NVIDIA had the 4.4.2 update ready to roll out to Tegra Note 7 devices over four months ago, which is when it rolled out to the EVGA Tegra Note 7 (among others). The HP Slate 7 Extreme – which is virtually identical to other TN7s – has been waiting ever since. And finally, today, that same update started rolling out.

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I guess it's better late than never, but it's still pretty clear HP dropped the ball here (surprise!). Oh well – at least you're basically up to date at this point, Slate 7 Extreme owners.

Head into Settings > About tablet > System update to pull it now.

Thanks, Chad!

Cameron Summerson
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  • Cheeseball

    LOL. What's sad is that there aren't any software-related changes between the Extreme's 4.4.2 update and the one released for the original EVGA Tegra Note 7. The OTA file is practically the same (e.g. same SHA1).

    • Simon Belmont

      Seriously? Same checksum?

      That's pathetic that it took that long to be rolled out then. Wow.

      • Julio M

        It wanted to feel special.

    • renz

      that's why i think it was a right decision when nvidia decides to handle all the updates for tegra note device instead let the partner do it. just what like they did with their graphic card. idk why HP is insisting to let the updates themselves when they just use the one supplied by nvidia without any changes to it. and very late with it.

    • h4rr4r

      Well is it practically the same or totally the same?
      Same checksum would mean exact same file.

      • Simon Belmont

        Yep. Hence my comment below.

        If it's the same SHA1, it'd have to be the exact same file. Either way, it's pretty sad how long it took for that update to roll out.

        • h4rr4r

          SHA1 collisions are possible, extremely unlikely but possible. Making another file with the same SHA1 that actually does anything is unlikely, making it an update file ever more unlikely.

          Technically they don't have to be the same file if they share a SHA1, but the odds of that are astronomical.

          • Simon Belmont

            Yeah. I knew collisions were possible, but in THIS scenario (actually, almost any scenario, too) the likelihood is infinitesimal.

            If you were to have an update for the EVGA and the Slate 7 and they both had the same SHA1, they are almost CERTAINLY the same file. It would be a total fluke if they somehow ended up being the same SHA1 but not having the exact same content (and pretty amazing, too).

          • h4rr4r

            You can call it impossible, I was just being pedantic for humors sake. We are talking hundreds of zeros behind the decimal place type odds.

    • fm123

      The Tegra Note just got the 2.4 point release a couple weeks ago for 4.4.2 to fix a few bugs, more specifically the SD card app transfer. So in that case maybe they were waiting for those to be fixed before release.

  • moehre

    Finally it replaces my Nexus 7 2012, since I couldn't stand the blue JB Design and the phone-style dpi launcher :)
    Google Now Launcher works if sideloaded.

    • x3haloed

      I'm running mine with the Google Now Launcher as well :)

  • Hopeless

    Sucks that I lost hope and rooted this device, now I'm getting the status 7 error for perma-deleting system apps.

  • Shem Rafael S. Andong

    I'm having doubts whether to update 4.4.2 or just stay with 4.3 what are your suggestions guys? Does same problem exist just like other TN7 device?

  • Kaminari683

    Hopefully I can get a reply here.

    Heyo everybody! Just got the update notification this morning. I'm kinda worried about the whole disabling of the ext SD card. Just got a 32gb microSD for my HP slate 7 extreme. So the bottom line is, should I update?

  • Dru Thomas

    and do yourself a favor..DO NOT UPDATE TO IT!!!!!!

  • qwerty

    What date will be the hp releasing the androil l system update?