It's raining wearable apps. After Google, Delta, Duolingo, and IFTTT updated their apps with Android Wear functions, it looks like the floodgates have opened. The Google Play Store now has a page dedicated to apps that include support for Wear, including Google's own apps and the ones we've already covered. The page is propagating through the Play Store right now, so you might not be able to see it quite yet.


In case you can't access the page above, here's a list of all the apps included. Take note: some of the ones in Google's list don't appear to be updated, including The Guardian. Perhaps they weren't ready in time for this promotion, or perhaps they're on a staged rollout and we just can't see them yet.

Some more that aren't featured on the main list:

More apps may be added to the list as they're updated, so we'll keep an eye on it. If you see any Android Wear-enabled apps that we've missed, drop us a line in the comments, or even better, via the Contact page.

Update: more Wear-enabled apps have been added to the list.

Google Play Store - Apps for Android Wear

Michael Crider
Michael is a native Texan and a former graphic designer. He's been covering technology in general and Android in particular since 2011. His interests include folk music, football, science fiction, and salsa verde, in no particular order.

  • Jephri

    Super excited to be able to check sports scores from my wrist at work in the near future. Let's see some support ESPN, At Bat and CBS sports!

    • Crispin Swickard

      Would that be needed is you have Google now set up for sports teams, and such?

      • Jephri

        Google now give scores, but it is not terribly timely and only gives an overview. I would hope for more detail from dedicated sports apps.

        • Crispin Swickard

          Fair enough.

        • Brandon

          yes, why is google now so delayed when it comes to sports scores?! its so strange, seems like such an easy fix.

          • remister

            That reminds me of the app Google Scoreboard....

          • Brendan

            The world cup is accurate to the second basically, but for some reason nothing else is...

      • Davis Hernandez

        i only wish google now had the option for motorsports such as f1, rally and so on (maybe im missing something if anybody knows how to do it i would be very grateful xD)

        • Crispin Swickard

          It might be something that will pop up later. they have been adding sports to it slowly.

          • Davis Hernandez

            well then let's wait *found dead 2 years later in front of a google device*

    • ddpacino

      The notifications from the apps right now will shoot over to the wrist, though, and not to mention the Sports cards in Now already. I would love a more Wear-tuned, experience though. Oh those, I assume ESPN would be first to show us how it's done.

  • Jephri

    Let em flow!

    • Sam Del Valle


      • Aleksey_US

        Fans once they actually get their watches in a few days...

        • Fatal1ty_93_RUS


          • ddpacino


    • berthamdonovan

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  • fjfj

    Does anybody know of any browser for wear?

    • http://djsblc.teamfreewill.net/ Lawrence Callaghan

      you know how stupid that sounds? a web browser for a 1+ inch screen?

    • SamuraiCER

      Javelin said they could be working on one for Android Wear

    • Rafael Andrade

      Try opera mini, maybe it will work. #not

    • slurivariv

      Why would you want a browser for Wear?? How would you type in a URL? o.O

      • awaaas

        With minum keyboard, they have a mockup image of it running on moto 360 ;)

        • Joris Griffioen

          A mockup that completely misses the fact that a strip on the bottom of the display is not usable. It cannot work like that gif shows.

      • Grayson

        Maybe not a browser in the traditional sense, but it could be useful to send a webpage from your phone to your watch. Could be useful to zoom in on a score on an automatically updating sports score page, or any other page that shows some automatically updating information, if there was no watch app available to give you that info.

      • Jason Bourne

        I assume you'd speak to it and it'd open up bookmarks you have presaved... or you could do a google search or something.

    • J2

      PLease don't try to browse full websites on a smartwatch.

  • aholsteinson

    Nice, I think this list will grow rather quickly.

  • AbbyZFresh

    Now for Google to HOPEFULLY add a Chromecast section for ALL incoming apps and not just major high profile ones.

    • Ramiro Fernandez

      It's there. Go to the chromecast section and select "More Google Cast Apps", and there are hundreds of apps in there.

    • Ramiro Fernandez

      Also available on the web:

      click the "more" tab.

      • Brian Lippman

        I think he means in the Play Store Chromecast section. Currently it pretty much just shows the same list of apps from when the section was added in December, all of which are "high profile" apps from developers who were given full Chromecast access during it's beta period.

        • Ramiro Fernandez

          Have you checked it recently?

          • Brian Lippman

            Yes, I did right before I replied to you. It is still the vertical list of apps with big header pictures, like the Editor's Choice section.

            While there is a complete list of apps at that link you posted, if someone is just using their device and uses the Play Store app, there is no easy way to find *every* app with Chromecast support.

          • Guest

            Maybe Google just loves me?

          • Brian Lippman

            Apparently Google just doesn't want people to use tablets with a Chromecast. I just looked at the store on my phone and I get the screen you posted, but on my Nexus 7 I get the page I was talking about. On both I went to Apps -> Slide to Categories Tab -> Chromecast button. Strange.

          • Ramiro Fernandez

            Interesting. I'd say it's likely to come soon, but then I just checked on my Nexus 7... I don't even have a chromecast section at all, just a button saying "tablet spotlight", advertising apps including google currents which has long been discontinued...

            Get your act together, google!

  • NBM

    are they ready for the 360 as well?

    • XerBlade

      Implying that is somehow different from Android Wear?

      The Android Wear SDK automatically includes layout support for both rectangular and circular displays, as both are part of stock Android Wear. The circular display thing isn't some Motorola-specific tweak.

      • NBMTX

        the first two apps that showed up were not [yet?] compatible with round faced watches (the 360)

  • https://twitter.com/Caneschii Guilherme Caneschi

    Fancy also just got support and I don't see it listed.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thefancy.app

  • Alexei Watson

    the android wear app offers a shortcut to wear apps on your phone as well.

  • NemaCystX

    Glympse! Awesome!

  • Brian Lippman

    I think Talon and Evolve SMS added Wear support. I'm in the beta program for those though, so i'm not sure if the support is in the release versions yet.

  • Aleksey_US

    Nest where are you? Would look really cool on Moto 360 to have the same view as the Nest itself.

    • slurivariv

      That does sound really cool. Twist an on-screen dial on the watch and the temp changes... This makes me want a Nest now lol

      • krazyfrog

        Except, all apps have a square card interface on Wear, even on the Moto 360, so it won't look anything special.

    • ddpacino

      Give it time.

  • John Smith

    Maybe I'll make an app called "Wank Watch" to count (and chart) how often you shake your wrist... then you can optionally submit your number of wrist-shakes against the porno you were watching

    • Jephri

      Gross. Make sure you post your results to Facebook. Your mom will be all proud.

  • Jack Smith

    I wonder how many pizzas the Eat24 app is going to order this weekend / next week!?

    Too bad it's not in the UK..

    Any British Devs out there with connections to food industry?! Make it happen, please :P

  • macdaddybuff

    Endomondo , or Runkeeper. I run with my phone so it would be supper nice if I could keep track of my splits, and pace via watch. If I can't then I will bite the bullet and get a Garmin but was holding out hope that I would be able to do this on the moto360 by the time it comes out.

  • Eric Hoch

    I think Evernote may be missing the point by distributing a separate app just for wear compatibility. Then again, they have a separate widget app as well.

    • NexusMan

      I was wondering about that.

  • robbo

    I am still looking to find out about battery life on the phone... I'm thinking that hardly turning on your screen because everything is on your wrist must make phone battery life huge.

    • CoreRooted

      It depends on a lot of factors. Bluetooth is still a pretty big battery hog in and of itself (much better with BLE though). Plus, the type of device, Bluetooth drivers used, and even the Bluetooth stack version will factor into battery life. The best way to find out about the battery life of your device is to test it out.

  • Roger Siegenthaler

    Runtastic Pro also updated to support android wear.

  • Hedami

    One thing to note is that media apps that support RemoteControlClient automatically will support music controls on Android Wear devices. I tested out my app, Music Player (Remix), and when playing music it showed up as a new card with album art, track info, pause/play/previous/next controls. See the attached image for a screenshot of the music controls card (swiping left displays additional cards for skipping to the previous and next tracks).

  • Alexei Watson

    Minuum emailed that this is currently in development. Still not sure I want a keyboard on a watch, but hey, it's pretty.


    • http://mrmcpowned.com mrmcpowned

      AP covered it, and minuum have completely disregarded the huge "DO NOT PLACE ANYTHING HERE" layer on the provided PSD for the Moto360 contest. That watch will always have a black bar at the bottom because that's the connector for the screen.

      • Alexei Watson

        Yeah true that, so obvious now you've mentioned it. Not even possible.

  • Shyloooh

    Awesome - Golfshot GPS! My watched just shipped! So excited!

  • ConCal

    You can tell from the getgo what a success Android wear will be.

  • Jason Bourne

    Is there a way to add more watch faces to Android Wear devices?

    • NexusMan

      Not yet. Google will eventually open that up.

      • Jason Bourne

        I've noticed that the default watch faces for the Samsung Gear Live and the LG G watch differ... which is a shame, I wish each watch had access to the other's!

        • NexusMan

          Yes, they do. Watchfaces thus far are one of the few customizable aspects of Android Wear, not included as part of the os. The Moto 360 watchfaces are different too (and MUCH better than anything those other 2 offer). I did hear though, Google state they will eventually allow other watch faces to be added. The Samsung watch also has a different stopwatch, and of course a heart rate monitor.

          • Jason Bourne

            You can choose whether to use the Samsung stopwatch or the Google stopwatch in the settings, FYI. I just want more watch faces...

          • NexusMan

            Yes, but the LG one only has the Google Stopwatch. I hear you on the watch faces, though.

  • num1gever

    Xbox SmartGlass would be nice on Android Wear.
    Just sayin'...

  • Jon Wolff

    My gear live shipped! Should have it Monday. BTW with tasker and the autonotification plugin you can do pretty much anything from your watch. I verified that it works using the wear emulator.

  • Deeco

    I'm just happy, that apps are starting to support Android Wear, quickly and swiftly as possible unlike the Chromecast.

  • mariano zorrilla

    My app was the first and it wasn't post it there... it's just another Google $$$ section and it SUCKS!


  • Julia

    Hi, here is one more app for both mobile and wearable device https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pnn.android.sport_gear_tracker

    It is fitness application, that tracks heart rate, calories burned during the workout, as well as records the history of each workout.