Google has made small tweaks to Glass throughout the Explorer program, but today the company has announced a real spec bump. All Glass units shipping from now on will have 2GB of RAM instead of 1GB. There will also be a new viewfinder mode when taking pictures and some more cards. It's not all sunshine and lollipops, though. Current Glass Explorers should take a deep breath – Google won't be swapping out the old version for the new one.


The additional RAM will allow more Glassware apps to run in the background, which is good now that the catalog is starting to fill out a bit. Glassware apps should start up a bit faster as well. Glass can be sluggish in its current form, so this is a welcome improvement. It does sound like the device will still ship with the ancient TI OMAP processor, though. The new Glass units will have slightly larger batteries than launch units did, but that actually started with all units a few months ago (it's not unique to the new rev).

On the software side, Glass will now have a viewfinder frame to help you take better snapshots, as well as Google Now cards for remembering your parking spot and tracking packages. The cards actually rolled out on Android a few months ago. Presumably these features will come to original units too, but Google hasn't explained how updates are going to work on the less capable version. Maybe it's the end of the line?

Glass Explorers will probably be bummed about being stuck with the old hardware. This is especially true after Google already swapped out units last year for the version tweaked for use with prescription lenses. It was $1500, but Glass was always presented as a developer device. You can't be too upset, but I'm sure there will be Change.org petitions anyway.

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Ryan Whitwam
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  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

    Let the tears of rage commence.

    • Barnassey

      LMAO. You said it before i could!

    • Justin

      So you're telling me that someone who buys a BETA device isn't entitled to get a production model?


      • Matt Alexander

        This isn't a production model as far as I know

      • Carol Christopher


        ❥❥❥ ❥�❥❥ ❥❥❥ ❥❥�❥ ❥❥❥

    • simp1istic

      Everyone comes in here to laugh at the inevitable rage that isn't here and isn't coming, and it turns into one big circljerk. Fun!

      • Justin

        You've obviously never been to a circljerk...

  • Ahmad Nadeem

    Bummer for Glass explorers, absolutely nothing for the rest of the world

  • http://turbofool.com Jarrett Lennon Kaufman


    Well, glad I skipped the invite I got a while back. I almost did it since I thought the precedent had been set with swapping them, and that that justified the price. Now, not so much. I'll wait 'til retail and evaluate my interest then. Honestly, I think Android Wear is more likely to cover my needs anyway.

    • remister

      I have to agree, I was about to bite the bullet when initially got the invite. A lot of AP staff chimed in and was the advice of reason and reality.

    • Zimmerman

      Haha I know me too. I just got an invite a few weeks ago

  • Ricky

    And that's why you wait untill prices goes down.

  • RyanWhitwam

    Someone let me know when the first Change.org petition goes up so I can mock it.

  • Nir Galon

    If I was a glass explorer I wouldn't be mad about Google don't swap my glass to the new one. It's a small tweak. I would want them to swap my glass in the end, to the version that they will sell for public use around the World, it's much more important to my opinion..

  • Sergii Pylypenko

    Didn't they promise to swap Explorer edition with retail edition for free, when it will be released? It doesn't matter that much at the end, if they keep that promise.

    • Zimmerman

      Well this new version isn't exactly a retail version so slow your horses ceasar! lol

      • Thatguyfromvienna

        That's exactly what he said, Einstein.

        • Zimmerman

          It isn't my fault that his english is bad. Maybe you can teach on how to construct a proper sentence after you're done giving him a BJ!

  • ProductFRED
  • http://tech.gtaero.net/ Navarr Barnier

    Kind of a bummer, considering that the "explorer" price was supposedly to cover things like this. Even more of a bummer for those that might have the money, since I don't think it's so easy to just buy a new version.

  • joser116

    They should have really updated that camera, which is one of the most important parts of Glass.

    • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

      Actually to tell you the truth...i will have a version with NO camera....i predicts that alot of public and private places will have some sort of restrictions on glass which will limit its usage and acceptance....a version without camera will lift that restriction (i hope)....the only thing one will lose from a camera glass is taking photos and pictures....all the on-screen & voice function and navigation should still be intact..

      • joser116

        A camera would be useful for much more than taking photos and pictures, especially once more glassware are built for it. Plus, there's a way to tell when Glass is recording, and there are specific times and situations were people won't wear Glass. I think most people would know when those times will be.

        • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

          that's an optimistic (and naive) view of how the public will react to glass....regardless of whether the people around knew that glass is recording or not, glass will not be accepted into those places as long as a camera's on it. You can said these people are paranoid or ignorant and it doesn't change the fact that glass will be get banned as long as there's a camera on it....recording or not. That's the more realistic and pragmatic view in my opinion. Thus, a 'camera-less' glass should also be released.

          • Zimmerman

            Your view is naive as well. You expect the average person to automatically know that the google glasses you're wearing is camera free or not? lmao Are you a joke? Because you're definitely making me laugh kid. I guarantee you that practically everyone who hates glass for privacy reasons will still hate a camera free version it would be practically indistinguishable from the camera version.

          • joser116

            You only attacked one of my points, and that point is the weakest one I made.

            Also, yes, Glass will get banned as long as there's a camera in some places. That is the key, some places. Most people (I agree not all) would know better than to use Glass in most of those places anyway.

            Also, I see now that you have changed your view for Glass not to have a camera. Now, your view is that a camera-less version should also be released. I think that is a better view.

      • Alphajoe

        Honestly, Google should have brought out the product without the camera at all. It's not that important for most of the intended uses. On the other hand, everyone is raving about the privacy concerns related to the camera, reducing all public discussion (read: rant) to secretly taken pictures. As if there were no other ways to do it.

        These two aspects don't stand in a appropriate relation. Removing the camera, Google wouldn't take away much use but immediately shut up the rant.

  • RiderDown

    2GB of RAM already on a wearable! Not too long ago this was something of a novelty to have on a flagship which would make it a 'beast' of a phone. Technology is exploding and we live in exciting times :)

    • Roh_Mish

      I remember just in 2011, I used a phone with less than 512 MB ram for sale price as nexus 4

  • Zimmerman

    Doesn't Apple still boost about having 2GBs of RAM on their "innovative" iphone? lol

    • me@me

      All apple products still have 1GB RAM.

      • Zimmerman

        lol oh wow how'd I miss that? Oh yeah, I don't own a kiddie iDevice that's why. Good catch tho!

  • frafri

    I just got mine back yesterday.
    how can I check the ram ?