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The last time that the Padfone 2 got a major version update was way back in December 2012, for Jelly Bean 4.1. Yeah, you read that right. Today ASUS is updating its second phone-tablet-combo-thingy all the way to KitKat, a move that will surely please at least some of the users who haven't upgraded to one of the newer models. Are you ready for some sketchy ASUS English translations? Of course you are.

30.06.14 - 1 Screenshot_2014-06-30-15-29-38 Screenshot_2014-06-30-15-29-46

Screenshots via Rob Mey on Google+.

The 4.4 builds for Padfone 2 models sold in Japan, Russia, Taiwan, China, Singapore (StarHub), and the worldwide edition have all been released - you can download them at the source hub. ASUS recommends backing up your data "Due to this Android 4.4 upgrade would reset your device," and this upgrade guide (PDF link) confirms that the flash process WILL erase your personal data. The ASUS PC Tool (included on the download page) can be used to back it up to your PC, which is handy, since the update apparently isn't going out over-the-air.

PadFone2 Firmware: V11.8.3.3 Only for JP SKU (Android 4.4)
Steps of Update:
1. Check SW version of your PadFone2*
2. Download PadFone Firmware: V11.8.3.3 Only for JP SKU and Update version of SOP (From “Manual” Item)
※Firmware update cannot do *SKU conversion* and downgrade version.
Wrong SKU may cause update failure, You can only update your SW version on the Same SKU
*How to check SW version of your PadFone2?
Path: [Settings]-->[About PadFone]-->Build number
Example: You should be able to see the build number JP_PadFone-11.X.X.X, where “JP” means SKU.
PS: Due to this Android 4.4 upgrade would reset your device, please do refer the upgrade SOP to backup your personal data.

So, yeah, be sure to follow ASUS' directions carefully and only flash from the correct software version. The update weighs in at over 900MB, so you may want to wait for an unmetered connection as well.

Source: ASUStek Support

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  • http://www.plus.google.com/+TommyNunno yodatom10

    My poor tf700t.... No love

  • bobEveryman

    I love seeing all these posts about older devices being updated to 4.4+ Hopefully someday soon all phones will be able to be updated to the most current version without carrier / manufacturer induced delays.

    • ProductFRED

      It would be great if OEMs let you unlock the bootloaders on phones that are EOL (end of life). For example, AT&T and Verizon phones are notoriously bootloader-locked. I know the carrier dictates what the OEM does in regards to bootloader locking, but it would still be great. It's pretty sad that you have this hardware that is in no way outdated, and you are prevented from breathing new life into it by flashing a custom ROM.

  • João Grácio

    Congratulations Asus...is better late then never

  • Danny Holyoake

    Strange that it wipes user data and that it's not OTA.

    But it's nice to see more devices being updated to KitKat.

  • Hsanchez957

    I've always liked the concept of the Padfone. I wish someone would take a better stab at it than ASUS has been able to pull off so far.

    • CoreRooted

      I have the padfone-x. All in all, not a bad device. The tablet switching is quirky and doesn't go as smoothly as I would like, but the fact that it is running 4.4 is nice. Asus didn't do TOO much to the base OS aside from some drivers and a little bit of skinning (which I could actually see coming in L). Yes, the bezels are HUGE. Yes, the speakers suck. But overall, the device is pretty good. I bought it thinking it was a gimmick device, but I find myself using the tablet station more than my Note3 and my G2. The screens are beautiful for sure. I'm hoping that they release a new station with smaller bezels and better speakers. Doubtful they will, but I'm still hopeful.

      • Hsanchez957

        I wouldn't mind paying premium price for a premium device. I don't want a pretty good phone/tablet combo. What you said about it is pretty much what I've been hearing about it. That it's good enough but nothing to really go crazy over.

        I'd really like to see ASUS try again or maybe somebody like Sony who could benefit from a "gimmicky" device like this.

        • CoreRooted

          You took it perfectly. It IS a good device and at the price point, a good purchase. Is it good enough to be my DD? Not really. But someone who isn't a tech enthusiast might enjoy it as their DD.

          Honestly, I'm with you in regards to either ASUS or another company expanding on the idea. Hell, the phone portion is *almost* perfect for my tastes (where people complain about how plain the phone is, that is exactly what I look for). Now, if they can fix the station part of it, it'd be damn near perfect.

    • primalxconvoy

      They need to make it phone model agnostic so that anyone can use them. THEN they might take off.

  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    HTC didn't update the HTC Desire HD to ICS because it would have to wipe user data. Just an interesting fact.

    • kekkojoker90

      they release an update into htc dev site as well like asus.

    • ianjo

      I think publishing the upgrade and then warning users it's an acceptable compromise.

      Either way you would lose your data if you went with cyanogenmod or something else, so at least this way you have a manufacturer-provided upgrade.

      Thumbs up to ASUS! If only more devices were updated!

    • Mike Reid

      Wipe data was just an excuse.

      I didn't expect DHD to update to ICS until HTC announced it.

      HTC's sin was going back on their word.

  • baxeda

    My Asus Fonepad 2 got upgraded too.. Not a slightest info on the net covering this event lol

  • primalxconvoy

    They sell the padphone in Japan? Which network? I've never seen them for sale anywhere in Japan.