Last Updated: June 30th, 2014

Another Google I/O has passed, and with it, a slew of Android-related announcements and reveals we've only just scratched the surface of at this point. This year was all about platforms: phones, tablet, watches, TVs, and cars - Google wants Android on all the things in your life that should be smarter (well, at least some people think they should be).

Which, though, was the showstopper for you? What are you waiting on more than anything else at this point? The "L" release is Android's biggest evolution since Android, if you're asking Google, which is bound to mean big things for both users and developers. But Wear has been the darling of the coverage around I/O this year (even if it wasn't announced at I/O, this was its big coming out party), with the platform debuting on the LG G Watch, Moto 360 - which continues to win almost universal prerelease acclaim - and Samsung Gear Live. Then, there's Android TV - Sony and Sharp's full lineups will be built with Android TV, and set top boxes from a slew of OEMs are on the way, too. Android Auto, for all the excitement a smarter car can bring, is probably the furthest off of the 4, though. The first Android Auto-ready cars will launch at the end of the year, but it will likely be two or three years more before we know just how big Android Auto is going to get, if it does take off.

Anyway, vote in the poll and, as always, sound off in the comments below and make yourself heard.

What Android announcement (speaking in broad terms) at I/O excites you the most?

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David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • Josh Crumley

    holy shit what a tough question

    • frypan444

      Not for me. I have very little interest in the other stuff like wear, car and tv.

      L all the way

      • Guest

        It was a joke...

      • oneyedmonkey
        • godutch

          I would answer the same and I am not being sarcastic. Haven't had a TV for years, don't like wearing watches and still want 2 more years out of my car at least....

          • therealbiglou

            You can purchase an Android Auto stereo and install it in any car, old or new.

          • http://boom.austeninc.com/ Austen Clement

            Can you really? Can you please send me the source for that? I would love to install a compatible system in my car, eventually.

          • godutch

            Not in my car, it's an integrated unit

        • ReyMaxwin

          Car and Wear seem anemic. In terms of entertainment value, TV seems to promise more hardcore android games. I have Android L for phones on my Nexus 5... While it looks nice, it's not revolutionary, so far. That is to say, no feature has blown me away to the point where it has meaningfully improved anything I do.

  • ThatBabyAintMine

    Trick question: they all run Android "L"...except Wear.

    • http://www.scienceprousa.com/ dcarr622

      Actually, Wear currently runs Android 4.4 with a new api level 20

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        Wear runs 4.4w.

        • TylerChappell

          Very specific, but also very correct. I noticed this too when I updated my ADT bundle with the newest SDK's.

      • ThatBabyAintMine

        You clearly didn't see the "except Wear" part of my comment.

  • Niveus

    First Android L second android TV :-)

  • dogulas

    If I were in the market for buying a car, Auto would be he most exciting. But since I am not and will not for a long time, Wear is what I'm excited about.

    • BigTimmay

      Even v1?

      • http://googleplus.VoluntaryMan.com/ William Thieme

        v1 is always the most exciting and fun stuff. I don't get the desire to wait and join in once it's boring and predictable.

        • someone755

          I know right?
          For some reason I can't live without crashes and bugs no matter how much they drive me crazy.
          That's why you either join in early or buy an old model so you can help coding and getting stressed over all the coding needed to update it to a new OS version after the hardware has been forgotten because a new model came out.

  • Jarrod Davis

    Android L followed very closely by Android Wear.

  • George Kaimakas

    None of the above. Polymer was by far the most exciting followed by material design!

    • dogulas

      Both of which...are part of L...

      • George Kaimakas

        Not exactly. Polymer is based on web technologies and material design is a design language for all of Google's products in every platform (I think)

    • Peter ‘Firefox’ Fox

      Actually I had to agree Polymer looks like a great way to further good web app development.

      Also think the ChromeCast updates were really good, I don't get why anyone majorly would want Android TV when the chromecast alone is a great bit of kit.

      • George Kaimakas

        The implications are more than meets the eye. To get a glance of what polymer can do just look at the custom Google maps elements.

        I know it's exciting only from a developer's perspective yet but just imagine the possibilities

  • BrahManty

    I could tell you that I'm least interested in Android TV, but I'm definitely buying a Moto 360, the next Nexus phone and an aftermarket Android head unit if they become available in the future. I have no idea which I'm most excited about.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      If there is a Nexus phone. I'm not convinced there will be one yet. A tablet, on the other hand...

      • BrahManty

        I guess I just took the news that android one will be focused on the low end market as a sign that nexus would continue in its current form. Either way, I'll be getting a device with stock android. That shit's beautiful!

        • Guest

          Nexus isn't a low-end phone brand, though

        • Hsanchez957

          I was confused about this too. On the one hand they announced the Android One initiative yet gave no indication what's happening with the Nexus line.
          I'd prefer it continue as is and not go to this Android Silver stuff we've been hearing about.

    • Christopher Moore

      I don't think head units will have the same level of integration. You would be better off making a mount for your current phone and buy one of those cheap Bluetooth decks if you don't already have Bluetooth. Otherwise it will be very expensive but then again I'm a cheapskate.

      • BrahManty

        I was planning on buying a $350 touch screen head unit for my car anyway. Android auto should technically be cheaper since there's no onboard processing PLUS they're using open source software instead of developing their own. Think of it like buying a computer monitor vs. a TV.

  • sam

    I hope Google will do something to encourage and reward developers that follow the material design guidelines once Android L is released. Something like a section in the Play Store for (Apps that follow the new material design).

    • Nasko Hristov

      You know what? This is great idea and you should contact google about it.

    • Allen Tanguay

      Definitely. There are a lot of apps that follow Holo/KitKat design but they're scattered with elements that changed with each point release. It would be nice to have consistency so that they don't feel out of place in L.

      Some apps I have to use even have iOS design...

    • Zak Taccardi

      Yes - that would be an excellent idea

    • Shaun Anderson

      Or have design awards at next years I/O. That is the best way. 100K for first place 50k for second and 30K for third. In each app category. This would cost Google only a couple million and would see a drastic increase in the adoption of 'L' and the quality of apps overall.

      • Mike Reid

        That would likely give prizes to large companies, who are generally making plenty of money as is.

        Giving it to small indy devs would be nice, but defining that could be tough, and could shut out small indy teams of 2 and more.

        • Lemonade

          They would also put the winner up on Play store's front page for added incentive. That would definitely get bigger companies to step their game up because we all know how much they love free advertising.

          Plus it's Goog's choice, so in the end they can ignore bigger companies who aren't really getting creative with Material Design.

        • Shaun Anderson

          Then have a indy developer category. Plus we know from the iOS Appstore that some of the best designed apps are indy apps even though the large companies have money they often lack in creativity.

        • Jonathan Tutor

          "Plenty of money" has nothing to do with it. I'm interested in rewarding the best.

          The goal here is to improve adoption, not run a charity.

  • http://thedangerbrain.com/ Alfonso Surroca

    This is almost a trick question/poll. Android L, Wear, Auto, and TV are all just different pieces of the same thing. Google hinted at it before, but this year's I/O really hammered in that all of our devices are just vehicles for the Android (and more importantly, the Google) experience. So, I'm most excited that Google's getting really serious about Android everywhere

    • Floss

      The core may the same, but the skin on top of it is very different for each one.

  • z32589

    Wait!!!...When will my OG Droid get the L update!!??

    • http://www.bloodflame.com/ Patrick

      About the same time my mp3 player, erm, Nexus S gets it

  • Jeff Dunn

    I think that Android Wear will have the most impact on the Android ecosystem over the next year. I like the new look of Android "L" but until the whole revamp of the UI gets done later this year it is hard to tell how it will all fit together. Hopefully the Nexus 6 will be available soon :-)

    • Shaun Hammond

      I'm with you there, but there's definitely a higher chance of devs following the design this time. OEMs are starting to keep their skins a little closer to stock, Google's making a big deal out of the change this time, SIlver will bring more stock devices, the tools for devs make it really easy to follow the design language, and there are more devs on Android this time around. But I can't be too sure, so I'm not going expect anything.

  • Omar Feliciano

    Android Wear 😆. I put Android L Dev Preview in my Nexus 7, played with it like an hour or so then back to the drawer to collect dust. 😑

  • Jason

    Option 5: Which 3 best fit what your looking for!

    "L" "Auto" "TV"

    I have a REAL watch thank you!

    • http://googleplus.VoluntaryMan.com/ William Thieme

      I bet they could implement wear with mechanical movement if there was adequate demand...

  • Jimmy-Joe

    Chromecast updates. Because those are the only ones I know I'll get to use.

  • folkrav

    While Android L is the release that's going to have the most impact on myself and my devices (N5, N10 and my mother's N7 and Gnex), I am really stoked for Android Wear. The Moto 360 is the first wearable tech that actually appealed to me.

    • Christopher Moore

      Because everyone has the hots for Moto 360 I believe Motorola is going to either price it too high or make it some type of exclusive to sale phones. Just look at Samsung's watch. We knew nothing about their watch before this week and we already have specs, price and release date. The 360 was shown like 3 to 4 months ago and we still don't have specific details. I'm not getting my hopes up for the Moto watch; I see a big let down coming.

      • TylerChappell

        The thing I want to know most about the Moto 360, even more than the price. is the battery mAh. It seems The Samsung and LG watches have already set the mark to be in the 300-400mAh range, so I imagine that 500mAh would be "large" for a smartwatch and something like 600mAh or above would be like the equivalent to the Droid Maxx battery.
        I feel pretty confident it will debut at $249 and sell out quickly. It will still be priced above the current smartwatches, indicating it's the "premium" choice, while not being overpriced because I honestly don't expect its internals to really be any different than the Gear Live and G Watch.
        If it comes out at $299, then I will wait until the price goes down to buy it, or cave and get the G Watch because of how badly I will want to be trying out Android Wear.

        • Christopher Moore

          I don't even care for $250 because it's already above a contract phone price and it's dangerously close to Nexus 5 and One Plus One. These smart watches will be a dime a dozen within the year.
          Their useful but their not a requirement. I see the Moto 360 more of a fashion statement over the Samsung Wear. And in a few months we will see the Samsung and LG wear watches in the bargain bin on ebay for $79. It's not a bad thing but being an early adopter you always get screwed.

          • jpurv

            I've heard this sentiment a lot and I don't get it. I like watches, I have several and I haven't paid less than $200 for a watch in years. Average price for a decent watch is $200- 500. A traditional watch that looked exactly like the Moto 360 from most traditional mass market watchmakers would easily cost at least $250. Why do so many people think that a beautiful watch with a crazy amount of added functionality and cutting edge technology should cost less than a far less functional traditional watch?

          • Christopher Moore

            I understand that a good watch cost money and for 20 years I use to have one on those Casio databank watches because they were super useful. But after getting into smartphones back in 2009 it was redundant to own one and 5 years later it felt as if a shackle was removed from my wrist. These smart watches are 100 times more useful than those old dumb watches but it's the feeling of the shackles coming back to me. Even if these watches are free (and they will be in order to sale phones) do I want to worry about another device when my smartphone already does everything?
            I will probably own one when the price is too good to pass up but I'm still hesitant to go back to my old days.

          • ShaunTheSheep

            Nobody outside of nerdsville is going to think any of these watches is a "fashion statement". The moto is the first one which doesn't look like a joke, but that's not saying very much.

    • bat0nas

      Gnex? You gotta be kiddin.

      • someone755

        What's wrong?
        Not everybody has enough money to buy a new M8/S4/G3/Z2/[letter][number]-combo phone every year (or even two).
        I speak for a lot of people when I say that the GNex is still a great device. Older devices than it are (HTC Desire/N1), even.

        • bat0nas

          There won't be update for Gnex. Gnex hasn't got even Kit Kat. And you are dreaming about Android L.

          I'm not talking about custom ROMs which are usually a bucket of bugs. Tried like tens of them.

          I own Gnex and it's great. Well it was great... two years ago. Now it's just too slow, has too little RAM etc. And it has been forgotten by Google.

          • someone755

            Forgotten by Google? Never.
            It's just that there's no support.
            And living with a phone with no support means one of two things; live with an old Android version (eww what monster could do that!?) or go to the community.
            I've seen many KK ROMs for the GNex work very well without a single bug (check out PA -- they don't release something unless it works, and they release updates for the GNex regularly).

  • http://si97.com/ Saif

    Where's the "everything" option?

  • miri

    Android L, followed by TV. I like where Google's going with Play Games and that it can be tied to a more "conventional" gaming experience sounds lovely.

  • deltatux

    Please don't actually call the final product "Android L", didn't sound good...

    • Hsanchez957

      The L is just a placeholder for the name. It'll be Lollipop or Lime Key Pie or whatever else, but definitely not L.

      • deltatux

        I understand that but you just never know these days...

      • letsplaay

        That would be so funny if they named it lime key pie lol

      • http://www.ridlaw.co.uk/ Ridlaw

        I think it will be more likely a brand name tie in like Kit Kat... Android Lego maybe?

        • Hsanchez957

          Yea I hate to say the dessert theme has run its course but I can see this happening.

  • Hsanchez957

    I went Android Wear. Android L is, I don't wanna say "just", another version upgrade whereas Android Wear is an entirely new way to interact with our phones.
    TBH I'd probably be most excited for Android Auto if I knew I could mod my Ford Sync to run it as it is.

    • http://googleplus.VoluntaryMan.com/ William Thieme

      I'm sure there will be aftermarket options for Android Auto.

      • Hsanchez957

        Yea but in my Explorer the Sync can control things like the AC. I'm wondering if Android Auto would be able to do that too. I'd hate for the only way to experience Android Auto would be to buy a new car seeing as I just bought mine last week :-/

        • http://googleplus.VoluntaryMan.com/ William Thieme

          wow, that really ruins the aftermarket possibilities

          • Hsanchez957

            Yea that's what has me worried the fact that my current system is so tied into the car's information (It also gives me maintenance warnings and fuel etc.) that it'd be hard for Android Auto to do all that if I got it as an aftermarket. If I wanted the core of Android Auto (Maps, Phone, Music) I'm sure I'd get that but I wonder how the rest of my stuff would be handled.

  • Hsanchez957

    Any word yet on devices (Not Nexus 5/7) for Android L? Or is that being revealed later this year. I'd like to see a Nexus or Android Silver device with 64-bit support to fully take advantage of Android L.

  • http://googleplus.VoluntaryMan.com/ William Thieme

    Android Auto all the way. I'm tired of car integration being limited to simple bluetooth integration for us android folks.

  • AbbyZFresh

    Android Auto will never take off that quickly because nobody is buying cars every 2 years like they do with phones.

    • Hsanchez957

      I was just thinking it'd be stupid for auto manufacturers to not just implement Android Auto (or even Apple Carplay) instead of their terrible proprietary ideas. That'd save em millions from the R&D department that clearly still hasn't gotten it right with their half-assed attempts.

    • http://googleplus.VoluntaryMan.com/ William Thieme

      At least in America, the aftermarket scene for automotive infotainment systems is huge.
      I can't imagine Android Auto will be ignored in that market.

      • Hsanchez957

        Honestly I haven't seen much growth in that market. I checked Pioneer and Kenwood and they've got overpriced head units that haven't had a meaningful refresh in months (if not years)

        • http://googleplus.VoluntaryMan.com/ William Thieme

          There are a handful that can run android such as those by Parrot that are pushing the edges but I think this could be exactly what those companies need to advance.

          • Hsanchez957

            It'd be nice to have but hard to justify at those prices. Tablets cost no more than a few hundred bucks whereas some units will run close to or over $1,000 easily. I hope they'd be smart about it.

      • Federalist

        In Europe, that's an inexistant market, and the car market (possibly not only because of the crisis, but rather because we have quite efficient public transportation systems) is crunching. Android Auto will never take off here.

  • Christopher Moore

    1. Android L
    2. Android Wear
    3. Android TV
    4. Android Auto

    I still believe Chromecast beats Android TV only because its such a great deal and my entire family uses it. I'm about to get my third dongle. Google should have made it Chromecast 2 and sold it for under $50. Putting Android TV into the hands of multiple OEMs will just weaken the brand. It reminds me what they first did with Google TV; what a failure that was.
    No interest in Auto because my Note 3 works fine for what I use it for in all my vehicles. And because I want to stay out of debt there will be no new cars in my future; I pay cash outright.

    • Google_Is_The_Higgs_Boson

      Same. I dropped 9G's on my Jeep outright 4 years ago... I'm not doing that again anytime soon... I don't know much about Android Atuo... From my understanding it just mirrors your device to a head unit... I see it being less successful then AndroidTV if they don't allow for after market head units... I'm hoping you're wrong about AndroidTV but I think you're right... I bought a GoogleTV back while it was still running a beta OS... The only thing I like to add is... GoogleTV came out in a market where devices like this weren't in high demand... The market is in a lot better shape now... I'm going to get a AndroidTV and maybe a ChromeCast in the future depending on weather or not they add the ability to pick up on things your watching from one to the other... If not, AndroidTV in my living room, and my GoogleTV in the bed room...

  • Bob Hart

    No interest in any wrist wear or other wear from any maker except maybe Glass sometime in the future.

    "L" on the other hand will be sweet on my 32/64GB Nexus 6

    No 16GB phones for me either.

  • Joel Pichardo

    Android L of course

  • senor_heisenberg

    From most interested to least:

    Android L, Android Wear, Android Auto, Android TV.

    The last two about equal. I want all four, though, it's just that L and Wear would have a more immediate impact on my life.

  • RXG9

    Hangouts with voice integration.

    Oh wait...

    • Segroukin


      • someone755

        We need the gif of that.

  • Jason Brown

    most excited for android L. would be more interested in android auto if they had a better car selection

  • Grayson

    I chose Android Wear, but only because I have a Nexus 5 and am already running Android L as my daily driver. If I had any other phone and didn't already have L, I probably would have chosen it.

  • Daniel Collins

    Why is android TV last? It's AWESOME!

    • Andrew Beard

      Because we know very little about it, and lunching with third-party hardware sounds like a Google TV repeat. The space is crowded with set-top boxes right now, and until the device is out and has something to differentiate it from the others it's hard to get excited about.

      • donhoa

        None of the other set-top boxes have Google cast, that's a pretty big deal for me.

  • black

    Android Love Child.

  • FrillArtist

    I'm more excited about Android Auto. I watched a demo video and it looks very tight.

  • Nate Binder

    Torn between L and Android Wear!

  • Zak Taccardi

    Material design is the most exciting thing announced!

  • Blake

    To me, it's Android Auto. While I'm excited for Android L, it's an iterative change. Android Wear is something lovely, something nice. Android TV I'm weary on. But Auto is something I actually need. The ability to remain connected and remove distraction while driving is crucial. Safer navigation. It's something they needed to do from my standpoint so I'm excited and happy that they did.

    • Dakota

      I just hope Apple & Android dont sign exclusivity deals... I dont want to choose cars based on phones, especially since God forbid some households use more than one operating system

      • Blake

        I'm optimistic they won't - what will be interesting to see is if cars can or will support both or if there's a technical limitation there. Seems they each have the major car companies on board (aside from Toyota for some reason).

  • Peter

    Did everyone forget the Android One project that will help millions of people?

  • http://www.bloodflame.com/ Patrick

    L in general, when it comes right down to it. But I'm very interested in Android TV in hopes of one day being able to flash it onto my Fire TV. But knowing me, I'll just end up buying an Android TV device instead, especially if one ends up having a Nexus branding! :D

    (Spoiler: Nexus Q2 coming soon)

    • Google_Is_The_Higgs_Boson

      Yeah I want a NexusTV... Nexus Q2?...

      • http://www.bloodflame.com/ Patrick

        Nexus Q was a device shown at I/O a couple years ago. Basically a media receiver for your living room, which could be used to stream and share content to your TV, stereo or other Android devices. It didn't actually have it's own UI, but rather depended on the devices it was connected to. It sounded good on paper, had nice components, and I found it fairly interesting. But it's high cost, low availability and production issues made it a huge failure. I think I remember hearing about everyone who pre-ordered it actually got a refund and their Nexus Q for free, but I could be wrong on that.

        Basically what I mean is, they could do the Nexus Q2, only this time, everything done right. A set top box similar to an Apple TV, Roku or Fire TV, but running Android TV, naturally. It's not hard to imagine such a device coming out directly from Google. Whether or not it carries the Nexus name could be up for debate. And to call it the Q2, even more doubtful, as I'm sure they don't want to remind anyone of the failure that was the OG Nexus Q.

        • Google_Is_The_Higgs_Boson

          Ok. I knew what the Nexus Q was... I thought you knew something about another one coming out... I didn't like the idea of the Nexus Q... I'm a early GoogleTV adopter... So I took that device as a slap in the face... It basically told me Google was treating GoogleTV like a red headed step child... I'm liking AndroidTV because I've already mourned over the death of the GoogleTV platform... And AndroidTV seems like a more streamline version of GoogleTV...

  • Greek_Ice

    Wholly ecstatic for the novel (and final) release of L, and the 360...mmm

  • Carl_Barlson

    If anything I'm most excited for L.

    Wear is good but until the devices themselves can get decent battery life (3 weeks on a single charge at minimum) they will not be replacing my regular old wristwatch.

    Auto looks promising and TV is alright.

    • dogulas

      Ha, three weeks? So you are waiting for an enormous battery technology breakthrough then.

    • Dakota

      Surprised Wear didn't have alot of health related abilities. Rumors suggest iwatch will focus on that prominently, and if it does, the media publicity is going to blow Android wear out of the water and render it second tier in a flash

  • Devamsh Arora

    Reach the latest tech news here :http://itstechforyou.blogspot.in/

    • kilteddroid

      With such bad grammer, spelling and sentence structure, not to mention completely wrong information and months between posts on your blog, I think I will stick to AP. Thanks.

  • C64

    Android L and screen casting to chromecast really got my attention

  • Google_Is_The_Higgs_Boson

    Android L, and AndroidTV...

  • Josh Perlstein

    L followed by TV!

  • WORPspeed

    Actually I am most excited about the Chromecast update (mirroring and non same-wifi) and the ability to run android apps on a chromebook, but besides that L

  • Dennis Ulijn

    Can't see any other option than Android Lollipop for the next release. The only icon i can see them use would be this:

    • someone755

      What about just Lime Pie?
      KLP could live on, albeit with a different name!

      • Dennis Ulijn

        Possible, but lollipop sounds so simple, fun and has a lot of'googliness' to it.

  • pyroguysf

    Seeing that L brings integration of the other things listed, I'm going with L.

  • Michael

    If Android Auto was going to be available on aftermarket head units I would be most excited about that, but it looks like it is only for OEM vehicle manufacturers.

  • Nick Chaplin

    All of the above!

  • http://mastermind777sblog.blogspot.com mastermind777

    Voice+Hangouts integration.

  • MM

    Honestly, none of those. All I want is the ability to call phone numbers via VOIP with my Google Voice number, like I used to be able to do with Talkatone.

    • Leonardo Farage Freitas

      Honest question, doesn't skype let you do the same? Were I live voip isn't so relevant..

  • Brandon Price

    I'll be excited for Android Auto when and only when I see aftermarket stereos powered by it. As cool as it may be, a built-in gadget will never be a deciding factor in the purchase of a vehicle for me. I also refuse to buy a car new so it would be many years before I had any chance of owning Android Auto unless aftermarket versions are made.

    Wear is super nifty and I will probably pick one up sometime in the coming year (ish). But it's not life-changing. I mostly want a watch for work because it's cumbersome to stop what I'm doing and pull my phone out of my pocket to glance at the time; it would be nice if my watch also told me whether that notification is a message from my boss that needs attention or some Facebook game request before I bother to dig for my phone. Very convenient... But certainly nothing to jump up and down over.

    Android TV is very exciting. Especially when I think of it together with a wireless keyboard (and maybe a mouse) and all the power of the Play Store to do almost everything my PC can do. Plus Chrome Remote Desktop for the little bit it can't. Yeah buddy... This could completely change the flow of how I use technology for both work and fun.

    But I'm most excited for L. I'm playing with the developer preview (typing this from it now) and I love it. I don't like the nav icons and the recents listing needs some serious tweaking (why is half the screen taken up by the app I'm already IN?? It's the one app I'm guaranteed not to want to switch to. Cram it down at the very bottom and give me easy access to 4-5 other apps!!!) but the UI is beautiful, amazingly smooth (especially for the amount of animations going on EVERYWHERE) and well thought-out. I can't wait for the release, followed by CM12.

  • Guest

    Have you see?! Nexus 8/9/Volantins:

  • Felix Matthies

    Nexus 8/9/Volantins on Google Drive Blog! ;)

  • Shaun Anderson

    Android L for sure. I am still not sold on the smart watch category, there is no compelling features so far. That being said I was not sold on the tablet category either and was proven wrong.
    The TV replacement cycle is too long for me to get excited about Android TV. Maybe if companies started to make boxes that integrated TV and more powerful games that took advantage of the GPU improvements, but that is still a big if.
    My Nexus 5 however will be immediately upgraded to Android L, and one the apps adopt the design guidelines, it will be heaven. :)

  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    Android Wear - Nothing exciting, sounded great when it was just a rumour but now, it's really just an expensive 2nd screen for all your notifications, now I don't know about you but I carry my phone with me everywhere, and even if you have an Android Wear watch you'll still need to do that which makes no sense.

    Android TV - I really would love a Roku like device with Android TV for the same price, and then I would be really interested in it.

    Android Auto - I don't drive, but in UK, unless you are really well off, you won't be able to afford a new car let alone a high end car with such system built in.

    Android "L" - Bring it on!!!

  • wat

    Android TV but I know it will end up as a shitty tegra 4 device and not the world changing gaming device it could be. Hence holding back Android's real entrance into gaming for at least another year while Apple destroy it with an Apple TV update with a A8 processor and new GPU.

  • Bob Hart

    Car Tech is always something to look into.


  • Ajimmly

    I don't know if this has already been said, but since the list contains more than two items the questions in the post title should be, "Which has you most excited?"

  • mickey4mice

    Android L for sure. But I'm now also excite for Wear thanks to Moto360 and Auto thanks to Audi partnership. I couldn't care less for TV though.

  • DarleneCartangyf

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  • GeekOB

    Android One.. where's the option for Android One??! :/

  • Stoyan Angelow’

    Android One

  • Bruno

    Android TV + Xbox controller? Is that a joke Google? you could at least have use a PS4 controller, which is way better in all ways...

  • Kyle Hardin

    with how slow my carrier is about updates, I will probably not see Android L until I buy a new phone (my Galaxy S4 is still on 4.2.2). I'm most excited to see what Google does with Android TV. Plex, youtube, android games, and with built-in Casting support. I can't think of a better collection of features for a set-top box.

  • Ivan


  • Ivan

    Anyone with WeChat?? add me akosian24