Telltale games must have some sort of agreement with Amazon, seeing as all of its games show up in the Appstore before coming to Google play. Such is the case with The Wolf Among Us, an episodic point-and-click adventure based on the famed Bill Willingham "Fables" comic book series. It actually arrived on Amazon a few weeks ago with little fanfare, but it probably deserves some.

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Telltale Games is known for making the renowned Walking Dead games, and The Wolf Among Us has a similar style. You go through the game as Bigby Wolf (the big bad wolf) tapping on various in-game elements and digging through conversation trees. There's a lot of murder and mayhem to be had in this title, but also plenty of great writing.

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As with The Walking Dead games, you can download and play the first chapter for free. Chapters 2-5 are available as an in-app purchase (you still have those Amazon coins?). If it's priced like The Walking dead, it'll be about $15 for all the episodes.

[The Wolf Among Us]

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  • Jeff Bezos

    Fuck amazon I'll never buy or recommended one of their crap fail devices.

    And fuck telltale too.

    • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

      Agree on point 1

      Disagree on point 2

      • Green Tea with a Hint of Lemon


    • fucker

      Fuck you

  • SuperMario7

    Shame its taken a while, I got this on Steam and it's hands down the best thing Telltale have ever done, can't wait til the final episode comes out.

  • Ghost

    I don't want to give Amazon any money because they ruined Comixology, so I will just wait till it's in the Play Store. We just got Season 2 of The Walking Dead so this can't be too far off. Only reason the Amazon store is installed is for the random free game.

  • Anthony Tyson

    Then its not REALLY on android. You know what I mean.

    • Leeroy Jenkins

      Thats what pichai said :)

      • Anthony Tyson

        That moment was fantastic.

  • hp420

    I have about $30 in free app credit still left over from their massive give-away. Maybe I'll give this a shot since I'm not really paying for it anyway.

    • AgustinRodriguez

      Same here.

  • Arcest

    You can install Amazon app store on any android, you just install the app and need an amazon account.

  • NeeDXxx

    Sam & Max for yesterday please

  • Alberto

    I actually wouldn't mind buying this in the Amazon Appstore right now, but both my Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 appear as not compatible. The same thing happened with both TWD seasons, I think they are limited to Kindle Fire devices (REALLY?)

  • blindexecutioner

    Meh, I'll wait. Hope the exclusive was worth it to them.

    • Morten Ulveseth

      I really hope it wasn't.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Telltale FTW! But they do need to step up their distribution of titles across platforms

  • mgamerz

    So I can put woodie's axe in his head on the go now?

  • black

    I think $15 is reasonable for the level of genius this app portraits.

  • evertjr

    Its good to see Android closing the gap in quality games vs iOS. One of the reasons I switched to iOS was quality exclusives games but they are slowly landing on Android.

  • andreinic

    Instead of just informed us about Amazon exclusivity, maybe you guys can find out out when the game will be available in Play Store... I'm just saying. ..

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii