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Lyft is a great alternative in between taxis and public transit, but the somewhat egalitarian nature of the service means you don't always know what to expect. Recently Lyft rolled out its Lyft Plus premium service in San Francisco. Lyft Plus still relies on independent drivers, but they've been sold special white Ford Explorers customized by Lyft to meet a higher standard than you'll usually see in normal Lift vehicles.

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Lyft Plus Explorers seat up to six passengers in leather seats, making them a pretty good choice if you've got a handful of people that need to go somewhere and you'd rather not cram into someone's Civic. The cars also have audio systems with Spotify Premium playlists. Naturally, these premium rides cost more, double the price of a normal Lyft ride according to sources who've tried it. That puts Lyft Plus well above the cost of a standard taxi, but still below a limousine, and notably, below the premium offerings of competitor Uber.

Not all users have access to Lyft Plus at the moment, according to the info page. Check the Lyft app to see if you're included - if you are, there should be a large "Lyft/Plus" slider at the top of the app after you log in. Right now it looks like Plus is limited to San Francisco, but it should expand further as more Lyft drivers are accepted to buy or finance the new Plus SUVs.

Michael Crider
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  • Ernest

    Nice theme for the status bar icons.

    • Jeremy

      That's the oneplus one default theme.

  • Cory S

    Always was curious how the regulated the quality of their cars. Anyone have any opinions on Uber vs Lyft? Both just launched here in Houston. I like the look of the Uber app more.

    • Michael

      Was about to ask the same thing.

    • Willie D

      Uber has a higher standard. Their cars must be within 3-5 years or something, and CLEAN, majority of them are former or current taxi drivers who do not work enough anymore. Their Uber BLACK is professional towncar drivers. Like a limo rental, only smaller.
      Lyft, it can be any car within 10 years, and they should be clean, but a lot of time, they are not as clean as you hope. Most of the time, they are these peoples daily cars, and they are just throwing stuff into the back or the trunk before they get you. It would be like you have a BFF and they are picking you up. The concept is extremely lax, and it's fine, but it was a little too contrived to market it to be cool.

  • Chris

    What's lyft? Can I sign up and just start driving people around? lol

    • http://www.droid-life.com/ Steve B

      Yes, but they have to screen you first.

      • Chris

        Ahh...too bad

  • Simon

    No material design tho???? (j/k)


    Here comes the rise of the Tuk Tuk in the Western World.

  • Willie D

    I was a Lyft user, and I've had some awesome rides, however, I also had some not so great rides. One car was clean, but older, looked like it had been camping for a while, another was straight up dirty, smelled funny, and lost its hubcaps...My final ride, the ride that changed my opinion of Lyft, and drove me back to Uber (paying more), was when a driver almost hit a pedestrian (got within inches of him in a cross walk), because the driver was so focused on looking into the rear view mirror at my friend, and trying to get into our conversation of work issues, something that didnt concern him. Like he wanted to laugh with us or something, or stare at my roommate. After that, Lyft has been giving me credit, sending me party invites, sending me invites to new apps and features, and not once have I given in.
    With all due respect, after my ride last night where an Uber driver went onto the wrong side of the road into oncoming traffic, I may just go back to Muni for a while.

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  • Jerry Garcia

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