There probably aren't a lot of Sprint G Flex devices floating around out there, but surely some buyers couldn't resist the seductive curves of this device. Those folks will be seeing an update (version ZV7) in the next few days that adds a few user-facing features and some back end fixes.


Here's the changelog posted by Sprint. It's nothing groundbreaking, but still more substantial than a lot of updates.

  • Voice over Wi-Fi
  • HD Voice Icon
  • Google Patch: SMS and Security
  • Update email Signature

The WiFi calling is cool, especially for those times Sprint's network lets you down. That Google security patch might be related to the new round of OpenSSL bugs, but as far as we know this isn't an update to 4.4.4, which fixed many of those. Sprint is rolling the update out in batches between today and July 16th.


Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

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  • dude

    Can anyone reading this let me know if you are on Sprint and own this device? No particular reason, just want to know.

    • miri

      My dad has it and we're on Sprint. Had a few minor issues with it (mostly LG's customizations that can be disabled or circumvented) but otherwise he loves it.

      • Dave Waters

        My mom has it on Sprint and we also solved most issues by simply disabling LG customizations and switching to the Google Now Launcher. After that fix, it operates like her Nexus tablet and she loves it as well.

        • FlxLuv

          All the negative feedback about this phone is wrong. Every phone has its problems, but this phones capabilities out weigh them highly.

  • FrankJL

    Such an ugly device .

    • Craig M

      Says the guy pursing his lips for a photo. Have you moved on to full duck-face now?

      • FrankJL

        lol good one. cant do nothing about how i naturally look.

  • bearballz

    Hmm, no G2 update yet?

  • Chris

    Man I loved this phone but the screen was basically useless. Ghosted so hard. Images would stay on the screen for 10-30 seconds after switching to a new image. Very excited for the G Flex 2 tho

    • Renan Lazarotto

      I guess there was something VERY wrong with your unit...

      • Chris

        Do you have one that doesn't ghost? I read online that it was happening to basically everyone. One "fix" was to keep the brightness above 80% at all times to make the ghosting last less time.

        From what I read tho, it was very widespread and even trading didn't help, so I just returned it.

        • Renan Lazarotto

          I never had one, I just thought that it was something wrong with your phone. But since you said it was happening to everyone, I guess LG missed the shot on this screen.

          • Chris

            Yeah it was truly awful. If you just type "LG Flex Ghosting" on google so much comes up. Everyone just assumed it was because it was a new screen tech and it wasn't perfected. Whatever it was, it was unusable to me. So many people on forums said they'd just ignore it and keep the phone tho...no idea how they could do that.

        • Flex owner

          Nope not mine. Sounds like yours is messed up. Exchange it for a better one.

  • flex owner

    Nope not ugly at all. My is freaking awesome. I bought mine out right. I really don't care if it has 1080p or not. Does everything i need and want from a large size phone. Well hope the next one is even better. If so i will upgrade.