A long-requested feature in Android has been a native "do not disturb" mode, similar to what Apple has featured in iOS for some time now. With Android L, that feature arrived. Do not disturb allows you to block "all interruptions" with exceptions for things like phones calls and SMS messages, which can be limited further still to contacts or starred contacts. You can set scheduling for the feature, too.

Screenshot_2014-06-26-18-40-48 Screenshot_2014-06-26-18-41-19 Screenshot_2014-06-26-18-41-55

DND mode shows up in both the settings pulldown and the notification bar (though it looks a bit like a "no signal / SIM" icon if you ask me). If you tap on the "notifications" setting in the pulldown, you can quickly access DND mode through a popup card where you can set it to be active for a specific amount of time or until you turn it off - quite handy for the movie theater or a nice dinner out.

David Ruddock
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  • Greg Hockenjos

    You can also get to it when you hit either vol up/down. There is an icon to the right.

    • idlukakas

      It shows more slides like alarm volume?

      • Lupe Fiasco


        • Guest


          • Grahaman27

            I dont see it.

      • Guest

        Heres what it looks like when you tap it.

        • idlukakas

          Again no opacity or more vol controllers like CM =/

  • yihtang

    Google forgets it's left padding for the text like "Block all interruptions except"... looks weird especially when L release has extra padding for everything


    They should've used a different icon for it, in my opinion. Would be much better to use the standard Google notifications bell with a slash over it. I hope people understand what I mean, as I don't have any images. :)

  • Riley Biers

    My God.. Google is so clueless about actual user's experience. How is there not a "repeat call" option where DND turns off if someone calls twice within minutes, indicating its likely an emergency? Idiots.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      Yeah, fair point. That's a good feature to have and not a terrible complex one.

      • Eric Moe

        And the ex Google company Motorola... Had it on the moto x.

        Keep in mind this is a developer preview!

        • krazyfrog

          Not to mention Apple, who's had DND and done it right since iOS 6.

    • Taco Monster

      My god. Riley Biers is so clueless about making phone OS's. How is there not a RileyOS Developer Preview where someone calls twice within minutes, indicating that they are a godless idiot? Moron.

    • Grahaman27

      or an option to control all volume levels... I have been digging into the settings to change the media volume for far too long.

      • caveman

        may i interest you in some Power Toggles, perhaps?

    • Kit Tihonovich

      Well. I did write that exact option for SlimKat months ago. You know. The useless ROM that never does anything original. Right AP?

  • Darren Nugent

    battery percentage spotted

  • :)

    You're kicking Droid-Life's arse today with these posts (and Android Central) ;-)

    • Marla William


      ▲▲▲� ▲▲▲ ▲▲▲ ▲▲▲� ▲▲▲

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      I'll take more in-depth hands on videos over 8 million posts...

  • Hrishikesh Bisen

    BTW what is the neu player under developer option..???

  • guest

    Do you have any info about colored navbar, during the io, when there were demoing the new chrome, it had white navbar that match the staut bar

  • Simon Belmont

    This is a biggie for me. I've been wanting this to be natively available in Android for some time.

    I know ROMs like CM and PA do it already, but I'm talking stock. Awesome.

  • letsplaay

    I guess I'm saying bye to Shush.

  • Justin Wood

    This is great. I hate being nervous that I'm gonna get an embarrassing text or something when I let people use my phone.

    • Konstigt2

      When your name is Wood, I see why

  • IKnowNot

    The DND has been in HTC Sense since 5.0

  • asdtfdr

    hmm now let's wait for Apple to copy this 4 year old feature. oh wait.

  • http://www.radioshak.co.uk Shakil Shaikh

    Silly question I'm sure, but what's the difference between this and normal silent mode?

    • Sorian

      Guess here: Normal silent blocks everything, Do not Disturb would allow people to assign specific people/person to still contact them via SMS or call (Parent/s, brother, sister, kids, etc.).

      It's something I have setup via Tasker for a while since I seem to be the only "responsible" person in the area that "will" pick up the phone at night..... Love the late night call a few years ago of my father having to go to jail.

      • ddpacino

        You can still set this so that no one can contact you as well. I think the differentiation is that this is set to only be temporary where if you never take your phone off silent, it'll stay like that.

  • Niels

    I'm using Shush! If I don't want to be disturbed. You can't filter on [starred] contacts, but still does a very good job.

  • cesium

    They need to add the option that exists in the Sense version of DND, where it will automatically turn off once your alarm goes off.

  • Francis

    The most important feature of iOS is the ability to use contacts GROUPS; for example, I select do not disturb from a group I created in Gmail named "Co-Workers" to avoid their notifications at night). Selecting individual contacts is not an advance of the DND app Adroid is now offering natively. I'm I missing something here?