Perhaps you recall the abrupt closure of online phone dealer Wirefly a few months ago. Its parent company Simplexity LLC filed for bankruptcy, and is currently being chopped up and sold as part of debt reorganization. The Wirefly name and website have emerged from this under new ownership with a focus on comparing devices and plans to help you find the best deal.

The new Wirefly doesn't stock or sell phones directly. Instead, it has a variety of phone comparison tools with filters to get the right device and plan on the big four US carriers, as well as pre-paid services like Boost and Net10. When you click the buy button, you're routed to the carrier site to place an order. The new Wirefly is probably a more stable business as it doesn't sell you the phone directly – it's a service to help you make the decision.

If you've still got a beef with Wirefly regarding an order or insurance plan purchased before the bankruptcy, you'll have to file a claim against Simlpexity in its bankruptcy proceedings. Good luck with that.

[Facebook, Wirefly]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • firesoul453

    Two phones ago they had the best deal but since then amazon has had the best deals.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    In the meantime, the amount of legal mail I so far received related to their bankruptcy filing can probably support a 2-hour bonfire.

    • CaronGeddesppa

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    • http://www.wirefly.com Wirefly.com

      That mail and bankruptcy correspondence is completely related to the old ownership of the company. We are sorry about that and are completely unaffiliated with them.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        I realize that, it was just a side comment.

  • mikebel3

    I liked Wirefly for the tax savings. CA tax on phones is 9.75% of the retail price of the phone. So a $200.00 phone suddenly becomes a $265.00 phone.

    Amazon is the next best but now collect tax in CA.

  • mcnegro

    directing people to buy phones from carriers? Shameful!
    We need the market to move away from that nonsense.

    • http://www.wirefly.com Wirefly.com


      We are also building out features where people can but the phones directly from other resellers. We bought the wirefly.com domain name and had to build a site from scratch, so we are moving as fast as possible.


      • mcnegro

        Awesome. The american market needs good sources for unlocked & unbranded phones.

        I like the plan comparison feature.

      • Droidweb

        Call up the guys @ Swappa and get them integrated into the site as well. I know their devices are 'used', but from what I've seen they provide the best bang for your buck.

        • blumpkinator

          I'll second that. There's nothing wrong with buying used. It's a great value. I have bought 12 devices off swappa so far.

  • http://www.volkswagen.de/ Quailallstar

    I forgot all about Wirefly and just found out it closed and now re-opened, ha!

    Amazon and E-bay is where I get my stuff.

    • blumpkinator

      check out swappa.com for used. Swappa has strict requirements for sellers. eBay has no such requirements, increasing the likelihood of a damaged or stolen device.

      • http://www.volkswagen.de/ Quailallstar

        I sell on there all the time ;) Forgot to mention that!