Noodlecake has brought developer Rocketcat's Wayward Souls over to Android, enabling waves of new players to experience this challenging action adventure game. This title, which takes inspiration from the likes of Spelunky and Secret of Mana, pushes players out onto the floor of a randomly generated dungeon and wishes them the best, all while pounding them with horde after horde of enemies and challenging bosses. It's a fast experience that's easy to dive into and just as easy to get kicked back out of.

Wayward Souls has six characters to choose from and thirteen area types to explore. Grinding doesn't hurt, but it will take actual skill to make it to the end of this adventure. The world changes with each playthrough, so strategy and timing will get players further than memorization.

Wayward7 Wayward3 Wayward2

Wayward4 Wayward5 Wayward6

The controls are designed in such a way that players need not wrestle with virtual sticks or buttons. Even better, there are no IAPs to worry about. $4.99 (going up to $5.99 after this week) gets you the game and all future updates. And yes, there will be updates. The team already plans to add MFI controller support, health bars for the bosses, a way to sync game saves, and more. The game's price will go up by $1 each time an update brings new content, so it pays to get in on the action early. Here's a link.

Source: Noodlecake

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • John

    Play store is showing it to have IAP

    • Sorian

      Bug when published onto play store.

  • Kay

    Yeah, $5 with IAP is a pass for me, even though I'd probably enjoy the game.

    • Sorian

      This is actually just a bug that popped up with the publishing of the app.

  • https://jeffmitchell.me Jeff Mitchell

    Yep, play store shows IAPs.

    • Sorian

      Error when published, developer is working to correct it.

  • evertjr

    This game is amazing! I play it all the time on iOS! And no, there's no iap.

  • Aaron MacNaughton

    Why don't you all actually look into the game on review sites to learn that it DOESN'T have IAP or never will. Developer has already stated so. I've bought the game and played it myself as well...no IAPS.

    • https://jeffmitchell.me Jeff Mitchell

      Looking into the game on review sites has nothing to do with it. Google Play is the authoritative source as to whether the game is requesting the right to offer IAPs.

      If the developer is adamant about no IAPs ever, why did they indicate to Google that they offer IAPs? I'm not being a conspiracy theorist, I just don't see the logic there. People looking for games without IAPs won't even read the description...they'll see that text and look elsewhere.

      • sdcoiner76

        They did not indicate to Google Play that they offer IAP. There is a bug that shows games with IAP when they don't have any. I have seen several games that this has happened to. Sorry but Google Play is not the "authoritative source" on this because I have also seen apps without the IAP flag that did in fact have in app purchases.

        • https://jeffmitchell.me Jeff Mitchell

          Developers admitted that it was a mistake in the packaging of their game, and issued an update to fix it. So -- Google Play right, developers wrong.

      • Cheeseball

        It's because it's actually Google's fault for faulty Play Store API.

        • https://jeffmitchell.me Jeff Mitchell


          • Cheeseball

            Yeah, confirmed it. They just forgot to remove the billing permission in their manifest file before uploading into Play.

  • Yunacchi

    No IAPs, claims "No IAPs ever", yet still IAP-enabled.

    • Sorian

      Response to IAP by the developers.

      Noodlecake Studios Inc July 10, 2014
      This is actually just a bug that popped up with the publishing of the app. There are in fact NO iaps and a new build that should remove that tag is coming up soon.

      • https://jeffmitchell.me Jeff Mitchell


  • Ian Peters

    I'm not sure why the IAP permission is listed on the play store -- haven't found any IAPs in the game, no ads or anything like that, and the description states "No IAP ever". I will take them at their word. This game is definitely a best-of-genre right now.

    • neolid

      For upcoming updates? The game will update as usual, but unlocking new content will cost money, through IAPs. Unless you purchase it during this week. That's the only reason I can think about.

      • Ian Peters

        If that's true, it's a major change from the policy they described and have implemented in the iOS version. The stated behavior is that once you've bought it you get all future updates, but that future new purchasers will pay more as they add more content.

        • Pyrotek85

          Yeah it seems pretty clear in the description, assuming it's not been changed elsewhere that is.

  • Guest

    "MFi Controller Support"???

    Doesn't MFi=Made For iPhone?

    • Sorian

      Technically, its Made for iOS. But I take it as a cut and paste from their iOS version and means they're adding controller support.

      • http://bertelking.com/ Bertel King, Jr.

        This is the way I read it too. Hopefully something Android-friendly is in the works.

        • Sorian

          MOGA already has 4 Android controllers to the 1 for iOS.

  • soulbreak

    Hmmmmm. Nope.apk

  • justln

    Response to IAP by the developers.

    Noodlecake Studios Inc July 10, 2014
    Hey Benjamin. This is actually just a bug that popped up with the publishing of the app. There are in fact NO iaps and a new build that should remove that tag is coming up soon.

  • blindexecutioner

    What is MFI controller support?

    • Sorian

      Stands for Made for iOS... Moga controllers should work with it.

  • catfashionshow

    I own the iOS version, and every other game by this developer. I can confirm that there are no, nor will there ever be, in-app purchases. The developers talked about their plans for the game in depth here: http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/216177/Rocketcats_Wayward_Souls_gets_more_expensive_after_every_update.php

    They try different pricing experiments for every game. Their experiment here is one flat price that goes up one dollar every time there's an update. There will never be a sale on the game. It's most certainly worth $5 today, and the value will only go up in the future-- it's the same business model as Minecraft.

    Finally, let me just say that supporting good developers who port their quality games is the only way that more developers will see Android as a good opportunity. We'll always be stuck with ripoffs and free to play junk if everyone just says "$5 for a game? No."

  • Ghost

    Worth every penny. Reminds me of Secret of Evermore.

  • http://www.geekchoice.com/ Dagmar Schneitz

    This game totally reminds me of the first Zelda. Maybe a little too much of Zelda.

  • Marcelove

    The developer already updated the app at Play Store showing that that IAP showing at permissions was an error ... Everyone can check now to see that I'm telling the truth... 😉 And now, seeing for myself that the no IAP speech is really for real, I'm gonna support the developer buying the game, even not having time to play it for the next weeks. I'm doing that cause 2 reasons: give a middle finger to all developers sold to evil IAPs and show the appreciation that i have for the ones that stick with true game soul of worth game developers... 😇

  • flosserelli

    "And yes, there will be updates."

    So after 5 updates, the price of admission will be $10? Yeah, good luck with that, Noodlecake.

  • DaveTexan

    looks like a fun game to play. Note if you can buy this and many of their other apps with Amazon coins... I have more than $40 of free coins from previous promotions and still have about $25 left...

  • seign

    Just downloaded this yesterday and I have to say, it's worth every damn penny. It reminds me a bit of Binding of Isaac and Spelunky (as the author of this article stated). It is kind of hard but I equate that to more replay value. The enemies have interesting attack patterns and the maps are randomly generated. If you die, that's it, you're dead. Back to ground zero. However, you can collect gold in the game which can be used to permanently upgrade your character (you start with 3 characters to choose from and can unlock 3 more so far). There are also random weapon and stat upgrades throughout to help you out.

    The controls feel great for a touch screen game and it takes no time to figure out how to do everything. I'd recommend playing the warrior while you're getting used to it then trying the rogue and lastly the mage. The mage seems to be the toughest to get the hang of as she has low HP and her projectiles take a bit of practice to actually land them right. It's easy to learn but it looks like it's going to be tough to master. I rated this 5 stars on the GPlay store and I'd probably give it a 9/10 on a 10 point scale.