The first Android Wear devices are just starting to show up on doorsteps, but already a second update is heading out to the Samsung Gear Live. The OTA bumps the build to KMV78X from KMV78V. What does it do? Unclear.


Some users are saying that calling a car via Lyft now works, but we didn't have an issue with that before the update. Perhaps it's improving the reliability of that feature, but there could also be various behind the scenes changes that aren't apparent to device owners.

If you've got a Gear Live, the update should show up soon. The G Watch is still on KMV78V with no reports of an OTA yet. No guarantee it will, though. The update might be Gear Live specific.

Ryan Whitwam
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  • BiggiePhat

    Why would it be Gear Live specific? I thought the whole new initiative from Google with wear was consistency. All products to be on the same build.

    BTW, this would be the third OTA.

    • Thomas

      Why does the build number matter in consistency? There are hardware differences that may mandate one system getting an update over the other.

    • Brian Cornea

      The OEM software looks to be the same across the board. I'm wondering if there was a driver issue that was causing a memory leak on the Samsung model. I would rather have them push out a bunch of OTA's than rarely push one out IMO.

  • Darklordxnew

    Hopefully the G watch gets an update.

    Whenever the data state on my Nexus 5 changes (changing between wifi and cell data, or vice versa), the watch gets a 1 way connectivity...where it can still receive notfications; but not do any commands. I've factory reset the watch, as well as tried 3 different ROM's on my Nexus 5 trying to troubleshoot the issue.

    Glaringly huge bug.

    • Bill Stebbins

      I had this same issue with my Gear Live. Since I installed Wear Aware I haven't had it happen again.

      • Darklordxnew

        I've had it installed since i got the phone. Still happens :(

    • Benni Bennetsen

      This has been improved in android l when ever we See thst

    • gumbald

      Saw this issue too, it's not happened since I put my Nexus 5 on Android L...

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Wow, Android Wear is surprisingly broken, no wonder it's out only for 2 devices now

    • ddpacino

      Really? How so?

      • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

        Look for Artem's G+ posts and several AP YouTube clips "Things that Android Wear doesn't do well" + the inability to install paid apps without a workaround

        • Jason Bourne

          Why would I want to install Paid Apps on my watch?

        • CW

          There is a workaround now for the paid apps problem.

  • Jon

    I've noticed that if i flip BT off and back on, it will fix the watch connectivity issue. I am also getting odd connection issues everytime I get home (flip to wifi from LTE)

  • Daniel Marcinkowski

    Tinder also doesn't work on KMV78V :/

  • nathan

    Still only getting about 6 hours of battery life on average.

  • pextis

    samsung prépare the next galaxy s6, what new smartwatch would samsung release with the next samsung galaxy s6, galaxy gear 3 or galaxy feat 2

  • David Motta

    I just got an update to build KM78Y any idea what this is anout