File browsers are a dime a dozen on Android. Ever since the dawn of the platform, they have been a staple necessity, mostly for power and root users. Despite some manufacturers, like Samsung, shipping their devices with a barebones file manager, third-party clients have always offered more features, sometimes even earning more than 50 million downloads along the way to become some of the most popular apps on the Play Store.

When looking to recommend the best file browser, I could easily pick two or three incredibly powerful ones and forget twenty others that are just as excellent. If it cuts and it pastes, if it compresses and renames, if it accesses Dropbox and Google Drive, then it's enough for most Android users. That's why I decided to focus my selection on powerful file browsers with a little added something that makes them special.

ES File Explorer

Android Police coverage: ES File Explorer Updated To V3.0 - Brand-New UI, Wi-Fi File Sharing, Gesture Support, And More

ES File Explorer is the kitchen sink of file browsers on Android. Imagine any file operation you could possibly want to perform on your phone and ES most likely handles it. It's a local, network (SMB, FTP, WebDAV), and cloud (Dropbox, Box, Sugarsync, Drive, Skydrive, Amazon S3,...) file manager, with built-in media and text viewers, themes, a recycle bin, root exploring, and permissions management.


ES File Explorer also crosses over to the app management side, with batch app backup, sharing, and uninstalling. A separate Task Manager module gives ES the power to clean the device's cache, manage apps and the triggers that autostart them, and optimize power consumption.

With all of its power, ES File Explorer has one feature you can't beat: it is completely free and ad-free. And to sweeten the deal, it adds a fast search function, storage analysis, and a nifty window view that lets you quickly switch and close your open directories.

Root Explorer

Android Police coverage: Huge Root Explorer Version 3.0 Update Adds Tabbed User Interface, Cloud Storage Support, Background Processing, And More

Another staple of Android file managers is Root Explorer, a hacker's best friend. But let's start with the basics first. Root Explorer has network (SMB) and cloud support (Dropbox, Box, Drive), multiple tabs for easy switching between directories, search, and compression and extraction capabilities.


You could easily use Root Explorer as a regular file manager, but that would be a waste of its true talents. If you are rooted, the app gives you full access to your device's storage and lets you modify a file's permissions. It also comes with many hacker-friendly features, like scripts, SQLite database and APK binary viewing, and a useful desktop-like "Open With" option that lets you specify which apps should handle a certain file or file type.

Solid Explorer

Android Police coverage: Solid Explorer's Beta Period Comes To An End, Final Version Brings Many New Features - As Well As A $1.99 Price Tag

At first glance, you may wonder why Solid Explorer is a paid file browser while most other apps on this list with similar capabilities — Root Explorer excluded — are free. There's a good reason for that, many good reasons actually. Solid Explorer starts by offering some cool features like dual panels, a modern interface with drag-and-drop interactions, easy multiple selections by clicking on an item's thumbnail, and a handy filter for quick searches inside directories.


Where it excels, however, is with all the added options that are rare to find, at least simultaneously, in other file managers. There's an Airdroid-like WiFi sharing option that lets you access your phone from any browser on the same network, Chromecast support to send your media files to the TV, a pre-indexed search that speeds up the process of finding files, a detailed storage analyzer for every directory, encryption with a master password, file type and app associations, and dozens of useful settings for granular control over the look and performance of every aspect of the app.

Most importantly, Solid Explorer is a joy to use. It is responsive, easy on the eyes, and despite packing so many features, it remains intuitive and oddly simple.

ASTRO File Manager with Cloud

Android Police coverage: ASTRO File Manager Receives Major UI Overhaul For Jelly Bean Users

Like ES, Astro sits in the Android file manager hall of fame. It has been available for years, adding feature upon feature, from cloud storage, to app management, viewing options, file compression, storage analysis, and more.


Its killer capability though is an extensive search engine. Not only will it index and look through your local storage, but it also does it on all of your network and cloud services. Whether you forgot where you saved that particular document or you just want to view your Dropbox and Facebook photos together, Astro will handle those requests with ease. With a simple icon, it will indicate where every file is located, letting you hop between that Drive music file and that Skydrive video as easily as if they were stored on your phone.

Despite its downsides (legacy Settings menu, low resolution graphics, ads), Astro deserves a permanent stay on your Android device if you have multiple cloud accounts that you use simultaneously.

File Expert with Clouds

Android Police coverage: GeekSoft Releases 'File Expert HD', A Better-Looking, Tablet-Optimized Version Of 'File Expert'

File Expert started out as a simple file browser and grew to become much more than that, with almost every feature you can ever imagine in a file or app manager thrown in. It can get pretty daunting though, so you may want to look elsewhere if you don't want to go through a learning curve just to open a folder and copy a few files.

File Expert has significant differences in three areas. It uses browser-like tabs to let you jump between different sections of the app or storage directories. It also has an add-on system that keeps the basic app free and (relatively) light, but offers more paid options should you need them. And it finally has full access to the external storage on some KitKat devices, without root access.

File Explorer

Don't let FX File Explorer's Play Store screenshots fool you into thinking it has an ugly or user-unfriendly interface. I don't know why the developer opted to focus on showcasing the app's transparent theme, but it's the white one, visible in the first screenshot below, that I'm personally a fan of. It's also the only app in this file browser list that looks at home on my Nexus 7 running Android L.

With its grey typography, card-inspired grid design, and overlaid sliding left and right panels, it's more reminiscent of Material Design than Holo. That's even more true if you choose to use the light green Trim color under theme settings.

Another significant feature of FX File Explorer is its Split Window mode. Simply drag the home toolbar from the top to open another window. To close it, you can drag it again toward the bottom until you see it turn red and disappear. Then there's the simple gesture of swiping across a file to select it, or pinching to enlarge grid and list items, and the very handy Usage view that displays a storage analyzer on top of the current directory with nice indicators next to each item. FX packs a lot more options, some in its default free app, others in its free Root Access add-on, and even more through a paid Plus add-on.

File Commander

File Commander doesn't offer any option that you couldn't find in other file browsers on this list. From basic file management to cloud storage support, multiple view and sort options, compression, bookmarks, and a recycle bin, it provides the reliable feature set of many other alternative apps.


Its unique feature is the visual design. It's one of the very few file browsers with a quasi-flawless design guideline for the user interface. While that comment is more a criticism of the other apps than a praise of File Commander, it still deserves some credit for its clean design and pixel-perfect graphics. By comparison, ES File Explorer opts for unusual tabs at the top, Root Explorer is boring and stuck on its ICS looks, Solid Explorer uses its own design language, Astro has legacy pre-ICS settings and low-resolution graphics, and File Expert and FX File Explorer's iconographies are out of place and skeumorphic.

If I was set on listing every good file browser on Android, there wouldn't be enough time in a week to go through them all. That's why this article is limited to a selection of 7 powerful apps with a few unique attributes that help differentiate them from their competition.

Rita El Khoury
Rita is a pharmacist by profession, a geek by passion. Her love story with Android started in 2009 and has been going stronger with every update, device, tip, app, and game. She lives in Lebanon, speaks three languages, and watches a lot of TV series.

  • Mihai T

    What about Total Commander?

    • blast0id

      and x-plore (in my opinion, it's total commander, just prettier)

      • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

        X-plore is so 2007.

        • Rook HD

          X plore looks much better with dark theme

          • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

            The Eiffel Tower is 1700s but it still looks much better than most other buildings.

  • Dario · 753 a.C. .

    you forgot OI file manager. really easy and fast for all those people don't care about all those features they won't never use.

    • NERV

      I love it cox it does not have internet access.
      But the latest version broke the file thumbnails icon.

    • Sergii Pylypenko

      Pretty much the only open-source file manager out of that bunch.

      • Dario · 753 a.C. .

        i didn't know it's opensource. i like it much more now. thank you

      • Samuel

        I've used OI File Manager in the past, but it managed to corrupt some data while moving them.
        I switched over to another no-fluff open source file manager called Simple Explorer (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2330864) and it's been great so far. It's unfortunately not on Google Play though.

  • http://twitter.com/Nigh7mar3 Nightmare

    old school Total Commander lover here

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      I also keep coming back to Total Commander even though it's ugly as hell and still has questionable usability choices. Maybe I'm that loyal to it, as a desktop user of like 20 years.

      • Kieron Quinn

        IMO ES' UI is really ugly, can't stand it. Use Root Explorer and Sliding Explorer, and Solid for some extra tasks

      • Vitaly Streltsov

        That's not fair not to include TC in this list, my installation #2 after TiBackup.

  • http://www.corbindavenport.com/ Corbin Davenport

    I've always used Root Browser from ROM Toolbox Pro.

  • Kacho_ON

    Wow these are some ugly file managing apps. Check out Sliding explorer.

  • http://www.rubenalamina.mx/ Ruben Alamina

    Nice to see File Commander get some praise. It was my favorite until I changed to inKa File Manager which has a nice UI as well but supports root and other features. Another free alternative that I like, specially for the UI which I like the best among file explorers is tetra Filer. It's free with a paid version that supports themes. Sadly, it doesn't have root support yet.

  • Larry Simpson

    ES is the best for me. I switched from astro after they redid the app a couple years ago.

  • Luqmaan Mathee

    ES is my favourite. Extremely versatile.

    • http://skorch.co.uk/ Antony Derham

      Agreed. ES has always been the best.

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    • http://www.about.me/WinterSoldier53 Esteban Méndez ⚡

      ES Rules lml . Is the best.

      • bettydlemons

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    • Balvinder Makkar

      Exactly, its the best file manager and one recently added feature i.e mounting of external drive in nexus device takes it miles ahead of other file manager.

    • http://medicenhipster.com/ Jonniher

      Agreed. ES rules.

    • Deeco

      I agree, but the UI is BUTT UGLY to say the least!

    • BrentKensey

      Still looks like utter garbage though, and the UX is somewhat bizzare.

    • cindydtompkins

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    • https://www.lugotfl.org Thomas J Liscum

      The developers are also very dedicated. When an update lead to crashes on my TF700t, they worked with me over a couple days and got it solved.

  • Joery

    I use Root Explorer myself. Worth every penny. IO File Manager & Root Browser (Jrummy) should also be in the list. Both free and very good.

  • brkshr

    You can also encrypt files with ES Explorer

  • mgamerz

    When did Root Explorer turn free? I know 'Explorer' is free, but not Root Explorer... unless they made it free recently?

  • Miloš Mirković

    No Sliding Explorer?

    • grumpyfuzz

      can't wait to see sliding explorer update for material design ;)

      • JackPackage

        The dev already shared a screenshot (or at least a mockup) of it and it looks delicious :)

    • http://bit.ly/khouryrt khouryrt

      Since this selection was for "unique" file browsers, I only had one ticket to give to the beautiful but still powerful category, and that went to File Commander instead of Sliding Explorer, mainly because it has a table to optimized UI (and cloud support as another benefit)

    • http://google.com AndroidYouU

      Sliding Explorer rules!!

  • 4WardNL

    I still find Xplore to be one of the best file browsers out there. While it isn't very good looking, it's incredibly easy to use. Should definitely be in this list in my opinion.

    • Franco Rossel

      Same here. Also, all of the device-side features are completely free and without ads.

    • Chris P

      Heck yeah. Used it on my E50 and N97, and I was overjoyed to find it was ported to Android when I made that switch. FX is my second favourite, though File Commander is a system app on Xperia phones, so I have to use that for SD card operations (dammit KitKat).

    • Rook HD

      true. I rarely (almost never) see Xplore mentioned in any "best" file manager. Don't know why. But to me, X plore is awesome. After I got used to it, I never used any other manager (already tried Solid which is pretty good). It's so much easier to navigate through files.

    • http://bit.ly/khouryrt khouryrt

      X-plore was quite awesome back when, but with every other powerful file browser getting updated with at least half a moder interface, I can't justify picking it today. It still gets updated, which means the developers care about their app, just not about its design.

    • Jithu

      That's true...Xplore is my 1st preference. How they missed it??

  • jonzey231

    I've been using ES file explorer since I got my droid x years ago. Lol


    Only x-plore. Back to symbian :D

  • JackPackage

    I use Sliding Explorer, as it is by far the best looking one and its functionality is perfect for my needs :)

    • http://bit.ly/khouryrt khouryrt

      I refer you to my reply to Milos, above.

      • JackPackage

        Yeah, it's okay you didn't choose it to be on the list ;) Still my favorite file browser though :)

  • Simple Complexity
  • geek

    i am disappointed that xplore isnt here..

  • xlebaska

    solid is my choise, very good f browser

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/MAT0R0 ℳατoгo Ẕεɭɨρħ

    NextApp's File Explorer is my favorite. I love the fact the developer takes advantage of the swiping gesture features. It is not "tap, tap, tap, hold" like other file explorers. Not only that, but it makes storage memory cleanup much easier.

  • Arcest

    You miss X-Plore

    • blast0id

      was going to post this exact same thing, but in a more abrasive way... so kudos for being the "cooler head" in the room... haha... seriously though, these are the only two that even need to be mentioned... both are better than every single available paid app...

  • Ezio

    ES fanboy here, it's a masterpiece.

  • nxtiak

    It's annoying how ES File Explorer has gestures turned on by default. It's the first thing I turn off when I install ES File Explorer.

  • Raymond Berger

    FX File Explorer is my favorite.

  • senor_heisenberg

    Solid Explorer is the best.

    • rolo143

      I totally agree with you. Installed the trial version and I was really satisfied with it. I recently purchased the unlocker and I don't regret it. It's the best.

  • Guest

    1st Browser for all. 1st & 2nd browser for advance users.

  • http://mobers.org/ psydex

    FX is the best IMO

  • splus

    I can't believe you missed Total Commander!

  • asdtfdr

    Hmmm, cyanogen's File Manager is the best looking. Every now and then I download the nightly build to extract the apk :).

  • Matthew Merrick

    I'm amazed astro made it on the list. It's ad-filled and has a horrendously bad UI

  • abobobilly

    Ever since i have moved to Solid Explorer, i have never felt the need to look back. I have come a long way and have always adored "Root Explorer", as it NEVER failed on its intended purpose and tasks which needed "Root". Over the years though, this has changed. Now there are many explorers which can go head to head against Root Explorer, and one of them is Solid Explorer.

    The Dual Pane design just feel natural on mobile. Its not cluttered, and actually works wonderfully for "Drag & Drop" tasks. My only gripe is 'less' cloud options. Would love to have 4Shared, cubby etc ... but developer have already said he won't add 'em (says he doesn't want it to be cluttered, or whatever).

    I can't stand the ugly UI of ES Explorer.

  • thebear

    Try MiXplorer on XDA. Blows all this crap away

    • Ilya Potekhin

      Why is it still not on the Play Store?

      • thebear

        Not sure if the developer wants it there or if there are legalities in his country. I'd rather not use stuff thru Google anyway. Either way I highly suggest giving it a chance.

  • http://flavors.me/sabret00the sabret00the

    No FOSS candidate?

  • Booyabobby

    Shocked that you guys did not mention sliding explorer. It one of the best file browsers out there.

  • http://adonisk.com Adonis K.

    They are all crap (when it comes to UI and design). Wish now that material design is coming would create a really beautiful file manager for android...

  • Oscar Prøwhïz Obians

    For alot of reasons, ES remains the best

  • Rinke-Jan Schaper

    Where's Clean File Manager? Any specific reason why it's left out?

  • Darius

    In my opinion Solid Explorer is genial and very good :)

  • Christian Riese

    There's only bad one thing about ES... it's ugly as f**k.

  • Juan Pablo Pérez Trabucco

    Sliding Explorer is my favorite.

  • Stefan

    Ghost Commander. My favourite. Does all that I need and is efficient and lean in doing so.

  • Jossh

    Of all of the file explorer roundup I've seen, this one really was the best and helped me to make my choice! Android Police really merits its name !

  • marcin

    Remember how the older versions of ASTRO had a little useful apk install dialog, where you could choose to upgrade, launch or uninstall an app, and could see the version number for the currently installed and to be installed app?

    Can any file explorer do that?

  • dude

    With ES File Explorer, personally, I'm not a fan of all in one app that try to do everything, what's with needing to have a downloader, pic viewer, and all that. It makes me like Real Player on the PC, except even Real Player is less intrusive.

    However, there is a single reason why I still use it, it's the best program to backup apk. There are other ones, but none of them does it correctly by letting you choose where to save it, naming the apk correctly like ES does, and ability to backup purchased ones (I don't pirate, I spent more than $550 on PlayStore apps, but I like backing up the apk that's my choice, when I flash a rom I can quickly install the apps through automation.) It's so simply, but for some reason ES File Explorer seems to do it best.

  • Spasillium

    Solid Explorer and Root Explorer here. I tried Sliding Explorer but it has no support for cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, nor my personal favorites, support for FTP & Samba access, which Solid and Root Explorer has.

  • http://www.rebelmouse.com/tommyhome Tommy Nilsson

    Total Commander is my favorite :)

    • GMD

      TC is the best.

  • mani

    I tried every one in the above 7, and stopped my seeking with X-plore.

    Dual pane, logo to go back, network/cloud support, easy copy/move, open with option, inbuilt media play, zip support, easy to use, shortcut on desktop and free.

  • EarlyMon

    Here's a fun trick that everyone rooted can try. Turn on ad blocking. Open ES File Explorer. Add new cloud, Dropbox. See the authentication page come up blank. Contact ES, ask why. Be told to turn off ad blocking. Buy one of the best apps ever - Network Connections. Turn off ad blocking, and start monitoring your network connections. Go to ES, new cloud, Dropbox, see authentication page appear. Go directly to Network Connections and see that your Dropbox login is going through ES servers.

    I caught them pulling this stunt last year, and complained. Suddenly the programmer helping me was on vacation, and a manager explained that it was some kind of serious mistake, please download new update without the issue. It wouldn't happen again, no need for me to tell the press (perhaps a few of you recognize my name).

    But it's happening right now.

    Maybe a good idea to see what else of yours is being sent through their servers first for no reason.

    Or do what I did because I don't have time to play games - replace it with X-plore, one of the old school file managers that still can't be beat.

    • PuzzledObserver

      Thank you for confirming. I felt uncomfortable trusting ES-Explorer with root privileges. Somehow I had a gut feelings there was something suspicious in this app. I may be paranoid but it comes from China. I went for an paid app and never regret. Currently using Solid Explorer.

      • primalxconvoy

        I've found that solid explorer doesn't recognise power amp nor music files in general and says that they are a file type that it can't play...

    • Lalit Mali

      The hell man! People need to know this!
      Post about this, AP

    • EarlyMon

      Here's a root alternative if you just must use ES - Android Firewall and blacklist it from going beyond your LAN.

      • PuzzledObserver

        Not convenient, what if you still want to use cloud storage? The best is just to shell out a dollar or two to buy a reputable explorer which is also better than ES. Like Solid Explorer or FX Explorer.

        • EarlyMon

          I agree, hence my choice of X-plore (not trying to save a buck, I just liked it better than Solid, but it's a personal choice). I was only giving options. :)

    • Big T

      Thanks for the notice.

    • KOLIO

      THX for the heads-up EarlyMon !
      You ROCK!

    • paul4id

      If you want root functionality then just use the Cyanogenmod File Manager (available in the F-Droid store) and is open source so none of this user hand nonsense can go unnoticed.

  • Henrique Persechini

    MiXplorer is by far the best file manager I ever installed in android. I may not have a lot previewing capabilities, but for everything else it works top notch, and has also the looks to go with it (and thank god no vista/mac os 9-styled folder icons

  • Zak Taccardi

    Sliding Explorer really should have gotten a mention. Only file explorer that looks good

  • PuzzledObserver

    Went from ES to FX Explorer, stayed for a while but the GUI is sometimes clumsy, for example the author seems doesn't like sliding. I then tried Solid Explorer and never look back. Liked Solid Explorer so much I bought licenses for everybody at home.

    • didibus

      Hum, interesting, I did the opposite, went from Solid to FX. What do you mean by sliding?

      • PuzzledObserver

        Sorry for late answer. By sliding I meant to use the horizontal swipe to switch between two locations. This is very convenient for copy/move. Solid Explorer has the best implementation. Swipe (with finger starting from middle of the screen) allow to switch between two locations. A swipe from left edge open bookmark menu to reach more locations. ES does allow swipe but the switch is between categories of locations: local, network, cloud. FX does have bookmarks but you must click on the "Window" button to swap locations. FX
        does have a split screen, to show 2 screens. I find that less elegant (and no faster) than Solid Explorer swipe implementation. I submitted a feature request to FX author in XDA forum to use swipe to switch locations, he answered that the horizontal swipe should be better used for other actions but not for navigation (sorry I don't remember the exact answer but in short it was no). FX is actually very good. This is my 2nd best explorer.

        • didibus

          Hum, I see what you mean, horizontal sipe switches between location in solid. I still prefer Fx, mostly for the way it deals with selection, where you swipe on files to select them. It would be nice if they added drag and drop between windows in split view, that's my biggest missing feature.

          Solid is my second favourite, they are both really close, my only issue with Solid is that it's slower and sometimes crashes on my Nexus 4, don't know why.

          • PuzzledObserver

            Thanks for your reply. In Solid Explorer, to select/unselect, you tap on the file/folder icon. I find that faster and more convenient than the swipe movement from FX. Especially when using the device one hand using the left hand.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Explorer by Gira.me is my choice

  • Stanley C.

    Root explorer since always. I just get used with it...

  • jeffmd

    I was a big fa of X-Plore, and still use it on my 4.2 rooted tablet. However when I got my new phone which has kitkat, the SD card lock down presented an issue. Saddly after managing a soft root, X-plore still did not want to delete any files so in the end I moved to ES. ES is a little more complex for someone who likes to keep it simple, but in the end it works very much like X-plore and that works for me.

  • Sharath

    I like Solid Explorer,second preference goes to ES Explorer.

  • http://techdissected.com/ Nick Schiwy

    I've been using Solid explorer for quite some time now. As time goes on, I find more and more features that make me glad I spent $2 on it. From the cloud features (super convenient) to root access, to my latest discovery, an MD5 calculator, along with an attractive UI, I've never been disappointed!

    • didibus

      Solid was my favourite before I found FX, which has all these features. What made me switch is that Solid crashes on me sometimes, where FX never did, it's interface is also more productive for my needs.

  • didibus

    FX is the best, I had tried it once and quickly dismissed it, but I tried it again a couple months ago, OMG, it's awesome. If you spend the 5 minutes it takes to understand it's UI, you'll never switch back to anything else.

  • Ryno Bones

    Another bonus of Solid Explorer is the Dev is very personable. I've shot him a number of emails and he is always very quick to respond. Great guy.

    • primalxconvoy

      You mean this auto email reply?


      Thank you for your feedback. This form of contact is no longer preferred because of lack of the ability to respond to all people.

      Now you can share your ideas and report problems using the new platform located here: http://support.solidexplorer.pl. I hope it will improve overall communication process and your satisfaction. Please do not write emails with questions, bugs and ideas anymore. If you want to contact me because of another reason than a question, bug or suggestion, include the [OTHER] tag in the title. Only these emails will be read by me."

      Best regards,
      Krzysztof Głodowski"

      Those are some darn fine personal communication skills right there. So much so, that it convinced me to buy his app.

      No, wait, it didn't. Quite the opposite in fact.

      • Ryno Bones

        Well, he used to have good communication. Heh, heh, heh.

  • john

    Hi my new found frequently use file explorer.
    It well made and clean ...check it out ..https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.amon.filewrangler

  • danishdhanshe

    Anyone tried explore file manager?
    It is the easiest to use for me

  • black

    I use ES, but the one that comes with CM ROMs is the best looking one.

  • Allen Tanguay

    No thanks to any of these. Sliding explorer is the only one that should be mentioned. Design guidelines, devs...

  • aliyappa

    Each and every application they have their own trend. Nice to making order. http://wp.me/p3zd1e-1EZ

  • primalxconvoy

    Astro used to be the best but the file backup function takes AGES to work. I found that replacing it with Solid Explorer and an app-backup app was much faster.

    Solid Explorer is OK, but not worth any money as the dev refuses to offer support (instead, they "phone it in" by directing customers to a forum that they have to join). However, I've found that Solid Explorer is easier to switch from internal to external memory than ES File explorer.

  • Brian Firman

    ES imo is the best

  • Lalit Mali

    Seriously? No X-Plore?
    I don't likes your list

    • Lalit Mali

      Have a poll about file managers AP. Like the recent keyboard usage poll.

  • petikeke

    My favourite is Solid Explorer. I'm kinda lost in ES file explorer. When my friend want to know a good file manager and he want to use a free version, i recommend ES file explorer, but in paid section Solid is the best options because of the dual palnel structure.

    Where is MIUI file explorer? That is pretty decent also.

  • Hrishikesh Bisen

    ES is best....

  • George Brooke

    Sliding explorer is better than every file manager on this list IMO.

  • br_hermon

    My favorite feature about ES is the ES FTP Server and sharing files between devices with ES installed. These 2 features allow me to easily move files from one place to another. It also allowed me to get rid of an additional ftpapp that I used for the same purpose. I walked away from Astro for ES and couldn't be happier.

  • ppeklak

    Solid > es

  • http://www.grantbarker.com/ Grant Barker

    A lot of them do a good job. I also like Solid Browser for the way it looks. Here are a few other Android file managers, for anyone looking to try a few: http://www.grantbarker.com/android-file-managers.html

  • Amardeep

    "There's an Airdroid-like WiFi sharing option that lets you access your phone from any browser on the same network"

    ES Explorer has it too.

  • foobar

    Ghost Commander (https://sites.google.com/site/ghostcommander1/) is my favorite

    • nlvivar

      Another vote for Ghost Commander. It's one of the first things I install on a new phone.

  • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

    I've tried them all but always came back to ES

  • Nuno Guerreiro

    ES is the Best!!!

  • PuzzledObserver

    For those clamouring ES Explorer, especially if you are not advanced users. Please read the post from EarlyMon below. This app has access to the entire content of your phone. It is good and free, and it comes from China. Does that ring any bell? I am not against free, unless ES opensources its code, until then I deem it as suspicious. Peace of mind is cheap. A more reputable explorer will cost you $2 or less. File explorer is the kind of app you must take seriously.

  • pretel

    ZArchive for zip and rar...

  • yungqb7

    ES File Explorer ftw!

  • El_Pianista

    AnTek Explorer here!.

  • Gibscreen

    None of these have side by side file management, where you can have one location open on one side of the screen and another location on the other side. X-plore file manager is my daily driver.

    • http://retardedgeniuscomics.tumblr.com najodleglejszy

      Solid Explorer does that in landscape mode and I *think* you can set it in portrait too.

  • Dave

    Total Commander is the best and no other file manager comes even close to it.

  • Michael Smith

    I have used ESExplorer since cupcake days back on 1.5 and never looked back, beats any of the samsung, sony etc own file explorers. I recommend this app to friends and family just because of how versatile and feature filled the app is.

  • paul4id

    Something as crucial as a file manager really needs to be free and open source so it is trustworthy (I have always liked the features in ES File Explorer, but also have always been suspicious about its Chinese nature as another poster has highlighted, and the interface has also gone to the dogs).

    One open source file manager that has great potential is Open Explorer. It has a good clean interface, network/cloud support and root access. Unfortunately, it can be quite buggy and the file editing interface can be annoying, but would be great if more people from the community contributed to it.

    Any other suggestions of open source file managers?