The Android Wear companion app is officially available for download on the Play Store, not that you can do anything with it without an Android Wear device. But hey, it's worth knowing where to find it when the time comes, right?

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So there it is. Download it. Pretend you have a Wear device. Or something. I'm not really sure.

David Ruddock
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  • miri

    Is there a consolation pajama-clad puppy for those without smartwatches?

    • campusten


      • remister

        Puppy in a Onesie, yes!

  • Christopher

    Clove Technology in the UK are shipping thetLG G Watch now so I guess this will get some on their way?

  • Marcinoo16

    I'm connecting it to emulator

    • Marcell Lévai

      How? I couldn't make it work :/ How do you connect the emulated watch to a wifi network or bluetooth?

    • Alexei Watson

      haha so did I.. interface is nice.

  • Tom Harman

    Great, now I need that watch I ordered..

  • remister

    I have it downloaded already. My LG watch ships tomorrow. I will get it during the weekend!

    • asdf

      I dont think the UPS will deliver on the weekend...
      If they do though... that would be AWESOME! Ordered my watch after I/O so it says ships tomorrow. Heres hoping!

      • remister

        If only Google provided over night shipping for all early adopters!!!!

        • asdf

          I chose one day shipping. But as I said I doubt UPS delivers on weekends!

          • Guest

            I bought a camera with 7-10 day shipping on Saturday night, UPS was at my door around 2:30PM on Tuesday. Not sure why people pay for 2 day.

  • ash

    5000+ downloads and only one review

  • Joan Yu


  • Deeco

    darn, Moto 360 hurry up already!!

  • netsuo

    Some received their LG watch allready (like modaco's paul o'brien)

  • http://www.techrodd.com/ Jento Pieters

    Please provide a download link, I want to try the app on devices that don't have the play store.