U.S. subscribers HBO added last year mark the highest such increase in 17 years, according to the report, with subscription revenue up 4 percent, to $4.9 billion. Operating income jumped 8 percent in the last year, to $1.68 billion.... HBO has about 114 million total members—the number hits 133 million if you include subscribers to its Cinemax division."

            Edit: And finally, as someone who formerly pirated GoT, I now subscribe to HBO.

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft

            I have also paid for more content as I'm able because I'm a god damned adult.

            If you're broke off your ass and you can't afford to buy a DVD box set or a cable subscription, it's cool if you download stuff. You're not a freeloader, you're just a dude with no money who would like some entertainment and has a way to get it. Far be it from me to judge.

            If you're making grown up money and can afford to pay for your entertainment that someone spent bajillions of dollars on, but you still think literally everything in the world should be free, then you *are* a freeloader. Sack up, put down your debit card like a fucking adult, and pay the people who are busting their ass to entertain you. They're not all producers and overpaid actors.

            If you think you should never have to pay for anything for no better reason than you found a way not to even if you can afford it, you're scum and also fuck you, k thanks.

          • AuroraFlux

            HBO profiting does not necessarily mean pirates are starting to pay. HBO profiting can mean a number of things, the least of which are people who are interested in Game of Thrones and don't already pirate it are joining. Unless you have actual proof directly showing original pirates are turning into paid customers, what you're saying is just wishful thinking on your part.

            Like I said before, if the competition is between pirated content and paying for content, the paid content will lose. Maybe not lose enough to hurt the business, but it will still lose. You realize that you can just add an RSS feed for Game of Thrones from somewhere like EZTV and then just have it automatically download? That takes all of 2 clicks to set up.

            I believe there are people who convert to paid customers and want to support their content creators. I do not believe that it's the majority, as you seem to believe, and I do not feel there is enough proof to justify your belief, nor do I think it's possible to ever prove that.

          • KojiroAK

            Well, see it that way, people who download GoT illegitim might think "hmm, what else does HBO have, maybe I should get myself a subscription"

            Actually, some of their shows rather lose money then gain money (simply looked to the quotes) but they keeping them up, simply because they have people talk about, as well as getting you much more trust instead of dropping a series on a cliffhanger when quotes decrease.

            Of course that works much better on series with a real end planed from the beggining and not to have them run infinitly.

          • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

            Win95 took something like 20 1.44 floppies. INCONCEIVABLE! (but, my memory is telling me that FreeBSD took 40 floppies...)

      • pepe

        eh lol, nice logic you have there (I believe you forgot /s ) :D

    • Sir_Brizz

      I don't disagree with your reasoning here, but the ironic thing is that games filled with ridiculous IAP also get pirated. Maybe even more often because the pirated versions give you gazillions of the money in the game so you can buy anything.

    • Mike Reid

      5 % ??

      IMO, more pirated copies of popular apps are in use than legitimate. IE more than 100%, or 50% depending on how you look at it.

      Include the less well off countries and it's often MUCH more.

      I still get at least 5-10 "debug logs" emailed every day from people who have pirated my apps and wonder "what that button does".

      • sgtGiggsy

        The question isn't really what is the ratio of pirated and legitimate stuff. The question is, how many pirates would have bought the said product, if it wasn't for free. Believe me, most pirates do this, because it's free, since they usually either don't have the money or don't intend to use it on buy the said stuff. I'm pretty sure you tried many things too just because it was free. If not anywhere else, at least in a supermarket when they give free samples of stuff.
        Nobody has proved yet how big is the actual loss of the companies because of the piracy.

    • KojiroAK

      Actually, I think "mobile" games are much more pirated, because many people act like they are "lesser" games and allready criticise when squaresoft enix releases a handheld game (like Final Fantasy III and IV) for 15$.
      This gives the people the impression they are being ripped off when paying 7$ on a game.
      What might let them justify their pirating way better. ("those arses try to rip me of, I'll show them" "It's just self defense")

      But actually, those games aren't anymore the one we knew form a Nokia 3310 or a Motorola Razr (v3), they reached levels like games played on a N64, Saturn, PS2, some even up to Dreamcast and GCN, XBox, Wii. Though, XBox 360, PS3,Wii U I didn't see so far and that made the developers invest similar amounts of time and money in those.

    • AsgerK

      Piracy doesn't equal a lost sale...

      • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

        Yeah - keep tellin' yourself that, pirate boi.

        Mostly it is (cheap fvcks), but sometimes it isn't (really poor schmucks).

        • AsgerK

          Why do you assume I'm a pirate?
          A lot a of your so called "cheap fucks" wouldn't ever buy the game, that's why they pirate it...

          • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

            Uh, a LOT of the cheap fvcks WOULD buy it if they had no other choice, and these are the lost sales. The poor schmucks never would or could.

          • AsgerK

            Yea in a perfect world, I'm talking about reality.

    • NK

      Same old, same old. Piracy has been around since the beginning of gaming, movies and music and has not killed any of them. Not saying its perfectly fine, but people blame it way too much for the "impending death of their industry."

      This is most likely because pirates would never purchase every product that they pirate. I, for example, would never buy this game. But if someone handed me an APK and said "check it out", I might give it a go.

    • Uhmmm

      "mobile piracy is only truly rampant in China"

      There is no Play Store in China. So the Chinese consumers choices are pirate or dont play at all.

    • dxppxd

      That potential loss argument is based on a false perception that every pirated copy would otherwise have gone to the developer.

      Claiming that people who pirate apps won't have the need to purchase them is wrong. Its actually the other way around: people who don't want to purchase apps (or can't purchase apps) will look for a free alternative or a pirate copy.

      No studies, research, etc. so far have been able to stablish the true loss (or even an aproximate figure) that piracy represents for the intellectual property holders, my guess is that it will be very low.

  • ssr66902

    Not surprising that this story hasn't hit iMore or any of it's sister sites.

    • Pooka-kun

      iMore sounds too Apply. The story MUST hit their sites to begin and shaken the iPhone reputation it gathered.

  • FrankJL

    Just played it on my ipad. Really great game. Cant wait to see this on my lg g3 or oneplus one.

    • Pooka-kun

      Which confirms it was pirated on iOS? Hmmm, not sure what to think about that.

      • Mozaik

        Piracy is everywhere even consoles are hacked for piracy but its harder than pc so developer make more money from console than pc even though pc user base is much greater than console same can be said . Only if you can jailbreak your ios devices (and jailbreak install base is much much low) but in android once games is launched i can download it and install it easily without hassle.

    • kiwi

      hmm I won't ask where you get it from.. :P

  • Thomas Ramsay

    Gameloft should ban the users that downloaded the pirated game

  • abobobilly

    Actually this is not why we can't have nice things. Its because of their stupid IAPs and the inability to "understand" users needs. They just play it greedy, and turn every potential buyer OFF by doing that.

    • Pooka-kun

      So what does the IAPs have to do with the pirates pirating? Piracy exists. No matter:
      -If there's DRM
      -If there's IAPs that somehow bother you so much you call the entire game off
      -If the platform prevents you from doing so
      -Whatever happens

      Blaming piracy on the IAPs that tick you off so much is so wrong.

      • horst

        If I can enjoy the gameplay I'll buy it. If someone tries to "trick me into buying" with IAPs I'll do the opposite and try harming him economically.

        • Pooka-kun

          Modern Combat wouldn't trick you into spending on IAPs...

          • horst

            More ammo when it gets low (maybe on purpose)? more armor when a certain part is close to not being playable? we don't know yet how mc5 will be

          • Pooka-kun

            Never run out of ammo in-game in 4. You can replay levels to gain coins to get the armor, and that's what's in 4 as well.

          • primalxconvoy

            If it's anything like other shamesoft games, the grind will be calculated to wear the PLAYER down, rather than raise the character up... To the point that they either walk away or part for iap's.

            I've no empathy for the company.

          • Pooka-kun

            As been said many goddamn times, the IAPs involved are to get you to end the game as soon as you buy it. All of it is available free if you work it out, shameconjoy.

      • primalxconvoy

        Actually, games include a freemium model and iap's for many reasons, including piracy. This has been stated by devs and publishers often.

        • Pooka-kun

          But duh, your argument still holds no ground, so are the dev's. Piracy is going to exist. And if a pirate pirated a game with IAPs, there's nothing stopping the pirate from spoofing an IAP. End of story.

    • shabbypenguin

      What about the humble bundles where the money literally goes to charity and is only a few bucks and people still pirate that?

  • Pooka-kun

    More IAP whiners lurking in this thread. I'll just buy the game when it comes on Amazon but only after I finish Modern Combat 4, and I'll enjoy it. The only game that made me angry (temporarily) at Gameloft was Assassin's Creed, which never worked, and its too bad knowing this considering it runs well on my Nokia N8...

    • primalxconvoy

      Nothing wrong with complaining about iap's.

      • Pooka-kun

        So complain about IAPs no matter how they are implemented?

        It is wrong. Especially when its all the talk.

  • Alex James Simon

    Really why can't people just support the developers, remember most developers can be a very small company or just one person, I've thought of it being cool creating an app and selling it one day, and I'm just one guy. So when you pirate these games you are taking away another one persons pay who may actually make a living off of. Yes, Gameloft is a bigger company, but they were nice enough to have a contest for their fans, and they probably feel betrayed a little. This might lead to them not having contests like this anymore...

    • Pooka-kun

      Well said!


    Just a heads up to AndroidPolice but you CAN pirate free2play games. I have a few that have been cracked to give you unlimted money,gold or whatever.

  • Nathan Fletcher

    Modern Combat doesn't have in app purchases? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL This is one of the worst games for in app purchases. Plus you have to pay just to play ontop of all the iap's

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      MC5 doesn't have any IAPs whatsoever, and I have that direct from Gameloft.

      • Nathan Fletcher

        OK that's better news. Mc3 and mc4 had iaps that truly frustrated me because I felt like I had to grind or a craztly amount of time to geta gun

        • Pooka-kun

          Perhaps grind and shut up instead? Do you expect everything to be easy to get? You haven't played RPGs then.

          • Nathan Fletcher

            I don't desire grinding for hours to get a single gun in a game I paid for. Whoever said grinding was fun? By internet definition grinding is doing menial tasks to get a desired item. That's not fun. I play video games for fun.

          • Pooka-kun

            RPGs are mostly paid, and you're going to grind through them if you ever want to beat that final boss, paid or not. Argument invalid. What if there wasn't an IAP? You'd be grinding for the thing anyways!

          • Nathan Fletcher

            Also this isn't an rpg, this is an fps. When a game becomes grinding, I put it down because there is not enough benefit for the time involved for such little reward. Plus this is a mobile game. It is made for quick five minute games. So since you seem to like grinding and defend it, I also can extrapolate that you support the crazy time delays in dungeon keeper, no?

          • Pooka-kun

            Never played that Dungeon Keeper of yours that you all seem to hype, so I can't say a thing. But it doesn't matter. Games already did it before, why this of all games I'll never know. I bet its good to tell you to stay away from RPGs and building city games because you're going to grind the heck out of it, which you hate.

          • Nathan Fletcher

            Well I love fallout and simcity, neither f which require grinding

          • Pooka-kun

            Fallout and SimCity are old school, before Facebook came and made life worse.

          • Nathan Fletcher

            I sense the troll coming from beneath the bridge

          • Pooka-kun

            The troll excuse again?
            What happened to the intelligence of the interneters nowadays?

          • Nathan Fletcher

            Fallout and simcity are now old school and you support grinding...

          • Pooka-kun

            And why would these two reasons make me a troll? Unless you meant Fallout and SimCity with all their sequels and variants, they are old school. There is no denying this fact. I support grinding because I've got used to it through playing RPGs, even old examples like the first and second Final Fantasy and Phantasy Star IV.

          • Nathan Fletcher

            I guess since this is like debating with a wall we are going to have to agree to disagree. I don't think that small games that are meant to be short should require log periods of grinding.

        • KojiroAK

          You're talking about the MP?
          There I rather would say the problem is of how messed up the idea of awarding player when playing often with better weapons in MP games.
          People who play often had more training and are thus better and now you give them better weapons, while the new onesstart with less powerfull weapons while would have in games like MC4, Battlefield or Counter Strike less chances anyway.

          Though, on MC4 you can actually get some points with the start weapon and when you simply stay with this weapon maybe add some modification that suits you and then stay with this for a while, the "money" will come to you.

          Just look at the rewards for having a specific amount of kills with weapons and mods.

          Actually, unless you just want to be the best player on the world, it will be fun pretty soon.

          Actually, if you switch mods/weapons at the moment you hit max. level of the weapon or mod you have no problems unlocking all weapons and mods.
          Towards the player level, just look to get the medal you like the most and then don't "advance" thus you stay highest level from higher medals you actually get nothing but your perks are reset (well not the unlock, just that you can use them)

    • Pooka-kun

      You mean that its IAPs are just for unlocking all of the game without doing any hard work and that's it? If you overlooked it this, you would have had all of the game with its IAPs free of charge.

      • Nathan Fletcher

        There is a slight difference between where you and I are coming from. I don't want the entire game unlocked when I buy the game, but I also don't want to spend countless hours playing just to get a single gun. Maybe I have a bad disposition because my bank account in mc4 was reset four times and I lost a ton of ingame points. I am saying, for instance, look at battlefield. It has a nice unlock rate that is fast enough to not require immense grinding, but also slow enough to give a sense of accomplishment.

        • Pooka-kun

          if IAPs didn't exist in that game, you'd still spend countless of hours to get that gun. This isn't a problem on IAPs' part, but Gameloft's, if by any chance how fast you can unlock something really bothers you. If you play RPGs, you're gonna grind countless of hours just to get weapons and to be able to beat the final boss too. It isn't different.

  • Dan Hibiki

    nice Video Co Pilot outro

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    >Modern Combat
    >Nice things
    I'm sorry, what? Is he on crack?

    • primalxconvoy

      Shamesoft... No IAP's?

      How is the hardware controller support? Is it better than Nova 3?

  • Robert_AU

    IAP nonsense and updates that break games have stopped me buying Android games. I wouldn't install a pirated version because it couldn't be trusted. My sympathy for any developer that I feel has ripped me off is limited and I've had enough of piracy being used as the excuse to justify attacks on legitimate users that actually buy games.

    There is a limited pool of people that could have leaked or pirated the game - the competition winners... One of the easiest investigations that law enforcement could ask for. Find those responsible. Lock them up and wipe them out with huge fines. Leave paying customers alone.

  • Bryan Pizzuti

    Did they make an offline crack for it? I'll still pay Gameloft for it, but I'd like to be able to play offline.

  • FrillArtist

    Good. They deserve it. They're crooks as far as I'm concerned.

  • garychencool

    "Modern Combat is Gameloft's premiere franchise, and one of the only titles that the company has consistently released as a premium game without in-app purchases."

    AHAHAHAHA no. Modern Combat has always had In-App Purchases, at least in the third and forth edition in the series. So no, thay have not consistently released it as a premium game without in-app purcahses. Where did the writer get this information? If MC5 doesn't have IAPs, awesome.

    • Pooka-kun

      Maybe he like another guy in this thread, never knew that IAPs were in the game! This is how *intrusive* the IAPs in MC4 are; you don't know of them if you don't look for them.

  • Pooka-kun

    This discussion sparked me some interest in Modern Combat 4, so thanks to you all, modern Combat players and IAP whiners! I noticed that the only IAPs in the game so far are coin purchases. And I can gain coins for free by playing the game... What part of the IAP are forced, fellows?

  • Vader_MIB

    Then morons will complain to Gameloft because this has installed viruses on their phones...

  • mvh

    This kind of games are the exact reason why pirating is so awesome; They tend tot have awesome trailers but the gameplay almost always sucks or is the exact same as in the previous version of the game series.
    Economics killed gaming a long time ago, not piracy.

    • Pooka-kun

      Too bad the gameplay doesn't suck like you claim.

  • Haseeb

    Guys , my pirated version isnt working . It just continues loading . Help ?

  • Zk3122

    Why is mc5 already out on android a day before but not for ios???

  • Alexandr Sainetsky
  • The iOS guy

    Anyone getting problems like this ?

    • The iOS guy


  • Asad

    That means u cant get mc5 from vshare or appcake

  • Biorunner

    So I'm a pirate if I brought the game early? I only saw it on AppStore and it looked cool so I downloaded it,plus I didn't do anything wrong I just downloaded the bloody game

  • nijat