Motorola hasn't forgotten about those devices that aren't part of the "Moto" family. The Droid Maxx, Droid Ultra, and Droid Mini on Verizon are getting the Android 4.4.4 update starting today. Even the Moto X hasn't been given the go ahead yet.

The update (version 21.11.21) will include a number of improvements over 4.4.2, which you can see below.

  • Camera: Improved camera image quality including better consistency of exposure, more realistic flash coloring, improved photos in low light conditions using front camera.
  • Camera: Added the ability to pause video recording with a convenient pause/resume button on the viewfinder.
  • Updated Verizon applications: VZ Cloud and Visual Voicemail application (VVM3.)
  • Added Isis mobile wallet application for contactless payment for Droid Ultra users on Verizon.
  • Fixed Bluetooth connectivity issue
  • Enables Motorola Alert Application download

The current generation of Droids are very similar to the Moto X on the inside, but there are a few very minor software tweaks. It's interesting Android 4.4.4 hit these devices first, but the Motorola page says an update for the Verizon Moto X is coming soon. The update is rolling out in batches, but supposedly you can download it manually with the update menu.

[Motorola, Verizon: Droid Maxx, Droid Ultra, Droid Mini]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Pootis Man

    That took a while.

    • Amit_N

      Surely due to Verizon's so called testing

      • Pootis Man


      • DemandTrialByCombat

        Yep only coz of verizon. Moto is sometimes faster than google for OTA.

      • ConroeEd

        No, actually it is because Motorola had the 4.4.3 update ready to go than the 4.4.4 came out. So they decided to skip 4.4.3 all together.

    • Franco Rossel

      I like your name, hoovy.

  • Kree Terry

    At first I was like "come on update moto x." But the. I was like "oh wait I'll lose root, Nevermind don't worry about it."

    • Darrien Glasser

      Also, all of the changes listed above were fixed in 4.4.3 for Moto X users, the rest of 4.4.4 is just a security update.

      So to paraphrase what you just said, "But then I was like, oh wait, I'll lose root and it won't give me any noticeable new features."

      Of course, if security is your thing, then you should be vying for the update, but then again you are rooted, so...

      • Brian Lippman

        I think the Droids were on plain old 4.4, so this is actually a big update for them, and Moto stopped the 4.4.3 update on carriers, so I think that only got out to some unlocked ones in a few areas, so 4.4.4 is needed for most Moto X users to get the bluetooth and camera fixes (unless some of that stuff was in 4.4.2).

        • Darrien Glasser

          My bad then, I've been on 4.4.3 for a while now, and I guess I forgot that all carriers didn't update at the speed of the unlocked one. I'll take a seat.


        "Of course, if security is your thing, then you should be vying for the update, but then again you are rooted, so..."

        More FUD huh? Using things like xprivacy actually make my rooted phone more secure than your stock one.

        • Darrien Glasser

          I meant if someone physically has his phone. Chances are that if he's rooted, he's got an unlocked bootloader, USB debugging enabled, etc.

          I wasn't thinking privacy, SSL and all that jazz.

      • Kree Terry

        I wish I had it bootloader unlocked, i have a moto maker version so sadly thats not on the table. And yesterday my phone didnt boot and I accidentally downloaded the 4.4.2 sbf files instead of the 4.4 ones so now im non rooted. Kree very sad.

        • Darrien Glasser

          Ah, that really sucks. If it's any consolation, I think you can get temp root with Towelroot and PIE. It isn't as good as permanent root, and not every root app will work, but if you never reboot, it's better then nothing.

          • Kree Terry

            Yea I've tether jail broken before and it's just not worth it. I'll just wait, maybe something will turn up. Fingers crossed at least.

    • DemandTrialByCombat


    • thelmajschlegel

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  • whispy_snippet

    I still haven't received the 4.4.4 OTA for my stock Nexus 5. No idea why it's taking so long...

    • Spasillium

      You know you can update with the OTA links posted here a while ago yourself, right? No idea why you're waiting...

      • whispy_snippet

        I know that and I've done so in the past. But seeing the update is so minor I thought I'd just wait for the OTA update to arrive. The fact that it still hasn't isn't an inconvenience. It's just surprising.

  • usamaisawake

    AT&T still has no word on their approval so good on Verizon.

  • DrMacinyasha

    Fairly pathetic that some Verizon Droid-branded devices actually got the latest version of Android before a Nexus device. The 2013 Nexus 7 LTE is still on 4.4.3 with no word from Google on why. Truly the red-headed bastard stepchild of the Nexus family at this point.

    • Tomfoolery


      • DrMacinyasha

        Try again. The LTE version of the Nexus 7 2013 still has not received 4.4.4. It's only on 4.4.3.

    • Xman845

      Seriously? It's a point 0.0.1 update with no new features for tablets and only minor bug-fixes. 'HAI GOOGLE I MUST HAVE TEH LATEST UPDATES SINCE I HAVE TEH NEXUS' -_-

      BTW, I own the N4 and N7 LTE.

      • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

        Guess what - that's the point. To ALWAYS have the latest and greatest, even if it is a small update that weighs like several MB

        • dude

          Well I think Google need to stop making the claim of Nexus getting latest udpates (not sure if they ever did anyway) because it makes no sense. I want an OTA that will fix things and update without issue, not fuck shit up. If there is nothing to be fixed, then it doesn't need updating, it wait to be integrated in a larger update. All this is are Nexus fanboys stroking their ePenis thinking they're cool for having the latest version.

        • Xman845

          It might be the latest but not always the greatest. Remember the battery drain that N5 had after updating to 4.4.3 - 4.4.4?

    • someone755

      Doesn't Verizon have something to do with the LTE N7?
      I mean, that would be the only reason people worldwide would be getting the middle finger salute of not getting the update.

      • hkklife

        No. they can get away with delaying activations and dragging their feet on selling it in stores but they have nothing to do with the actual update process

    • lcasale

      That title already belongs to the Verizon Galaxy Nexus

  • Droidfan

    Got mine this morning. Seems to be working fine. Haven't had a chance to check out camera improvements. But looking forward to better pics.

  • Daniel Marcus

    Well done, Motorola! By my count, Motorola has managed three updates; 4.4.0, 4.4.2, and 4.4.4 for their flagship devices (all six of them), while other companies have managed one to bump their flagships (usually one or two phones) to 4.4.x. The fact that Motorola is keeping the updates consistent like this is excellent.

  • Jason

    Video does not work on Droid MAXX unless you restart phone.