The new Google Fit Platform is a set of cross-platform APIs that developers can use to provide consumers with the means to better keep track of their fitness goals. The product intends to blend together data from multiple sources, so users can get a better overall picture of their performance and health. It empowers apps by providing them with access to a user's entire stream of fitness activity, letting software tap into data that it didn't capture itself and provide better recommendations.


Traditionally companies such as Fitbit and Runtastic design their own hardware and allow owners to monitor the stats they gather, but this requires purchasing and regularly using only that company's products. Google wants its platform integrated with a number of various form factors, increasing its utility. Nike will be publishing Nike Fuel to the Google Fit platform, so other apps can integrate with the device. Several other partners have also signed up, including Adidas, RunKeeper, and multiple smartphone manufacturers.

Fit2 Fit3


The platform preview SDK will become available in the coming weeks.

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • Daniel Streit

    Hoping JeFit makes good use of this

  • DonEmu

    Hope the Moto 360 has fitness capability.

  • Steve Freeman

    Wonderful. Now make an affordable wrist-device, which also includes an accurate heart rate sensor, and maybe I'll get one.

    • matt

      I'm beginning to doubt if it's currently possible to make an accurate hear rate monitor for the wrist.

      • Marc Edwards

        Basis B2 is the only one i've seen and the conclusion is that it works up until you're doing anything/intermittently. i think part of the problem is that it's designed to be comfortable and adjustable, whereas up24 is jammed on your wrist by design.

        • Jason Oltrop

          The Mio Link (wrist mounted optical HR sensor) works very well. Sends via BLE and ANT+ simultaneously.

  • djthomp

    It would be interesting to see a medical practice app like healow tap into this to let the data flow all the way into an EMR system.

    • Leo

      As long as it is HL7 compliant, it will be a walk in the park. I use an in-house app that taps into a Polar H7 and everything runs smoothly

  • Justin Fabian

    Interesting that fitbit is not anywhere on the list of companies.

    • ddpacino

      Sadly, their lost. I'll have to upgrade to something what onboard with the platform.

  • MxY

    Look at the clock how it's hardly visible on this white background.

  • Jason Pagliaro

    She briefly mentioned that Noom will import weight data from a Withings scale but that feature was removed over a year ago and I still see no option.

    • Leo

      I think she meant that the scale will send the data and Fit will share it with Noom

      • Jason Pagliaro

        Went back to listen and she states that the application will "talk directly to my Withings scale" so I guess I'll just have to wait for an update.

  • trickytree1984

    No garmin, no strava. Boooo

  • something_new

    And Suunto? The professionals were left out?

  • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

    I'm glad Nike Fuel is added as i'm using the Nike+ Running app (don't judge me)...

  • Leo

    Guys, do you know of a fitness tracker that does everything the Fitbit Force/Jawbone Up24 do and can alo track heart rate and R-R intervals?