Looking to pick up a G3 on a US carrier of the non-magenta variety, and looking to do so on the cheap(-ish)? Best Buy may have the deal just for you - they're offering LG's latest flagship for $100 off the normal 2-year agreement price of $199, meaning you'll be paying half of what the carriers are asking if you walk into one of their stores today.

Granted, this probably means we'll be seeing the G3 at a discount a good amount over the course of its life, but if you just can't wait, this Best Buy offer is pretty good. Not looking to get shackled for two years of service? They're also offering a $100 Best Buy gift card if you're making your G3 purchase on AT&T Next, Verizon Edge, or Sprint Easy Pay (I didn't know that was a thing), with the usual $0 down and recurring monthly payments of some-dollars.


Head on over to the promo page on Best buy's website to learn more.

Best Buy

David Ruddock
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  • bearballz

    Not a bad deal. Plus if you signed up for their phone freedom promotion at the beginning of the year they'll give you a $50.00 gift card good towards the purchase of a phone.

  • Rick Fisher

    Not sure about the other carriers, but the Verizon LG G3 is already $99 on contract. I wonder if the promotion would still apply and make the phone free? That's a pretty damn good deal for a flagship phone that is brand new. I got my M8 from Best buy and they had it at $199 with a $50 gift card but Vzw had it on sale for $99. BB price matched and still gave me the gift card (which I was allowed to use towards the purchase of the phone), so it may very well work here too.

    • Mark Washington

      They priced match wow! I thought they got rid off the price match on subsidized pricing

    • thelmajschlegel

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  • sumone

    Just wondering how much you have to pay monthly for the contract?

  • dogulas

    Really, really good things come to those who wait even longer ;)

  • sssgadget

    locked bootloader again?

  • alexcue

    Super tempted by the G3, but I gotta see what other flagships come out this year. The nice thing about waiting for the Note 4 & X+1 to come out is I get to see which will end up with the most dev-friendly community. The bad thing is I'm stuck with Verizon, so it's never an easy process.

    • tlogank

      If the VZW Note 2 and Note 3 are any indication of dev-friendly, the Note 5 will definitely be not. It took months to get an S5 root even with a $20K bounty.

  • tekmonkey

    Any deals for the T-Mobile version? I'm waiting on Costco to get them in stock in hopes they offer some type of credit like they do many other phones.