Given that Sony chose IFA last year as its debut venue for the Xperia Z1 smartphone, then MWC for the Z2, it would make sense that a new device is well underway for this year's IFA, which will be happening just two short months from now. Perhaps it's just Sony's rapid iteration cycle, but the Z3 looks largely similar to the Z2, at least from the pictures we have of it so far in this alleged leak, which has a model number of L55t to the Z2's L50t, strongly suggesting its successor status.

Xperia-Z3_5 nexusae0_wm_DSC01962

On the left is one of the leaked images, on the right is the Xperia Z2. They look nearly identical, at least without a sense of scale applied. Go to the front, and there are some differences, but even Sony's software UI layer appears to be keeping the same design language.

Xperia-Z3-leak_1 wm_13_xperia_z2_black_tabletop

The front-facing speakers appear to be positioned differently, and the bezel may be a bit thinner, but these phones are very similar otherwise. It appears the 20.7MP Exmor RS sensor and "G Lens" from the old phones are sticking around, and this leaked device is also, of course, still running Android 4.4 (albeit 4.4.4, not 4.4.2).

The chipset is allegedly a Snapdragon 801, though the slightly up-clocked 2.5GHz AC version as opposed to the 2.3GHz variant the Z2 shipped with, with the same Adreno 330GPU. Altogether, it doesn't look to be a huge upgrade, though given Sony's biannual release cycle with the Z phones to date, that's generally kind of a given.

For the rest of the pictures, head over to Xperia Blog.

Digi-wo, Weibo via Xperia Blog

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • BAM1789

    And the US still doesn't have the Z2.. Why Sony Why?!?!?

    • merc king


      • BAM1789

        Not official yet. So rumored.

        • TynanDeRosa

          I bet this is just the Z2s for T-Mobile because the Z2 is verizon exclusive.

    • lemonnnnz

      Did everyone fall asleep when Sony announced they weren't going to focus on the US market anymore?

      If Carriers want to bring over the device, sony isn't going to stop them, but it seems they aren't going to stress themselves over bringing devices to the US.

      • http://www.thejunglephoto.pw Thejungle

        And it seems to be a good thing! If other manufacturers would do the same, carriers would not have their power to influence on android and devices putting skins and crap p y bloatware everywhere around. Sony knows it is radiculus, and they say it. "in your face US". Like I can admit overall wisdom around US economics, politics etc, what carriers do out there is a prehistoric era. Sad but true guys... Even here in Poland still living in 30's, it is idiotic. Even here....

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  • Jephri

    The bezels look slightly less bezely.

    • abobobilly

      They look the same to me :S

  • Jephri

    Someone is getting fired for letting their phone get photographed. Sorry man.

    • Michael

      Someone should get fired for using the same old single-LED flash on a next-gen device instead of upgrading to dual-LED flash. I mean LOOK AT THE LG G3! HTC ONE (M8)! iPHONE 5S! NOKIA LUMIA! THOSE BADASS DUDES HAVE DUAL-LED FLASH! SONY NEEDS TO GROW UP!!!!

      Sorry loser.

      • TedPhillips

        see my comment above to jeremy, discuss?

  • http://shywim.fr/ Matthieu Harlé

    Someone publish a leaked prototype with IMEI visible OR how to get fired in 5 minutes.

  • Godspoken

    Did the Z2 even come out? lol. I remember when everyone was hyped for it but I've never heard about them actually becoming available.

    • fancypenguin

      I got one through the eBay deal posted here a while back. Fantastic device. Just sucks it's not on the Chromecast share screen whitelist, and am worried it won't get L release.

      • joseph carmine nero

        It will.don't worry

    • XDAMM

      Came out a while ago, at least here in México. It has been available from Telcel for at least a month.

    • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

      Yes, it was released months ago.

  • m477

    The sticker with the rules is hilarious.

  • Zyre

    Looks the same. Sony following Samsung?

  • Jeremy

    I'm switching to LG G3, iPhone 5S/iPhone 6, and/or Nokia Lumia, since I can't stand seeing a next-gen device that shows off outdated single-LED flash that has miserably failed to catch up with others' dual-LED flash.

    F*ck you, Sony. F*ck you.

    • TedPhillips

      a single flash of the true 'white point of the representation', should be fine, no?
      The problem is that most devices just have a 'white' led of some other color than their storage system.

      if you're capturing rec709, a single source of d65 is all it takes for an 'accurate' capture. flash photography by definition isn't realistic, so i care less about this and more about things like OIS that expand the natural exposure capabilities of device to capture the scene.

      • TedPhillips

        if you're into flash photography, support for remote flashes would be a much more significant innovation.


        you heard it hear first, a removable dongle wireless flash (good for a handful shots and charges on the phone in a minute or two)

    • abobobilly

      I really miss the era of "Xenon Flashes". What glorious days they were.

  • Henry

    I'm done with Sony and its dual-LED flash.
    I'm not done with this post yet.
    I'm not gonna like this until I die.

  • ColorMeCrazy

    Sony makes phones!?!

  • ProductFRED

    Good job showing the IMEI. I guess this guy didn't learn from the HTC M8 kid. He also broke rules 3, 4, and 5 on the back of the phone.

    • flosserelli


  • ithehappy

    If that's the Z3 it will be a fail, at least to my eyes. Come on Sony, stop with the bezels already. Those are just disgusting.

    • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

      HTC has bigger bezels.

  • thartist

    Yes it is. I recognize it because it's another Sony drab slab i would never enjoy carrying.

  • TedPhillips

    pen doesn't cover the g-damn imei....

  • RyanT

    Z2s maybe? Makes more sense than the Z3 especially given it looks identical to a z2. Also Z1s is gone from T-Mobile's website as of a few days ago.

    • Jephri

      I noticed that it was gone too

    • Cael

      Sony is on a 6 month flagship release schedule so Z3. Z4 should debut at next years MWC

  • Kurama91

    people blame samsung for the same design. But Sony does the same. all sony's phone are almost identical. it's time to change

    • Jephri

      It is called a design language. If you drastically change designs every generation people don't recognize your product. That's not a good thing. Unless you are Buick.

      • NERV

        but that doesn't mean they should use the same "design language" for 3 years and two flagships annually.

      • Kurama91

        Sony makes user confusing. by doing the same design. all their phones are look alike. it's hard to distinguish which one is which.

  • Nicholas Polydor

    Does the logo on the back of the Z3 indicate wireless charging?

    • TedPhillips

      nope paywave (aka NFC)

  • RiTCHiE

    Sexy! Think this will be my next phone... getting sick of samsung plastics.

  • alfuen00

    And the people complains about Apple and Samsung repeating the same design hahaha.

    • abobobilly

      Well repeating the same design isn't bad, when the design is good. Nokia have been doing it with its Lumia series. Do i need to even mention their "bar shaped" phones, many of which shared similarities, with overall an identical design? Same goes with other manufacturers.

      Its just that some people "over hype" some companies. Incase of samsung, they only say so because they think the devices are ugly looking. Ironically, they still continue buying it making the company think "they have succeeded".

      • alfuen00

        Just we geeks think the design is horrible, and of course not the 100% of us, normal people that don't care the rest 90% of market thinks really different and with a lot of variety, most of them don't even bother about design hahaha, we start to sound a little idiotic sometimes, nerd tech geeks

        • abobobilly

          I think it has more to do with the misconception which may say "Good design means it should 'look' good". Which the appearance is the least concern about a design. "Ergonomics" and/or "Performance" is. LG G2 with such a huge screen and still a perfectly useable phone ... THAT was a good marvel of design.

          So yeah ... maybe its just the misconception which makes people say what they say.

  • joseph carmine nero

    it,s fake

    1. Look at the imei number at the back it's actually a Xperia Z C6603 http://www.imei.info/?imei=004402452554714

    2. Look closely at the rear camera notice that the black around it is a shade lighter than the rest of the phone which leads me to believe it's actually a Xperia Z with the 20mp camera photo shopped at the back.

    CONCLUSION.... Photo shopped Xperia Z C6603

  • Hugh Johnson

    Wow what a shockingly new design. With sony's usual extra thin bezels. Looks totally different from the Z1 and Z2

  • hyperbolic

    I hope it's Android silver..

  • Vardan Nazaretyan

    Can't manufacturers just go with "1 flagship a year" philosophy? I mean, the Z2 is still going to be a pretty good phone even in a year, but Sony feels the need to release a new flagship with virtually no difference when compared to Z2 6 months after Z2's release?

  • hoosiercub88

    Oh good, a new one and they haven't even managed to launch the old one here in the US.

  • neog

    Why does the uploaded image names start with nexus?

  • abhilashthakur

    can you tell me when Xperia z3 will release in india

  • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

    Sony needs to shut up and take my money.

  • Charlie

    Kinda disappointed, I was waiting on the Z3. But compared to my current Z1, it's not much of a step up. Bit of a bummer, but I'm still perfectly happy with the Z1 I guess. Maybe I'll wait on the Z4, lol.