The biggest reason to turn down Samsung's Pro line of tablets is easily the exorbitant pricing. $750 for a tablet? Seriously, Sammy? Unsurprisingly, the various models have quickly fallen to some dramatic discounts, none more so than the top-of-the-line Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. BuyDig's eBay seller account has a refurbished 32GB model going for $449.99. That's $200 off the Amazon price (and technically $300 off retail), and $50 cheaper than we saw earlier this month


As with most of these promoted eBay deals, standard shipping is free, at least if you live in the United States. Those of you who live outside of New York or New Jersey won't have to pay sales tax, either. Unlike a lot of eBay sales, BuyDig is shipping to a wide selection of international locations for a surcharge, including Canada, the UK, Germany, India, Australia, China, and Japan. If you're worried about the refurbished status, the tablet comes with a 90-day warranty.

With a massive 12.2-inch screen and a resolution of 2560x1600, the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 is technically Samsung's flagship tablet. However, spec hounds will probably want to consider the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 - while the screen is smaller and doesn't include a stylus, it uses a Super AMOLED panel just like Samsung's smartphones. According to Cameron Summerson, it's the best tablet you can buy right now, and it's only $50 more for a new 16GB version. The rest of the internal specs are comparable.

If you want a Galaxy Note Pro, hurry up. These deals tend to go quickly, and they've already sold more than two hundred.

eBay - Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2" Black 32GB Tablet

Michael Crider
Michael is a native Texan and a former graphic designer. He's been covering technology in general and Android in particular since 2011. His interests include folk music, football, science fiction, and salsa verde, in no particular order.

  • Cory S

    Anandatech was pretty disappointed in the GPUs ability to drive that high res screen in the Galaxy Tab S, and noted some pretty good UI and gaming performance hiccups.

    • sssgadget

      Agreed. They should have gone the Qualcomm route.

      • Cory S

        Perhaps, but even an 801 isn't great at that high of a resolution. Once we get 805 810s, and K1s out there it will be really nice...if OEMs can slow down on the ridiculous pixel race for a bit. It is going to be tough to hit desktop performance if they keep driving the resolutions up past the average desktop.

  • acejavelin

    Sweet!!! Had been looking for a tablet this week, perfect timing!!! Just grabbed one!!!

    • DaynaGuiguipyt

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  • Cellphone Chris

    Thanks for this article - I've been waiting for a good deal on this tablet and almost pulled the trigger at $610! So happy I visited your site today; you saved me $160 - No sales tax FTW!

  • rekil

    Went through 4 of these. Build quality brand new is rubbish. Can't even imagine refurbished. Nothing but light bleed and full screen flickers like an old c-64. Proceed with caution friends. I was sorely disappointed. Have now sworn off samsung after now owning 4 device atm.

    • acejavelin

      Interesting... Wonder why these issues weren't mentioned in any of the 10+ professional reviews I read and dozens and dozens of consumer reviews?

      • AlbinoRhino

        I've had mine since launch. My MBP is now collecting dust since I rarely have the need of laptop powered performance (other than gaming that is). For what I use the 12.2 for there have been no hardware related issues what so ever. I edit documents, watch movies, play a few games, mirror to my TV etc with great performance always being the case.

        The only thing that initially aggravated me was the time it took to wake the device from sleep. There was a huge lag between the time I pressed the power button or home button before the screen was usable, but Samsung has since released a firmware update that fixed it.

        This tablet is blazing fast, has a great screen, and the added screen real estate vs their 10.1 (I had the 10.1, 2014 before this) is icing on the cake. If you are looking for a bigger tablet screen then you can't go wrong with the 12.2.

  • J Free

    Does anyone have experience with this seller? They have a lot of horrible reviews recently such as doa, and no product ever showing up. I'm tempted, but this makes me nervous.