The zombie apocalypse isn't over yet, and the way it unfolds is entirely up to you in season two of The Walking Dead from Telltale Games. This sequel was launched on Amazon's Appstore a few weeks ago, but now it's in the Play Store, which most of you probably prefer. Hey, it's better than last time when it took three months to make the trip over to Google land.

The Walking Dead; Season Two is set in the same universe as the famous comics, and tangentially, the TV show. You'll meet plenty of survivors, some new and some familiar. The only constant is that your choices determine who lives and who dies. The story morphs around you as you play it, and it's masterfully well-written.

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The Walking Dead: Season Two comes with the first episode for free, then you have to pay for episodes 2-5 via an in-app purchase. If it's anything like the first game, it'll be about $15 for the whole thing.

Ryan Whitwam
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  • gamesfan


  • Abhijeet Mishra

    This really needs to start coming to Android along with the iOS and PC versions. Already played on the PC till the latest episode, but would love to switch to playing on the Nexus 7 so it's more portable.

    Ah well, we'll get there one day.

  • vidvox

    I have been so close to buying this on Steam during the sale but I'm glad I waited so I can play it on my Shield!

  • NeeDXxx

    All i want is Sam&Max please please

  • Adi

    Can someone please tell me if there's a way to add my decisions from season 1 that I played on ios? How does it work exactly anyway even on Android to Android (adding data from another app)?

    • FM2

      I Can't tell you how to handle switching from ios.. But, For Android to Android use the app TitaniumBackup, back it up on the device you want the save from, then copy it to a PC, copy that to your other device, then use TitaniumBackup to restore, either the whole app, or just the data to that device.

      • Adi

        I meant how does one transfer his game data from season one to season 2. Do they require you to have both the games installed on the same device for this? That's asking too much imo, given the size of the games and how long they took for season 2. There should be a cloud based solution for this sort of thing.

        • joe

          if you still have season 1 then it will give you the option when you start season 2.

  • Kashmieer

    Yes Yes Yes! Finally a good game with a controller support!

  • Jeff Moreira

    Yes!!! instant purchase!!

  • Savannah Sisnowski

    Does anyone know when the last two episodes of season 2 come out!? I've been waiting forever to play it!! 😭

    • Dani Molina

      Still waiting for chapter 4 and 5...