Last Updated: June 30th, 2014

There's finally a new Slides app for Android (and iOS), but that's not the end. All three of Google's office apps are getting some new features, including their own full version of tracking changes.

2014-06-25 09_21_04-2014-06-25_10h19_16.png (1188×760) 2014-06-25 09_21_29-2014-06-25_10h18_38.png (1158×749)

There are three improvements in the way these segmented Drive apps work. Google mentioned that all three apps support offline editing, but that already happened when the separate apps were announced. At any rate, it's there now. When you reconnect, the changes will sync normally. Google's office suite will also be able to edit and save Microsoft Office documents. The only option before was to convert them to Google's format if you wanted to edit. Lastly, Google is rolling out a new "Suggest Edit" mode to enhance collaboration in Drive. People can suggest a change to your shared docs, and you can then accept or reject it with a single click. It's basically track changes from Office (see the GIF below).


Google now has 190 million active users of the Drive office suite, and they'll be able to enjoy these features across all their devices – phones, tablets, and desktops.

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Henrique Persechini

    so is quickoffice deprecated now?

    • Alvin Brinson

      Hopefully. It was a horrible kludge, and explaining to new Android users about why they have both Google Docs AND QuickOffice to use was basically a point at which they could stop and think "So, Android sucks because Office"...

    • miri

      It's still has the 'benefit' of being decoupled from Drive. Now you just won't need QO if you use Drive.

    • Alfredo Hernández

      I will keep using until we get a decent native PDF reader.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii
  • Alvin Brinson

    I want that jar.

    • PJ33

      I am cracking up because I helped with that design 5 years ago, and haven't heard a word on how it was doing.

    • Chaplain Steve

      Me too.

    • jesuguru

      No need. Rubber spatula.

  • fasd


    • iSadic™

      It's in play store now man.

  • Zombie

    Look at that Nexus 8.

    EDIT: if you look closely, you can see that the tablet behind the Nexus 5 has a very large screen, also the interface is large, not like the Nexus 7's. Also, can you see that speaker on the top-front of it? There's nothing like that on the Nexus 7, am I right? Looks like an the HTC's Nexus.

  • BigTimmay

    If native Office editing in Google Docs doesn’t mess up my Excel sheets and (especially) charts, I’ll be shocked.

  • Daniel Collins

    Google's next invention: the dual-lid peanut butter jar.

  • MattEden

    I love Drive and would love to use it a lot more than I do but the one big issue I have is that when I open up a file created in MS suite (whether .doc .xls, or .ppt) it causes several minor formatting changes that are VERY annoying to fix. If I'm working with people who primarily use MS (the vast majority of people) and they send me a file I have to spend 10 minutes "fixing" it or just say screw it and open MS Office.

    • Trysta

      Same issue. I wouldn't bother with Microsoft's mobile apps (much MUCH prefer Google Drive to the steaming pile of goo that is Onedrive) but I need confidence that I'm not going to mess up formatting on an important work document that I need to exchange back and forth with my boss. If google could fix that (I imagine that Microsoft might actively interfere with this?) I'd love to use google docs full time.

  • Chaplain Steve

    What do the people who've used Open Office Pro as a means to get rid of the biggest oxymoron in the world (Microsof Works) do about using office suite pro? Will it read and edit "Open Office Pro" Docs? Is there a Linux version???? Is there a Mac version?

  • Zimmerman

    Google hates Microsoft lol. This will literally kill the remaining profitable business that Microsoft has, MS Office. If Google can figure out a way to built an operating system that could run Windows and Mac programs then Microsoft will crash and burn more quickly than it already is.

  • Ray

    The one thing which is still missing... selective folder Sync from the Drive app on PCs. Seriously, all this working going into Drive/Docs and we still can't individually select which folders we want to freakin' sync!!

    I'm referring to sub-folders as well. All top folders are selective, but that's it. At least it was the last time I tried Drive app for Windows - a month or so ago.

    • fran farrell

      Unless all the collaborators in a "work-circle", "task-force" have the same clearance levels, permissions for viewing, commenting...etc. are insufficient to protect information. Hierarchies of folders themselves may contain info that should be compartmented.

  • JG

    What about the $10.month unlimited storage? Or is that just for business users? If it's for everyone, does it spread to GMail & G+ etc like current storage options?

    • Thomas’

      That's in Google Apps for Business, not Google Drive directly.