Early last month Mojang bumped the Minecraft Pocket Edition beta up to version 0.9.0, and the team crammed everything into the release, including the kitchen sink (though you may have to build it yourself). Now that release is going stable. The latest app update brings all of the new content to users who weren't aware of or adventurous enough to journey into the beta.

This release introduces infinite worlds, new environments, and loads of new blocks. There are new enemies to tend with, but the update provides players with another means of staying alive - the option to tame a wolf to serve as their loyal ally.


What's new:

  • Infinite worlds!
  • Caves!
  • Loads of new blocks and items including Monster Eggs and huge mushroom blocks.
  • Wolves! Tame a loyal companion.
  • Loads of new flowers! So pretty.
  • New mobs, including the spooky endermen and less spooky Mooshrooms.
  • New biomes from the PC version, including mesas, jungles, swamps and extreme hills.

The $6.99 game is available at its usual place below. Journey forth.

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  • Anthony L.

    Notch is a good guy. If Minecraft was from EA, they'd make us pay per block used.

    • Cory S

      and there would be a 5 second timer that would increase between each block put down unless you paid to speed it up.

      • Matthew Gan

        Let's hope EA never has plans to acquire Mojang or Minecraft.

        • Tayeeb

          They Never can.

  • firesoul453

    I have yet to buy it for android. But I gotta see how the vita version compares first. Real controls are always better and I'd love to play this game on the go.

  • Taylor

    Just a heads up, this doesn't appear to work on the L preview. Well, the menus do. But starting a new world has crashed the game consistently.

    • Tasia Lafond

      My game won't work it keeps crashing and blacking out. I have to move really really really slow. If I move normal speed the game will glitch and shutdown! :'( I built my hometown and I had to delete the game and download it again to see if it would work again but it didnt so I just wasted a huge world on this new update... I don't like this new minecraft:'(

      • Jennifer

        My son's ipod keeps blacking out and bringing him to the main screen. He just did the 0.9.0 update.

        • Genevieve WATERS

          Mine won't let me spawn monsters and natural monsters only spawn at night and there is only spiders for all I know but right before the glitch ing started I saw an enderman

          • Caleb Mirola

            If you have your difficulty off and you go to creative, you can't spawn any monsters. It wouldn't work for me either at first

          • Gamer rebel

            Well my ipad won't let me go infinite anymore!!!! It says that its unsupported on this device!!!!

          • Pickles

            Same with me. You should have to agree to do the new update😢😞

          • Double @

            MIne did the exact same thing but my brother who has the same type of device on me can! It's soo annoying!

        • Tasia Lafond

          It does the same thing when I try to build a new world too. Is there a way to contact them and tell them to fix the problem? Because when I update it, it says "please let us know issues". Or something like that

          • Pickles

            Whenever I go on to my favorite and only survival world (which I have worked very hard on and is super cool) I am stuck in pitch blackness and I am in the sky and since it is on survival I can't fly down. Whenever I turn off my phone from playing minecraft PE I go to the bed in my house and then I went on a vacation to Quebec and it glitched. I am very disappointed because this happened right after the update. My minecraft is also very slow. This glitch only happened to my one world😢

        • Hannah

          My iPod keeps doing it too so I got on my moms phone and did it but it said "game losing memory" the first minute I used it!

          • Randomperson

            I know mine too but I only have 4 or 5 worlds! So frustrating! 😡

          • CandyCane24


          • kitenluvr

            My flat world messed up and did something crazy!! Im so mad!!!! >:'(

        • Rebekah

          Same I lag out of my game and my dogs keep suffocating in the walls. Also I can't join anyone not even my brother's world and he played for 15 minutes and he already has 2 diamonds,14 iron and gold and a clock and stone tools with a iron pickaxe. I'm jealous. I wanted to join him but I couldn't. :-(

          • CarolineD555

            I feel ya hope u can join eventually

          • Lou


        • Lou

          Mine did to

      • JustJenny

        My son is having all of the same issues as you, and the ones stated below. Is there a fix for these yet? This is frustrating.
        My kids want to be in each other's world; either the game lags, majorly, when someone joins, or his world just blacks out to tablet hime screen.

    • SkyeGreen42

      They really should add android L compatibility... its eather now or much much later.
      Please add in 0.9.1 or 9.2...

      • Shamur Stewart

        Why? Android L isn't even in beta yet. No point to it.

      • lionblaze55

        YESSSS MCPE really neds android l compatibility

    • Whocares

      Mine works fine

  • Sruly J

    Even though I tried it before, I never bought it until I got to over 3800 coins in the Amazon App Store. How long do y'all suppose it could take until the update is available from Amazon?

    • Kirk Hayes

      Update is live from Amazon. I just downloaded and it is pretty awesome!

      • Sruly J

        Weird, it's not showing me the update button.

        • Kirk Hayes

          I did so through the Amazon App Store App and had to click refresh under Update, but then it showed...

          • Sruly J

            Tried that, it didn't help. Cleared app data and tired again, still nothing. Guess I'll try again later.

          • Sruly J

            Hmmm, now it shows the update. Thanks

    • Cory S

      about 3 years

  • Glenn Dobson

    Just wish they'd add controller support for it.

    • Blonde killer

      What about a new app!!!! That would be awesome right❓ I mean c'mon people... Talk with me here.

  • Cory S

    I bought this game when it first came out, but never played it for more than a couple minutes.

  • Level9

    Infinite world? Awesome, now we can talk business. So what's the hardware requirement this time?

  • http://mwinter.in/ Yan Gabriel Minário

    Now add redstone.

    • Sruly J

      It's been around since .8

      • http://hugehog.blogspot.com/ Herman

        He means working redstone, that you can use to create redstone contraptions with pistons etc.
        This is all that Minecraft PE is really missing now, apart from that it's as good as a Minecraft PC Beta version!

        • Sruly J


        • http://mwinter.in/ Yan Gabriel Minário

          The only thing I cared seems to be the last to be added. 💩

        • Ramon

          I agree, I was very disappointed that everything new has been added except for redstone.

  • bolski

    Love this game/app. I have it on my PC as well, but having it on my Nexus 7 is great as well. I've been part of the beta group getting the updates as they came in, and all I can say is, Notch has done an excellent job.

    Let's hope he never sells Minecraft off to some big company like EA. That would be the death of it.

    • Ashlynn

      Ok i have a ios device like the ipod 4 and ever since i updated it it keeps kicking me off! Can you please fix it?

      • ashlynn

        Thats for mojang not for you bolski

  • dude

    My 4yo niece is addicted to this game like crack. She both play and watch let's play of it.

  • Gokh

    Even "next gen" console dont have this ! :P

  • Squid

    Do you need to make a new world for infinite worlds? I just built a castle yesterday...

    • Matthew Gan


    • Janis

      They said in next update you can convert old worlds into infinie 😋😉😊😊

      • Bugzilla

        I hate having this update I can't even play for a minuet it's so frustrating please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Blonde killer

          I can help if you can get jeb bergensten's phone #

    • Tyler

      Yes you push new and on the top right corner push advanced then you will see infinity.
      Are you iballisticsquid

      • Squid

        I knew that.

        No, I'm not IballisticSquid, in fact, I was "Squid" before him. I've had this name online since 2009.

      • Kayla

        All of this new stuff is not worth the lag and crashes

  • brandon38659

    my minecraft always crashes and i dont know why....but it says on my server right now (i have some builds on my world) the game is almost out of memory) or something like that.....i dont know why :(

    • Cheeseball

      Well, uhm, probably because you don't have enough RAM on your device. Generating seeds for infinite worlds does take up A LOT of RAM.

    • Minecraft Playerz

      Me too I have the same problem and I know someone else that does too! I don't know why so I cleaned out my phone bye deleting some apps and some worlds on minecraft it's self and so I started a new world and like 15 mins after it says ( not enough memory) for some reason? Mojang, what's the deal with this????

    • Blond killer

      I do know why

  • Chris B

    Tempted to pick this up using the free amazon coins I've amassed. Is it a bad idea to do it from there? Should I grab it from GP instead?

    • Dean

      Why would it be a bad idea? They get their apps updated in a timely manner these days.

    • Sruly J

      I got it from Amazon a while ago (had to do SOMETHING with my 3800 coins), not a mistake on my part.

  • Sruly J

    The only thing I've noticed with the update that they didn't mention was the tendency for the app to force crash often :/

  • Zchewyz

    I don't like the crafting table and stuff it's confusing

    • Blonde killer

      I agree... You don't even know what your crafting

  • Chase

    Why does my pocket addition mine craft keep crashing? (On iPod touch 4th generation 8gb running iOS 6.1.6 ) I just updated it to 0.9.0 and it keeps crashing, all of my apps are closed, I restored it and backed up my iPod and it still crashes. Is there anything docs I can try? Suggestions?

    • Xman845

      The random access memory (RAM) in the iPod touch 4th generation is VERY small compared to modern iOS and android devices. The iPod touch 4th generation has only 256 megabytes of RAM compared to the minimum of 512 megabytes of RAM on the lowest speced current iOS and android devices (eg iPod touch 5th gen, iPhone 4s). RAM is used by Minecraft to store the 'blocks' and other data. The last version of Minecraft has limited terrain size (256x256 blocks) to make sure that it won't crash or freeze on mobile devices with limited RAM. Newer devices are released with extra RAM (the iPhone 5s for example has 1 gigabyte of RAM and the latest android flagships has 2 or 3 gigabytes of RAM) and those newer devices can store more data inside their RAM without crashing. The introduction of infinite worlds means that much more RAM will be used. Closing apps/resetting won't do a thing (since RAM is a hardware feature and not software) The only thing that you can do is to get a newer device (preferably with at least 1 GB of RAM and a reasonably fast processor).

    • Fdhdud

      I love this game

  • black

    I don't get this game. Pretty stupid if you ask me.

    • Andrew Morales

      I don't think anyone asked you.

      • black

        ".. if you ask me."

        Learn you some English, boy.

        • Andrew Morales

          ".. if you ask me."

          But nobody did.

          • black

            But that's the point. Nobody has to. That's why there's an 'if'.

          • Andrew Morales

            "If" means there is a condition that must be met. That condition is someone asking your opinion. That condition was never met.

          • black

            You just made my point. If someone had asked, I would have said "since you asked me..."

        • endervasyl


  • Erin

    Omg! Keeps force closing! Just as soon as I downloaded the update!

  • Jasmine Greenfield

    The update is great. The only problem I'm having is it keeps crashing on y iPod touch. Can't even open infinite worlds.

  • Dallas

    So, every time (in creative mode) I try to spawn something like enderman, or slime, it's not working? Is there anyway to fix it? Or is it just not a feature in creative mode?

    • Guest12698

      it's not working because you have hostile mobs turned off. Go to your minecraft game, click options, and under the first tab that has an icon with a sword and a pickaxe, there is a slider labelled "Difficulty". Slide it to the other end, and you should be able to spawn things like endermen and slimes! I hope I helped!

      • Dallas

        Thank you! That worked. :)

      • Genevieve WATERS

        Nope I had on difficult

        • Genevieve WATERS

          What the Hell?????? I definitely had on difficult but then when I saw this message I checked again and it had turned itself on to no difficult so this update is still wacky

    • Genevieve WATERS

      I know same thing here and on my survival world no monsters even on difficult until night and that was only once

      • endervasyl

        monsters dont spawn in the day time

    • Rin

      Are you on peaceful?

  • Eduardo

    What to do if your minecraft pe keeps freezing?

    • Kael

      I had that problem with my tablet 2 10.1, what I did was turn off animated water, fancy graphics and beautiful skies.. Also if that doesn't work delete some games that you don't really play

  • nathan h

    how do you update???

    • Genevieve WATERS

      It updates itself

  • M.ather

    Hello! How to Build a Infinite World?????Its not infinite world on my device? Why??? Please Reply

  • ChaoticCrown

    nice however when I first updated mcpe to 0.9.0 it was so epic until it crashed and crashed so I had to play angry birds epic until that crashing bug is fixed

  • ChaoticCrown

    Hope it will never be with EA

  • ChaoticCrown

    Oh and sometime it says the game is running out of memory!!! And I only have two survival world they gotta fix this

  • Seceret

    My game keeps crashing every time I try to type on a sign please tell me other people have
    the same problem (using Kindle fire btw)

  • Minecraft

    WORST UPDATE EVER! Game crashes everytime I go into one of my 0.9 games the game would crash its okay in my other worlds. I'M SICK OF THIS!!!!

    • Fdhdud

      Best update ever!

  • Diamond

    I agree with everyone, but the main deal is that the game keeps on crashing and says things like the game is running out of memory. Mojang, u have to fix this now!! ; )

  • Julie Faconi

    When you update, are you losing what you have into it so far... or will it keep it?

    • Genevieve WATERS

      It will keep it

  • Genevieve WATERS

    When my minecraft updated to 0.9.0 after a while it will let me have or spawn monsters but mostly other stuff is ok

  • Lottie

    Mine keeps doing reaaly random things. If i have more than one world, it will black out and crash every minute or so. So i got rid of all my other worlds and stuck to one. Its works fine but it keeps telling me that the game is running out of memory. And so every time i exit out and go back in, something that i built or just things that ere there before are missing.

  • lucas

    It's soo glitchy


    The new update broke my Kindle Fire. I HATE MINECRAFT PE BECAUSE I CAN'T PLAY ON MY DEVICE AT ALL.


    The new update contains a virus the broke my kindle fire.

  • Anonymus

    Why is mine 0.9.1?

  • Ariana

    Add horses, I got a saddle from a village but there are no horses to use it on

    • Fdhdud

      Use it on a pig

  • AA408

    To the people who's game keeps crashing, Mojang is aware of this and they're working on 0.9.1 right now. It should fix most of the bugs that the Beta testers missed. Also they're are going to have it be more compatible with later iOS devices to fix the crashing.

    • Carol Jarvos Wood

      Is there a time frame on the fix? My daughter is suffering from withdrawal...therefore I am suffering, too. :) jk, but would be nice for it to work for her again. She saved her money to buy it.

  • Fangirl Express

    Theres a water bug, now when i try to make an infinite water source like before it isnt infinite. Am i doing something or is it really just a bug?

  • CarolineD555

    I dont really like infinite worlds--i like knowing every part of my world, other than that the update is fantastic!

    • Cheryl Leon Levy

      I agree -- but I love that they give you the option of choosing infinite or finite!

  • felix

    Why does my mojang does not work:-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

    • Fdhdud

      This is now minecraft PC beta version!

  • May

    First of all everyone with an iPod 4th generation can not use the update well because it was not supported. Second of all Mojang is fixing the :running out of memory bug

  • Caleb Mirola

    My minecraft constantly crashes also. If you did read what it would update it said it MIGHT at a few bugs. This is probably one of the bugs. They will most likely come out with a new update in the next few weeks fixing that.

  • Caleb Mirola

    What I have found out on my iPod is that when you have a regular world, it seems to not crash as much. Once you have explored most of the small world, you are good to go. Although you have to walk slow and take your time exploring. The game seems to have hard part in loading up your world

  • Hershel Butternubs

    You need to add the nether. Other than that, it's pretty good, besides the lag...

  • April

    Did the update, my iPad keeps crashing now :(

  • Marron

    i have an issue of spawning in the sky and falling to my death, how do i fix this?

  • Tyler

    Mine keeps crashing

  • Caleb Mirola

    Every time I tried to create, it lags and crashes. And it keeps saying that the world is taking up space and I haven't even done anything!

  • Anonymous

    The difficulty isn't working...? I have it on easy 'cause I just started a new survival world, and there are monsters all over the place! What?!

  • Ryan

    My game only works in flat mode :(

  • ChaoticCrown

    I Love mcpe 0.9.0 but I keep crashing and says warning : the game is running out of memory !!!
    That needs to be fixed when 0.9.1 or 1.0.0 comes out

  • ChaoticCrown

    Reply to me

  • HI

    Btw if anyone else was or is having trouble spawning monsters. Just turn your difficulty on.

  • MinerHenning

    Hey, every time I play minecraft pe, it keep telling me I am running out of memory, can someone tell me how to fix up?

  • Cheryl Leon Levy

    While I prefer finite over infinite worlds (and am SO happy they let us choose either!) I hope they will fix the low-memory error so that it doesn't keep clogging up our screens! I'd love to go back to being able to play with higher graphics settings. It even pops up on my old worlds. And the crafting is fine -- I just really liked being able to see all available blocks, whether I'm holding pieces needed to craft it or not -- especially with all these new blocks; I'd love to see if there is something new I can make, and exactly what I need for it! It would also be nice to see how many I currently have WHILE I am crafting.

  • Brony power

    They are sending out update 0.9.2 because of the game crashing and chunks not loading in

  • Bubkasarah

    My game keeps saying game running out of memory. HOW DO I FIX IT

  • Jacob, C

    I dont like how ipods can only go on flat and old. I also am not a fan of the difficulty, even if its down mobs still spawn

  • Leks

    It froze my kindle

  • Leks

    Minecraft froze my kindle

  • Sarah Wallace

    If you want to tame a wolf, does peaceful have to be off or can it be on?

  • tori

    My sister can't join my world and it started right when I update it. It says she joined but on her screen it's say generating world and it freeze

  • Anonymous

    There are mobs on peaceful. I've moved the slider and they still don't go away. There is a creeper going to blow up my dogs. I ttryed restarting my ipad didn't work. Any ideas?


    On my iPhone 5c I tried getting on my brother's world, which is on an iPad, and it wouldn't work. It freezes on the "locating server" screen and it have to restart the game. When he gets on one of my worlds, it works fine. How do I fix this? I've made sure we're on the same wifi, I can't figure out what's wrong.

    • Jasmine

      I have the exact same problem it's really frustrating...

  • Minecraft.m

    I don't know Y but when I turn the difficulty slider to hard and then back on to peaceful the MONSTERS are still there.😡

  • mort158
  • Me

    I have the update and it's cool! But now it keeps crashing and I can't connect with my friend anymore. It gets stuck on the locating server screen then it crashes! When I tame a wolf it keeps going back to evil, and Steve sometimes glitches all over the place! Any suggestions on what I should do about this?

  • Leilani Tess


  • Juan

    My game wont les me Join my sisters world it says locating server the fresses and tapes me to my homescreen

  • DarkWolf22

    Why do I spawn in the sky? Do I ever come down?

  • Joe

    I spawn in the sky and cant move. Lost the entire world

  • Bramble 99

    My screen has frozen cus of the update

  • Charlotte

    It's not letting me turn off mobs .. Is it the same way as before ? Please help !

  • dancingwithmiley

    i cant connect with friends anymore so i hope they'll fix it

  • Swagger master

    It sucks because it lags and now my ipad is so slow

  • Hyrum S.

    Yes my world would crash and go very slow and I wish that it would stop lagging and crashing. And does any body else have a problem with multiplayer or is it just me. And one thing that I have been waiting a long time for is horses and saddles and much more stuff that they haven't added yet. But I wish that they would fix the slowness and the crashing problem.

  • Kay R

    0.9.0 let me use infinite worlds. And now that I updated to 0.9.2, my device suddenly won't support them. I find that incredibly stupid.

  • Matthew Mayou

    great update but when I die it spawns me in the sky and i cant get down so frusterating <:{

  • Matthew Mayou

    I can but I constantly have to restart my phone and it takes forever to fall back down still

  • Blond killer

    My first time ever playing on a flat world. And guess what! This spawned!!! It's kinda cool. A forest with two houses

  • allyn

    is their any use for a saddle? I just got one from a village chest. I know that their are no horses can I ride pigs or cows?

    • Gavote


  • sidney

    If I place signs when some ones in my world I lag out and in my friends world it loads about 85% then it freezes please help

  • Angry Minecrafter

    I cant put monster eggson creative

  • jamie

    it lagggggssssssss

  • jamie

    you have to move slowly or it crashes :/

  • Bellatrix8589

    My tablet keeps Crashing as soon as I open a world I miss my old minecraft without crashes!! :,-(

  • Emily

    Does anyone know how to fix the issue when it says that 'infinite mode is not supported on this device'?

  • Nick C.

    the game made my tablet freeze and now i cant do anything on it. i cant even turn it off

  • angelina

    Minecraft is a good game but does anyone know how to use the crafting table in survival

  • irjf

    For some reason this update doesnt let me connect to servers

  • Amanda Marie

    When ever I try to open a world on Minecraft PE it says that it is corrupt why is that

  • #omgwhataname

    Someone help me! I can't movie myself correctly! When I move up my person goes down and when I go down my person goes up! It's so confusing! How do I fix this?!!!

  • Tami

    My son is stuck in the sky and falls to his death. When he spawns he is still stuck up in the sky and falls to his death each time. Please help as this is very frustrating!

  • Beau

    Does it work on a samsung galaxy s5

  • washiton fair

    My tablet will not get the new update im so I punched my chicken :|

  • Nan1128

    Can't join other friends worlds. Get message... Outdated Server. Where do we find a new server to work with 9.0 PE for Ipad?

  • Bexy

    When I die mine keeps spawning me in a cave with no way out

  • Michelle

    Can somebody tell me what to do I built something on and infinity flat world and then I got back on and I was gone but when my sister got on it was still there? Can somebody PLEASE HELP!!!

  • GhostFİRE

    Hey guys how are you!!! Im fine :D
    I can't play infinite world plz help :(

  • Madison

    Why won't minecraft let me play on infinate!!!!!

  • Minecraft💗er

    It's so anoying when ever I play on my ipod and want to go infinite it won't WORK!!! So now I can do barely any seeds!
    Please fix this problem Mojang company.

  • BryanY

    My minecraft pe keep crashing while it was showing on the Mojang page (opening)

  • ThatAwesomeGuy

    Help: i was on an awesome world then switched off and went on holiday, i get back on to the world and EVERYTHING is GONE!!!!!!!!! How do i fix this?

  • Michael Goutet