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Okay, you've heard the jokes: "mini" phones are, at this point, considerably larger than the "big" high-end phones of previous years. So let's just assume that whenever Samsung employs the word "mini" in the name of a device, it means "looks kinda like the other one, but cheaper." Such is the case with the Galaxy S5 Mini, the third mini phone to spring off of Sammy's flagship line.

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The S5 Mini's screen is 4.5 inches large with a resolution of 720p. Which, at this point, is merely average in terms of Android phones. It's got a 1.4Ghz quad-core processor (probably a Snapdragon 400), 1.5GB of RAM, and an 8MP rear camera twinned to a respectable 2.1MP front-facing cam. And of course, the phone features Samsung's Holy Trinity of cell phone design: a Super AMOLED screen panel, a removable battery, and a MicroSD card slot. Which is good, since 16GB of storage won't go very far these days.

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What's surprising is that Sammy managed to cram a lot of the standard Galaxy S5's features into the smaller and presumably cheaper build. Water-resistant IP67 body? Check. Pulse oximeter? Check. Fingerprint scanner? Check. It even includes things you might actually use, like Android 4.4 (with all of Samsung's apps and TouchWiz visual customizations) and an ultra power saving mode. The phone's looks and physical design are essentially identical to the S5, it just feels like it went through the dryer.

Samsung says that the Galaxy S5 Mini will go on sale in Russia later this month before it expands to global markets. It will be available in black, white, blue, and gold. Expect it to pop up on some (but not all) American carriers in a few months.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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  • Sashank Narayan

    Snapdragon 400. Geez.

    • http://androidandme.com/ Taylor Wimberly

      Snapdragon 400 is plenty of muscle to power a 720p display.

      • ProductFRED

        Yup. Plus it's extremely battery-efficient. Look at the Moto G.

        • Arthur Dent

          But Moto G isn't running Touchwizz ...

      • Guest

        On stock Android, perhaps.

      • Sashank Narayan

        I know, but I don't like the trend of mini devices being low spec versions of the flagship. They should just be smaller screen versions. If they want to make them lower spec, they should lose the mini moniker and just sell them as a different phone.

    • hello

      not snapdragon 400. AllAboutSamsung reports Exynos 3470 chip

  • jamaall

    Seems like Motorola is the only one that doesn't cheap out their mini phones at the moment. Droid Mini is the same as the other droids except for the screen and battery of course.

    • Rahul Nebhnani

      Sony Z1s

      • Gre Gor

        Xperia Z1s? That phone is the same size as a regular Xperia Z1 because it's an exclusive version for T-mobile in US.
        Did you mean Xperia Z1 Compact? Or Xperia Z1f for the Japan market?

        • Rahul Nebhnani

          I'm sorry
          The Z1 compact
          (always thought the Z1s was the compact version :/)

    • splus

      Except that S400 CPU...
      Sony's the one that makes it right.

      • jamaall

        Well the Droid Mini has a S4 Pro just like the Moto X and the other Droids, integrated with their X8 system. Specs aside, it functions just as fast as Motorola's flagship phone.

        • splus

          X is a nice phone, but S4 pro is still a "lower end CPU", regardless of X being Moto's flagship.

          • jamaall

            I'd say its midrange, but using both my droid maxx and a friend's S5, I have to say that the droid/moto x is still faster thanks to Motorola's near stock software. Software makes all the difference.

          • splus

            I agree with that 100%. Samsung, especially, knows how to make their phones lag even if they would put Core i7 inside...

          • Sky

            except it's a modified newer version of the Original S4 , the one in the Moto X is the 2013 version as opposed to the old 2012 version.

            and i can assure you, as a person that is currently using one as my DD, this thing flies like no other...so fast and responsive, have had not a single problem since i got it almost a year ago...
            So,a "lower end CPU" is performing equal to (if not sometimes better then) the higher end ones?..hmmm

    • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

      Xperia Z1 Compact says high.

  • acejavelin

    If it comes in unlocked and off-contract at around a $200-$250 price point it will be decent, or around a $100 from a pre-paid carrier, otherwise it can't still won't compete with the Moto G

    • solbin

      BWAHAHAHA. $200-$250??? It is going to be $450-500 off contract.

      • FritoDorito

        Ever since Google released the Nexus 4, it's like people have completely forgotten how much phones cost. Remember when people started going crazy and assumed the Moto X was going to be in the $200 - 300 range?

      • acejavelin

        Then there is no point to this phone... Except it says "Samsung" and to some people it holds as much weight as Apple. It isn't much of an improvement over a Moto G.

  • black

    Mini cooper is not cheap.

    • Amit

      and its not a phone..

    • someone755

      Lmao that comparison.

  • RajivSK

    I think the 'mini' reviews at Android Police should be handled more like Top Gear does their Dacia announcements. Is there really anyone in the enthousiast crowd that cares?

    • solbin

      well, there IS a market for smaller phones. I wouldn't mind one myself, if only the specs weren't two years old.

      • RajivSK

        Exactly why, right now, they are the dacia's of the android world and should be treated as such.

    • http://www.scottcolbert.com/ ScottColbert

      Enthusiast's may not, but they do have/know people who may want this who aren't interested in the latest and greatest. Don't be elitist.

  • Vinícius Philot

    Follow me: Touchwiz is slow EVEN on the octa core version. I imagine this thing running the latest touchwiz version and it feels like a nightmare

    • http://www.thejunglephoto.pw Thejungle

      It just can't work smoothly. It is not software, not tools, not utilities and especially not a features.

  • Alberto Blasi

    So basically a S3 with even more bloat, yay!

  • Dakota


  • blingbling99

    How much is it?? Does it cheap?