There are currently only two Android Wear watches available for purchase, but HTC has been reportedly planning to throw its hat into the ring too. There's a new render of what may be HTC's Android Wear watch from @evleaks, and it's another square.


First thing's first: this isn't the actual render obtained by @evleaks, but rather a reproduction of it. It's possible the original would have compromised a source, but he doesn't go into detail on that. Either way, the hardware is apparently faithful to the original. The real leak didn't have anything on the screen, so @evleaks decided to have some fun with it. Yeah, it makes it look fake because Wear can't be skinned, but ignore that.

If this is real, HTC is going with a square watch, unlike Motorola's round Moto 360. Although, the bezel looks quite a bit slimmer than what you see on the G Watch or Gear Live. It also has a metal band, but bands are replaceable anyway. HTC's probably just trying to keep with its metal aesthetic by (maybe) shipping a watch with a metal band. We have no information about when or how much, assuming this is real and actually in the pipeline.


Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

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  • MaryJane

    The US-101 now goes all the way to Singapore.

    • sssgadget

      10:08 AM - Traffic light on US 101 S? Blasphemy!

  • joser116

    Finally a square smart watch with symmetrical bezels.

    • blindexecutioner

      Hmmm, can't tell if serious...

      • joser116

        Serious, the LG G Watch only has symmetrical opposite bezels.

        Part if the reason for why I want a smart watch designed with all symmetrical bezels is because Apple's will probably be all symmetrical so if someone comes out with an all symmetrical watch first, Apple can't sue on design.

        • AD1980

          Yeah, but it DOES have rounded corners...

  • Gregor Smith

    What happened to not skinning Android Wear?

    nm, should read the finer print

    • joser116

      Did you not read the article?

      "The real leak didn't have anything on the screen, so @evleaks decided to have some fun with it. Yeah, it makes it look fake because Wear can't be skinned, but ignore that."

      • Gregor Smith

        Eventually :-P

        Pointless render, they could easily dump the Samsung or LG face onto it as that's what it will look like... @evleaks is becoming a bit tiresome lately

        • joser116

          Yeah, he could have done that. He probably just wanted to cause controversy, like now.

    • Tony Byatt

      Read, then comment...

  • http://bertelking.com/ Bertel King, Jr.

    Bah, the fake Sense skin is what catches my eye the most. BlinkFeed has wrist potential.

    • joser116

      It actually looks like a good idea, instead of having to swipe a lot to see one card at a time, it just needs to change the color scheme.

      • someone755

        Agreed, that green just sucks. They were better off with what they used in the M7 BlinkFeed.

        • grumpyfuzz

          you can change the color on the m8

          • someone755

            Too bad nobody I know owns an M8, m8.
            It's either the M7 or the M7 Mini, because nobody here likes the M8's design.

          • grumpyfuzz

            Have they updated to sense 6? I'm pretty sure you can do that on sense 6, regardless if it's the m7 or m8 :P

          • someone755

            They have, and we've all looked at the thing, but we couldn't find it.
            I'm pretty sure 10 people looking for this one setting for 3 hours straight would miss this xD

          • Önder Çatalkaya

            Aren't you looking for the theme change? That way green colour will change too.
            Settings - Personalize - Theme

          • someone755

            Wow we didn't even look in there!
            Thanks, will give it a try!

          • Eisenhorn1976

            .. and you're apparently not very intelligent either because it took you 3 hours to find one stupid setting. Loser.

          • Eisenhorn1976

            Then everybody there has bad taste because the M8 is an improvement. Obviously, you can't tell because you don't have one.

            Maybe you just can't afford it. In that case, just admit you have no money and stop ragging on things.

          • someone755

            And you're the man who determines the quality of one's taste. I do wonder how one could climb on a position so high, it doesn't even exist. In short; you can't judge my taste because I don't like something you do.
            No, I don't have an M8. And you are right, I can't afford it. 700€ off- or 450€ on a contract, I do not have piles of money just laying around, especially for a device I do not like (imagine the number of cheapo Sammy and other bad Asian phones I'd have lying at home if I were forced to buy every device I can with the money I have).
            That said, I have held it in my hands. There are stores that sell the phone here, which I usually go to to. Not to feel sorry for myself, for my old phone is still quite capable of handling my daily tasks, but to hold and test the devices I talk about.
            And this is, for instance, why I cannot subjectively judge the G3 other than by its specs and from the shots on the Internet (you cannot judge a device objectively, even by benchmarking it). I can say that I do not like the idea of a resolution so high and that the plastic doesn't seem nice from the pictures, but I can't say that it IS bad/good -- I haven't yet had the chance to try it out.

            Next time, before being an asshole don-- No, you know what? Just don't be an asshole.

          • Eisenhorn1976

            Hahahaha! You just don't have any money dude. That's the truth of it. No money. No money. NO MONEY!!!!!! All your yabbering is because you can't afford the damn thing so you rag on it because you can't have it. Typical.

            No Money. No Money.

            Poor fellow. Go back to mom and ask for an allowance now. Or better yet, get a job, you bum.

            Hahaha. You crack me up. No money.

          • someone755

            You're trying to piss me off yet this was the best joke I've heard in a while. Kudos for that!
            And now please find somebody else to feed you. My intention is not to feed trolls. I could write a long reply and tell you all about how wrong you are (and my body hurts because of the restraint caused by my brain), but I don't believe you're that stupid.

            On second thought, fuck that, I'll reply. My brain will have to deal with this, for your entertainment only.
            Let me be clear on this -- I do not have the money for it. I do have money for other things, for example a new 240GB SSD to put into my new $1k gaming rig. Do not label people by the amount of money they're willing to spend on things -- I might be aged anywhere from 9 to 124. I maybe have a job, maybe I'm a hobo who comes to comment on here through the library's computers, maybe I own the library and secretly swim in my piles of gold. "I do not have piles of money lying around" didn't mean that I'm that hobo in the library, but rather have better things to spend my money on.
            Making fun out of people for their financial status when you don't even know it is pathetic, right down next to telling me to go cry to my mom (and I'm surprised a person who claims to be "better" than me went to that level).
            Yeah, you go on and assume things. Good for you. There's a really good saying about assumptions. It goes like this: "When you assume you make an ASS of U and ME."
            I'm not doing this to make myself "feel better," as if I'm an emotionally unstable person. Quite frankly, I just pointed out that nobody I know in this country owns the device because they do not like its design (and I do know a lot of people personally).
            My Xperia S can handle things smoothly. It's not like I need anything big from it when all I do is use Google Now, a browser and occasionally some light games (not because the phone couldn't handle the big ones, but because I prefer minimalistic 2D games, even on my PC -- 2D indie games tend to provide much better stories). For any more serious gaming, I have that PC, a few laptops and a tablet. A good book can beat any mobile OS game though.
            Oh and the Xperia S was named "developer phone of the year 2012" on XDA. Developing anything for that is both a challenge and a blessing, and I'm thinking of picking up a Nexus 4 after support has been dropped for it, presumably later this year.
            Rage-filled? Do you see me raging? xD
            No, I only rage over Sammy devices.
            Righteous? What's wrong with being righteous?
            And as for "not being able to back up my talk," I did. And you dismissed it. The fact that I do not own the device (or have money for it) doesn't mean I can't judge from the experience I've had with it.
            And for that matter, what does a touchy camera lens have to do with me stating none of my many acquaintances like the design of the M8, the one fact you stood up against, calling me poor and saying my taste is bad in the process?
            You, Sir, are the kind of people I despise -- picking an argument where there is none to be had, throwing insults around like an old lady tosses candy to kids, yet claiming to be better than everyone else. Perhaps you should work on being more righteous?

            Now if you'll excuse me, my goldfish needs feeding as well.

          • czr

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          • Eisenhorn1976

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          • Eisenhorn1976

            Goldfish are for people with no money, by the way.

            ... and you're ONLY able to afford a 240GB SSD?? Mwahaha. I have 512GB SSDs on all my notebooks and a 1TB arrayed SSD for my gaming desktop... and I don't even play many games. Jeez.

            Please don't F*ing brag about the money you can spend on other crap.

            It all boils down to people like you having no money. NO MONEY!!!!!! NO MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hsanchez957

    Why do companies insist on going with the square face? Have they not seen the overwhelming excitement over Moto 360's design?

    • joser116

      This was probably well into development and they were unwilling to scrap everything and start over.

      • Hsanchez957

        Yea, I understand that. I'm not saying scrap everything. I'm just surprised only one manufacturer threw their hat in the "circle face" race.

        • joser116

          My comment was just reasoning for why this watch isn't round like Moto 360...

          • Hsanchez957

            Ahh gotcha.

        • Grayson

          Wonder if Apple will.

        • Richard

          I think Samsung might do a circular face watch.

          They filed a patent in August 2013.


          • Mnoz

            Samsung will make EVERYTHING watch. Scratch that, they will actually make EVERYTHING EVERYTHING.

          • abobobilly

            haha. Not to forget, thousands of new models for EVERYTHING EVERYTHING :D

        • NinoBr0wn

          Well they're all phone manufacturers. I wouldn't be surprised if they just thought "small phone on wrist," rather than an actual watch. Sounds silly, yet here we are.

          • Hsanchez957

            Phones are what they're known for but you can't just boil Samsung and LG down to "phone manufacturers". They're electronics tech conglomerates with their hands in everything.

          • NinoBr0wn

            But I'm talking in context to this new watch market. It's directly related to their phone divisions. I'm just saying it's possible they're caught up in that same design philosophy, since it's not really a watch per se, even though some might say they should be thinking with a different design philosophy.

    • Chad

      Not that square designs are evil or anything. I do like the G Watch because of the simplicity of the square design and everything goes with black. However, I have heard on many accounts developing Android Wear for the circular design is a bit harder than for a square designed watch. I'm thinking Moto may have had a a jump ahead over the other OEMs with development since they technically belonged to Google. We'll probably see more circular Wear devices next year, but the 360 will be THE circular Wear device of 2014.

      • someone755

        So what you're saying is that basically every OEM besides Moto is becoming like Sammy; not giving a shit about the software, as long as the thing doesn't explode.

      • Hsanchez957

        No, they're not evil or even bad looking. I own plenty of square watches (and I actually like more of 'em than my circle ones) but I find the circle design for a smartwatch to be more appealing than the square alternatives.

    • abqnm

      People still buy square watches. I have a few (non-smart) square and rectangular faced watches. I also have many round ones. I wear different watches regularly so having a choice isn't a bad thing. Remember not everybody likes the same things as you.

      That said, I will bet that at least a few of these manufacturers will release (or at least announce) a circular model in the next 6 months anyway. Given LG's penchant for circles as of late, I wouldn't be surprised to see a round LG G Watch by the holidays, or at the very least CES in January.

      • Hsanchez957

        I've got nothing against square watches. Maybe I worded my OP wrong but I just meant why aren't more companies manufacturing circle ones? There's a plethora of square face watches that do little to differentiate themselves from each other.

        I have plenty of square, rectangular, and circle ones. Ironically I like to wear square/rectangle faces a little more than circular ones, but I find the circular Moto 360 to be a better choice than the square alternatives for a smart watch.

        • abqnm

          I see what you are saying. It is almost certainly the race to market. The R&D required for the square watch would certainly be less than a round one. Plus sourcing parts (the LCD) is almost certainly going to be easier for a square display. And these both lead to a quicker time to market. HTC is a smaller company than LG and Samsung, so even though it is later, it likely started around the same time as Samsung and LG.

          So, I am sure we will see at least some of these manufacturers go round as well before too long.

          • Hsanchez957

            To me that's Moto's biggest advantage is planning out the time and budget for the big initial investment. It's going to pay off in the long run when they have the most desirable smartwatch in the market.

            Honestly, when I clicked here I thought HTC was going the same route. Not only because they announced a little later but because they've been valuing "premium" more than LG and Samsung so I figured they'd go the Motorola route and bide their time with a different product.

      • abobobilly

        Having a choice in "Square" design? Humor me, please.

        I can understand having "choices" in terms of sizes, shapes, quality or persona ... but "ONLY Square Shaped" ... how about we simply kill ourselves :

    • Matthew Skalecki

      There are all sorts of compromises involved with both making a round smart watch and displaying content on it. I personally see no good reason why a non-analog watch should be round and am very glad that someone is willing to make a premium watch with a rectangular face.

    • abobobilly

      I share your exact sentiments. Personally, i think its the "challange" which is keeping them away from a "round" shaped device. We have all seen a quick look on Moto 360 and how its much much different (and better, in terms of a smart "Watch") in functionality than the current square faced devices.

      Or maybe its just me with a theory which i can't really elaborate but believe on it anyhow.

      I still think more square faced watches some very little to differentiate between them is simply absurd and they are not doing us any favor by doing that.

  • Ahmad Nadeem

    I'll like if the design resembles the render. I don't mind the square display, just the price should be the close to the other Wear devices

  • Kawshik Ahmed

    Sure companies can't Skin Android Wear but they still are allowed to add their services (app that is). So HTC could easily give us a 'Sense' like watch face

  • Tom Harman


  • Bob G


  • jeffhesser

    Hey everybody, look, we put an LG G watch in a metal case.... good job son.

  • frhow

    Why sqaure though. Come on I dont want it to actually look like a smart watch but rather just a watch!!!! Shameful

  • Ernie

    I can see HTC staying with metal as they use Aluminum on their phones.!!!! Just too bad they aren't going with a round face :-(

  • Rhut K Virani

    Wait a minute...........
    I know its a render but i thought Google made it clear that there will be no skinning of android wear?? right????
    I See HTC Sense here!!!

    • Ernie

      Ya, and it wasn't rendered by HTC if you read the article.

  • NF

    It looks fake. I can't imagine that information density would work on a phone.

    • Ernie

      Did you see this part of the article or you just looked at the pictures?

      "There's a new render of what may be HTC's Android Wear watch from @evleaks, and it's another square." This is your answer. First part of the article.

  • Doakie

    I'm still planning on throwing my money at the Moto 360. I've pretty much decided that I'll putting my money on the new Moto X sequel and the 360. I love what Motorola is doing with their phones.

  • quick

    Bezels on watches are even uglier than on phones, at least on a phone it serves a bit of a purpose.. but on a smart watch there is no holding it.

    If i was screen right to the edges it would look so much better.

  • Raadius

    HTC, please stop with the thick ass bezels. We want more SCREEN REAL ESTATE, not black bars. It sucks there phones could be better if they kill off the bezels like LG has.