Cyanogen, the corporate arm of the popular CyanogenMod custom ROM, is on a roll. After a few high-profile hires from the world of aftermarket Android ROMs earlier this year, the company is after some more conventional hires for its leadership team, dipping their toes into the pool of corporate technology. This week they welcome Tyler Carper, formerly of HTC, Vikram Natarajan, formerly of OEM parts manufacturer MediaTek, and Dave Herman, formerly of Microsoft, Amazon, and Hulu, as new vice presidents.

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From left: Tyler Carper, formerly of HTC and Microsoft, Vikram Natarajan, formerly of MediaTek and Broadcom, and Dave Herman, formerly of Amazon and Microsoft. Photo sources: LinkedIn

Tyler Carper is probably the most notable hire. He'll be Cyanogen's new Vice President of Engineering, a post he held at HTC. According to his LinkedIn profile, he worked on the HTC Touch Diamond, One X, and One (M7 2013) phone for HTC, as well as the original Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox Live platform for Microsoft. It's not clear exactly what he'll be doing for Cyanogen, since the company doesn't manufacture any hardware on its own - it's possible he'll be focusing on enhancing the ROM for branded phones like the Oppo N1 and the OnePlus One.

Vikram "Vik" Natarajan has worked at MediaTek and Broadcom, both of which manufacture processors, radios, and other integrated hardware for OEMs. His former duties included corporate marketing and business development. He'll be Cyanogen's Vice President of Global Partnerships and Distribution. His contacts with major manufacturers could be very useful for the young company.

Finally, Dave Herman gets the most high-profile title as Cyanogen's Vice President of Product. Herman previously worked on high-profile products for Amazon and Microsoft, though his LinkedIn profile doesn't go into much detail. His experience at Hulu could be useful considering the integrated services that Cyanogen has been slowly adding to the ROM.

These kinds of management-level acquisitions typically come with big salaries, if not big commitments, so it's clear that Cyanogen Inc. is in for the long haul. Or at least they think they are at the moment - the status of startups is always a bit tentative, even years after their founding. That said, Cyanogen should be riding high after positive reviews and intense demand for the OnePlus One, which runs a consumer version of the CyanogenMod ROM out of the box.

Source: Cyanogen Blog

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  • ProductFRED

    Sweet. No release CM11S on some hardware we can actually buy. I'm looking at you, One Plus.

    • DonPorazzo

      You can buy Oneplus One from Aliexpress or even oppomart. Maybe it's a little more expensive, but you don't need silly invitation and it's still much cheaper that s5, one m8 or g3.

      I'm thinking about buying Oneplus One, since my N4 is no new, and scratched all over the screen, but i'm a little worried about update speed for CM (with android 5.0 planned for the fall).

      • ProductFRED

        It's 850/1800 MHz 3G. You'll get 0 T-Mobile service and miss a lot of AT&T coverage. It's a Chinese market variant.

        • DonPorazzo

          Actually it's WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100,GSM 900/1800/1900 mHZ,FDD-LTE 2100/1800/2600
          That's all what I need, here in Europe ;)

  • I like voucher codes.

    Ew spycrosoft gross.

  • jonzey231

    This is pretty slick. I remember having CM 6 and 7 and it was just fun to play with and now they're going big. Feels cool to know we all played a part in this.

  • mm

    Ho hum

  • matteventu

    Expect an OnePlus Two with an UltraPixel camera.

    • ProductFRED

      And revolutionary new surveys and contests to complete!

      • cy_n_ic

        And flappy sid? Oh boy...shouldnt have said that...i should NOT have said that...

  • nxtiak

    MediaTek fucked up bad with the OMate SmartWatch....

    • silaslenz

      For those of us not follwing this watch, how did they fuck up?`Didn't they just sell the soc?

      • nxtiak
        • silaslenz

          Ah, ok. They never really released source code for anything though, so they buyers should have expected that. Not that I support the behavior in any way, but this is a typical case of "know what you are buying".

    • Guest

      Uh... every mediatek-based phones/tablets is like this too, not just omate smartwatch

  • someone755

    Mediatek? Microsoft?
    Are you people sure that's a good idea?

    I mean, CyanogenMod is devoted to open-ness, right?