A particularly aggravating issue happens to be plaguing a number of Gmail users on Android as of late. Affected people report a complete loss of the ability to sync their accounts, both manually and automatically. The cause is still unknown, but users report experiencing it following the 4.8 update. Yet clearing updates and returning back to a previous version doesn't fix the problem, suggesting some other source is to blame.

Google is looking into the matter. A recent response on the issue's Google Groups page says that the company has moved past reproducing the error and is now testing solutions.


If you're experiencing this bug, this isn't yet the good news you were expecting. But it's a step in the right direction. Stay tuned for more information when the good news comes, though you will more likely be alerted when those Gmail notifications start appearing again.

Source: Google

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • Nabil L

    For me last week, it was a complete sync loss over all Gapps, couldn't access G+, Gmail, nor YouTube. But it got fixed later on the day.

    • http://www.appsdaily.net/ Hammad

      It comes and goes for me for GOogle Apps, mostly gmail and google play

  • AbbyZFresh

    It's been happening to me for the past week now. Hurry up Google.

    • Jephri

      Ditto. Thought I had accidentally turned it off for the first couple days.

    • supremekizzle

      Yes Google. How the fuck dare you have issues with your free email services given to anyone who wants an account. The nerve of these bastards...

      • Allen Cross

        Absolutely goddamn right. I want a refund. Or a discount. And while you're at it, maybe throw in maps and mobile navigation, for free.

      • AnonyGuest

        Am I seeing this correctly?

        Are there seriously apologists for Google when their only email service fails completely for over an entire week on Android devices? You do realise that any downtime for over an hour is unacceptable, right? If Google is unable to serve up emails then they WILL lose customers. We are not to be thankful for Google that they offer email, we are not beggars & they are not a charity. This is all business and people will leave for better solutions.

        • Genius

          But their email service was fine, it was just the app a lot of people don't use anyway, and they could very easily use their browser to access the mobile version of gmail which is likely nearly identical

        • http://bit.ly/plusrichard Richard Soper

          Even with the massive budget that Google has it is impossible to manage/update software with 100% success rate. If you want an infallible software of any kind you might need to start by finding intergalactic transportation because it just isn't possible in this universe.

      • FrillArtist

        If you think gmail is free then you really are as stupid as you look.

        • sem1845

          Could you please elaborate more? I guess I'm just really dumb...

          • FrillArtist

            Well, they certainly don't scan your emails for nothing. They make money off it by selling your personal information to marketers and advertisers and also serving you ads. I'm not complaining. Just spotlighting facts.

          • Guillaume

            thus, making gmail FREE FOR US in exchange for our data, so in that sense, yes it's free

          • FrillArtist

            Something in exchange for another thing is not free. Hurr durr....

          • Guillaume

            Jesus, free as in you don't pay $$$ for it, but not free as in you don't give your data away obviously -__-

      • a

        Yeah, its not much to boast about when they are one among many free email service providers.

      • berniemolloy

        Just because you don't pay doesn't mean that others don't. My corporation, which is experiencing this problem, pays Google monthly for it's enterprise version of the Google suite of software services. I am not flaming them but there are those of us out there that rely on this service's advertised 99.9% uptime.

  • Guest

    I'm seeing this in the logcat, I've been experiencing this for a while now, super frustrating! FIX THIS

    • black

      I will now share your email address with the world. Good luck fighting spam. Muahahaha!

      • Guillaume

        Hum ok, have fun dude...

        • vincenzajlogsdon

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    • shonangreg

      Is this just for the official gmail app on android? Other email apps (K9, kaiten, etc.) on android and the web interface is unaffected?

      • Guillaume

        No problem with the Web interface, and I've never used any third party Gmail client...

    • Ian
      • olgahmccoin

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  • Tony Byatt

    No problems yet for me...

  • Marcell Lévai

    I have a similar issue, but sync is working for me most of the time. Manual refresh is always working for me, but not automatic sync. Sometimes it syncs, sometimes it does not. Weird.

  • Damian

    Why can't they use push notifications instead of battery draining sync?

    • Marcell Lévai

      AFAIK they use push, for new emails at least.

      • Damian

        Disable sync on your device and you won't get any new emails.

        • Marcell Lévai

          That doesn't mean they don't use push to send emails to your device.

          • ash

            They push that's why I recieve mails instantly. Mat be they push command to sync the gmail.

      • Kevin

        Was it really that difficult to type As far as I know?

        • @PigeonFudge

          AFAIK it's not but I use it all the time

        • Marcell Lévai

          And your point is?

          • Genius

            what is wrong with afaik
            afaik it's never bothered me

    • Jeff

      They probably use push to trigger the sync.

  • escobar035

    Exchange on nexus is all shit.. Never works OK, looking for mail... .... ... Hanging, close app, open app, and mail arrive!

    • deltatux

      I use CloudMagic, so much better and less power demanding.

    • _artem_

      and I'm sick of gmail bug (had it on all versions of gmail app), when you get notification of new mail, tap on it gmail opens but is blank... only actionbar is shown. rotate device and mail is visible. or press back and tap again on unread mail and it opens just normal

      • escobar035

        shitty samsung stock mail app + exchange app works perect, looks and works link windows 3.1.. but i get my mail when its there.. super high power google mail works like shit, but looks nice..

  • Peter

    I had this issue a few weeks ago and the only solution that really worked, was deleting my Google Account on my Android device and readd it.

  • Luigi

    Add this problem last week, the only solution that worked was to remove my google account and add it again. Ever since it's been fine.

  • http://www.appsdaily.net/ Hammad

    Add me to the list as well....I'm facing the same problem, and surprisingly, when Gmail fails to sync, my Google Play Store ends up with the "no connection" error too. But it does work out of the blue, and goes again... FIX IT GOOGLE

  • Sagar Kulkarni

    Facing the problem past 1 week.

  • Segroukin

    What about playstore? It's also been acting up lately.

    • http://www.appsdaily.net/ Hammad

      Yes, it's acting up as well.....

  • Ender

    It's been affecting me as well. It's very annoying, then again, I don't use my mobile devices much. I have a Nexus 7 (2013) and a Nexus 5, although I only use them for about 2 hours a day, if that. I'm mainly using my desktop, like now, and don't have a need for them, although I do know of all the advantages they add, that's why I own them and read this blog. All this is to say, although I am a victim of this bug, it doesn't bother me much because I just use the Gmail extension in Chrome.

  • Derioz

    I've lost calendar sync too!!

  • siddude11

    Okay there is no Gmail in my drawer. It was this morning. W.T.F GOOGLE?

  • abobobilly

    This is a minor inconvenience, but i would've liked it more had i received a "sync error" or something in such cases. One would have to miss dozens of email before realizing "oh, its not syncing with the servers". How the heck a normal person would know that Sync is not happening, when there is no indication of it happening or not happening :S

  • Darryl

    I managed to sort out my sync issue. A week ago sync failed across all my Android devices, while the web interface still worked. Clearing data and flushing caches did not resolve the issue.

    I found that removing and then adding my Google account to each device restored sync to working order on that device. Very odd. What did you do, Google? Did some authentication token break?

    • https://taubindrinks.com Taubin

      That was the second thing I tried after I wiped my data and caches, it had zero effect on my syncing. I also completely wiped my phone and I still have the issue. I'm glad it seems to have fixed yours though.

  • redmafia

    Flashed my Note 8 with a new rom (thanks civato!) and I can't add my google account.
    Guess it relates to this

  • six2ten

    My gmail hasn't been able to sync properly on my Note 3 in at least 4 months. Complete bs.

  • MELISSAbilly


  • danifeb

    I've been experiencing the same issue for all google services; not in wifi mode...

  • Dakota

    I've had an issue for months where I'll read or delete messages in the Gmail app on Nexus yet those messages are untouched hours later when I open my laptop

  • Fanjita


    I fixed this issue for me in an undesirable manner. I thought it was just me so after uninstalling, clearing data and cache to no avail, I ended up factory resetting my entire S5, that did it for me, even with the up to date version of Gmail, everything works fine now, that was the only way I was able to fix things for me, if anyone else is bold enough to give it a try and doesn't mind reinstalling and have to sign back in to all of their apps, I'd like to hear if this solution worked for you. Sucks but it worked for me, and that's what I care about, having this dreaded issue behind me.

  • Kieron Spitter

    Fixed this by editing the host file: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2110225

  • Robert M

    I am having problems now for two weeks. Not one explanation from google so far. Also I first thought my phone is the problem. Took me a lot of hours trying to fix this. One more thing is that after a restart and after deinstalling/installing gmail - sync works for a short time (minutes to max a few hours). shame on goolge.

  • Keli Manson

    Ha... RU sure Google is looking into this? I'm not. An anonymous G-peon post doesn't mean squat. Well over a week now, and no solution in sight. Must I go to NSA to read my mail?

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii
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  • thesebastian

    Today i came back to ultra fast 4.4.4 (w ART) after weeks with L Preview. My Google restore failed...no wifi passwords nor personal dictionaries..

    Now i see that Gmail Push are not working. I think Google is having a few sync problems.

  • You Wish

    Solved it. No methods that I had found worked. Modded the hosts file, deleted and re-added the account, wiped dalvik/cache... Still had "No Connection" in Play Store, and accounts would only sync the non-important boxes, meaning no Gmail, no contacts, just sync error. I was contemplating doing a factory reset, when I went into WiFi, long-pressed my connection > Modify Network > Show Advanced Options . I noticed that one of my apps had set my wifi connection with a proxy. Switched it back to "None." Everything works again.

  • Nivas

    hey...this sync issue is bugging me for past 2 days.

  • oxxy

    After latest update (android lollipop), gmail constantly gets stuck - 'gmail is not responding'. I cannot read my emails, it properly works 2 times out of 10! Please fix it! Google Nexus 5