In the future, people will not only be surrounded by gadgets, they will be able to control everything by speaking. In this distant time roughly six or seven years from now, the basic voice commands we've grown accustomed to thus far will look like adorable relics of a bygone era. It looks like it may already be possible to get a taste of this promising way of life by configuring the latest version of AutoVoice. Just check out this video demo.

Here we see the speaker issue a voice command consisting of three separate actions. All at once, he tells his tablet to lower the volume to three (which Google hears as twenty-three), launch Cut the Rope on his PC, and search for Cut the Rope using Google. Each action is then applied smoothly. If you can't watch the video right now, here are the important frames.

AutoVoice1 AutoVoice2

Other apps, such as Commandr, have expanded on Google Voice Search capabilities before, but we've yet to see anything this fluid nor this extensive. Looking at the changelog on the Play Store page, it appears that AutoVoice is taking the same approach Commandr does, intercepting voice searches as an accessibility service. This method doesn't require root.

What's new:

  • Google Now commands can now be intercepted with AutoVoice via an Accessibility service! No Root required!
  • AutoVoice now returns the spoken voice command in the same Task, so that you can react to it right there.
  • Added Achievements. Learn AutoVoice in a fun way!
  • Added %regexgroups() variable. This allows you to get ALL regex groups, not just named.
  • Added third-party integration support.

AutoVoice remains a Tasker plugin, so you're going to need the patience required to get everything setup. I personally will sit here and wait for the future to arrive, but the more eager among you can go forth and try to experience it now.