Pushbullet is one of those apps that gets continuously updated over time, and while many releases don't look particularly mind-blowing on the outside, they subtly introduce rather impressive functionality. A week ago we reported on upcoming integration with EvolveSMS that would allow users to receive, view, and reply to text messages from the comfort of their desktop computers. Users could download a beta to play around with the feature before, but now it's rolling out to everyone.

Mirroring text messages to a PC is nothing new for Pushbullet, but the ability to respond is. How it works is pretty straightforward. A notification pops up that users can click to open a small input window. There they can enter the message they want their phone to shoot back. If you didn't catch it last week, here is a video demo.


To make today's news even sweeter, the Pushbullet folks have announced that Sliding Messaging (from the same developer) works as well. The feature only jibes well with these two at the moment, but others can introduce support by tapping into Pushbullet's Messaging Extension SDK. Point the developers of your favorite texting apps in that direction if you want to see their notifications play nicely with Pushbullet in the future. This also includes those that aren't SMS-based, such as WhatsApp.

Links for Pushbullet, EvolveSMS, and Sliding Messaging are all available below.

Source: Pushbullet

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • Josh

    Really hoping Google announce official support to respond to SMS from Hangouts (web app) during Google I/O next week

    • WORPspeed

      I am expecting this sooner rather than later...so not stoked on this update

    • Derik Taylor

      And complete Google Voice integration...pretty please? I am asking nicely...

  • Pradaman Shorey

    whatsapp would be awesome,, not a huge fan of sms

    • http://kennydude.me/ Joe Simpson

      Switch to Telegram. Does this but better :)

      • https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=iWizard Bikram Agarwal

        Ughhh... not a single friend of mine uses TG. Migrating to new service is never a feasible option when you've been using something since a long tine. If I could reply to whatsapp msgs via web, I would be so happy. But that's not a deal breaker for me.

      • Pradaman Shorey

        Why would I switch app just for get this functionality...plus i need to get all my contacts to use telegram.. so whatsapp should enable this ASAP.

    • vgergo

      Yes, and hangouts.

      just joking...

  • Alex

    Whit hangouts would be more cool.

  • Tony T.

    This doesn't seem to have tablet support yet? Lame. I just downloaded it both on my phone and tablet. I was already a user of Evolve and Sliding SMS, so I was really hoping I could text via tablet with Pushbullet. Maybe in a future update :/

    • jnt

      Check out MightyText if you haven't already. It can do that.


      • Tony T.

        I have read from many many people that Mighty Text is a huge battery hog. Also, apparently it doesn't have tablet support, or at least not on mine (Note Pro 12.2)

        • jnt

          Interesting - I've never read that, but I've also never felt like it was and so I haven't looked for those comments. :) Worth a shot... MightyText is one of my most used apps b/c of how I can receive and answer texts from pretty much anywhere if my phone's not nearby. They're adding some other neat features to the browser as well, but I haven't delved into them much yet...

          • Tony T.

            I barely ever use my laptop now that I have my Note Pro tablet. I am looking for something that will sync accross my phone and tablet. I see the sync feature on Pushbullet is in beta, so hopefully it starts working.

          • jnt

            Well if you want to test it out, MightyText does just that. I've never felt like my battery life suffered, but maybe I've missed it.

          • Tony T.

            I'll give it a shot and see how my battery fairs. I kind of like the extra features of Pushbullet, but MT might have to do for now until device syncing is out of beta :/

          • tlogank

            MightyText has no noticeable impact on my tablet or phones battery life.

        • Promethean

          I have it installed on my Lenovo Yoga Tab, works fine.

      • Neal Wettstein

        Try MySMS if MightyText doesn't work the way you want.