Human society didn't really enter the modern era until we invented the remote control, because let's face it, no one wants to get up. The freedom to loaf around is an important part of life, and Universal Remote brings that to your PC. With today's update, it's much more attractive and useful. Unlike you... because of all that loafing around.

The v3.0 update was in beta testing prior to today's full rollout, so don't be confused if you've seen it around. The app can be used to control media playback, mouse movement, keyboard input, and more. It also has built-in support for a ton of apps.

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Here's the full changelog for v3.0.

Free + Full Version:

  • Complete UI overhaul
  • New navigation
  • New server manager
  • New quick switch menu
  • New mouse overlay

Full Version:

  • New extended remotes lists
  • New extended keyboard board
  • New media bar
  • New widget editor
  • New quick actions editor

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Note that only some of the new features are available in the free version, which looks to still be propagating in the Play Store. The Pro version ($3.99) appears to be done, though. There was also a small bump to v3.0.17 with some bug fixes. Remember you'll need the desktop remote client for Windows, Linux, or Mac to make the remote app work. Some screens from the old version are below.

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[Thanks, Eduardo Ribeiro]

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play. http://goo.gl/WQIXBM

  • Nasko Hristov

    What year is it? Sorry, but this update looks way too holo. It's a step back, except the hamburger menu.

  • http://dakuten.fr dakuten

    Redesign: failed. (And too late, Holo has been buried some weeks ago.)

    • UI-Jakob

      At the moment there is two apps using the material theme dailer and calculator in android L. I think we have some time until most phones use material 😀.

      I think we will start by looking in to some of the other fun things Google showed at IO.

      /Jakob (Unified Remote team)

      • mynamedoesnotfi

        @Jakob Have you planned on implementing mplayerx for mac compatibility?

        I still haven't managed to find a solution that works as well as when I used Goldworm Remote Control + PotPlayer on windows.

      • http://dakuten.fr dakuten

        Maybe. But my point was: why launch now a revamped version of the app when new design guidelines have just been announced ? Sure, there are currently (almost) no devices running L and adoption is always low with Android, but doing this kind of revamp now just seems to me a waste of time and energy. You could have secured the future and ensured the respect of early adopters (whom, I think, are more the kind to use/buy your app). I doubt you have many users 3 or 4 versions late, am I right ? But you didn't, and we won't get newest Android features anytime soon in your app.

        • UI-Jakob

          A complete remake of the design take more than 2 weeks. When we make Unified Remote we try to make it runnable on as many devices as possible. The new version can run on everything from around android version 2.0 and to the latest version. Older versions will still be running the old app since they do not support the new features. We have users from Android version 1.6 (not a lot but some) and up.

          What will happen in the future when there is devices running Android L I can not tell you. But for most users Holo is the way to go for quite some time. I do however agree with you that it would have been nice to release this version a year ago.

      • Nick Riley

        Afaik, Google doesn't allow developers to release any applications with material design/using latest framework. I'm not sure about these guys, but surely major publishers already working on new UI to be released in time with L (whatever its name is)

  • WORPspeed

    Nice, now time to get cracking on that material design ui overhaul

    • UI-Jakob

      When we know more how a material design ui should look we might do. But at the moment I think Google should get it done first. Looking forward to the gmail app in material.

      Most phones will be using holo theme for at least another year so we have some time.
      /Jakob (Unified Remote team)

  • http://www.oneilsoft.com/ David Kerkes

    They did a great job on this, mad props to the devs.

  • nawa

    Finally. Now it both works great and looks great. One of my best purchases on Android.

  • Raymond Berger

    Sometimes... Just sometimes function > form. This app works great I've been using it for over a year. PS: this app was made by a few college kids and has been maintained for years.

    • DoctorRabbitfoot

      Been one of my most essential apps for quite a few years. Always works!

    • abobobilly

      Gotta respect that. I have been madly in love with this app since nearly 2 years now. Have been controlling my PC like a BAWS, from a distance.

      Sometimes, i silently mess around with my "Family PC", while everyone else is thinking that the computer has gone crazy lol :D

  • skillfulshoe

    There's two hamburgers!!

  • robogo

    The new interface is amazing and well overdue. Looks fabulous, much much easier to use.

  • Dean

    Does it have IR blaster functionality for tv's?

    • DemandTrialByCombat

      Yes it does support devices that have an IR blaster.

      • IrishSid

        Thanks. Will def check this out then.

  • GloriaPThorne

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  • theman
    • free


  • abobobilly



  • Ezio

    I'm using it (since the beta) with a Nexus4 and Opensuse, works like a charm.

    And it's well supported by the developer:



  • Rob

    but why does it control your computer via a potentially compromisable internet connection? I mean both devices (smartphone and computer) are usually in close proximity and connected to the same wifi. Wouldn't it be much safer using the local wifi connection or maybe bluetooth than the internet? I don't want to give another tool, that can remote-control my pc, access through my firewall... that's simply not necessary in that case, or should at least be optional

    • Marek

      The only access it has to your computer is via a local wifi connection or bluetooth. Over the internet connection is not available at all.

      • UI-Jakob

        If you set it up you can control it over the internet. But we recommend that you connect over wifi or bluetooth.

        • Rob

          ah, thanks for the info. The promo video made it sound as if he only way was over an internet connection. So I revert my "rant" and say its great that you offer various connection methods. Great!

  • Jordan

    Very nice! glad it's getting a visual update and seems that it will continue to be updated over time. To the people complaining that it's not L material design yet - just stfu.