Sony is boasting its new Xperia C3 as the best smartphone for taking selfies thanks to its wide-angle 5MP front-facing "PROselfie" camera, soft LED flash, and a set of quirky apps. Hey, scoff all you want, but this is a big deal. Selfie is a real word now, and if I have to write about the subject seriously, the least you can do is read this with a straight face.

XperiaC3-1 XperiaC3-3

Now where was I? Yes, the Xperia C3's capable front shooter is assisted by a number of apps equipped to help owners retouch their photos. There are ten different frames to choose from, along with masks, hats, various eye reflection patterns, and - screw it, just watch the video.

The semi-painful marketing is joined by semi-competent specs. The phone is powered by a 1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor, a disappointing 1GB of RAM, and only 8GB of internal memory (thankfully a microSD card slot is provided). The main camera on the back has 8MP to work with, and on the front we see a 5.5-inch display with a 1280 by 720 resolution. Sony is also producing an Xperia C3 Dual variant, on which there's room for two SIM cards.


The Xperia C3 will launch in black, white, and mint globally in August 2014, starting with China. Pricing information is not yet available.

Source: Sony

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  • lobstermagnet


  • ProductFRED

    2014's newest trend.

  • Guest

    Selfies are now a driving point for cell phone manufacturers?

  • George Tunaya III
  • abobobilly

    Seeing this phone reminds of that hoax by American Psychiatric Association (APA), which declared Selfies a mental disorder :D

    • aoso

      I prefer it becomes the truth >_>

    • someone755

      By the looks of it, it IS a mental disorder.

    • abqnm

      Narcissistic Personality Disorder is real.

      • abobobilly

        No wonder the people suffering from this dirorder can't take such statements (such as my earlier one) well :D

  • solbin
  • MJ

    This will be the official phone of narcissists everywhere... I don't think have taken a "selfie" myself ever.

  • Paul_Werner

    Even Spiderman is disappointed

  • Max

    Well, 1GB of RAM isn't so disappointing. You know, some OEM are still releasing devices with 512 MB. Now THAT'S disappointing *glares at Samsung*.

    • abobobilly

      I think i agree. 1GB RAM is more like "Budget" level. With Kit Kat update, i think it performs fairly well. Still, price would be the deciding factor for such a product.

  • HellG

    Driving point selfies are cellular phones? *smirk*

    • someone755

      Your grammar gave me cancer.

  • HellG

    Driving point selfies are cellular phones? *smirk*.

  • Steve Freeman

    "if I have to write about the subject seriously, the least you can do is read this with a straight face" I beg to differ. :/

  • Mike Harris

    Five identical Professor Farnsworth memes in the same comment section?!? I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

  • Godspoken

    I'm gonna be the first person to admit this a pretty nifty feature. I'm #proselfie. Other specs are not to my taste, though.

    • dude

      The Oppo N1 or N1 mini is better in term of selfie, and are better phones too. It look like they didn't capitalize on the marketing though.

      • Godspoken

        Oh yeah, since that camera is reversible, I could take 13MP selfies! Crazy.

  • dude

    The sequel of this phone will be called the Sony Xperia #aftersex.

  • Selfies4Lyfe

    As someone who uses video chat on their phone extensively, I'd welcome better front facing cameras. Screw all of you for not having the same preferences as I do.

    • AOSPrevails

      The better front facing Camera isn't the problem, it is the LED flash that screams "Selfie Phone". Plus most video chat app don't do more than 720p anyway.

      • ssj4Gogeta

        It's not the res as much as the wide-angle lens that would be useful for chats.

  • Dan, From The Internet

    Making it through that entire video was one of the hardest things I've done so far this month.

  • John Moore

    This might come as a shock to some of AP's readers, but... not all Android phones are marketed towards nerds.

  • Paolo T.

    Narcissists rejoice! (Sorry, I had to say that.)

  • Notna

    What the hell is a "soft LED"? Have they invented some new kind of light diffuser, or do they just mean low power?