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Featured App


Android Police coverage: Looking For A Quick And Easy Way To Share Files? ZeoSpace Could Be The Answer [Sponsored Post]

Today's roundup is brought to you by ZeoSpace. ZeoSpace is a lightning-fast way to share files between friends and co-workers, on mobile devices and full-sized computers, with a permanent backup in the cloud. ZeoSpace supports simple shares like URLs and text, more rich content like photos, videos, and music, and entire folders. The service includes a whopping 10GB of storage for free, with subscription options for more storage, and even a completely custom storage option at $.09 per gigabyte per month, as much or as little as you need.


ZeoSpace is a free cloud service for sharing, backup, and synchronization. Quickly copy the URL for sharing to email, chat, Twitter, etc., or share your files directly to other apps. Your backups and other files are safe in your ZeoSpace even if your mobile phone or tablet gets lost or broken. Save your files to ZeoSpace and they will be automatically synced throughout all of your devices.

• Share photos, videos and any other files.
• Share groups of files, entire folders and even groups of folders.
• Share files of any size.
• Keep your files completely safe with Amazon S3 that is used to store all data.
• An option of expanding the account to 10GB by completing the knowledge tour.
• Automatically upload photos and videos from your phone.
• Use ZeoSpace on Mac, Windows, and Web clients.
• Your stuff is always with you, no matter where you are.


Commandr for Google Now

Android Police coverage: Commandr 2.0 Update Does Away With 'Note To Self' Command, Makes Google Voice Search Work The Way You Would Expect

Google Now should really include more hardware-centric controls, like "pause music" or "enable Bluetooth" or "fastboot oh-eee-em unlock." With Commandr for Google Now, it does (though probably not that last one, unless you're really good with the Tasker integration). The first edition of the app needed to re-jigger the Note To Self command in order to get these basic commands working, but now it doesn't even need that.


Now you can use Google Now to control your flashlight, toggle settings, control music playback, and much more. Add your own custom commands through Tasker to make sure your device fits your lifestyle. Vote on new commands or suggest new ones so that we are working on adding the commands you want. Don't wait for Google. Updates will be quick and support request responses quicker. Access all the features of your device through Google Now so you don't have to remember what app does what.


Floatify - Smart Notifications

If you're not big on rooting or custom ROMs, this might be an easy way to get a hold of Android L's Heads Up notifications. There are a few differences: these will appear from the bottom, not the top (at least by default), and it will show multiple notifications on your screen as soon as you unlock your device. There are a few customization options, including colors and a simple blacklist. You can also set them to appear on your lockscreen.


When you receive notifications Floatify will show you a popup window with stacked notifications. You can interact with the popup, expand a notification to full size, open or cancel the notification, setup a reminder or open the app in xHalo. Even if the phone is locked you can directly open or cancel the notification. Floatify will also wake your phone if you like. The notify on unlock feature will automatically show you all pending notifications as soon as you unlock your phone. Simple, fast and efficient.


Android L is going to put notifications on your lockscreen. Until then, you can try this app out to get the feel of it. It also turns the screen on automatically when a new notification comes in, Moto X-style, which is ideal for people who leave their phones on a desk or tablet constantly. If you've got it in your pocket, the proximity sensor won't let the screen turn on. Neat. There's a trial version available here.


Notific is lockscreen notification app that displays your notification in an intuitive manner when you need it. It will automatically turn the screen on and display your notification in an easily accessible tabbed dialogue. It will also show notification quick action buttons if expansion is enabled. If the phone is in pocket, don't worry. Notific is intelligent enough to understand that and will not turn on the screen. But if you take out the phone from your pocket within 10secs (customizable) it will turn on the screen for you.

Radical.FM - Radio Re-Defined

Android Police coverage: [New App] Radical.fm, An Ad-free 'Pay-What-You-Can' Music Service Touting 25 Million Songs, Launches On Android

Gamers will be familiar with the Humble Bundle, which offers great deals on titles and asks only that you pay what you feel like. Radical.fm is similar, but for music: it's an ad-free radio service in the same vein as Spotify Premium, but the company only asks you to "pay what you can." That's an altruistic way to compensate artists, and 25 million songs is a great selection, but the Android app itself leaves a lot to be desired in the user interface department.


Radical.FM marries the interactive nature of Internet with the programming expertise of the broadcast radio industry. While competitors like Pandora create complex algorithms to generate song lists, Radical is programmed by hand, by passionate music experts. With 25 million tracks at your disposal and a powerful yet user-friendly design, no other service creates an endless stream of songs that so accurately reflects your musical taste.


Android Police coverage: [New App] Microsoft Takes A Deeper Interest In The Weather With Latest Android App, Climatology

Apparently Microsoft really likes weather. And not just the (literally) everyday kind of weather: they like climates. This app will tell you all about the generalized climate anywhere on the map and anywhen on the calendar. You can also put in specific times and see where to go to get the weather you want. The most surprising thing about this app is that it's amazingly beautiful... and it comes from Microsoft. As we say in the Android Police chatroom, notbad.jpg.


Climatology gives you climate information for anywhere on Earth: temperature, rain and sunniness. Whether finding where are the warm, dry places to go on holiday in December, or avoiding rain for your wedding, to finding out what the climate is like in Kazakhstan in April, Climatology allows you to discover the information you want.

flavourit - my cookbook

Android Police coverage: [New App] Flavourit Personal Cookbook Comes To Android, Looks Delicious

There are a metric spoonful of recipe apps available on the Play Store, but this one is notable for a variety of reasons. One, it's got all the functions you need: a directory of your own recipes, a simple share and import function, and an integrated shopping list. But the most attractive thing about Flavourit is the recipe display itself - it's just so readable. The whole app mimics the view of an e-ink book reader, which should be a real boon to tablet-using chefs everywhere.


You like cooking and you enjoy delicious food? Maybe you wish you had a little helper which reminds you of your favorite recipes? flavourit – small enough to practically fit in every pocket – can be your great helper. Create your personal cookbook according to your taste and share your favorite recipes with friends. It's about time to be proud of what you're conjuring each day.

QCast Music

Android Police coverage: [New App] QCast Music Pipes A Collaborative Party Playlist To Your Chromecast

The best way to handle music at a party is to plug a 1/8-inch cable into a stereo and leave it there, then let your guest play their own music. But if you've got a Chromecast, Qcast is even better. It will let partygoers stream their own music in a playlist, then vote on each other's selections. And in case you're wondering: yes, there will be Rick Astley. Hopefully the good stuff will outweigh him.


QCast brings shared party playlists to your Chromecast. When you host a party, everyone can add songs to the shared queue, and downvote those they don't like - if a majority is reached, the song is automatically skipped. Guests can remove their own songs. The host maintains the option to swipe all songs away to remove them, skip to the next track, and control volume.

PetMatch: Adopt a Pet Near You

Android Police coverage: Superfish's PetMatch Uses Your Camera To Pair You With The Pet Of Your Dreams

Your buddy's dog is, quite possibly, the best dog in the world. Neither of you is sure of the breed, but you want one too. You could embark on an epic Wikipedia hunt, or talk to your vet, but probably the fastest way to get that awesome pet is this app. Just take a photo (or upload one) of a dog or cat you like, and PetMatch will show you pets up for adoption. You can sort them either by similarity (breed), or distance from your location. Oh, and I'd also encourage you to go to your local pound - they've always got animals that need homes, and not all of them have searchable websites.


PetMatch helps you find dogs or cats to adopt in your area. Just start with a picture. Take or use a picture of a pet you like and PetMatch will find you similar pets in your area that are up for adoption right now. Don’t have a picture? Use our huge sample gallery.

• Once you open the app, take a picture, upload from your collection, or use a picture from the PetMatch sample gallery to get started.
• Behind the scenes, PetMatch uses Superfish’s patented image recognition technology to find similar adoptable pets in your area.
• PetMatch gives you all the information you need to connect with the adoption agency.
• Take a “Pelfie” of you and your new pet and post it on our PetMatch Facebook page, Twittter, and Instagram accounts.

120 Sports

Android Police coverage: [New App] 120 Sports Subscription-Free, Video Streaming App Comes To Android

Do you like sports? Do you like free sports? Do you like live sports? Well, two out of three ain't bad. 120 Sports gives fans access round-the-clock access to ESPN-style video reporting on sports leagues and teams. The app and network covers basketball, baseball, football, hockey, and NASCAR (and yes, soccer on occasion) with both bulletin-style updates and editorial shows. New episodes and archives are available at no charge.


120 Sports is the new way to experience sports. Featuring real-time highlights, expert analysis and interactivity, 120 Sports is a must for every fan. This FREE app offers over 10 hours of live programming every day and requires no cable authentication or subscription.

Watch live, for free.
• 120 Sports is a FREE download and requires no cable authentication or subscription to enjoy
• Highlights from MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA Tour, NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, NASCAR and more
• Over 10 hours of live programming EVERY DAY

NBC Sports Tour de France Live

Android Police coverage: [New App] NBC's Tour De France App Will Let You Stream The World's Biggest Bike Race Straight To Your Phone For $15

Now that the World Cup is over and done with, it's time to turn our attention to the next sporting event that Americans don't care about: the Tour de France. This official NBC app will stream every mile (or kilometer) of the race straight to your phone or tablet for the reasonable price of $15. What's slightly less reasonable is the fact that you'll have to pay separate fees to watch on a standard desktop browser, and another if you have an iOS device.


Experience the 2014 Tour de France like never before…watch every stage LIVE on your Android handheld or tablet device. And track the peloton in real-time with interactive maps and profiles. It’s as close as you can get to the Tour without a passport.

Get the app today, and receive access to the following features:

  • Live Video Coverage from Every Stage
  • Full Stage Replays
  • Real-Time Tracking Map and Profile
  • Short-Form Video on Demand Clips
  • Stage Results
  • Overall Standings
  • Rider Profiles by Country and Team
  • Stage Maps, Elevation Profiles and Stage Descriptions
  • Top Stories and Interviews
  • Official Tour de France Photos
  • TDF Twitter Stream

Synchronize Ultimate

This file browser app will let you sync files to and from every cloud storage service ever. OK, that might be a little hyperbolic, but with 26 supported services from DropBox to Yandex, you'll certainly be able to find something you can use. It also supports more technical protocols like FTP, NHS, and WebDAV. Synchronize isn't the prettiest cloud storage app out there, but at this point, it's probably the most functional.


Synchronize between different cloud services / protocols and use the best File Manager / File Explorer.This is the first release on Google Play so please contact us with any bugs you find so we can try to fix them as soon as possible. Thanks. Now you can synchronize from, to and between over 35 different services. And that’s not all, the app also includes the most complete file manager you have ever seen.

Doctor Who: Cybermen

I could never get into Doctor Who, on account of being a Star Trek fan at heart. But if you're a frequent visitor to the Doctor's relative dimensions, you'll get a kick out of this official BBC guide to the menacing machinations of the Cybermen. This is more of a spotter's guide than a game, which is why it's in this roundup, so Whovians should be able to find out at least something about the bad guys that they don't already know.


Doctor Who: Cybermen Monster File is the ultimate interactive history of one of the Doctor’s most famous foes. Every version of the Cybermen is brought to life using clips, fabulous photos and in-depth info plus there’s a brand new adventure written by Joseph Lidster… In Cybermen: Status Update a young man is all that stands between freedom and a world ruled by Cybermen. You can read the story or hear it delivered by the Voice of the Cybermen himself, the brilliant Nicholas Briggs.

#DebugAllTheThings for Root

This app enables the semi-hidden debug menus in various Google apps (Play Store, Hangouts, Music, Books, and Newsstand) from a single screen. You'll need root to get access to it. If you're not a developer (or you don't know what you're doing with the respective apps), it's probably best to leave this one alone.


#DebugAllTheThings is based off of the content of my blog post entitled #DebugAllTheThings (located at r3pwn.github.io) and packages the ability to enable/disable Debugging Settings for Google Apps by just a simple tap. This app requires root to use.



If Yelp and its various imitators aren't enough for your discriminating restaurant sensibilities, now there's Tastemade. It's sort of like Vine for foodies: people upload 1-minute clips describing the restaurant they're at, because apparently it's much easier to shoot video than to type with greasy fingers. In the usual style, users can like and comment on each post. The description says it's only for Samsung hardware at the moment.


Tastemade is the best way to discover restaurants around the world, and around the corner.

  • Watch 1-minute videos from food lovers and tastemakers sharing their favorite places.
  • Find great restaurants near you and know the best dishes to order.
  • Capture and instantly share videos of your favorite food and travel moments.
  • Create a video so good no one will believe you made it in minutes.

Tastemade for Android is currently only available on Samsung devices: The Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Note 2 and Note 3. More device support coming soon.


Most of the benchmarks available for Android at the moment focus on visual fidelity in intense 2D and 3D apps. But there's something else you should be considering when you're playing those games: battery life. GameBench will monitor not only frames per second, but active battery drain. You don't need root to use the app, but it does require a one-time setup with a PC to get started.


First app to provide detailed Performance and Battery analysis across Android devices. First Usability Benchmark in the market. Use GameBench's simple app rating system for comparing device and games. Record frame rates and battery drain rates. Visually correlate on-screen events to Frames Per Second (FPS). NO ROOT REQUIRED (If you have root, no PC connection required - superuser will kick off the service automatically when provided with permission).

Goodie Goodie: Goals & Chores

The best part about having kids is being able to turn them into pint-sized indentured servants who work for cheap candy and parental approval. (Note: I don't have kids. That's probably a good thing.) This app turns their weekly chores into a game, allowing parents to keep track of the assignments and kids to keep track of their rewards. Remember, kids, it's power+volume down to take a screenshot - don't let the adults welch on that trip to see Guardians of the Galaxy.


Parents. Organize and motivate the family to reach their goals and do their chores and tasks. Teens, tweens, and kids. You can do anything you set your mind to, and Goodie Goodie can help. And, you get to earn awesome rewards for doing stuff you probably already do. Goodie Goodie is a hip, tech-forward, and game-like goal, task, chore, behavior, and reward app that allows parents to create "G Missions" and teens, tweens, and kids to earn points by completing them.

LokLok: Connected Lock Screen

I'm going to be perfectly honest here: I don't get this app. I mean, I get it - it's a replacement lock screen that works kind of like a white board on the family fridge. You make little notes or drawings, and your friends or family see it on their lockscreens, and can reply with their own notes. And as interesting and impressive as that connection is, I can't see any practical reason why you would use it over, say, a standard chat app.


Connect with your friends right on your lock screen. Leave notes, drawings and photos for them to see when they switch on their phones. LokLok replaces your standard lock screen with a shared white board that is always in sync between you and whoever you are connected to. When you connect with one or more people your lock screens become synchronised. You will all see the same screen every time you switch on your phones. Whatever one of you does on that screen is updated on everyone else’s phone immediately and silently.

Amazon Zocalo

Zocalo is the brand name for Amazon's enterprise-class web server solution. If you don't know why you need that, then you probably don't, but anyone running a traffic-heavy corporate network will probably be interested. The Zocalo app lets you upload and manage documents from Android, and if you have something that can view them, download them on your device as well. It's a good thing Amazon decided not to restrict this to the consumer-oriented Kindles... unlike some other services I could mention.


Amazon Zocalo delivers secure enterprise storage and sharing with strong administrative controls and innovative markup capabilities that improve employee productivity. The Amazon Zocalo Android client allows access anywhere to your work documents. You need to have an Amazon Zocalo account in order to use this app.

• Easy Sharing
• Simple Collaboration
• Access from any Device
• Fully Managed
• Secure


ESPN Fantasy Football

Android Police coverage: A Fresh, Redesigned Version Of ESPN's Fantasy Football App Hops Off The Bench And Onto The Field

Fantasy sports services have generally treated Android apps as simple terminals, with nowhere near as much sophistication or polish as their web counterparts. But with its re-released Fantasy Football app, ESPN is showing a proper dedication to the mobile platform. This revamped version of the standard fantasy app crams a ton of personalized information on-screen at one, and incorporates all the usual social features. Expect ESPN's other fantasy apps to follow suit.


Welcome to Fantasy Football as it was meant to be played. Sign in and create an account or log into your old one and then create teams and leagues, hone in on your draft skills in a mock draft and then get the team of your dreams with the Live Draft. Once the season is going talk trash with your opponents or your entire league, get a live feed of games from FantasyCast, and get all the news and updates you need from the most trusted source in sports.

Fantasy Soccer

Wow, Yahoo. You guys really should have published this thing a couple of months ago. American sports fans who are just getting into soccer (or football, if you must) will probably dig the interface and social features, but more seasoned veterans may be put off by a surprisingly constrained selection of leagues. At least the in-game interface is nice.


Build your ultimate soccer team and beat your buddies with the Yahoo Sports Fantasy Soccer app—the first real time, social fantasy soccer game.

Top features:

• Play major tournaments including EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A or Ligue 1
• Set up and manage your team seamlessly and effortlessly across devices and the web
• Unlimited weekly transfers, putting your soccer knowledge to the test every week
• Research with in-depth stats on every player in a beautiful and easy-to-use layout to give you a competitive advantage
• Create and join private leagues to get everyone ready for the new season


Remember when people hand-wrote their letters? No you don't, and neither do the people who made this app. But they'll let you pretend that you do, with old-timey fonts, pretend stationery, and a "real" signature at the bottom. It's basically Instagram for pretentious little messages.


lettrs is the fastest growing social messaging application for personally signed communications, in a social network of 80 languages and thousands of penpals. lettrs is the social media platform designed to bring back the art of meaningful communications by helping the writer create more thoughtful and beautifully written pieces.

• Write and voice dictate digital and post-mail letters from your device
• Deliver letters via the lettrs app and lettrs.com, email, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram
• Enhance your words with themes, photo attachments, tags, and geo-location
• Make your mark™ with a unique social signature or doodle for every letter
• A customizable ‘Fridge’ space for displaying your publicly shared communications
• Real-time translation feature, supporting over 80 languages, effortlessly connecting global penpals


This app is perfect for people who value the opinions of random and anonymous strangers over their own. It's like 4Chan without the racism and pornography.


For too long, we have had to make difficult decisions on our own. Now, by the power of Internets, you can have random strangers make your decisions for you. Simply log into AskInternets, ask a yes or no question, add a photo (optional), and sit back as people around the world cast their votes. When in doubt, Ask Internets.

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