I've heard you - cloud storage can suck it. It requires a speedy internet connection, blows through data, puts your files on some company's servers, and frankly isn't always all that reliable. You want to stick your files on a flash drive just like the good ol' days. So here's the deal. Newegg is currently selling a 64GB OTG USB stick for the discounted price of $33.99 (a $5 savings). And if you ask nicely, Patriot Memory will send you a $14 rebate Visa card, bringing that figure down to $19.99.


This little drive will work with Android devices with OTG compatibility and Android 4.0 or higher. It's too clunky to leave plugged into a device full-time like a microSD card, but it should serve you well in those moments when you just want to pull up a movie or playlist that you don't need access to 24/7. Hit up the link below to check it out.

Patriot Stellar Series 64GB OTG USB Stick on Newegg

Via FatWallet

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • supremekizzle

    Meenova is a way better and compact solution.

    • Xyriin

      Sure, but it also requires additional hardware because how are you going to get the data on that microSD card to begin with? The whole point of the USB/microUSB OTG is that it's one device that plugs into normal USB or micro with no additional hardware required.

      • supremekizzle

        The meenova plugs and plays. I dont know what you mean about additional hardware.

        • Xyriin

          Ok I'll go step by step for you...

          You have an empty Patriot USB/microUSB OTG.
          1. Plug into USB port.
          2. Copy data.
          3. Plug into mobile device micro USB port.

          You have an empty Meenova.
          1. Find a microSD card.
          2. Install microSD card into Meenova.
          3. Find micro USB to USB adapter.
          4. Install adapter onto Meenova.
          5. Connect adapter to USB port.
          6. Copy data.
          7. Remove adapter.
          8. Plug Meenova into mobile device micro USB port.

          More steps, more hassle, and more hardware is not 'way better' as you describe. You need a minimum of two additional pieces of hardware to make the Meenova work anywhere...the microSD card and a micro USB to USB adapter. Either that or you need the microSD card and a microSD to USB adapter.

          • Phrozen2nd

            Meenova comes with an mico to usb adapter, but your point still holds.

          • supremekizzle

            Once you install a micro sd you just leave it. I like how you make it sound like an incredibly laborious process. You only need the micro usb adapter when going between your phone and computer. I was mainly saying that the form factor on the meenova is better because it's smaller and would work well for maybe using while taking UHD videos or 120fps videos instead of having a stick that's 50% the length of your phone sticking out.

          • Xyriin

            50% the length of a phone?! Now you're just making stuff up. Going by the specs it's pretty small. Unless your phone is only 2" long of course.

            Bare minimum you have to use the adapter even if you never swap out the microSD card. So yes, additional hardware is required to make it work unless you never change the content, and if that's the case you don't need one to begin with.

            If you want to talk about a superior product you should mention the Sony Microvault OTG (SA1/B models). Shrink the Patriot OTG down a bit and you have the Sony version. For perspective your Meenova is much wider than the Patriot and Sony products.

          • MyLeftNut

            Yeah, it's not the easiest solution but there's no extra step necessary if you have a micro sd reader which most pcs and notebooks have nowadays. I can see why someone might not like having to remove the sd card every time thou. It's small and the chances for forgetting it or losing it is high but it's really no more tedious than this stick and it's easier to hold your phone or put it in pocket while it's still plugged it.

            I just like it because it's unobtrusive. I have a 128 gb micro sd card in there and it's filled to the brim with media, mostly large ROMS I use for my emulators. Until (if) I get a G3, it works.

          • Jordana Lewis

            I can confirm that they are definitely not 50% the length of my device. Here's the 32 GB version next to a standard USB stick and my Nexus 5 case. I find it way more convenient than adapters. I can plug it into school computers or my laptop to save things and then plug it straight into my phone. I've done that quite a lot this semester.

          • Jordana Lewis

            Sorry, pictures didn't upload the first time.

        • Manny Fleurmond

          He means you need an adapter if you want to plug it in into a PC

          • lordmerovingian

            Nope, Meenova already comes with that too.

          • Manny Fleurmond

            Except you have to carry that piece with you, too

          • lordmerovingian

            It's attachable in a one-piece thingy. Doesn't bother me. If i can carry a quarter in my pocket and not complain about it...it doesn't bother me.

        • Taylor LaBrier

          Is Meenova USB 3.0? because that pretty much ends the argument for me. I don't mind having a small thumbdrive sticking out of my phone for a couple of minutes, and every microSD adapter that I've had previously goes out after a while regardless of how careful I am with the thing, so I'm kind of biased against them to start with.

  • Dan

    SOLD OUT. Now $46.64 and "Sold and Shipped by" Beach Audio rather than Newegg.

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  • steelew

    ...and they're out

  • Taylor LaBrier

    Well, those went quick. I ordered this just yesterday on Amazon but it hadn't shipped yet. I cancelled the order and by the time I got to the checkout steps at newegg, they were gone and the price had gone back up $10 more than I paid Amazon! Oh well... lol

  • Bob G

    Rebates suck!

  • Darrien Glasser

    Did somebody say... Patriot flash drives?

    • vincenzajlogsdon

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  • Bob Hart

    I wonder how many they had for sale to begin with.

    Maybe just another gimmick to get site visits and maybe buy other things while there.

    Where's the Rain Checks????

  • shonangreg

    It's a USB memory stick with a micro-USB connector. This wasn't spelled out in the article.

  • Nathan J

    Fun fact: The HTC One M8 will mount a portable hard drive. As in, its USB port will spin the platters. That is not common. My Galaxy S3 couldn't do it. Mount a flash drive? Not a problem? But the hard drive? LED wouldn't come on, platters wouldn't move. Try it with the M8, for ***** and giggles? Oh wow, it's spinning up! Drive access in Solid Explorer!

    So as good a deal as this is, my 500GB portable hard drive laughs at that 64GB flash drive.

    Worth a shot to try if you have a portable (bus powered) hard drive and a USB on the go cable, and a fairly new phone (newer than a Galaxy S3).

  • pigo666

    Wow,Led Lampen the best