This weekend's question is an easy one: did you put down your cash for one of the newly-available Android Wear devices, the Samsung Gear Live or the LG G Watch? Both devices are available on Google Play in a handful of countries around the world right now, and are priced to compete. The G Watch comes in around 10% pricier than the Gear Live, though it has a larger battery than its Samsung counterpart. The Gear Live, on the other hand, boasts a heart rate monitor also found on its Gear OS siblings, something the G Watch lacks.

Of course, both devices so far seem to pale in comparison, at least aesthetically, to the Moto 360, which has won the hearts of many wearable enthusiasts for its beautiful, dare I say watch-like, circular display and high-end appearance. To be frank, the Moto 360 looks like a designer watch. The G Watch and the Gear Live... don't. But we don't know exactly when the Moto 360 is dropping, and we can assume it'll probably be a fair bit pricier than Samsung and LG's offerings (maybe not by a lot, we'll see), so it's not like Samsung and LG's Wear entries are entirely without merit.

So, did you pick one of these watches up? Vote in the poll below.

Did you pre-order an Android Wear watch?

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David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • slurivariv

    There needs to be an "I got my watch at I/O already" option. :P

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      I think you guys are a small enough population to manage without one. :P

      • silver_arrow

        Well the population that would pick that option is also probably the people who read this site.

        • Mike Reid

          But only a small percentage won the IO ticket lottery. Unless most cheated, LOL.

    • slurivariv

      I'm just being a douce. Don't mind me.

      • USiT

        as punishment, you have to send your 360 to me when you get it :p

    • Jephri

      What were the giveaways at IO this year?

      • Justin W

        A watch, cardboard box, and a Moto 360 when it arrives.

        • ddpacino

          I believe some got the ADT-1, Android TV Dev unit as well. Though, I believe that was only given to those who attended that session, and not every attendee at I/O.

          • Gregory

            Yes, you're right. They gave these cards on the exit from the Android TV session. You had to exchange the card for the ADT-1 at the device pick-up next day.

      • slurivariv

        Don't underestimate the cardboard box either. Also, some people also won Android TV.

        • Jephri

          I really want a box. They looked cool. I have never used any VR device and that looks really fun. Anywhere to purchase one yet?

    • Gregory

      Same here. I also got an Android TV device.

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  • http://www.thinkingbrian.com/ ThinkingBrian

    I just don't see the need or desire to buy a Smartwatch or Android Wear device right now considering my Smartphone is normally in my pocket and acts as a camera, music player, messages, and even a watch itself. Its got a clock on it, so I'm good to go.

    • Daniel Collins

      I still wish I had a pebble steel.

    • Sean Long

      Actually, the advantage of my Pebble (or most smart watches) is that you can see who the SMS, call, or other types of alerts are from and decide whether to even pull your phone out or not.

    • Dja

      Yep, can't agree more. Considering you'll end up picking up your smartphone anyway..

  • Mike Gonzalez

    i didnt pre-order any smartwatch, LG just give them away for buying a G3 here in Spain

  • Daniel Collins

    I kinda want that rumored budget ASUS watch… If I can afford one of these guys, I think I'll buy one… later.

  • Steven Brumfield

    Here's hoping the European release will not be too much later compared to the US one. I look at you, Moto X.

    • Dirty Dave

      Yeah if it's like the moto x that didn't come out in the uk until like march I won't bother

    • vyktorsouza

      same to Brazil
      pls Motorola pls

  • Daniel

    I've bought the LG G Watch because i don't like Samsung :D

    • Harry

      Same here. Although I got one for my wife and am still waiting for the 360.

      • She_Beast

        That way you still get to play around with it, but get to hold out for the goods. Well done. Maybe I should get myself a wife...


        • Harry

          Lol. Semi true ;-) . she had a garmin vivofit that fell off and we were looking for something else to replace it. 1 year battery compared to 1 day. I know it doesn't wrote make sense but she was open to trying it since it had interchangeable straps :-)

          Here is also hoping she picks up more frequently than never (or was that intentional?)

    • Casey Mills

      Then you must not have used an AMOLED screen before. A watch seems like the perfect application for an AMOLED screen.

  • Sean Long

    How about a vote line for "I have a Pebble, whose battery lasts more than 1 day". Many of these watches will have terrible battery life and will just be purchased as a conversation piece. Say what you want, but my Pebble is functional and lasts for days on one charge.

    • slurivariv

      While it definitely wont get as good of a battery life, my G Watch can last me two whole days. That pretty okay in my book.

      • ddpacino

        Did you keep the display always on, or turn that off? Also, did you tweak certain apps to not push notifications?

        • slurivariv

          When I knew I wasn't going to 'need' the watch (while at the movies, during flght from SF to FL, and while at home), I turned off "always-on display". And even while off, I still used it a bit. Other than that, I changed nothing else. It can probably get 3 days if always-on is always off.

    • derk p

      yeah... mine can last wayyyy more than a week (if i power it down at night) i couldnt imagine having to charge it EVERY DAY

    • James Mauger

      On paper that sounds bad but in practice I don't forsee it being a big issue. I generally don't sleep with my big clunky watches on so charging daily is no more issue than charging a phone daily for most people.

    • ddpacino

      But in my opinion, it's also inferior in a few ways to Android Wear as an OS, and the look compared to the 360, though I ordered a Gear Live to mess with until I can get that.

      I was pretty close to getting a Steel until Google unveiled this earlier. I'll manage with the battery life and that will get better. Though, I'm hearing the Gear Live's battery has been stretched to 2-3 days for some so that's alright with me; a few more charges, but much more functionality for me compared to Pebble.

      • Sean Long

        OK....that's sounds great...how many Windows Vista computers do you own? After all it was supposed to be "way better" than XP. Your train of thought has been an issue many times in the past on many new iterations of technology which turned out to be much less than the hype. My Pebble will be on my wrist while your Android wear watch will be in a drawer at your house or office after it doesn't meet the hype. Mark my words....

  • Thomas’

    Bought the LG G Watch till I can buy the Moto 360 :o

    • Lars L.

      Same here :)

    • Sean Long

      This is what I did with the Pebble.....I will also get the 360....but I love my Pebble!

    • Donatom3

      Same here.

  • epsiblivion

    how about, waiting for more models to be announced (Asus, Sony, HTC, Google Nexus)

    • Harry

      Would agree, especially the one from Asus that is supposed to be sub 150

    • Алекс

      I will buy Nexus immediately after release (if there will be). Maybe Im sick with Nexus line

    • krazyfrog

      What is going to be the point of a Nexus watch, considering they all run the same stock Android Wear software?

    • Peter ‘Firefox’ Fox

      there won't be a Nexus Android, the ecosystem for Wear is different as it's an accessory it's meant to be kept relatively the same across devices, at least for now.

  • Harry

    This one looks promising too


    Would be cool if they get android wear on it

  • Lawrence

    1 day battery life for a watch? no way

    • epsiblivion

      charge time is half hr. can do on the commute

      • Ark

        lol. "What are you doing?"

        "Charging my watch, I forgot yesterday and now I can't tell the time"

        • binarypower

          Yeah, I can't tell the time. The cell phone, laptop, tablet, car clock, tv... they just don't cut it anymore.

          • Ark

            Right, it's perfectly fine if your shit watch runs out of battery all the time then. You don't need it anyway

          • binarypower

            All the time? Do you not charge your phone every day? Why not the watch? I have a Sony SW2 smartwatch and the battery lasts 5 days. I still charge it nightly... who cares? Seems like you... then don't buy it. Stick to the casio.

          • Ark

            Why? Because I have a watch that lasts months on a battery (not one of these garbage gizmos - an actual watch). My phone can do everything the best android wear thing does, infinitly better.

            And yes, of course I won't buy this shit. I was just pointing out your ridiculous logic. So which is it, do you not mind having your watch battery run out because you don't need it (and it will run out, because you WILL eventually forget to charge it one day)? Then why are you buying it? Are you so excited about being able to use a shit version of google now? Talking to your watch, like a boss? Screaming into it when there's any ambient sound? Yeah good luck with that. Screaming at your watch which is off your wrist because you're desperately trying to charge it on your way to work.

            Also someone using a Sony SW2 should never ever talk about how things look. You're using the worst's ugliest piece of electronics on your wrist.

          • binarypower

            I'm not buying it either. The watch I have works fine. 5 days is plenty of time. 1 day is plenty of time too.

            I, too, am commenting on logic though. We could have this same debate circa 2007 about other technology:

            -- "I have a cell phone, I don't need one of these "dumb" smart phones that I have to charge every day. My laptop does all that I need it to. Oh, forgot to charge my "dumb" smart phone, not I can't make a phone call".--

            I don't have to push buttons to see the time on my SW2. You sound mad bro.

      • Lawrence

        Yes, you can do it but it is not ideal. Even the Gear fit has 3-5 days battery life.

        • Cody Shiranai

          You know what's more annoying than charging your watch a little more often, having to OPEN it and change the battery without breaking it, like we've been doing for years (especially designer watches that want special tools to open and you have to take it somewhere). If I never have to open a watch again, it'll be too soon.

          • Lawrence

            It isn't a little more often. It is 700 times more often. Usually a battery watch last for 2 years at least. All the digital watches are easy to open (screwdriver only). I have 4 eco drives, 1 automatic so so don't need batteries. My polar watches(for the gym) can be opened with a coin. Yes, none of them have smartphone notifications but who needs that?, been connected to BT all day will drain your smartphone battery at least 15% faster.

  • nvllsvm

    Until the battery life on these things can last a week, I don't want another device I need to charge every other day.

  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    Not interested, asks too much money for something that's just a second screen for all your notifications, and one day battery life doesn't appeal to me.

    • http://www.youtube.com/#/mrjlwilliams J. Williams


  • Alex

    Pre-ordered the G Watch. Also, it's actually £10 cheaper than the Gear Watch in the UK.

  • aholsteinson

    Nope, I'm waiting for the Moto 360.

  • Berzerker

    Why no option for both? Couldn't decide so I'm just going to return the one I don't want.

  • Glich

    Waiting for moto 360 and Asus watch.. I want to see how much better and or cheeper they get with some more time to work on this and not rushed for IO.

  • Scott Daniel Montanaro

    How about an option for "No, waiting to buy one in-store so I can see them in person"? As much as I wanted to pull the trigger immediately, I know its best to wait for early reviews and play with them in person before I make a decision...

    • http://www.djcube.co.uk Cube1701

      The Three store near me had a LG G Watch last weekend, so I got to see it and try it on. It looks quite nice and fit well on my tiny wrists.

      As for the Samsung Gear Live, as far as I can sell, it isn't getting released in physical stores (in the UK anyway) as they're focusing on their other watches - the staff at the Samsung store had no idea when they would get it.

  • Mayoo

    Vote here for : No, I am waiting for cheaper models / Nexus watches

    • Gaurav Arora

      One word - Asus

      Edit: Add two more words - Chinese players.

  • LeadTheLeader

    I'm waiting for the moto 360 :3 Such a lovely desing watch

    Led Lampen

  • Drago

    I'm waiting for the Moto 360. Also I'm somewhat interested in what Asus will be putting out on the other end of the market.

    Plus, waiting a few months means that the Android Wear ecosystem can grow a little. Not a bad thing to wait for.

  • Otis

    None of the above. My Neptune Pine http://www.getneptune.com/#experiment ships next week.

    • DJ SPY

      This looks pretty cool actually!

  • Nicktrance

    No, I don't do pre-orders.

  • Mico Lucide

    Possibly the most aggravating experience I've ever had with Google. I decided I wanted toe Samsung watch on July 2nd, which wasn't supposed to leave the shipment until the 8th. Decided the next day I instead wanted the LG G Watch. After having Google tell me they canceled the Samsung Gear Live watch, I come to find out an hour later that both watches have left the shipment center and would arrive Monday.

    Meanwhile, my rent is going to overdraw my account because I wasn't refunded for the SGL, the LG G Watch is sitting less than 10 minutes away, and I am not allowed to pick it up because Google decided to use UPS. I have to wait until Monday for the delivery-- which will likely take place while I am at work, requiring me to either have the package left at my door or hoping I can get to the facility before they close after work. I'm aggravated and disappointed. :/

  • Tom Harman

    yes, the LG only cause i'm tired of waiting for moto, but that's not to say i won't still get one, just hate having to wait another month or two, or who knows when till the Moto360 comes out since Moto has been so tight lipped about this.

  • Jephri

    Early price leaks show the moto 360 could be 400 dollars plus. I really hope not :/

    • Tom Harman

      hope not since they stated in their design contest that retail was going to be$249.00, if it changes from there i wouldn't be too shocked, but they may get into some hot water about that with whomever the Govt agency is that they must report that info to, also that would technically screw the winner cause they should or rather are supposed to pay the tax's on the winning amount, not that everyone does though.

      • Donatom3

        If it's under $600 they wouldn't need to file a 1099-misc. So it would be up to the winner to notify the IRS of their winnings.

    • bob

      Every price leak I found estimates $250. Can you point to one that says $400+ ?

  • steelew

    Nope, waiting on my kreyos...maybe ebay

  • Abhishek Kulkarni

    200-250$ for a watch too much I will wait till it gets 150$

  • twiz0r

    Smart watches is just one thing I don't get.

    • Cody Shiranai

      Someone didn't grow up as a child around Dick Tracy or most other things in pop culture involved wrist worn communication.

      That Samsung ad was real about that, everything from Power Rangers to the Jetsons to Knight Rider.

      This sort of thing is something I've wanted since childhood and it's FINALLY coming true.

      • Balalaika

        Except that this smartwatch will never transform you into a superhero, lol XD

  • Abhishek Kulkarni

    samsung did this 2 years before and still they charging it 200$+ saying its new tech google glass I can understand the price but this is just too much lol it will be outdated so soon they will bring updated watches in no time waste of so much money better to wait till it gets proper pricing or another upgrade

    • Mike Gonzalez

      The Samsung Gear hasnt even been on sale for 1 year... it came out the same time as the Note 3

  • Tower72

    Waiting for the Moto 360!

  • fcjan

    I will never be able to buy smartwach because I live in Croatia... damn you Google, damn you to hell!!

    • MindFever

      I'm from Slovenia and I got it a couple of days ago (2nd July,no joke). Bought it from a UK site ,I bought many things there in the past. I guess they got the first batch early. I would tell you which but AP would think I'm advertising :) really a great device (LG G WATCH black)

  • WHO?

    Theres no need to preorder. Same price and they will not run out. So there should of been option for "will buy once in stores"

  • Doakie

    I voted that I was waiting for the Moto 360 but I'm also waiting for the $99 Asus or Acer one.

  • Jason Bourne

    I actually ordered one of each...

  • binarypower

    No, I already own a smartwatch. The Sony SW2...

  • Ark

    Now if only Android TV also stopped working after 12 hours, we can sync every electronic in the house.

  • bob

    Is it just me, or does the message "Disqus seems to be taking longer than usual. Reload?" Need rewording"? Maybe to "Discus is taking the same time it usually takes, which is too long, to load. Reload?"

  • Dirty Dave

    Waiting for the moto x+1 and moto 360

  • Jousa11

    I ordered an Kairos watch msw 115 :D

  • J.J.

    white/gold lg gwatch will be delivered tmrrw. i plan on selling it for a 360 if its under $350.

  • J.J.

    too much waiting going on. pull the trigger folks. enjoy now ,sell later

  • MindFever

    I ordered it from an UK store and got it on 2nd July...I was impressed because they've beaten Google lol. I heard they made people wait because Android Wear app wasn't yet available and you needed that to activate the watch. They said it would be available on 7th July but thankfully Google released the app couple of days ago. I'm very happy with the watch,sent a few feedback reports...noticed some annoying bugs. Oh I own the black LG G WATCH. In my experience the battery lasts like 2 days on always on setting. If you turn it off I bet it could go double or more without a recharge. Very nice display,I like the watchfaces and I hope Google will release others as well. Loving the photo watch face, loads random pics preselected by Google...gorgeous pics.
    As I said,very happy with the watch,the step counter is great and the compass actually works well. The watch has digital compass it seems because it works even if the watch is in airplane mode.
    The watch is much smaller than it looks on the pics. It is very slick and thinner than the pebble steel. It is gorgeous.
    I tested it under full sunlight and I can say you can see the screen perfectly when it turns on. If you can't you still can crank up the brightness. Default is 2 and I can see just fine under noon daylight.
    That's my take on this. Has some annoying bugs but Google will sort them out soon I bet.

  • Michael

    I didnt, it seems although they are going backwards with battery life and the lack of a camera. I know a camera isn't needed but why go backwards?

  • mcdonsco

    Got the LG G Watch which they shipped via GROUND day before the 4th (jeez, really Google? $10 shipping for GROUND?)...still sitting in a shipping warehouse somewhere about 2,000 miles away...it will get here next month. /s

    The shipping stupidity aside, I'm almost certainly going to return it, giving it a chance and at least then get to play with Wear and ultimately get a 360.

  • Tom Koeppel

    just like the glass i refuse to spend any sort of money on any android wear garbage

  • Rui Nelson Carneiro

    I am waiting for the Apple's watch, when they release, I'm going to get it.

    There's no option for that :(

  • Peter ‘Firefox’ Fox

    Just got my G watch today, so far the build quality is a lot better than most reviewers make out. My main thing with Android Wear is it seems like there should be an indicator of signal strength from the phone onto the watch face. It's horrible not knowing when a Google Now command won't process because there's no signal

  • http://iron2000.blogspot.com/ iron2000

    I'm waiting for more choices and also for more apps.

    I want to see what Asus is coming up with.

  • https://www.rootswitch.com Clayton

    Nope. Probably won't buy one ever either. All a watch is in my part of the country is a sign of who to rob lol.

    Besides, we got glasses, watches, and temporary throat tattoos all coming out within 365 days of each other (At least in a beta form of each). I think I'll wait around and see which is most useful before rushing out and buying something that loses all its luster in a few days.

    Cause lets be honest. Your friends are gonna get tired quick of you making them look at your smart watch. And you know you're gonna wind up seeming like the bragging annoying person with you wanting to show them each new feature every time you install something.

  • blue

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