Listen, I'm not going to one-up John Legere, the man is a living legend in mobile. He seemingly came out of nowhere, and is actively disrupting an industry in the US we had all believed was nigh-undisruptable. (Note: undisruptable is not a word, but it should be, because any word necessary to describe John Legere should, by definition, be a word.)

At last night's Uncarrier 5.0 event, the disruption was in full effect. Free seven day trials of the T-Mobile network (with an iPhone 5S). Free music streaming for over half-a-dozen services. A new service specifically for T-Mobile unlimited subscribers.

But we already knew it was going to be awesome. What we did not know was just which words Mr. Legere would choose to describe this awesomeness. As usual, he did not disappoint - here are some of my choice favorites from an outstanding compilation video put together by The Verge.

  • "Hope you got the goodie bags, there should be an energy drink right next to the doobie."
  • "That is a complete crock of bullshit."
  • "Why don't AT&T and Verizon offer unlimited data plans? A.) they can't, B.) they're greedy bastards."
  • "See these maps? We keep seeing these maps. Are you sick and tired of these maps?"
  • "We are absolutely kicking their ass on both fronts."
  • "I'm absolutely out of my mind."
  • "Six billion dollars that creates this cacophony of the biggest bullshit in history. Maps and charts and happy framilies running through the god damn store. What the fuck do I care about all that?"
  • "These high and mighty duopolists that are raping you for every penny you have."
  • "The fuckers hate you."
  • "The last time I had a seven-night stand was, approximately, never."
  • "That guy that sings Happy that makes me sick is going to come in, and you're gonna listen to him for hours, until you stab somebody."
  • "I have two quick answers: I don't give a shit and I'll celebrate."
  • "Everything we do, is forever."
  • "I can go out to the bar with my best friend - me - I can order another round for both of us."
  • "I think I've made my comments clear about the young guy and the AT&T family searching porn."
  • "Are the rest of you stupid?"
  • "The biggest question I usually get in these events, we usually with, is um, 'Is that it?' What I'd like to do is answer the question, by telling you: yes."

The Verge

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • WitnessG

    I love this guy, glad I switched to TMobile.

    • f

      Hes cool. Most of their plans are priced well. Only exception is the unlimited plan, for which sprint is cheaper and more reliable.

      • turdbogls

        its cheaper? I'm not all up on Sprints plans, but a quick check, came back with $110 for unlimited everything....same thing costs $80 on T-mobile



        • motoridersd

          If you got grandfathered into the original $70 unlimited plan, it's even cheaper.

          Reliability would depend on where you are. For me, in San Diego, T-Mobile is very reliable.

          • turdbogls

            yeah, i thought i remembered that $70 plan...but thought I remember seeing them bump it up $10 recently...either way, I'm not sure where that guy is getting his info from.

            and, In the central FL area.....all carriers are pretty awesome...but T-mobile gives me the best signal and speeds at work and home...so I went with them....and it didn't hurt that they offer their $30 plan which meets all my needs.

  • EE-EHN

    Its almost like they hired the Shamwow guy to be their CEO

  • Michael Romano

    I'll definitely check out the 7 day iPhone to test out the network in my area. Looking to switch carriers but I'll most likely wait and see how the Sprint merger works out.

  • Chad

    Legere makes me happy I'm with TMO. More companies need "tell it like it is" CEOs

    • Sean

      Most CEOs are afraid.sucking up to their shareholders, that's why.

  • challenge_accepted

    The verge is having a circlejerk about net neutrality because of the free unlimited music streaming.
    I don't agree with them because 1. T-mobile isn't getting paid by the music companies 2. It's an open vote and they will add the most popular options 3. All plans on tmobile have unlimited data (at 2g after limit)

    I don't see it as a net neutrality issue at all. Am i missing something? This is not AT&T's sponsored data where AT&T is taking money to give some companies an advantage.

    • Nes

      Once I see them actually add the voted options, quickly, and even those that did not receive that many votes but are streaming services I will believe it. I think that this hinders new players in the space, which disincentivizes new players and affects future competition, and better services.

      • Matthew Fry

        It is interesting because if it is true that there is no agreement between T-Mobile and these companies there should be no reason to make every one on the list free. If it's a matter of work and testing to ensure it's not counted toward your cap it might just be a diminishing returns thing. 0.01% of customers will be happy but it took a 40 hour week for one guy to get it set up.

        • motoridersd

          I believe it's more like Matthew says. Depending on how all these other apps work, it can be difficult to classify the traffic properly and it definitely requires time to get it working, as well as KEEP it working since these services are usually made to use dynamic IPs/Servers. The services announced at launch are probably the easiest to track, or the ones they see the most on their network and were probably easier to classify.

          When you sign up for a non-unlimited plan, you agree that your traffic will be throttled if you exceed your quota. If after hitting this cap you are still able to have certain traffic keep its original speed, I don't see it as it getting prioritized (technically it's not getting slowed down), so it's not exactly the same as what Verizon, Comcast and others are doing with Netflix traffic, but, I can see how it could be seen that way.

    • pfmiller

      Net neutrality is when a provider serves as nothing more than a dumb pipe and treats traffic from all services equally. This clearly is not a network neutral policy.

    • Tony Whack Jr

      No, not all all of the unlimited plans have that limit., T-Mobile does give you the option for a truly unlimited plan. My plan is completely unlimited, no throttling to 2G after reaching a limit. And I have 5GB of tethering on top of that. All of that, and I STILL pay less than my friends that have Sprint's unlimited plan ($50 for unlimited talk & text, $30 for unlimited data w/5GB of hotspot tethering). I don't use my hotspot enough to complain about getting more (and if I want more, I can upgrade to the 10GB hotspot option). But my unlimited data on my ph itself is truly unlimited. The free unlimited music will benefit customers who do have a data cap before being throttled, but customers like myself that have true unlimited, it will have no effect on.

  • PhineasJW

    Legere is a fantastic breath of fresh air in a miserable, anti-consumer industry.

    You can watch the whole presentation here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWHq52mG2UE

  • E

    Not in the video, but I laughed when he called Roger Cheng of cnet such a "glass half empty kinda guy" during the Q&A. Legere tells it like it is.

  • Bill Anderson

    I love this guy. Too bad I only get spotty Edge coverage at my new house. Had to switch over to Cricket/AIO/AT&T. I liked that $30 plan...

  • Matthew Fry

    Wouldn't undisruptable just be ruptable?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock



      • Matthew Fry

        You, sir, are anti-deundisruptable.

  • valapsp

    The coooolest CEO everrrr.

  • Chippah

    He acted like a little bitch when Amazon gave the "Exclusive" to ATT.
    When he has the exclusive on SERVICE in Urban Areas only.

  • Dt Bell

    but.. what is Wideband LTE? In a world of copy written words, the word "wideband" means something exclusive? Like WiMax? What? Google it, all you get is T-Mobile, no one else is using this one worded term.

    • sweenish

      Verizon uses it.

    • AnEngineer

      Wideband is a technical term for when the message bandwidth exceeds the coherence bandwidth of a channel. In terms of LTE that means using a larger spectrum to deliver higher speeds then a conventional pipe.

      • Dt Bell

        They're making it sound awfully exclusive, like PVC leather, or WiMax.

  • Chippah

    "I will do or say ANYTHING! - Except put up towers where they are needed." -John Legere

  • RTWright

    I want to work for this man! He's just got an incredible attitude about this business. Just wish T-Mobile was all that good back when I was on them, maybe I should look into them again after my -cough- Sprint Contract -cough- is up this next month. I can't stand Sprint at all anymore.

  • Joseph Lampke

    Comparing bad service to rape was kinda crappy though.