Google started rolling out a massive improvement to voice search in the Google Search app last week by enabling "Ok Google" hotword detection everywhere. Really cool, but it has been slowly making its way to users on a per-account basis. Tired of waiting? Just a few taps, and you can (maybe) get instant access to the feature. Note: Probably US English only.

Screenshot_2014-07-03-12-09-51 Screenshot_2014-07-03-12-19-10

Just open the search app and do a text search for "Okay Google Everywhere." That's it. Seriously. Go back to your Google Now voice settings and you should see the Ok Google section now has options for detection on any screen and the lock screen (yes, they are separate toggles).

I know this sounds a little crazy, but we tested it ourselves and are three for three so far. One minute the option isn't there, and the next it is. Crazy, no? It might not work for everyone, but it seems to at least work most of the time. It's still totally possible that we're all suffering from some sort of mass delusion, but give it a shot anyway.

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Ryan Whitwam
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  • anne

    worked for me!!

  • Squiddles

    Well shit. It worked.

  • leDerp

    So only works in US English. What about Canadian English, is it too complicated cause it'd have to be "Okay Google, Eh!? "

  • djakdekiel

    It works... How funny xD

  • catiremedina

    Did not work for me but then again I don't have 4.3 so it wont work no matter what I do.

  • mateil

    Here in austria it changes the settings but it tells me its not available in my language for now

  • Primey_

    Didn't work for me

  • mewikime

    I trained the voice with "Cocaine Splooble" and it still works when I say "Okay Google"

  • Patrick

    It worked for me, but now the hotword isn't working anymore (not even on the Google Now Launcher). When I'm asked to say Okay Google three times the phone won't recognize it. It's just like the mic stopped working, but when I open voice search manually everything works fine. Earlier this day the hotword worked just fine - now it's gone :-(

  • Moses

    So I waited a week for nothing? Literally got it this morning

  • Poussah

    Doesn't work on my N4, N5 or N7, all running latest CyanogenMod. I've tried to switch language, clear data, clear cache, remove updates, switch accounts...
    EDIT : I'm in France, don't know if the location matters, besides the language...

    Meanwhile, us Google Apps users still don't have Gmail-based cards, which negates greatly the interest of Now and even more of Android Wear. Couldn't AP get some info on why is that and when/if they plan on enabling it? I'm a bit tired to be considered a second class user...

  • Primey_

    Got it working. For me it only worked when I installed Play Services 5.0 and Google Search 3.5.14 from this guide http://nexus5.wonderhowto.com/how-to/enable-ok-google-hotword-detection-any-screen-android-kitkat-0155963/

    • Jsilvermist

      Good point, when I read this article I forgot that not everyone has the updates yet.

  • Paul Coffey

    Worked for me on a Nexus 5.
    Edit : The meta part of this was the top search result was this article.

  • NoName

    Doesn't seem to work on OEM phones..tried on my stock S4 4.4.2, didn't work.

  • hjone72

    Worked for me! even on Android L

  • Carl Bacchus

    Wow worked right away thanks android police

  • Google_Is_The_Higgs_Boson

    Worked for me...

  • Indianajonze

    Can't believe this worked, but it did. Thanks!

  • longhairbilly

    Worked. Amazing job.

  • Full Time Titty Master

    Only works if you are set to US English

  • MeanDroid

    Working like a dream on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (8.0) stock firmware KitKat 4.4.2.

    I tried making it work on another Samsung device running Android 4.1.2 with Google launcher but only managed to make "Audio History" to apear... Google launcher let's you use the voice activation anyway...

    Apparently the full features, only work on devices running Android 4.3 and above.

  • Brandon

    Works for Canada.

    • http://pierre-alexandre.me/ Pierre Alexandre

      Not on my Moto G :(

    • ElfirBFG

      On English (Canada)? I had to change my Moto G's language to US.

  • Matt Dowdy

    I can confirm not working for me on iPhone 5 ios7..............................

  • Ambroos

    I am completely unable to get this to work. Everything set to US English. Always had Google Now enabled. Tried all possible variations of "Okay Google Everywhere." Capital first letters, OK/Okay, the "." at the end, the "", ... Nothing works.

    Xperia Z2, 4.4.2. Google Search 3.5.15. Can anyone with 3.5.15 confirm it worked?

  • Cody Shiranai

    I got access anyway, so I couldn't even test this, but I have a question.

    Did anyone notice that if you use activate Google Now from the lockscreen, it seems to default you to GEL instead of whatever your default launcher is (as in I just went "back" instead of using home or something)? I have tested this 3 times and it always goes to GEL instead of my Nova Prime. What could this mean?

    • Jsilvermist

      Using a Nexus 5 here with Nova Prime, and it's not changing to GEL for me.
      I unlocked it with the Unleash The Google app so I had access since day 1.
      What you described is Nova Launcher force closing, and therefore it goes back to the default launcher, did you remember to disable the keyword detection built in to Nova Launcher before using the Google Now feature?

      • Cody Shiranai

        I'm on a Galaxy S4, the normal default launcher is obviously TouchWiz with Nova set as the default and GEL to play with (it is not the default at all). Also, I never ENabled the Hotword detection in Nova Launcher (a fact that I verified before writing this). I've only ever used Google Now by launching it with the home button instead of S Voice (which is disabled). This was the first time ever having GEL/MotoX like Google Now Everywhere functionality without using GEL.

  • Inderpreet Kang

    Works for me too

  • David Alejandro Castillo Nava

    only works in kitkat and english language, thanks for the trick anyway

  • ElfirBFG

    I had to switch to English (US) from English (Canada) for it to work. Seems a touch silly, eh?

  • coolsilver

    Just tried by text and voice. Nothing... rebooted... Nothing. I have had Audio Search for days now turned on. No other OK Google Options. Nova Launcher Conflict?

    • Jsilvermist

      Update to Google Play Services 5.X and the new Google Search app, then try again.

      • coolsilver

        Already have latest since Android Wear app requires it. I have Audio History on as well. 4.4.4. I dunno. Google must not like my voice lol. I tried to downgrade and clear data too. Should try on my tablet.

  • humulos


  • https://plus.google.com/+OllyPercival OllyPercival

    As suggested had to switch to US English but works here in the UK now!

  • JJCommonSense

    Works for me and my GS5 just curious how this might affect my battery... any1 have experience with that yet?

  • cabbieBot

    Oh thank goodness this worked, finally! Thanks!

  • Landon Tetreault

    Worked for me 😀

  • shlk7

    Thanks AP! You are the best!

  • Preston To

    Oh hey it links back to my comment! Thank you!

  • Michael Minton

    Sorta worked on the wife's phone. It gave the audio option but don't have the 3 options yet. Pretty cool. Thanks

  • _artem_

    try it with Russian... you can then only enable it google now app no other places (grayed out checkboxes) HOWEVER even with Russian selected you have to say ok google in English... but still can't use it everywhere when Russian is your google search language. the stupid thing is... that when you live in Germany, Berlin. your google search language is set to English and you say ok google what time is it now in Berlin. google says the time in Berlin is bla bla. set the language to Russian and say the same but in Russian. google just searches for that phrase without telling you what time it is in Berlin. same with German. it just searches that's it

  • Kent

    I got the options but are greyed out for me :( GS2 on CM11 M7 (KitKat4.4.2)

    • Kent

      OK - seems to be English - US (an maybe a few other countries) only.
      Works for me if I set to English - US

  • billyx

    Worked for German. But the new menus are disabled at the moment.

  • Ontari_do_not

    It worked for me as well (Canada).
    So, can we attempt this same trick with other Google Now cards that have been "trickling" in? Anyone have a suggestion to try?

  • Cheyennedonna

    Thanks! it worked!

  • hakkers519

    Totally worked for me

  • Romario Maxwell

    Lol it worked. AP is the best. 👏 I knew it's US English only for now but I did it anyway on UK English. Cheers.

  • ziplock9000

    As you mention, I can confirm this does not work for UK English.

  • Andrew Wickham

    I tried 7 times. It did not work for me. I'm on a Galaxy Note 3 running Eclipse (4.3). Any suggestions?

  • Burhan Ashfaq

    It worked :)

  • Laksamana

    It worked!


  • hushdrops

    I still have not enabled Google Plus , do not use or care to use Google Now , anyone else as far behind or share the same feelings for this junk?

    • ksavai

      gift box is not open yet how do you know there is junk in the box?

      • hushdrops

        Tried it once , kinda Junky

  • Steve

    Tip: For Canadian users this will NOT work unless the phone language is set to "English (United States). It is not compatible with English (Canada). Mine is working perfect now!

  • Ragu

    I just read this article and I got it.. Magic :-)

  • Rovindra Singh

    Holy hell what sort of sorcery is this? It totally worked!

  • Michael

    I just uninstalled Google search and reinstalled and it was there.

  • rheerani

    I opened this article for the trick and before I even did the trick I had got the setting!

  • http://www.bordersweather.co.uk/ Andy J

    Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 set to UK English both show the options greyed out (UK English) but to get them to appear I didn't do the trick, I just did a voice search for lottery results. It seems that once you have been enabled server side, a simple voice search for anything is all that is required to make the settings appear.

  • Nathan Talbert

    Welcome to the wonderful world of moto x. now get yourselves tasker, xposed, google search api(for xposed), and start making your own commands.

  • http://www.standupforkids.org blackroseMD1

    Hmm...worked earlier for me on a GPe ROM, but switched to 4.4.3 Sense 6 and it doesn't work now. Weird.

  • landmarkcm

    Yup awesomeness. It sure worked on my Moto G LTE. Which I am surprised the play store hasn't updated on yet..! I can't be the only one??

  • JG

    Didn't seem to work for me... I do have "Audio History" which is required for using "OK Google" from any screen. I'm pretty sure that was new, don't recall seeing it before a day or two ago. But when I click on "OK Google" Detection, it still only offers the option to do it from the search app, not every screen. :( Wonder if I'll get the roll out before I upgrade to the Moto X+1 & be able to do it automatically, even wake the phone doing it (assuming Moto carriers Always Listening & such over)

    • davidinchelseama

      Same thing here on my Galaxy Note 2. Oh, well. :(

  • Pradeep

    It works!!

  • Evan Gilner

    Well of course you have to google it to enable the feature, DUH

  • Sajal K Basu

    For me on HTC OneX, trying this trick actually removed the OK google hotword detection even from the google search app. I had to clear data and then reget it back at least in the app. I guess this is the reason why google doesn't have this enabled by default for everybody. But nice easter egg though.

  • BrianCherry

    Yes it works perfectly, even when the screen is off but only when its charging though. But I wish someone could make a Tasker script where a "Find My Phone" action would work to start playing an alarm like the Moto X.

    • Romdude

      Did not know it worked with screen off while charging. Thank you.

  • Armaan

    Worked on my Xperia Z2 as well but currently its only available for US English
    I cant select those options cuz that ain't available for Indian English
    But the trick is 100% true as it did bring those options

    • Armaan

      Here is the screenshot

      • Armaan


  • godutch

    Doesn't work for me HTC one, running kitkat

  • Hendrik Roggenbuck

    Do you eventually know when this "Google Everywhere" will work in other languages? I love it, it is already working on US English but doesn't work for German. So I can not really use Google now with every function. :(

  • Adrian Meredith

    It says not available for this language!!! :(

  • Facebook User

    It worked!

  • bL4Ck

    This trick doesn't work outside the states, even if you set "English (US)" as phone/google/account language. Gogel pls, staph.

  • Tower72

    nope..doesnt work for me.. I have the newest google play services and search....I have the Audio History tab enabled..but the detection tab..only displays one line as it always did ... HTC One M8 running ARHD 8.1 4.4.2

    • balag59

      exactly the same problem here. .running ARHD on my one M7!

      • Tower72

        i believe I know why. In order for this to work, one must be running the Home Launcher app...not sense..not touchwhiz...but the Google Home launcher!

        • Romdude

          No. It works for me on my HTC one m7 with 4.4.2 and it works with sense and any launcher I use. It could be your custom rooms or an app interfering with it. Make sure Google search asp is up to date too and English USA.

          • Tower72

            yep my search is up to date as is my play services. Over on XDA, the workaround to get this working for those of us who cant, involves installing Home as well

          • Romdude

            You would think the custom roms would have had this fixed by now. JK lol, it's just this was just released, I'm sure the XDA guys will fix their roms asap.

          • Tower72

            it was fixed but not buy the cooker. Seems the apk for search was not in the right spot. There is a flashable velvet apk that fixes this issue

        • TheGCU

          I find that very surprising. I don't know anyone using GEL, since it sucks. It doesn't offer anything not found in most other launchers.

  • dangeorges

    Doesn't work on HTC One X running 4.2.2

  • Chris

    UK Nexus 4 user here. 'Okay Google Everywhere' does work. However apart from the audio history tickbox, the additional options are greyed out, presumably as I'm not using US English.

  • Totiny

    It's very surprising but it's really work... Thanks guy for the trick !

  • Michael Kerr

    Working on my HTC One M8 here in Australia. Just have to use US English instead of Australian English

  • Guest

    Worked on my Xperia Z1 from first try :)

  • Christopher Moore

    Damn it works!!!

  • Guest

    So I have tried it on three devices running 4.2.2 and no luck. Tried it on two 4.4 devices and works every time. Put 4.4 on one of the 4.2.2 devices, works every time. Starting to see a pattern here.

  • TheGCU

    Not working on Canadian Note 3, running 4.4.4, with Search 3.5.15 and Services 3.0.86.

    • Lucas Grodzinski

      Switch your Language to English USA (it's default is English Canada)...?

      • TheGCU

        Already done. Tried the search trick too. Why do staggered rollouts anyway? Just release the app in the store and be done with it. Google's really starting to piss me off pulling crap like this. Some people get the update and others don't.

      • K. Rise

        It worked 4 me. On lock screen or any screen. Problem is that now other apps won't work because google uses audio at all times. Doesn't permit my stock video camera to even turn on. Youtube has no sound. Similar problems with other apps WTF. Have OG PRO E980 KITKAT 4.4.2

  • BC

    Well I followed instructions but still I don't get the prompt to train my voice...This is strange to me as I have the option to train my device to recognize my voice but it doesn't work at all when I select it. This is really frustrating, as I want the feature.

  • احمد احمد

    work 100% on Moto G

  • Hank

    It doesn't work in mine, I have a Galaxy s4 (GT-I9500) running Barebones V6.00 Rom based on 4.4.2 . US English language, location on, history on, just about everything I believe. The only thing that I think could interfere is my country: Ecuador. Does anyone know if it works in other countries? or am I just missing something (which, I believe, I'm not)

  • roninpenguin

    Worked for me. That is pretty cool.

  • Sue

    Doesn't workforce me. On lock screen and On any screen are greyed out :(

  • kskillz2000

    Doesn't work on Samsung Galaxy Rush on 4.1.2 get a force close when searching ok Google everywhere...

  • raj kumar kumar

    Valuable Your spouse then when once i discover, Your spouse then when once i creativity Your spouse and as well once i basically might actually develop seeking merchandise somebody else tiny proportion although We have been unfullfiling because of practice concept. Even so the distinct this is usually a correct smashes the total simply no difficulty: Right up until eventually nowadays once i significantly regarded as being the reason why many people also been placing somebody else worries.

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  • YK Wan

    only works is Language is English (US). Doesn't work if it's English (UK)

  • Tom

    Jep, works well kinda as you guys said US english only still. But for now it does say it is not possible yet in my language. Which it didn't do before so we'll be good in a year or 20 :P

  • Jay

    Didn't work on my ls980

  • boogila2


  • My1

    I get a crash...

  • JDH1969

    After the update, it will work from my home screen, but still not from lock. Yes both boxes are checked. Note 3 - ver 4.2.2

  • Andrea Pinardi

    Still not working on my Nexus 5 with Kitkat 4.4.4, google now and play services up to date. my language is set to English US and I tried with different accounts. no luck tho (yes, I tried that↑ trick too)

  • Dee

    It works on my s4 running 4.4 but on Hubby's and dds S3 , it will not work. They are running 4.3 ( stock on both of theirs ) which its supposed to work on right? I tried all the steps numerous times and it won't work. Any suggestions? What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Jason

    Awesome! Thanks coppers!!!

  • Dr. Wily

    Won't work on my Verizon moto x running 4.4.4 it says currently unavailable on your device

  • notworking

    1) Picked my friend's nexus 5
    2) followed the guide, but i wrote "OK Google Everywhere" instead of "Okay Google Everywhere"
    3) not worked
    Rom is stock 4.4... What can i try?

  • Gian Paolo Vecchi

    Sorry to re-up this... I don't get the 2 option for everywhere, may someone help me? Thanks!

  • Tay

    how tf did that work lmao worked for me

  • http://www.nixonvs.com/ Nixon Virtual Strategies

    It's still not working for me. I've got 4.4.2 for my LG Optimus Pro G. What exactly are the steps you're suggesting? Just go to the Google search bar on my home screen and enter the search??? What am I missing? That just pulled up some app in the Play store that I didn't install.

  • TK

    When charging but locked, "OK Google" will result in the chime, followed by the recognition chime if I give a recognized command. However, I have to manually turn the screen on to get my answer/result/action. E.g. "OK Google, What time is it?" If I do nothing further, the next time I click power button on phone it tells me the time.
    Razr HD Maxx

  • Harshana Samararatne

    Thanks for the Tip it worked for me.

  • Tebogo Tbzmike Dr-Insane

    Where is the download link

  • Brant Martin

    I think I'm the only person on the internet this doesn't work for. I'm using Cyanogenmod on an S2, and I can't get this to work :( Yes, my search app is up to date.

  • caperdon

    Simply changing my 'Primary Language', in voice settings, to English (US) enabled this. No need for a text search of any kind.

  • Ichwardort

    According to CM it has been fixed with the updates, however it's still
    not working on my phone. I'm on an unrooted phone, so adjusting the mics
    sensitivity is not possible for me.

    If you're also unable to use the "ok google" feature, please vote on the CM Bugtracker
    https://jira.cyanogenmod.org/browse/BACON-2265?jql=text ~ "OK Google"

  • LEGO

    One Important step missing from the mentioned trick is that your Primary Language must be set as English (US) and not any other available English accents. This step is critical for the Detection From Any Screen feature.
    Audio History must also be turned on for this feature which is done automatically after setting up the feature. This is pretty much it. After doing these steps carry out the steps mentioned in this article and your ready to launch Google from any screen whatsoever.

  • rob damiani

    Doesn't work for me, Xperia z2 running CyanogenMod