Last Updated: July 1st, 2014

Basically all of Blu's phones as of the last year or so have been released with Android 4.2.2, leaving users waiting for any sign of an update to put them past Jelly Bean. We've known that the company planned on pushing KitKat to a number of devices towards the end of June, and it has now released the initial devices that will be the first to get 4.4, along with a statement on Facebook.


  • Life Play
  • Life 8
  • Dash 5.5
  • Dash 5.0
  • Vivo IV
  • Neo 4.5
  • Studio 6.0 HD
  • Studio 5.5

This is an interesting list, as it contains a wide variety of devices – everything from the newer, high-end devices like the Vivo IV to lower-end handsets like the Neo 4.5. Surprisingly, many of the company's newer, more powerful handsets, like the Life Pure XL, didn't make the cut for the first round. It ensured users on its Facebook that "if [their] device is not supported at this time, [they] will do [their] best to do so in the future."

Dear BLU Fans, here are the models confirmed that will support Kit Kat upgrade. We're putting the final touches on testing and will begin releasing these in the coming days, one at a time. If your device is not supported at this time, we will do our best to do so in the future. We hope this clears the air on questions as to which devices will be supported with Kit Kat upgrades. Please remember BLU is always working hard to make our customers happy and constantly improving, unfortunately sometimes things take time. Thanks for your patience.

I have been told by Blu that devices like the Pure, Pure Mini, and Pure XL would be getting KitKat prior to this announcement, so I'm not sure what's going on. We've reached out to them for further statement and will update when we hear something back.

Update: Unfortunately, Blu isn't confirming nor denying other devices at this time. Guess it'll be a waiting game moving forward.

Blu (Facebook)

Cameron Summerson
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  • overtook

    Jesus where is the update to android L? These Chinese OEMs, i swear to god so unreliable.

    • good_game

      You want them to release an update to a version that hasn't even been officially released yet? You're not any more reliable than Chinese OEMs.

      • overtook


      • alien64

        I have the studio c mini. I really love the phone, but the GPS is grap. Has never gotten a lock and prolly never will. But is seems you get what you pay for and I payed $99.00 so everything else works and I know where I am so I'm good lol.

    • Jay Chris

      Android L is still in preview stage. It should be release in the fall.

    • Jorge Rhor

      Blu is a North American company, no Chinese. And Android L is a PREVIEW RELEASE, not final, therefore no Android phones are getting the update until winter time with any luck. Learn your stuff before complaining. LOL!!!!

      • Max

        Nevertheless, the devices they "make" are based on some chinese ones. You know, those with MediaTek chipsets...

        • Jorge Rhor

          But Blu is the one that release the updates, regardless of the chipset used.

      • jonathan3579

        You should research Blu a little more...

      • Maranello Santiago

        Blu phones are rebadged Chinese phones..

        • Tay

          Blu phones are based of an indian company called Gionee. Not chinese

          • balcobomber25

            Gionee is based in China, they have an Indian division. But Gionee's headquarters and production facilities are located in Shenzhen, China. They are also one of the largest OEM's of cell phones.

        • Ryan Delaware

          They are made with parts made in China... Which are the EXACT same parts that every other company uses to make phones... So pretty much any phone can be labeled as "rebadged chinese phones"

        • kim


    • Guest

      In this thread: people who didn't get your joke.

      • overtook

        What joke?

        • Hsanchez957

          Did you say Chinese on purpose or didn't know they're based out of Miami?
          I got that you were being sarcastic...

          • overtook

            Lol nah i thought they were Chinese... But anyway i didn't actually mean it i was just mocking all the people who say stuff like that a lot.

          • Bob

            You're an idiot!

          • Raphael Casanova

            Miami branch is just a brand branch they are ACTUALLY a CHINESE company.....

          • balcobomber25

            They are actually not a CHINESE company. They are an American company that has a deal to sell Chinese phones (mostly Gionee) under the Blu brand. They share in the production costs with about 5 other companies that also rebrand the Gionee made phones.

    • sssswwww

      I smell sarcasm.

    • A Skylit [S]unjΔy

      The number of people here who doesn't get sarcasm is astounding.

  • Ryan Callihan

    Not bad. That's a pretty good amount of devices for them to update

  • Max

    Well, that was unexpected from a company like that.

  • Bob

    It seems MediaTek has finally moved on from android 4.2, I've noticed quite a lot of MediaTek based devices getting the update lately. Guess for the next two years all new mediatek phones will ship with 4.4.2 lol.

    • FormerMediatekUser

      Mediatek teases it's user with kitkat update for mediatek-based devices since November.

      Also, there's a group of developers "helping" some brand in order to develop the kitkat update for their phone (I don't know which one) in xda (you can look it up in "cyanogenmod for mediatek based devices" thread"). Maybe they got full-source code access in change for it?

    • foxtailfire

      MediaTek is not allowing BLU to have the code for 4.4.2 Kit Kat until they are paid money by BLU to get the code. Extortion?

  • Austin Haggerty

    Is it bad that I never heard of this company before?

    • Nathan

      No, good actually.

    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      Yeah, kinda. They make quality devices at decent prices. Ignore the baseless haters.

      • Austin Haggerty

        I'm fine with my nexus 5 which is also a quality device at a decent price

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          That's good, but it's only one device. BLU has a nice portfolio of attractive, competitively-priced devices. For example, I own a N5 competitor, a Life One X. I love it :-)

      • Markoff

        quality devices? they are just putting sticker on white box chinese phones you can buy from aliexpress.com and bunch of other shops cheaper directly

  • Axel594

    I wish more OEMs would update their devices in bulk like this.

    • 2cents

      I'd rather them publish update their product whenever they're ready than waiting for bulk update like this though

  • Fexlom

    Hey Cameron, you've got a typo there. "Vivi IV" -> "Vivo IV"

  • Carl_Barlson

    I wonder if BLU is going to release an Android Wear device since they are at least attempting to update their phones to support it.

  • CeluGeek

    Wow! Now I'm really glad I did not buy the Life One.

  • [A]dri[A]n

    I'm glad to see that they've finally released the list of phones that will be updated. Incredibly disappointing that the Life Pure XL isn't on there. Glad I got rid of it Haha

  • http://www.vinstagram.com/ Vinny

    I don't get it. No Life Play S or X, just the original Life Play? That doesn't even make a little bit of sense.

  • Android Developer

    Here it's a relatively new brand.
    Is BLU a good company?
    Does it support its devices for a long time? Which of the devices are considered as the high end devices?
    Are they more AOSP or more customized?

    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      It's not that new, but here are some answers:

      -It is a good company. The support personnel are helpful and nice, and all located in Miami.
      -The Life One X, Life View, Life Pure, and Life Pure XL are a few high-end examples.
      -They are definitely more AOSP - with a few exceptions on the Pure line, most of their firmwares are pretty Vanilla Android. :-)

      • Android Developer

        About support, I was talking about updates of the OS.

  • Bruno

    Who is Blu? Another dipshit brand like Panasonic and Huawei?

    • TylerChappell

      Not exactly. They seem to be a very decent company that offers devices with good specs for the price with what appears to be either stock or near-stock Android.

  • Maranello Santiago

    I own a Note 3, but I might not mind having one of these as a side phone. Which BLU phone would you guys say is the best for the price?

    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      Seems like the Life Pure XL has some amazing specs for the price. Might want to give that a look.

    • Hsanchez957

      I got my gf the Life One X and she likes it. It's the perfect phone for someone like her who doesn't need the latest and greatest and doesn't wanna spend over $200 for an off-contract phone. I was relatively surprised with the phone being pretty good. I have a Note 3 myself and I've been looking to downsize but I wouldn't pick a Blu phone as a replacement, more as a side phone like you said. If that's the intent then they can be pretty good phones.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

      My personal favorite Blu device to date is the Vivo IV. It's crazy sleek.

    • Steven

      I have a vivo iv, nice phone with great hardware but in bad need of a software update to fix bugs.

  • bpcooper14

    Maybe now that Google is working closer with Mediatek with the upcoming budget android one phones, it will help companies like Blu stay up to date with the newest firmware in a more timely fashion. on a side note, all of the phones mentioned except for the Life 8 and the Vivo IV are dual sim. I wonder if this has any bearing on what models were announced.

    • Andrew Sheng

      Life 8 is dual SIM. VIVO IV isn't

      • bpcooper14

        Guess I musta missed that.

  • Hsanchez957

    I got my gf the Life One X and she dropped it (Of course she did) so she replaced it with the cheaper Blu Dash 5.0 without letting me know. Luckily she's covered. I'm glad to hear it's getting updated it so now I can mod Fitbit Flex to work with it.

  • Argenis Arturo Zapata Rodrígue

    "I have been told by Blu that devices like the Pure, Pure Mini, and Pure XL would be
    getting KitKat prior to this announcement, so I'm not sure what's going
    on. We've reached out to them for further statement and will update
    when we hear something back."

    I will be following your update to this news. I have a Pure Mini and I'm dissapointed by the fact that it's not getting updated in this first round.

    Your comment gives me hope, lets see if BLU delivers.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

      Unfortunately Blu isn't confirming nor denying other devices at this time. Maybe we'll just have to see how the update works out for the starting batch and go from there.

  • David

    Guys, i received my new HD 6.0 yesterday, i tried to upgrade to kit kat following every single step coming from Blu, but all time i am receiving the message that is upgrade, but checking the system it still in 4.2.2, will be possible get some tech comments to reach my Blu upgrade ? Thanks, David

  • meg

    So has anyone heard if they have the update for studio 5.5? Or when it will be out?

  • boom

    How about studio 5.0 s ii

  • Glenn T Charles

    Blue dash music 4.0 my God from day one it just keep freezing and restarting.the worst phone I ever had.it is so fustrsting. I like the features and layout and looks but trust me I feel like slamming it against a wall.

  • Boran

    i hope blu life pure xl can upgrade soon, 4.4 or lollipop is better

  • Gary

    If Posh sells phone with android 4.4.2 and so does a Leagoo Lead 2 then BLU should have updated our phones too. Its b.s. to promise its upgradeable then never do it and ignore your customers. I wish I had researched them a little more before buying their brand. People keep blaming it on Mediatek but there is other phones available with updated android.

  • Joe

    This company lies. They posted in Jan. that all life series would be updated. Now they have changed their program. http://www.bluproducts.com/index.php/home/blu-news/blu-products-announces-updates-to-blu-life-series. See for yourselves. Don't trust this company.

  • Gary

    Just funny that more powerful Life Pure doesn't get the update. Wtf

  • Josean Contreras

    I have a Neo 4.5 already updated to Kitkat (update version released 09/07/2014). I've got a notification for another update (released 11/19/2014), but when I click "update now", it gives me an error screen after restarting itself, and it doesn't install the update.

    Is there a solution to this problem, or any other way to get it installed?

  • mai

    I bought this blue studio 4g lte that came with 4.3 about 2.5 months ago and you said it was new. If that was the case you should allow it for 4.4 or better . so why charge crazy amount of money them if will not update.