If you thought (like me) that Update Wednesday had concluded, you thought wrong. It appears Google's also started pushing an update to Google Play Games, bringing the app up to version 2.0 with Level-up notification controls, XP rankings, and a few UI changes.

Readers may remember Quests and Level-up notifications from one of our exclusives last month. The functionality, along with Snapshots, was confirmed in the official announcement of Google Play Services 5.0. Today, though, Level-up notification controls are live, along with a new card on the "Play Now" screen showing users their XP level and how much XP they'll need to level up. This is an interesting idea, as it gamifies Google's app which itself manages your connected games.

image image image

The inbox has also been revised to include separate tabs for invitations, quests, and gifts. Previously, the inbox was reserved only for game invitations.


Besides a refreshed "Play Now" screen and new inbox, there are a couple of other UI tweaks - Play Games has dropped the "Shop" destination from the hamburger menu, opting instead for a tile on the "Explore" view which leads to the Play Store. The unified "Help & Feedback" button has also been implemented.

image image

The "My Games" screen has also seen a facelift. The order of tabs has changed since the last update, and the "All My Games" tab opts for smaller cards, allowing for more games to be shown on the screen at once.

Screenshot_2014-07-09-19-45-02 Screenshot_2014-07-09-19-45-00

Left: old Right: new

Meanwhile, the "Players" interface shows other players' levels and uses full-width cards rather than the smaller, more square-shaped cards it used before.

Screenshot_2014-07-09-19-49-13 Screenshot_2014-07-09-19-49-06

Left: old Right: new

That's it for now, but if we find any more interesting new goodies, we'll add them here. In the meantime, grab the download (it's okay - we know that's what you're here for anyway).


The APK is signed by Google and upgrades your existing app. The cryptographic signature guarantees that the file is safe to install and was not tampered with in any way. Rather than wait for Google to push this download to your devices, which can take days, download and install it just like any other APK.

File name: com.google.android.play.games-2.0.11 (1269547-036).apk

Version: 2.0.11 (Android 2.3+)

MD5: 0e070cd5eeb6bbbf4d75447643229f08

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  3. MediaFire Mirror

Thanks, Vito!

Liam Spradlin
Liam loves Android, design, user experience, and travel. He doesn't love ill-proportioned letter forms, advertisements made entirely of stock photography, and writing biographical snippets.

  • mlj11

    So that's what that number is about... It's funny 'cause I started seeing it on my avatar when I signed into Blek a few days back, and had no idea what it was.

    And I'm still not on the latest version of Play Games, so Google must have turned it on server-side.

    • http://AndroidPolice.com/ Liam Spradlin

      Yep, the new toast with level indicators went live with Play Services, not Play Games, so it showed up a little early.

  • DrMacinyasha

    Hey look, it's me! I guess I should play more Piano Tiles or something.

  • mgamerz

    Ron playing TWEWY. Such a good game. Good pick Ron.

    • DeadSOL

      AUD $23 for that game? Daaaaaaaaayum.

      • miri

        It was originally a USD$35 game for the DS (now USD$18).

        • Godspoken

          MTE. I bought it twice on DS (once at launch for full price and again for $20 when I lost it a few years later) and $18 is a steal. People need to get over paying reasonable prices for full, expansive games on mobiles. Literally every other userbase has.

          • mgamerz

            The graphics upgrade is fantastic. Everything is so much better looking.

  • dariusmoss

    only bad thing is that games that i may have only played once, for 5 minutes and then uninstalled, show up. i wish i could get rid of those. but i guess that's the same way consoles handle games and points. bleh

    • miri

      You can remove them from the "My Apps" section of the Play Store and if you signed in, you can disconnect your account from Google Settings.

      • dariusmoss

        Even after doing both of those things, it still shows up in the "Play Games" app. I only had a few to get rid of. Maybe it takes some time for the changes made in the Play Store and in my Google+ App Sign-In settings to reflect in Play Games. We'll see. Good suggestion nonetheless.

        • laurakfalconer

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            and what about dad?

          • Imparus

            There aren't as much money in a man masturbating in front of a webcam, people can already watch that for free on chatroulette :-/

    • Anton Voloshin

      Open "Google Settings" app, select "Connected apps", unneeded game, then "Disconnect" at the bottom of the screen. Don't forget to check "Also delete all actiities on Google".

  • https://about.me/CSPioner Christian Pioner

    The app says my profile is hidden from the public, when I click to change it I am rediretictioned to the connected apps settings on Google Settings app. I don't know how to change my profile to public, someone can help me?

    • Hannes

      Unfortunately, I have the exact same problem. There is no game listed under "All connected apps".

    • Scott

      It says you have to switch each of your games to Public (where it asks "who can see..."). I've done this, but it's still set to private. I imagine they'll have to make this more straightforward at some point.

  • yahyoh

    so how about games data backup..... -_-

    • miri

      That's something devs have to build into their games. They've revamped the feature to make it more appealing to both devs and users, so all we can do is hope they bite.

      • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

        So no one will implement this, ignoring all the stuff Google is bringing,a s usual

        • bobEveryman

          The Room Two uses the cloud save functionality. I really wish the Final Fantasy games would too, since they're sooo long!

  • Francois Roy

    So there we are, at long last. Unified gamerscore with acheivements.
    What's next?
    Google Now game cards that tells you which of your friends are playing what, maybe?

  • TheWhiteLotus

    Looks like there is a cap on levels. You can only reach level 20 at the highest. That's stupid.

    • http://twitter.com/totallychriz Chris

      It is, only 2,5 levels to go :(

    • Maxorq

      So... I got excited about addition of the levels and XP, launched the app just to find out I'm already Level 20 from like October...

      • Paul

        Same here:( first world problems,i guess:D

  • guest

    Google needs to figure out if contract pictures are squares or circles.

    • http://www.modminecraft.com/ Nick Coad

      The guidelines are: if it's a user avatar associated with an action (i.e. Person X did this), it's a circle. If it's a thumbnail, it's a square.

  • Daniel

    Whats the maximum level someone can reach?

    • http://hughisaacs2.googlepages.com/ Hugh Isaacs II

      I doubt there is one, this is likely something like gamerscores on Xbox Live or Trophy Levels on the PlayStation Network, so there likely won't be a maximum level.

    • Maxorq

      I am level 20, and I don't see a XP progress bar...

  • http://benignthoughts.com/ Louis C.

    no Mega mirror?

  • David

    Am I the only one?

    • RockAndRock

      Use the Mediafire link

  • Kévin Cocchi

    Gosh, why. Worse than colored notifications !

  • vwbeetlvr

    Any good free games to boost up my experience level quickly? I'm level 20 and want to be higher.

  • Jeff Kang

    They should attach the XP ranking, and level up system to the Google One Today charity app.

    A lot of people won’t donate to causes like cancer research unless they can get reputation points, and achievements, and levels.

    Other similar smart phone charity apps that are available: Power Sleep (Samsung application for certain BOINC projects), Power to Give (HTC application for certain BOINC projects), and the BOINC app.

    But those aren’t games. Play to Cure: Genes in Space app (Android and iOS) from Cancer UK is an actual game.