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I don't think the developer behind the Xposed Google Experience Launcher Settings (XGELS) module will be satisfied until he's made the stock Google Search launcher every bit as flexible as Nova and Apex. The latest update to the popular module adds even more customization options. Premium users can now assign custom icons to a single app or the app drawer icon, with or without a full icon theme applied, like most of the more advanced launchers allow.

2014-06-27 (1) Screenshot_2014-06-26-18-18-36 2014-06-27

All users also get "Smart folders," which is a bit of a misnomer - basically it's swipe actions. You can enable this to swipe up on a homescreen folder and launch the first item inside. There's also an option to switch the default behavior: swipe to open the folder and view all the apps or shortcuts inside, and tap to open the first item. If you like to keep a clean app drawer, you can now hide themes inside (which should really be a default for any theme anyway).

Those who have updated to the premium version via the $4.49 in-app purchase also have access to overlapping widgets, which have never really appealed to me. A quick update to version 1.8.1 has fixed some of the bugs, and a handful of items have been fixed or improved across the whole interface, most notably a much faster interface for replacing icons.

As with all Xposed modules, you'll need a rooted phone and the Xposed Framework installed before installing the XGELS module itself. Get after it, customization freaks.

Source: XDA, Google+

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  • Stanley C.

    This module is the best for stock anrdroid. Google now Launcher the way you want it!

  • Doctor Awesome PhD

    He lived a warrior...and died a hero. Let his spark join the Matrix, the greatest of Cybertron.

  • http://shanked.me/ Shank

    Developer's got guts, threatening people against 1 stars like that. Now he's going to get 1 stars for threatening to run staged rollouts.

    • http://www.theknut.de Alexander Schulz

      Yeah, I mean my eyes are hurting like nothing else because I fixed everything as fast as I could, go to sleep, wake up, open the Google Developer console and see three 1 star ratings in a row because ONE single fucking feature didn't work. You know my mistake? The obfuscated variable wasn't called "zq" but "zp". It would have been obvious if Google didn't obfuscate the code because it was called "allappsbuttonrank" before. Maybe I didn't see it because I barely couldn't see anything before going to sleep. Seeing those reactions instead of a "thank you for the quick fix" is a punch to the face. The funny thing is that this bug was only present in 3.4, not in 3.5, meaning they didn't even update to the new version, yet. So XGELS got updated faster than Google Search for them. Staged rollouts will help me to avoid those ungrateful users.

      And I don't really understand why the auther of the article choose to post a screenshot of a hotfix changelog instead of the real changelog with all improvements. The screenshot is nonsense. Yeah... I need to calm down now, I know.

      • techlte

        Do what you gotta do brotha, keep up the great work! People these days have a huge sense of entitlement.

      • someone755

        No, staged rollouts will get you more ungrateful users.
        Look, we all like what you're doing and we respect that (some people will always be assholes tho), but you should take time to code stuff. If you're hungry, go eat. If you're sleepy, go sleep, etc.
        If I remember, you devs do this for yourself first, for the people, second, and for the money, third (or last, if there's something else in there). Your life is top priority. Even if you live off developing, your job is not your life (if you were a game tester, that might just be true tho :P).

        Be better than the few jerks that don't show respect where it's due. Look at all the comments on the app all around the Internet and you'll see a big majority of them is positive. If that's not enough of a reason to ignore the few asses, maybe the fact that you'll get lower ratings and higher chance of piracy on your app is (because, let's face it, most people that are aware of the staged rollouts will find the newer app version online, and while they're at it, they'll get a crack/patch for it to turn the free one into the paid one).

        I'm not one to stop you. In fact, nobody is.

  • alwaysonthemove

    Purchased Premium, I love this, good job to the dev.

  • Dn Bro

    Question for anyone. I've used this before but haven't ever purchased premium because I didn't know if there was a way to recover a premium account after flashing. I'm a but of a flashaholic.

    • D. Sharer

      It's an IAP and tied to the Google account you purchased it with. When you download and install again (or on another device) you will still be a premium user.

      • Dn Bro