Samsung's Pro line of tablets was considered ridiculously expensive when it debuted, but thankfully for those who want in on the hardware, the market is quickly correcting the company's overzealous pricing. After seeing big price drops on eBay in both May and June, the refurbished Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 is now cheaper than it's ever been at $369.99. That's nearly $300 off the retail price of the new tablet, and much more palatable when compared to offerings from competing manufacturers.


The Tab Pro 12.2 is among Samsung's best-equipped large tablets, second only to the Note Pro 12.2 (with its stylus and Wacom digitizer) and the Galaxy Tab S 10.1 (with its Super AMOLED display). Shipping is free to the United States, and the seller is also offering the item for buyers in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and many other nations... but strangely, not Alaska or Hawaii. Sorry, non-contiguous readers. The item location is given as "United States," so it isn't clear which states will be charged sales tax.

This particular Tab Pro is offered as "Factory Refurbished with a 1 year Quick Ship [eBay seller] warranty," which may be a deal-breaker for some - non-manufacturer warranties have a poorer reputation when compared with their direct counterparts. If that doesn't bother you, head on over to eBay to pick one up. Only 52 have been sold so far, so I doubt there's a rush on the listing. eBay is also offering a 14-day return policy for its featured items.

eBay - 32GB Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2

Michael Crider
Michael is a native Texan and a former graphic designer. He's been covering technology in general and Android in particular since 2011. His interests include folk music, football, science fiction, and salsa verde, in no particular order.

  • AuroraFlux

    I don't understand why Samsung has to have a million models of everything. Where does this fall on the power curve? Is it better or worse than the Tab series?

    • Nick Wentz

      It's the same chipset as the note 3 exynos I believe. It's very fast.

    • RoyD77

      So Samsungs model structure is a mess, so pardon me if I over simplify to answer. For current models, this is near but not at the top. Comparing only 10 inch and overs:

      This Tab Pro 12 - Octo core cpu 3 GB Ram 2560 x 1600 LCD screen
      Tab 4 10.1 - budget model. Quad core CPU 1.5 RAM 1280 x 800 LCD screen
      Tab S 10.5 - Highest end & newest
      Same Octo core cpu 3 GB Ram 2560 x 1600 Super AMOLED screen
      All run TW KitKat

      • AuroraFlux

        Great rundown! Thank you, that was quite helpful.

        So this is the highest end tablet out of the bunch, then.

        • alfuen00

          It's the biggest one and plus s-pen, the newest tab s is smaller (10.5") but amoled screen is Wow! Slimmer than ipad air, and also lighter, so it's matter of choice, right now are the two tablet flagships of Samsung, (forgot to mention that the tab s uses the latest ui that debut in the s5)

        • RoyD77

          Alfuen00 is right. The Tab S is newer, and even though the screen is smaller with same resolution, that makes a higher pixel density, and the Super Amoled screen in that Tab S has earned RAVES. If power is what you are into, tho, this and that are otherwise the same. It's mainly a difference of size, weight, and screen. Good luck; doubt you could go wrong with either one.

      • Tom Steele

        Where do the NOTEs fit in to the scheme? To me it is confusing. I have a 2104 Note 10.1 which is nice, but if I upgrade to a 12.2, what is the difference in the 12.2 Tab S (?) and the 12.2 Note? Is it just the stylus features, or are the screens and chipsets different?

        And what is the deal with the different chipsets in some of the tablets based on location? Or is it based on something else? I don't know what octodragons and exnoyos and such mean.

        So I am an old fart who grew up with technology and I know my way around devices pretty well, but having an actual life with an actual job and an actual family to provide for, I just can't spend the time necessary to keep up with the intricate details of ONE COMPANY'S odd naming system and what it means.

        I'm just saying that it is more confusing than you let on, and you didn't include the note series.

        • RoyD77

          Tom, when you say "I'm just saying that it is more confusing than you let on, and you didn't include the note series" did you miss the first sentence of my reply, where I said clear as day that their "model structure was a mess, so pardon me if I OVER SIMPLIFY to answer"?

          The article didn't mention the note series. The person who asked the question that I attempted to answer didn't mention the note series. In trying to give him any chance at an answer that wasn't 4 paragraphs long, I stuck with the current types in the Tab series.

          There is NO 12.2 Tab S. That series only comes in 8.1" and 10.5" screens. This is the Tab Pro 12.2. The difference between that & the 12.2" Note is that the Note comes with pen support, handwriting recognition, and some extra productivity features. The screens are the same resolution, but the screen types are different. The Tab Pro uses scLCD, while the Note uses TFT.

          As for why different chipsets are used? You're better off asking the company. I know in phones, and cellular tablets, it's based on what best supports the cellular radios. Exynos is a brand name owned by Samsung. Octo is a number, and it refers to the number of cores. Like an octogon has 8 sides, and Octo core cpu has 8 cores.

          There are professional tech writers who have problems keeping up with what Samsung's product lines mean, and how to tell them apart. Don't feel bad if you can't. But I have an actual job, and an actual family to provide for as well. Yet with some reading, and a few Google searches, I can learn enough that I can help someone out if they ask.

          • Tom Steele

            First, thank you for your response. I apologize if I offended you in any way. I did in fact see that you were over simplifying, but I did not understand what exactly that you meant by that. Clearly I mistakenly thought that you were defending Samsung's model structure. I thought you were being sarcastic but now I see you were in fact agreeing with op that Samsung has a confusing list of products and were trying to further clear that up.

            Thanks for trying to clear up my confusion on the model lines. My perspective was that of the average guy in Costco who sees the Samsung Tab Pro on sale and I'm wondering what the difference in the various offerings at the top of the line.

            I currently have a Note 10.1 2014 and the Note 3 phone. I also have an ipad air and find myself using it about 80/20 over the note 10.1 2014 edition.

            I am debating a surface pro 3, and a large tablet is also an interesting option. The 12.2 is a nice size, but I wonder if they will release a 12.2 Tab S? Much cheaper than a surface!

            Anyway, thanks for trying to help. I'm sorry that I misunderstood where you were,coming from in your op.

          • RoyD77

            It's all good. I know how you feel.

            I don't envy people in stores shopping for some of Samsung's products, or a lot of tech as a whole. At least shopping online you can open a new tab & search, or ask for help. I wouldn't put it past Samsung to put out a Tab S 12.2, but then I wouldn't be surprised if they put out 10 more new tablets by Christmas.

            I'm hearing good things about the Surface Pro 3. I've used the Pro 2 for work, and have had more good than bad experience, but your mileage may vary.

            You're welcome. Have a great day!

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  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Shawn De Cesari

    As an owner of a Note Pro 12.2 (AT&T LTE model), let me just tell you that y'all would be fools not to jump on this, assuming you're OK with a WiFi-only tablet. The device itself is nothing short of incredible, especially if you've ever wanted to be able to actually be productive and get something done on an Android tablet. This thing has it all. At $370, this is as close to a "no-brainer" as you'll ever find in the Android world. The end.

    • no

      No thanks, don't want the Samsung apps that keep being installed in the background, can't disable and can't uninstall.

      No thanks, sorry, no commision from me.

      • si3ge

        not most people in general, but probably most people here would consider rooting and freezing/uninstalling those if not ROM'ing it without those included.

      • Nick Wentz

        Yeah, it would really suck to have a very high end tablet with expandable storage and office suite package at this very low price. Yuk!

    • Christopher Moore

      Well I'm the owner of the original Note 10.1 plus Galaxy Tab 2 and so far Samsung's game plan is to release a new tablet first than update later. But we will see how long Samsung takes when Android L is made official.
      But for me I'm sticking with Nexus tablets because updates are important to me.

    • cindydtompkins

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