During the dawn of personal computing, PC manufacturers claimed that a huge selling point for women was the ability to store all their recipes in one simple location. We've come a long way since then, but they weren't completely wrong: technology is definitely helpful in the kitchen. While there are dozens of personal cookbook apps floating around on Google Play, Flavourit looks to set itself apart from the rest with a few unique features.

It's got an interesting and intuitive interface that makes adding and sorting recipes quick and easy, but my personal favorite feature is sharing the recipe as an image. Anyone who cooks has needed to share some homebrewed concoction before, so the ability to just instantly create a good-looking and informative graphic is super cool.


The app also includes a pretty thorough tutorial for those who may want some assistance in getting started, and it also ships with a few included recipes of its own...like Fried Egg Cupcakes. Nope, not kidding.

Flavourit is a free download in the Play Store, hit the widget to check it out.

Screenshot_2014-07-10-09-24-03 Screenshot_2014-07-10-09-23-45

Cameron Summerson
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  • Martin

    Looks really nice.

  • Duncankrebbers

    We definitely need more recipe apps on Android, I found the most of them or very outdated in terms of design, or without much support for your own custom recipes.

    I'm currently using Allthecooks, since Google showed of the Android Wear features at I/O. Unfortunately this app doesn't have Android Wear support (yet)

    • http://www.simplerecipecollector.com Robert Lebel

      Check out Simple Recipe Collector, which also has a PC version.

      • Duncankrebbers

        Thanks! That one looks a lot better than Allthecooks, and a pc version is definitely a plus! Do you happen to know anything about Android Wear support for this app?

  • Juhani

    That UI is seriously confusing...

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

      Really? The only thing that bugs me about it is that categories and such aren't sorted alphabetically.

      • Ryan

        I have to agree with him. I admittedly skipped the tutorial, but it's 2014, I should be able to intuit your android app without blindly pressing around or having to use a dumb stepthrough

        also, I don't entirely understand the 'cookie' thing, but I'm pretty sure I don't like it

      • Daveon Jackson

        Wasn't really confusing to me either, but it isn't intuitive at all either.

  • TwinkieFGR

    Downloaded it, and went through the tutorial for creating a recipe. The designers certainly made their own interface for this one, can't say that's a good thing though.
    I think I'll stick with Paprika. Much easier to use, follows the design standards quite well. And the ability to share a page from the internet and have it build the recipe for you is fantastic.

  • catiremedina

    This is certainly prettier but I still prefer Cheftap, I like how it pulls recipes from the web without me having to enter them manually. You can enter recipes manually if you want. Also the free version lets you sync with their cloud once a week.

  • J Harrell

    Umm... How do you "poot" an Apricot? I'm guessing it's meaning pitted apricots rather than pooted, but still... Not the best of signs. Personally, I'll stick with Evernote

  • http://www.modminecraft.com/ Nick Coad

    The design is a mess. Ugly as hell.

  • wekebu

    I want a recipe app that can add ingredients from the recipe and tags what recipe I've selected. I did find an app that does this, but it had a monthly fee. I have no problems paying for an app, but not a monthly fee.

  • Prasad Tiruvalluri

    Try Pepperplate. You have an extension for chrome that lets you add any recipe to your pepperplate account which syncs with your Pepperplate app. While adding, you can actually see how it is going to get added and then make corrections in the chrome. Also it generates a shopping list once you have selected recipes (multiple) for an occasion so that it is easy to shop too.

  • Tyler

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