Lately, Google has been making big strides to bring the web iteration of its Play Store more in line with the Android app. The ability to report an inappropriate or malicious app seems like a no-brainer when you're running an app market. Though you've always been able to do this via the Play Store's Android app, you have never been able to do so via the web interface. A little while back, it appears that Google snuck this in without telling anyone, though the process is still more convoluted than it, perhaps, should be.


The "Flag as inappropriate" link takes you to a page on Google Support, where you then have to click a couple of extra times to eventually find another link to a web form for reporting malicious content. It seems this process could have been simplified by having the "Flag as inappropriate" link take you directly to the form which allows you to do that. This is still better than nothing, however, and it's certainly a welcome addition.

Shawn De Cesari
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    Still have to go on a device...

    • http://shywim.fr/ Matthieu Harlé

      Damn Disqus! :(

    • Marcell Lévai

      Read the last sentence, please. Thanks.

  • http://shywim.fr/ Matthieu Harlé

    From what I read, I still have to go on a device...

    • sweenish

      Reading the article, and the full text of the image you posted would help you out in this situation. The situation being that you obviously didn't comprehend the words in the article or that last paragraph in the picture you posted.

      • http://shywim.fr/ Matthieu Harlé

        Okay, I admit I didn't quite see it. Proof that their implementation is completely dumb.

        • knuckles1978

          Or maybe it's you who's completely dumb?

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            Because you're soooo smart that you never made any error in your life?
            I was tired so I didn't pay attention at this weird sentence (I am also not a native English speaker).
            I also admitted my error, so if you could keep your insults for you, it would be great, thanks. Was expecting more from this site's audience...

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            I didn't say that I'm so smart that I've never made a mistake in my life, but if I do make a mistake I don't go around blaming everything else except for myself when it was me who can't read... "I was tired, English isn't my first language".. Is that the rest of the Internet's fault? lol

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            Did I say it was the Internet's fault? Did I blamed everything else? I said I haven't see this sentence when I scanned the page (I promise I will read properly at least ten times next time) and I said this is why what Google has made is dumb because dumb people like me don't see this tiny sentence which is not in a logical order (it would be: how to report on the device I use NOW and then how to report from other devices).

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            Just read things properly and you won't be dumb anymore. Glad to see you're going to try harder next time. :-)

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            Keep calm ... Need some pills ?

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            Oh, yes please :-D lol

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            Well, as a developer, you should assume your user is as dumb as a rock, so yeah, they could've written better.
            BTW: it looks like it was a lazy update do the text, so...

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            i always need pills. i accept your generous offer my friend.

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        I enjoyed your reply so much, I want to upvote it 10 times.

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          Sending a sms with "=" will reboot any mediatek phones (xperia c)
          How to avoid this?

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            Irrelevant reply is irrelevant.

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  • dddde

    Please don't flag apps for google because it's a poisonous policy that isn't working. Google deserves the bad reputation of a malware ridden store. They need to change their policy and take responsibility for their system. I already got bit a couple times with fake apps that stay on the store for months.

    • Elemental

      Please don't clean the kitchen because it's a poisonous policy that isn't working. The kitchen deserves the bad reputation of a malaria-ridden stove. They need to change their policy and take responsibility for their system. I already got bit a couple times with flies and spiders that stay on the stove for months.

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    Still no info about Play Games :/