If you're still toting around a stock AT&T Galaxy Note II, good news: your phone is finally getting Android 4.4.2. The rollout should be starting now, and includes all of the basic 4.4 goodies you can expect coming from 4.3, like wireless printing, the new storage access framework, SMS default app selection, Google Wallet tap-to-pay support, and a few others. Here's Samsung's full changelog:

OS upgrade to Android 4.4.2 KitKat
  • New Lock Screen Access
    • Media Controls - full-screen album art and media controls when listening to music
    • Camera Shortcut  - access the Camera application right from the lock screen
  • Improved user experience when multiple messaging apps are installed - All SMS and MMS messages are together in the same app, alongside other conversations and video calls.
  • Visual content such as photos, videos, maps, books, and games are even better with full-screen immersive mode. The UI stays hidden while interacting with the content.
  • Restyled Status and Navigation Bars - status and navigation bars are translucent and can sit on top of apps, along with simplified status bar icons
  • New storage access framework - Simple for users to browse and open documents, images, and other files, across most customer preferred document storage providers.
  • Consolidated Location Settings - location services are integrated and more detailed by new Location menu
  • Expanded Emoji Icons
  • Wireless Printing – supports printing over Wi­-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Prevention Information pop-up message is suppressed.
  • New platform support for secure NFC-based transactions through Host Card Emulation (HCE).
  • Beats Music is Preloaded
  • Video player closed captioning Settings > My device > Accessibility > Google subtitles (CC) and Samsung subtitles (CC)
  • Can be set sound for Samsung apps (call/message/email/calendar) Setting > my Device > Sound > Samsung applications

To get the update, just check for updates on your device now.

Samsung Support

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • Richard

    Good job on Samsung to update their 2012 phones.

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  • Walter Black

    How come the HTC One doesn't get full screen album art when music is playing? One of the best features from kit Kat

  • lem2405

    Thanks GOD!!! It takes foreverrrrrrrrr!!!

  • Eduardo

    I'm still waiting for my Galaxy Note II LTE (GT-N7105) to get the Kit Kat Update e_e

    • AndroidLover93

      I'm running KK on my N7015. Search xda

      • AndroidLover93


  • Chris


    • neihouma

      I'm hoping the 4.4.2 will fix mt wifi and bluetooth on my T889

      • Chris

        What's wrong with it?

        • neihouma

          The buttons grays out whejni try to use them... they don't work

          • Chris

            Are you rooted and running a custom rom? If so you need to update your kernel.

          • neihouma

            Sorry for not replying sooner everything is up to date and tried 6 different roms. The wifi and bluetooth randomly works for a few hours and it goes away like it never worked. I have it documented and video on the I317... I'm not the only one with this problem a handful if us has this problem on the aT889

          • Chris

            Yeah I used to have the same problems dude. I had to load up the stock T-Mobile 4.3 ROM (so you'd go with stock ATT) and the reroot it. After that, I'm able to switch between different ROMs no problem.

  • Henry Ault

    Confirmed. AT&T Galaxy Note II software update is live!

  • Annabel Anwen

    When will kit - kat 4.4.2 be pushed to the Samsung Galaxy tablet Pro.10.1. ?
    enable Flash Player in Android 4.4 KitKat

  • AJ

    Same message; Update failed, so do you think guy there is an issue in my phone?

    • neihouma

      You modded the rom and then Knox software detected it

  • Gloria Welsch Ptach

    I just downloaded 4.4.2 and don't have the emoticons anyone else?

  • L.

    Still waiting for the Galaxy SIII update..

  • ap70

    Don't get too excited. I got the update and barely see any difference from the previous version. By the way you will not even notice any thing new at all.

    • Tim

      Actually one very BIG defference. Apps can no longer access my 64 gb sd card I paid for. Thanks to the google gods! Not happy.

      • Tim

        On the plus side you can finally uninstall apps by holding them and drsgging them to uninstall. Welcome to the 21 century Google.

  • http://jonnypye.com JonnyPi

    DO NOT Update until the release the patch for the bugs in this! Me and a friend both upgraded and the phone is barely working now. We are contemplating going with a modded OS just to have fully functioning phones for the time being.

    • neihouma

      What features did you loose? My T889 (work) got 4.3 Jelly Bean and lost wifi and bluetooth. So on my I317 (personal) I purposely modded the OS and triggered the Knox security feature so I couldn't update to 4.3JB, still running on 4.1.2

      • http://jonnypye.com JonnyPi

        When using GPS it will start to over heat. I get system lags a good amount of the time, pretty sure my battery life has gone down a bit. Screen will be unresponsive for periods of time. I just don't want to go through the trouble of rooting and doing a rom. I've done it before on other androids, it's more the hassle of backing everything up and restoring/reinstalling that is annoying.

  • sysop tester

    Be advised. Samsung and AT&T have not corrected the bluetooth radio problem in Kitkat 4.4.2. Tech Support can only tell you to reset the phone to see if that works. That is about equivalent to Ratbert's advice to reformat the harddrive. The blogs have mentioned the problem since late 2013 and they still pushed out the upgrade.

  • Sulley Alsaeed

    I just updated my note 2 to 4.4.2 and i dont see any option to access the camera from the lock screen, Helo?

  • http://www.tualatinweb.com/ Daniel Payne

    Unfortunately I upgraded my Galaxy Note 2 to Android 4.4.2 and now both of my Bluetooth headsets are useless, unless placed 2 inches away from my ear, kind of defeating the whole wireless aspect of Bluetooth. Support forums are filled with similar stories on many Android devices using 4.4.2. My advise - stay away. AT&T tells me that there is no way to go back to 4.4.1, where my phone worked perfectly.

  • Clint O Baxley

    Big problem with bluetooth devices and this version.