Samsung has been on a KitKat spree lately, and it has just about covered most of its popular devices from the last two(ish) years with the update. Today, Verizon updated its support docs for the Galaxy SIII, which indicates that the update is on its way in the coming days, as well.

Aside from KitKat, this update brings a couple of new enhancements, like the inclusion of Isis. Otherwise, it's basically the same song and dance – updated applications, bug fixes, an improved multi-app experience, the like.


For more information on what Big Red has planned for the OTA, check out the support doc.


Cameron Summerson
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  • Rob Wilson

    Question for those who have 4.4.2 on Samsung phones - is TouchWiz improved at all? Or will I have to stick with Apex?

    • PaintDrinkingPete

      There's definitely some aesthetic improvements (at least there were on the S4), but I still run Nova as launcher...it's just better and I'm guessing you'll find Apex is as well.

    • LG71

      They removed shortcuts on the lock screen. I kind of like them. :-(

      • Rob Wilson

        there were shortcuts there?

        • LG71

          On TW4.3, yes.

  • Bryce

    I've noticed on all these Samsung Galaxy S3 kitkat stories it's never expressed if the Bluetooth is 100% fixed, because I know that connecting Wii motes and other controls was big and totally got ruined earlier this year with the last update. Really hope it got fixed seeing how this is probably the last S3 update we get officially.

  • skitchbeatz

    Key "Enhancements": ISIS is preloaded. lol.

  • dark_funk

    I'm just happy I'll be able to switch to ART for the runtime. That should add some snap to a phone that's starting to feel a bit sluggish but is (for the most part) holding up pretty well after almost 2 years of ownership.

    • Eddie L. Rosado

      Where do you go to switch the runtime? I can't find it.

      • dark_funk

        After installing the update, neither can I. Looks like Samsung and/or Verizon aren't allowing ART to be selected in the Developer Options (which is where it should be). BOO SAMSUNG AND/OR VERIZON!

        • Eddie L. Rosado

          ... Bruh... -_-

  • Toboe

    And before we get too positive about Samsung:
    S3 International aka I9300

  • http://www.ragtagtech.com Adrian Tomas

    Cannot wait!

  • TylerChappell

    Wait, what!? I am confused. No joke..my dad's Verizon Galaxy S3 received KitKat back in May. Have I missed something? I don't have him rooted or anything.

    • Rob Wilson

      that wasn't KitKat, that was a minor bug fix for 4.3

      • TylerChappell

        Ah true. False alarm. I don't know why I was so certain it was KitKat. His phone is currently downloading the 4.4.2 update right now as I type this.

  • Alan

    I'm a little confused. My Verizon SIII was upgraded to software version JSS15J.I535VRUCNC1 on May 8th, but it's not KitKat. It's Android 4.3.

    • Cameron Lampman

      Same issue here, I don't get it.